Miss Netherlands 2014

Amsterdam hosted the Miss Netherlards 2014 competition, in which the Dutch representatives for Miss World and Miss Universe in 2014 were crowned.

Tatjana Maul, 25 (left), is Miss World Netherlands 2014. She will represent her country in Miss World 2014, in London, England.

Yasmin Verheijen, 19 (right), will travel to Fortaleza, Brazil, where she will compete in Miss Universe 2014.

Congratulations, ladies!

8 thoughts on “Miss Netherlands 2014

  1. Both pretty girls… potential semis.

  2. Indian, arabic etnicity..

  3. Both reps are stunning! Looking forward to seeing them in the semis and perhaps to be in the top 5 or maybe winning the crowns (why not?!). :)

    Much love from The Philippines. <3

  4. Miss World Netherlands is 25 and maybe turn 26 on the competition next year. Is that acceptable?

    • yup, it acceptable. the cut off age is 27

  5. Well lets hear it for these Nordic beauties. I’m looking forward to seeing them next year.

  6. Miss universe netherlands looks strong!

  7. wow, very beautiful! I like Miss Universe Holland!

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