Miss International 2013 Kicks Off in Japan

The 2013 edition of the Miss International Beauty pageant kicked off in Tokyo, Japan, with the participation of 72 beauties from around the world who have been arriving in the country during the past days.

A group of contestants, as usual, has lots of experience concerning international beauty competitions:

Estonia (Madli Visar) competed in Miss Universe 2011, while Netherlands’  Nathalie Den Dekker took part in Miss Supranational 2010, Miss World 2012, Miss Universe 2012, Miss Tourism International 2010 (winner), and Miss Bikini International 2010;  Iceland (Sigrun Armannsdottir) also participated in Miss World, as well as Miss Supranational 2012.  Miss Honduras (Natalya Coto) also participated in Miss Supranational 2012 in Poland. Philippines’ Bea Rose Santiago was a semi-finalist in Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International.

1486851_663995993651322_263423450_nMiss International maintains the main criteria of any beauty pageants. Judging is based on overall beauty, although during the past years their speech about World peace and culture exchange seems to have more influence in the title.

Having said that, this year’s group started with some early favorites, who are expected to make the finals of the competition December 17th:  Philippines, Venezuela, Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Poland, Iceland, are amongst those fighting for the crown, while we cannot forget the beauties from Colombia, Japan, Korea, USA, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Sweden, Indonesia, among others who will be shining as the moment gets closer.

The Winners' Circle

The Winners’ Circle

Based on the results gotten during 2013, the Miss International crown could be between either Philippines or Venezuela, with Netherlands fighting too for the title.

In the meantime, who are your favorites? Take a look at this year’s contestants during their first week in Japan.

47 thoughts on “Miss International 2013 Kicks Off in Japan

  1. TOP 12 Miss Intenational: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Rep
    Gibraltar, Mexico, Netherland, Philippines, PRico, SAfrica, US Venezuela

    TOP 12 Miss Globe: Belarus, Dominican Rep, Ecuador, Germany, Italy,
    Kosovo, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Thailand, Venezuela.

    TOP 12 Miss Intercontinental: Canada, China, Georgia, India, Mexico, N
    Zealand, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Venezuela

    As now Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela are all 3 in ALL 3 Pageantry
    TOP 12

    • @just
      venezuela did not even make it to the top 16 of miss international.
      philippines was 3rd runner up in miss intercontinental.
      epic fail prediction! :p

  2. My opinion, once again Venezuela looks like Gabriela Isler Mood Universe ’13′ I’m thinking Venezuela molds this decade is Gabriella looks, the representative for Venezuela LOOKS exactly like Gabriela, height features, nothing natural, seriously yes Venezuela’s goes all out on international pageants but LORD please send DIFFERENT delegates looks like maybe one Latin looking and a black hair looking and maybe an a half black half Latin, bcuz what this country is sending are sane looking type of women, amazing there molds, I wonder what look is gonna b in the 2020 to 2030 decade.. 2008 & 09 Dayana and Stefania both Venezuela have that, same look and I’m amazed on how BLIND these judges are !

  3. missphil4mi says:

    i think the netherlands is running out of girls

  4. missphil4mi says:

    miss venezuela’s caliber is for miss universe, though i am not saying that she will win there… miss philippines is fit for the crown…

  5. Love Brazil, sweet face and so pretty girl! beauty mix tipically brunnet from Brazil!

  6. I’m Venezuelan and honestly I never like my patriot since two years ago. She looks very normal and common however she is very tall and prepared, but pretty? Nop!

  7. Franjo Sorgctic Guzman says:

    All 3 are beautiful, Netherlands is so sexy, Philippines looks amazing but Venezuela is a stand out among them three she looks like a woman straight out from a fashion magazine photo. I hope is smart too.I think MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013 is VENEZUELA.

  8. Noralyn de la Torre says:

    I am Filipina, Bea Rose is beautiful but my personal favorite is Venezuela she is just perfect for the crown, Beautiful, photogenic, tall talented, graceful on stage, she looks so Regal.

  9. African winner please

    • I agree 200% something DIFFERENT for a change !

  10. Miss Netherlands should right a book. Geewhiz does she not have anything else to do or does Netherlands not have any other girls to send. Move on Nathalie Den Dekker ; AKA participant ins Miss Supranational 2010, Miss World 2012, Miss Universe 2012, Miss Tourism International 2010 (winner), and Miss Bikini International 2010. She must be in the Guinness Book of Records.

  11. infested with recycled and used reps..

  12. Venezuela is not attractive at all.
    Philippines is gorgeous, an unusual beauty. Ditto Mexico. Netherlands will be hard to miss.
    India is stunning, a dark horse who could take it all.

  13. Aruba all the way!

  14. Fighting for the crown: Venezuela, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Philippines =)

  15. Nice body of Miss Philippines. The red swimwear makes it more strikingly hot. Well done once again by Ms Araneta (head of the Philippine national pageant).

    Miss Venezuela’s picture is so pretty and sweet.

    Let the battle begin for these two super-power countries of beauty pageants.

  16. Priscilo Perolos says:


  17. Venezuela also favorite at at least 2 of the 3 now going on or about to:
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    would be my COMBINED TOP 10 at all 3 international beautypageants:

    Miss Intercontinental 2013
    Miss Globe 2013
    Miss International 2013

    • Philippines for me

  18. Top three for me: Venezuela, Iceland, Finland
    Remaining nine semi-finalists: Philippines, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, USA, Korea, Japan, Estonia, New Zealand, Tahiti (last three are new to my list of top 12).

  19. TOP15MissIntenational: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dominican
    Rep, Gibraltar, Macau, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, S.
    Africa, Sweden, United States, Venezuela and as Japan maybe the 16th

    TOP15MissGlobe 2013: Albania, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Ecuador,
    Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Mexico, Montenegro, Philippines, Puerto Rico,
    Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and with Vietnam may be 16th

    TOP20 Miss Intercontinental: Albania, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China,
    Curacao, Gabon, Georgia, India, Mexico, Martinique, NZealand, Poland,
    Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Slovak Rep, S-Africa, Sweden, Venezuela.

  20. viva filipinas! Bea Santiago for the crown! PHILIPPINES

  21. ¡¡MEXICO!!

  22. give the crown to venezuela. let venezuela the winner forever in all contests from now on forever and ever.


      • Yeah Right! says:

        Venezuela? I thought they didn’t place in Miss World this year? lol I heard they have the highest franchise fee in Miss Universe. No wonder they usually place. haha

  23. Netherlands, Philippines and Venezuela are gorgeous.

  24. David Peters says:

    Philippines! Hands down!

  25. be versatile, embrace diversity. crown the first delegate from the African continent. since those contests are fixed anyway. embrace differences in beauties.

  26. Philippines will get the crown

  27. All the best Miss Philippines, make your country proud!

  28. Gooo Sweden! Eleonore Lilja is a favourite!

  29. Venezuela

  30. marcos price says:

    todas son muy bellas pero la major es la que ha trabajado en su preparacion

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