Philippines wins Miss International 2013!

Miss Philippines, Bea Rose Santiago (23, from Masbate City), scored another Grand Slam title for her country by bagging the Miss International crown during the 53rd edition of the pageant held at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall in Tokyo on December 17th.

Santiago, who dedicated her victory to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda, was crowned by Miss International 2008 Alejandra Andreu of Spain.

Last year’s Miss International, Ikumi Yoshimatsu of Japan, was not allowed to attend the finals due to her involvement in a media scandal which includes harrassment accusations to powerful people in the business. She was not able to crown her sucessor.

The 1st runner-up was Miss Netherlands (Nathalie Den Dekker) and the 2nd runner-up was Miss New Zealand (Casey Radley). Colombia and Hungary completed the Top 5.

Contestants from Brazil, Ecuador, Gibraltar, Iceland, Lithuania, Russia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Thailand and USA were part of the Top 15 semi-finalists.

Not a single black delegate reached the semi-finals.

New Zealand won Miss Friendship, Macau was awarded Miss Internet, Lithuania was elected Miss Photogenic and Aruba walked away with the award for Best National Costume.

This was the second international crown for the Binibining Pilipinas Gold (50th anniversary) class.  Mutya Datul won the Miss Supranational competition in Belarus last September, while Ariella Arida was 3rd runner-up in Miss Universe.  The country also won the Miss World crown with Megan Young.

It is also the 5th Miss International crown for the Philippines.


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144 thoughts on “Philippines wins Miss International 2013!

  1. Congrats Miss Philippines. The reason why Miss Venezuela was not included in the top 15 because she fell on the stage while walking in the swimsuit presentation. Miss International judges are very strict on proper decorum.

  2. to be quite honest I never found her up to pageant standard her face has always been quite a mystery to me she is like cher. I do think pageant are giving attention to Venezuela and Philippines because they are the two nations with a huge interest in beauty pageant and they want to make their pageant famous, otherwise some of these winners wouldn’t have made it even if they have the best training. and like I always says African organizations needs to leave the international pageant scene for a good 3 years, those idiots (MU, ME, MI) take fees from them just to make them clap every time… just my opinion I didn’t even followed that pageant

    • Enrique Gonzaga says:

      if you have nothing good to say just keep quite and also stop eating sour grapes it will make you grimace with too much sour taste. always remember that there are judges and there is what we call fate and destiny. all of us were born to carry a certain destiny and you do not go sour over other people/ nations destiny. since you singled out black i just want to tell you how much i love and respect black people and if you are one im sorry you are a bad apple in a whole bunch.

      • well judges with a lot of prejudice and this is not fate or destiny it is a purely orchestrated mess and we all know that. As for the black people well GB mentioned it because it is not fair for pageant who celebrate universal beauty to just pick on the western look u might blame it on the preparation but these girl might be raw but they are beautiful and it should be acknowledge anyway this pageant is lame and does not make ANYBODY sour

        • You said and I quote, “ judges with a lot of prejudice” and “purely orchestrated” appears to be accusatory, in bad faith and tantamount to say there was conspiracy and connivance among the judges. Who, by the way, can stand chin up and claim he is without prejudice? If every judge has his own prejudice, how can they compromise the same to unite with one winner? It appears not plausible. Assuming without admitting there was orchestration, we all know that an orchestra must have a conductor, then who is the conductor ? Name names to identify this culprit, otherwise, it places the entire organization in bad light, detrimental to its image, integrity and credibility. Show proof such orchestration actually took place and was ever consummated . Proving that claim is not as easy as just saying it. There are many things easier said than done. Quantum of evidence needs to be satisfied to stand the test of judicial scrutiny. Evidences must be obtained legally; otherwise, it is inadmissible perse. Due process of law demands proof beyond reasonable doubt. Hence, it leaves no room for doubt not even iota of doubt. He who does not accede to the rule of law is ignorant thereof. The traditional legal maxim says “IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE IN COMPLIANCE THEREWITH.” Under the rule in evidence BURDEN OF PROOF lies upon him who asserts it, NOT upon him who denies it. EL INCOMBIT PROBOTION QUI DECIT NON QUI NEGAT. The need for corroborating evidence is likewise imperative to fortify one’s claim.

        • jojo maderazo says:

          i think its the “x”factor that carried her to the crown which most of the judges look for in any international pageant.

      • very well said, sir! couldn’t agree more!

    • yeah you dont follow beauty pageants thats why you are so opinionated about.

    • You’re kidding right? She’s a professional model in Canada. She has donned Gucci.

