Miss Polski (Poland World) 2014

pol4And Poland has also crowned its representative for Miss World 2014. She is 21 year old Ada Sztajerowska, who was crowned Miss Polski 2014 in the city of Plock, on December 8. The winner will travel to London, England, to compete in Miss World next year.

The first runner-up was Paulina Maslanka and the second runner-up was Anna Pabis.

Another lavishing production and extraordinary stage were put together for the election of Miss Polski. Ada was a front-runner since the beginning and confirmed her favoritism.


4 thoughts on “Miss Polski (Poland World) 2014

  1. Yes a front-runner indeed at Miss World next year…

  2. lebanese pride says:

    lol at frontrunner

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Hmmm……nothing special at all

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