Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

Sabrina Beneett (23), from Perak, was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 during the annual event held at the Setia City Convention Centre in Setia Alam on December 19th.

Sabrina, standing 1.75 m tall, is a student of Psychology and Communications and will represent her country during the 2014 Miss Universe pageant next September/October.


28 thoughts on “Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

  1. all 4 don’t look so good…miss Malaysia universe doesn’t stand a chance in winning or placing among the top 16. the best countries to place in top 16 @ MU 2014 are Colombia, Venezuela, Korea, Indonesia, Serbia, Gabon, France, Angola, Belgium, Uruguay, Bolivia and Cyprus…and wait till march 30 for the Philippines. good luck to them

    • Anjalee Loken says:

      your granny ms pinoy will join her as clappers!

  2. The crown is too huge, big and wide..Dont like the crown..:-P

  3. I’m from the philippines a
    and I like her beauty I think she is a strong contender in miss universe she has has the reseblnce of shamcey supsup miss phil universe 2011 I think she just need more styling and transformation pls visit phil and look for aces and queens beauty camp along with miss phil for training I think phil and malaysia will be a good alies and strong competitor from asia

  4. Charles Cohen says:

    I’m sure ske looks even better with her original hair color!

    What this winsome beauty needs is some overseas preparation and exposure.

    PLEASE send her to Aces & Queens in Manila for training & coaching! and Sabrina is bound to break the long Malaysian drought in Brazil!

  5. Why its so early?

    anyway, Congratulations Miss Malaysia Universe 2014.

  6. Beautiful.

  7. She should practice from now how to clap elegantly for Miss Universe. Clap for Miss Philippines.

    • Jerry Ikman says:

      So much hate. Im guessing your 2 years old. Good luck with your life if thats your spirit.

      • If you will insult other people stop using the name of my country. Miss Malaysia 2014 is beautiful. Congratulations from the Philippines.

        • Andrej Krilenkov says:

          I’m Filipino but i want Malaysia someday will win or be crown as new Miss Universe/World..go Malaysia!..

    • we already clap to many times when philippines fail to get the crown. so close yet so far..

    • Anjalee Loken says:

      she will join ms pinoy as clappers…ms pinoy is a granny (26 yrs old)…

  8. I think last year’s winner is better… although this year’s winner is pretty decent and if packaged right can be competitive. Might clap again though.

  9. Is time to see Malaysia in the semifinalist group. They done a good job since 2011.

    • No, another clapper for Miss Universe 2014

    • agree…

    • Anjalee Loken says:

      she’ll join ms pinoy in the clapper zone…LOL

  10. Malaysia should have their first top 5 at Miss Universe 2014.

    • i don’t think…..she might be the clapper again…like her predecessor….

  11. very very beautiful!

  12. she is gawjuss dahlings!!!

  13. Beautiful. Goodluck to her!

  14. yr after yr…..don’t know why the crown sooooo……..? that why miss m’sia never place in semi-final….the curse of ugly crown.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • its like six tiara’s combine to make a big coliseum crown on top of her head, do malaysian beauty pageant organizer think that the winner should have a big, elongated head to make it pretty perfect fit……. it should be an out of this world contentant that will perfectly wear that crown…. he he he!!! peace….

  15. She’s the most beautiful of them all.

  16. Huge crown. I wished they just chose a Malay beauty than another Indian.

    • The Malay Muslim are not allowed to compete.

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