  3. Miss International is not a high level pageant. Miss Philippines is elegant but not stunning.

    This year ,I think Miss universe was the highest level pageant even if many good contestants were not finalists.
    Miss World was the most interesting pageant with many good activities and shows.
    The award for the most beautiful face is for Megan Young from Miss World.
    The award for the best body is for Marine Lorphelin from Miss World.
    The award for the most sympathic miss is for Alyz Henrich from Miss Earth.
    Two awards go to Maria Gabriella Isler from Miss Universe : elegance and charisma.
    Among the finalists, I prefer Alyz Henrich from Miss Earth and Marine Lorphelin from Miss World, beautiful, friendly and charismatic women.

    • Sherwina Matetskwa says:

      i don’t know of any major major activities of Miss Universe up to date unlike Miss World. So i just disagree with you…

      • I cant see the “beauty” on the face of Miss World.

    • Alyz Hendich was a certified bitch. Everyone knows that. You must be a fIlipino to say anything positive of her.
      But Megan Young is absolutely stunning. MW, the preeminent pageant crowned another girl who was beautiful inside and out.

    • nobody asks you of your opinion…i guess nobody is interested, too…

    • andrew carlos says:

      Actually Miss Earth-Venezuela is way more beautiful than Miss Universe-Venezuela… i like Alyz than isler… she is so pretty… isler like a transvestite… the transvetite from Canada is prettier than Isler

  4. Chief Justice says:


    Miss World winner- Megan Young
    Miss International winner- Bea Rose Santiago
    Miss Supranational winner- Mutya Datul
    Miss Universe 3rd runner-up- Ariella Arida
    Miss Grand International 3rd runner-up- Ali Forbes
    Miss Intercontinental 3rd runner-up- Koreen Medina
    Miss Earth top 8- Angelee Delos Reyes
    Miss Tourism Queen International top 10- Cindy Miranda

    • Ped Bañaga says:

      God bless the Philippines

    • Arnel Tumesa says:


      Miss Teen Expoworld Universe 2013 Amber delos Reyes.

  5. I am a filipino and I’m happy because our own bea santiago won the crown but I’m thinkin, where the hell is venezuela? Its a total shock for me because for me she is beautiful and I believe that she is a strong contender.. Anyways, congrats to all the winners..

    • Eugene dont ask Ms Venezuela…they got 6 crowns already in Ms International , i think that’s enough and don’t be surprise , you are just looking for Ms Venezuela because the are superpower in pageantry.. but NO ,not this year in Ms INternational..Before Venezuela I would prefer Ms Mexico , Finland, Poland ..they are all stunning and the real meaning of the word BEAUTIFUL..

  6. west coaster says:

    i watched this live stream. it started 1 or 1:30am. I literally fell asleep and I woke up halfway. It ended 5am… it was wayyyyy too long. Congrats to well deserved Miss Philippines.

  7. Its worth watching the 4 hr long contest because our representative Bea Rose Santiago won.. Mabuhay ang gandang Filipina at ang Pilipinas!

  8. Congratulations Bea Santiago..

  9. Sameak Sama says:

    El concurso es tan mediocre que ni la ganadora del año anterior entrego la corona sino una ganadora del 2008… y a esto llaman uno de los grandes????? por eso es que el Miss Universo y el Miss Mundo se llevan por los cachos a todos esos templetes de pueblo donde eligen a la Reina de la Feria… give me a break…

    • Claro, ahora es mediocre, pero cuando Venezuela gano (las 80 veces que lo hizo) ahi si es tradicional, grand slam, grande, famoso, de todo, no? Cuanta conveniencia…

      • Sameak Sama says:

        Ramon se nota que eres tan mediocre como el concurso, en ningun momento hable de la ganadora ni sus finalistas, hable del concurso que es aburrido no tiene chispa y da sueño verlo, no entiendo tu ataque directo hacia Venezuela pero veo que te arden los triunfos de mi país, envidioso. Mantengo mi palabra duelale a quien le duela ninguno como el MU o el MW. Arriba Venezuela y Filipinas… Next

    • Sour grapes…. :(

      • agree…mediocre? are you kidding me?

    • La ganadora del 2012 no pudo entregar su corona por razones de seguridad envuelta en un escandalo como dice la noticia ya que sufria amenazas constantes de un empresario japones poderoso, ante tal situacion debio resguardarse(mediocre seria que exponga a su familia a peores cosas por ejemplo)…y seguramente las ganadoras del 2011, 2010 o 2009 tendrian cosas que hacer antes de viajar a entragar una corona.

  10. Philippines will be banned in beauty contest for two years.

    • What a bitter statement jessica.

    • Why ban the Philippines in beauty contests for 2 years? Because we’re winning most titles or at least in the final 8? If so “Ban” is not the word. How about “over qualified” ?

