Who will be Miss Grand Slam 2013?

2013 has ended and it’s time to elect the Best of the Best: Miss Grand Slam 2013! The most beautiful girl among all those who placed in the finals of all the Grand Slam pageants held this year.  81 beauties (20 from Miss World, 16 from Miss Universe, 20 from Miss Supranational, 15 from Miss International and 10 from Miss Tourism Queen) have classified to this first stage of the competition.

The field will be narrowed to a Top 50, with the help of our voters: The judges will choose 40, while our visitors will choose 10, via our Facebook Page.  Help your favorite win the title by liking her photo!

73 thoughts on “Who will be Miss Grand Slam 2013?

  1. Here are the 20 countries with their corresponding pageant that blows me away..

    1. Miss World Philippines
    2. Miss Supranational Philippines
    3. Miss International Philippines
    4. Miss Universe Venezuela
    5. Miss Universe Philippines

    6. Miss Universe Spain
    7. Miss World France
    8. Miss MTQI Philippines
    9. Miss Universe Ecuador
    10. Miss International Netherlands

    11. Miss World Brazil
    12. Miss Universe Brazil
    13. Miss Supranational Mexico
    14. Miss World Ghana
    15. Miss International New Zealand

    16. Miss World Spain
    17. Miss MTQI Latvia
    18. Miss Universe USA
    19. Miss Universe Indonesia
    20. Miss Universe Dominican Republic

    Hope you appreciate my picks.
    P.S “Miss Earth 2013 has a great result this year, I am hoping that it will return in Globalbeauties as a grandslam..”

  2. lebanese pride says:


    • But you’re here to care too much to comment and being on this pageant site. Hypocrisy at its best.

      • I agree!

      • jorge villabona says:

        So am I.. Venezuela didn’r deserve the crown both in MU and MW

  3. TOP 3

    Philippines World
    Philippines International
    Philippines Supranational

    • Lan , which country are you from.. uhm… Philippines….

  4. My favorites:

    1. Miss World Philippines
    2. Miss World France
    3. Miss Universe Spain
    4. Miss World Brazil
    5. Miss Supranational Philippines
    6. Miss Universe Venezuela
    7. Miss Universe Ecuador
    8. Miss International Philippines
    9. Miss World Ghana
    10. Miss Universe Ukraine

  5. My favorites:
    1. MW Philippines;
    2. MU Spain;
    3. MS Philippines;
    4. MI Philippines;
    5. MW France;
    6. MW Brazil;
    7. MW Ghana;
    8. MU Philippines;
    9. MU Venezuela;
    10. MW Spain

  6. I shall announce in random order.
    1er place Marine lorpheline Miss France 2013
    2ndo place Gabriela Isler Miss Universe 2013
    3rd place Megan Young Miss World 2013

    • Gabriela Isler is not that gorgeous. But she has a great personality.

    • random order yet you wrote 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place… lol :)

  7. Spain Universe
    Ecuador Universe
    Phillipines World

  8. MW Philippines
    MW Brazil
    MU India
    MU Spain
    MS Philippines
    MS Myanmar
    MI Iceland ,and
    MI Philippines

  9. Miss World’s top 5 must be the top 5 of Miss Grandslam 2013. Miss U’s top 5 was just…duh!!!can’t compare with the Miss World finalists.

  10. 1. Megan Young
    2. Patricia Rodriguez

    • I see these two as the last two women standing – MEGAN YOUNG versus PATRICiA RODRIGUEZ <3

  11. Meagan Young and Yaritza Reyes, they are to me the Best of Bests!

  12. 1. Miss World 2013
    2. Miss Ukraine Universe 2013
    3. Miss Spain Universe 2013
    4. Miss Brazil World 2013
    5. Miss Supranational 2013

  13. MY TOP 5


  14. Héctor rivera says:

    Miss phillipines world
    Miss france world
    Miss spain universe

  15. Miss Philippines World
    Miss Spain Universe
    Miss Philippines Supranational
    Miss France World
    Miss Philippines International

  16. This is the battle between FRANCE WORLD and SPAIN UNIVERSE. The rest is just not in the same league with these two.

    • Megan Young is in a league greater than where these two belong!

  17. to GB management,

    Are you aware of your statement in
    “The Grand Slam Ranking” –> “News and Updates” ?

    below is what you written in the Article:

    “The worst scenario for the Filipinos would be France bagging the Miss Universe crown with Miss Philippines not placing at all. Then the decision would come to the conclusion of Miss International, in December.”

    • This goes to say that 2013 belongs to the Philippines. They are so fond of pageants (if not obsessed). France and Philippines have been doing well lately and I knew that they will soon win Miss World and Miss Universe. Philippines did this year. Maybe France will capture their long awaited crown in the near future. But unlike Pinoy fans, France is not that obsessed about pageants (although the Miss France pageant final telecast has been getting excellent rating lately).

