Miss France 2014

mf19-year old Flora Coquerel, Miss Orleanais, was crowned the 85th Miss France during a magnificent event held at the Zénith in Dijon, in the Bourgogne region in France, on December 7th. After a tie in the first place, with both misses Orleanais and Tahiti, the public decided that Coquerel was the new Miss France.

Standing 1.82 m in height, Flora works in international trade and will represent France in the Miss World 2014 pageant to be held in London.

The 1st runner-up was Miss  Tahiti; 2nd runner-up was Provence, and the 3rd and 4th runner-ups were  Cote D’Azur and Guadeloupe, respectively.

Miss Tahiti is expected to represent France in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant, while one of the runner-ups might to go Miss Supranational 2014.


21 thoughts on “Miss France 2014

  1. I mean no disrespect to either Miss France 2014 or Miss Tahiti because I believe they are both very lovely. However, Miss Provence, who placed 3rd is stunning. If she does not compete at Miss Universe or at least Miss International it will be a waste because she has the type look that could bring the Miss Universe or Miss International crown back to Europe. I felt that Hinarani De Longeaux was totally wasted at Miss Universe last year. I wouldn’t be saddened if France boycotted Miss Universe all together for the slight. But it would be a waste of either Miss Tahiti or Miss Provence.

  2. beautiful miss france!she is like sonia rollans miss france 2000!

  3. Jolie mais trop jeune, prétentieuse et sentencieuse.
    Pas de superbes filles cette année dans le concours.

  4. Chloe Martaud 2.0??…hehehe
    She’s beautiful. French women are one of the world’s prettiests…

    Hugs from The Philippines.<3

  5. After all the hard work and not enough sleep, this is what the winners get in return. I hope this would be taken care of the soonest time.

  6. She is beautiful and will do well. I’m delighted that Miss Tahiti is going to Miss Universe, she is a stunner.

  7. Very beautiful Miss France. Congratulations ! I hope that Miss Cote d’Azur will represent France in Miss Universe. I don’t like Tahiti.

  8. Gorgeous. Absolutely someone to watch at Miss World.
    Tahiti is also stunning, should do well at Miss Universe.

  9. exotic, beautiful. should be a finalist on either major pageants.

  10. beautiful miss france!the runner up are beautiful too!
    good luck for the new miss france!

  11. She is not ugly. She is stunning. More of a cloe marteau type

  12. lebanese pride says:


    • Totally agree! Hinarani was just simply wasted.

  13. wow.. she’s pretty!
    a perfect beauty for Miss World!
    France will be on the top again next year in Miss World!

  14. Tahiti and Orléanais tied in the first cut only, where 50% of the audience and 50% of the judges votes decided who made it to the top 5. Then it was up to the audience entirely to choose the new Miss France. (probably also as a reaction to former Chairman of the Jury Alain Delon’s criticisms about the lack of “democracy” in the election of Miss France). The judges’ first choice was in fact Tahiti whereas the audience preferred Orléanais.

  15. Student in international trade, not already working.

    And there was no tie between Tahiti and Orléanais but less than 1% of difference for the final vote of the public.

    She’s ugly, all the runners up were more gorgeous. But i’m glad now THAT runners up go to international pageant too.

    If Tahiti goes to Miss Universe. YES!

    • It’s totally false !!

      Flora won with 27% and tahiti 2nd place with 19%.

    • And we don’t know if tahiti will go at miss universe. It’s to early to think about. Maybe flora will represent France at both or maybe it will be provence, cote d’azur or guadeloupe at miss universe.

  16. Wow beautiful! Sadly she should be going to MU not MW!

  17. Congratulations to her n I think she is fitted for miss world.

  18. Is it verified that Miss France will go to Miss World and not Miss Universe? I thought the change the last two years was due to the scheduling conflict. Traditionally the winner does go to Miss Universe.

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