Mister Brazil 2014 will take place at the Hotel do Bosque, in Angra dos Reis

The beach eco resort Hotel do Bosque, located at Rio’s Green Coast, in Angra dos Reis, will serve as host for the election of Mister Brazil 2014. Nearly 40 candidates representing all states, the Federal District and several Brazilian islands, will compete for the premiere Brazilian male title from May 6 to 11 (final on May 10).

In addition to interviews, fashion and photo competitions, the candidates will compete in the sports and “Beauty With a Purpose” categories.

The winner will succeed Reinaldo Dalcin, Mister Brazil 2013, who will compete in Mister World’s next edition.


Special rates and packages will be available for fans around the world who want to follow all the action and excitement of this unique competition from a close distance.

Visit Hotel do Bosque’s Official Website

2 thoughts on “Mister Brazil 2014 will take place at the Hotel do Bosque, in Angra dos Reis

  1. I think that Diego Novicki should have won Mister Brazil 2013 and represented Brazil in Mister World 2014, instead of Reinaldo Dalcin.
    Diego’s chances of placing at Mister World are much higher: not only he was the most handsome at Mister Brazil 2013, but also he was the most talented and the most athletic (he won the Talent contest and placed 2nd in the Sports competition, he is a physical education professional after all). There is no Beach Hunk competition at Mister World, nor a Beauty With A Purpose contest! (Such tests are useless for Mister World!) Only Talent, Sports, Extreme Sports, Multimedia and Fashion & Style are the real challenge events of Mister World.
    I know that Diego will compete in Manhunt International 2014, but the Manhunt organization is actually looking for a top model rather than a substantial beauty, so I’m not sure of his chances of winning or placing high there.
    I’m sorry to say that the Mister Brazil organizers and their judges didn’t make a practical choice when selecting the Mr Brazil 2013 winner who will be Brazil’s representative in Mister World 2014. They really could have done better, at least to keep people’s faith in the pageant. I am already disappointed honestly and no longer interested in this pageant and I won’t bother to follow the Mister Brazil 2014 competition, I will only watch for Miss Brazil World 2014 in the hope that it will be as fair and successful as last year’s pageant.
    PS I am expecting that you will not approve my critical comment, but it won’t matter much to me, because this is an old post and no one else will read my comment if approved, anyway.
    Good luck!

  2. Philippines did it so good in 2013 winning the Miss World crown, their first, their 5th Miss International, first Miss Suprational and if I am not mistaken, the country is almost in the top 5 in all pageants this year, including male pageants, the rest are in the semi finals. The Country of the Year indeed.

    Now that Philippines has proven that it is Asia’s powerhouse country, I wonder what is left with other Asians. I want to see countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. to do well in pageants next year. Thailand did good this year. India was Asia’s powerhouse in the 90′s but Philippines took over during the last 4 years, well, it used to be in the 70′s, with Japan in the 60′s.

    I look forward to next year’s Bb. Pilipinas, And maybe next year Philippines will bag its 3rd Miss Universe crown, well…hopefullly.

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