  18. Top 10 should be:

    Miss Philippines World
    Miss Spain Universe
    Miss France World
    Miss Philippines Supranational
    Miss Great Britain Universe
    Miss Ukraine Universe
    Miss Netherlands International
    Miss Brazil World
    Miss USA Universe
    Miss Puerto Rico Universe

    • Awesome top 10 Kookoo!! These are my top 10 as well… adding Miss Ghana World, so yep, these are my top 11 :)

      • Thanks J.J … Hope most of them (and Ms. Ghana World) make it to the next “cut” =)

  19. my dream list— :)

    Miss Grand Slam 2013 – Phiilippines’ Megan Young (Miss World 2013)
    1st RU – Spain’s Elena Ibarbia (Miss World 2013 Top 6)
    2nd RU – Philippines’ Mutya Datul (Miss Supranational 2013)
    3rd RU – Spain’s Patricia Rodriguez (Miss Universe 2013 1RU)
    4th RU – Philippines’ Bea Santiago (Miss International 2013)

  20. 1 – Marine Lorphelin,
    beautiful, elegant, clever and wise. Now, she goes back to university to study medecine and declined many jobs on TV or movies. A modern and wonderful miss not a glitter one.
    2 – Maria Gabriela Isler
    A plastic face and body but a charming, charismatic and clever woman.
    3 – Naa Okiley
    Beautiful and clever. She looks very sweet and deserved to be more famous.
    4 – Megan Young
    A very beautiful face and a very self-willed miss. Too glitter and to small to be my favorite.
    5 – Yaritza Reyes
    A beautiful, fresh and natural woman. She seems to have a strong personality.
    4 -

    • ziad khoury says:

      i agree with 3 of your choices

  21. Krisbert de Garcia says:

    update the ranking first

    • yeah GB, were interested on the current points now of each country.. just like last year when Uv released the 2012 rankings by December 2012 itself!

  22. If the semifinalists are automatically qualified for the first round, therefore Philippines has 5 naminees for the MiSs Grandslam.not bad…btw, it’s
    Ms. Grandslam: Megan Young of Miss World, d most accepted and deserving grandslam winner of the year.
    1st RU: Patricia Rodriguez of Miss Universe
    2nd RU: Marine Lorpheline of Miss World
    3rd RU: Bea Rose Santiago of Miss International
    4th RU: Sancler Frantz of Miss World…
    Miss world has the most beautiful, natural, exotic, not plastic candidates yearly…

  23. Top 5 MW should be Top 5 Grand Slam this year.

    • Completely agree. None of the other girls are in this league.

  24. Non-Brazilian fan says:

    Nice to see and read all this, but seriously, why isn’t there anything about Rejane Vieira da Costa and her tragic untimely death in your news section?! The woman was one of the most beautiful Misses Brazil through all times, a very well-known celebrity figure in her country and the 1st RU of Miss Universe 1972, for Chrissake! That beautiful era in pageantry when Miss Universe still was by miles the most prestigious and the most magnificent beauty pageant of the world, the winners worshipped Goddesses and the thing called true and natural beauty still reigned supreme, totally unlike today!! Okay, it’s Christmas season but yet!

  25. What about the country of the year and the rankings??

    • I agree. GB country of the year should be posted also.

    • Everybody’s been waiting for this. Hello GB??


    BRAZIL, Sancler Frantz
    FRANCE, Marine Lorphelin
    GHANA, Naa Oakley
    PHILIPPINES, Megan Young
    GREAT BRITAIN, Amy Willerton
    PUERTO RICO, Monic Perez
    SPAIN, Patricia Rodriguez
    VENEZUELA, Maria Gabriela Isler
    CANADA, Suzette Hernandez
    NETHERLANDS, Nathalie Den Dekker
    USA, Erin Brady
    MEXICO, Jacqueline Morales
    INDIA, Manasi Moghe
    UKRAINE, Olga Storozhenko


  27. marine lorphelin the best!

  28. Chief Justice says:

    Miss Grandslam- Megan Young- MW winner
    2nd Place: Patricia Rodriguez- MU 1st runner up
    3rd Place: Mutya Datul- MS winner
    4th Place: Marine Lorphelin- MW 1st princess
    5th Place: Gabriela Isler- MU winner

    6.Bea Rose Santiago- MI winner
    7.Natalie Den Dekker- MI 1st rrunner up
    8.Sancler Frantz- MW top 6
    9.Naa Okailey- MW 2nd princess
    10.Constanza Baez-MU 2nd runner up

    GB, how can you rate MTQI? There’s no coverage?

  29. Miss Israel Universe hands down should have been on this list over many of what was chosen!!!

  30. My top 10:
    Megan Young
    Patricia Rodriguez
    Marine Lorphelin
    Gabriela Isler
    Olga Storozhenko
    Naa Okailey
    Nathalie den Dekker
    Sancler Frantz
    Constanza Baez
    Lorena Hermida

    • I think it’s unfair to choose only 16 for Miss Universe unlike in Miss Supranational that they have 20 wherein the basis was a semi finalist placement. Miss Universe is more superior than Miss Supranational in terms of candidates joined. I hope they change the ruling in choosing the Miss Grandslam and they give chances to those non finalist ladies.

      • las reglas son claras…solo tienen oportunidades quienes fueron semifinalistas de cada concurso, o sea hubo 20 semifinalistas en miss Supranational y 16 en Miss Universo…asi lo explica bien la pagina.

        • Have you read the last sentence of my comment I know the rules that’s why I’m hoping to change this rule anyways Happy New Year to you.

          • MaTt AzmY says:

            Formerly, non-finalists were part of the processs. But it’s hard to judge all of them for the judges.

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