  11. She answered very well deserved strongly enough to win..she is beautiful and smart watch the pageant first.

  12. Great result, but a dreadfully racist pageant. Does not deserve to be in the category of grand slams. GB needs to take a stance on this. Every year, beautiful black girls are passed over for fugly and utterly mediocre Latina and white girls. It is a travesty and shame that such blatant racism still exists today.
    It happens too frequently and regularly at Miss International for it to be a fluke, and honestly, Miss Unoverse is only marginally better.

    • Give me a break – 2004 Miss Colombia was black or atleast half.

    • Why is it that everytime there will be a no ‘black’ lady in the semi-finals a pageant is being termed ‘racist’? Show then the policy or the rule of law that for every qualifier in the semi-final round of a beauty pageant there has to be a ‘black’ beauty included!

    • Anastaszia Beaverhausen says:


      • Perhaps you need to learn to read, darling Anastasia. I did not say whites or Latinas were ugly or mediocre. I said that I do not support mediocre representatives making the cut just because they are white or Latina.

  13. disappointed by the new miss international!she’s just pretty!

    • I am too. Weird choice just like last year.

      GB, Why didn’t you guys cover the pageant more with a list of favorites??

      • Its been several years that we don’t cover Miss International -just present some highlights and the crowning-, so its interesting that most people didnt realize this until now. MI is a Grand Slam due to its long existence and scandal-free history, however it never gives much to cover. The last time we did exclusive coverage for MI was 2009, then onwards it was highlights.

      • Canadian, for 4 hours of the show, it seems Japanese really put all the candidates in a strainer, so they’ve got their best choice. But if Miss Canada won, no issue#@5$%>*

  14. A pageant which cannot appreciate beauties of a particularrace cannot be called a beauty pageant… There were gorgeous Black gals like Gabon , Suriname and others who performed well like SOuth Sudan…..

    This pageant has confirmed that its a racist pageant!!!

    • west coaster says:

      Miss Universe also had years without black semi-finalists.

    • Canadian , I am so happy you and your kind doesnt belong in any pageantry , you are Racist and doesnt know how to apreciate the real meaning of beauty..If the winner in Ms Universe 1998 and 1999 are not beautiful for you , you are sick , insane and nobody should believe in you .Show us your face and for sure you are the epitomy of ugliness..

    • Why is it that everytime there will be a no ‘black’ lady in the semi-finals a pageant is being termed ‘racist’? Show then the policy that for every qualifier in the semi-final round there has to be a ‘black’ beauty included!

    • Hi Adney! “A pageant which cannot appreciate beauties of a particular ‘race” . . .” Well, the mere fact that you used the word race in your sentence/statement already fuels what we are trying to fight for – that is, there should only be one race – the human race, regardless of your color, social standing, creed, or beliefs. I agree with you that there were beautiful women of color in the pageant.

  15. “Not a single black delegate reached the semi-finals.”
    hey GB admins, they a look to miss ecuador… she’s not a kind o white girl at all…

    • For the love of God.. she is a Latin American girl, nothing black about her. Search Sully Castillo on Google, now that is a gorgeous black Ecuadorian.

  16. congrats to the winner. this is no luck for the Philippines.. SHE DESERVED it and Phillipines no less is country of the year. She is stunning both in the swimsuit, gown and final interview. SHE ACED IT ALl, the rest thank you girls!

  17. I just noticed, the crowned was passed by 2008 Miss International.
    Where was miss international 12 then? i hope there were no issues…

    Congrats to Miss Philippines as the Miss International 2013. =)

  18. Philippines trice tycoon and won 3 major pageants and 3 major typhoons

  19. Philippines is the most successful country of 2013 as Philippines won the:
    Miss Supranational Pageant
    Miss World 2013 Pageant
    Miss International 2013
    3rd Finalist Miss Universe
    3rd Finalist Miss Intercontinental

  20. Congratulations Ms. Philippines! Proud to be Pinoy! :)

  21. I thought Miss International is a Grand Slam pageant? Only two articles were featured, the arrival of candidates and this.

    • Chief Justice says:

      Miss International is still a grandslam pageant.Maybe no GB rep came to witness all the activities in Japan. Very comprehensive right?I dont know what happened to this site.

  22. 2/3 right in TOP 15 and 40% right in TOP 5 and the 2 best my favorites in TOP 5

  23. GB, it’s Masbate City, not Masbati City :)

  24. No other country will match the Philippines the accomplishment of the candidates of this year 2013 beauty pageants! The Philippines remains the power house …. Mabuhay ka Filipinas!

  25. Congratulations to Philippines and all the rest (also).

  26. I had 10 of the 15 right and 2 of the 5 finalists I have right and mine the 2
    highest ranked@Miss International 2013: The Philippines+The Netherland

  27. Sorry but she’s ugly. 2 undeserving winners in a row! What happened to Miss International??? They used to crown facially stunning girls!!!

    If Miss Japan last year looks like a 50 years old granny, this one looks like a 45 years old aunt

    • Bitter hahaha. I bet youre fat and ugly

      • Yeah she eats Wendy 24/7 – Yeah what a fatty.

        • Bitter and ugly people like you ,doesnt need to better stay inside your closet and count your lices in your head..

    • Bitter she doesn’t look like 45 years old.

      • It is not only a question of beauty, but also a question of iintellectual capacity. Learn how to exercise tolerance. The judges have handed down their verdict which deserves respect and Miss Philippines won the coveted crown, take it or leave it. Respect begets respect. Hatred is reserved for hatred in return. Ant the cycle goes on… We are civilized people and should behave so, in a civilized and polite society. The Philippines won three titles this year which no other country for that matter had achieved so far, Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss International. This achievement is now a new benchmark in beauty contest records. Where, and how did your country fare in these pageants? The Philippines has etched its name as the hallmark of beauty pageants; be these pageants are prestigious, popular or not… or whatever… Sorry to say, but eat your heart out.

        • This accomplishment is a Herculean challenge for others to replicate, duplicate or imitate; to outdo or overshadow. A bitter pill hard to swallow for those who refuses to accept this stark reality. I believe, this is written in the stars for a nation blessed by God. No matter how hard you try to forestall destiny, it will always find its way to fulfill its promises, because it was meant to be, according to God’s plan. “You can never put good women down.” They will succeed, no matter what odds come along, simply because they were born winners.

        • How many did Venezuela win this year including runner-ups?

    • hobo kumatsu says:

      she may not be very photogenic but im sure she must be very pretty in person. she sounded really sincere and confident in her speech. i guess they arent only looking at physical beauty…well…like most beauty pageant foes….. you may have you own standards of physical beauty which unfortunately is not the same standards as this years or last years judges.

    • huh…ugly?????????look whos talking?????????have you won any beauty pagent major title to comment that they were ugly….probably you been eating alot of bitter lemon to say that…GET A LIFE wendy and stop bashing other peoles live….congrats to MISS PHILIPIINES

    • Totally agree! She and MI2012 (from Japan) are the weakest winners for the last 20 years. The final show was cheap and boring too, just like a mediocre regional beauty contest “Miss In-the-Middle-of-Nowhere”.

      • I suggest you organize your own beauty pageant with the intention of satiating your personal standard insofar as superficial beauty is concerned. Far more important than physical appearance is the innermost character of every human being. The intangible character of every person irrespective of her belief shall linger in everyone’s mind especially who could be an ambassadress of goodwill to men of all nations. I would rather choose a physically ugly person who can share her whole being and noble contribution for the betterment of mankind, than a perfect beauty who is self-centered, narcissist, worthless and bereft of any purpose in life whose existence is highly questionable. This is an analogy between a perfect beauty and an ugly person ; and not meant to offend anybody.

      • Physical beauty fades over time, but good character never ends. It will be remembered even after death. Physical beauty is ravaged by time. Not even science could possibly defy the way nature was designed. The elixir of life is yet to be discovered, if ever. Good character however, never ceases to radiate genuine love to others which is the highest order and quintessential bond in human life.

    • The competent judges have sensed from her not only beauty [considering beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; depending on how deep or shallow you define beauty] but behind her sweet and lovely face is her vision for the welfare of mankind, the values of sympathy, compassion and the virtue of hope; all of paramount importance and for the best interest of humanity, in general. This is her shining vision and primordial objective as Miss International which made her stand out among the other candidates. And it did transcend over what was superficial about beauty pageants. Determined and confident as she was, and she still is. CONGRATULATIONS! MISS PHILIPPINES! You deserve that crown!

    • Beauty is a relative thing. What is beautiful for you may not be beautiful for others and vice versa. What is also considered in pageantry like MI is the inner beauty of the person which I believe is absent in many foul mouthed people who think they know everything about beauty, as if their standards are better than the collective decision of the judges.

    • Beauty is a relative thing. What could be beautiful for you might not be beautiful for others and vice versa. One important consideration in pageants like MI is the inner beauty of the person who is devoid of hatred, jealousy and bitterness among others, not just the physical aspect of the candidate. Miss Philippines is beautiful inside and out and she deserves the crown.

    • Tiern Tostone says:

      Wendy, Medusa was “facially stunning” but would you let her win Miss International?

    • Wendy, no ugly wins in a beauty pageant remember that. . .

  28. Pedro Lateriz says:

    With the win of Philippines in the last beauty contest for the year, I am sure GB will declare Phiippines as the GRAND SLAM – WINNER 2013

  29. Miss International 2012 Ikumi Yoshimatsu was barred from the event because of controversies. It was Miss International 2008 who crowned Bea.

  30. Anastaszia Beaverhausen says:

    Prediction came true.
    Surprised by the non inclusion of Venezuela in the semis.

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