Miss Israel 2014

Mor Maman (18, from Beersheba) was crowned Malkat HaYofi (Miss Israel) 2014 during the conclusion of the annual event held at the Congress Center in Haifa on March 4th.

Maman, who stands 175 cm in height, is a student of computer animation and is waiting to enter service in the Israeli Air Force. She is expected to represent Israel at the 2014 Miss World finals in London or Manila in November.

Second place went to Doron Matalon (19, from Beit Aryeh Ofarim) who was crowned “Israel’s Maiden of Beauty”.  She is expected to represent the country in the 2014 Miss Universe pageant with a venue and date still to be confirmed.

Third place went to Tamar Skorsirb.

At the age of 13, Mor Maman created a Facebook page to encourage girls struggling with obesity to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Last year’s Miss Israel, Yityish Awnaw, was one of the judges.  Israel was absent from the Miss World pageant in Bali due to the tense political relations between Indonesia and Israel.  The country will return to this year’s competition.

The new Miss Israel

The new Miss Israel

28 thoughts on “Miss Israel 2014

  1. this winner is just average she is not beautiful. but i think miss israel was a great improvement in terms of winners compare to last yr which is dark & ugly. but still i think this girl will be like the same fate like last yr which is unplaced.

    • Don’t be so racist against dark skin. All are equal in todays world and all deserve a chance of winning. Last year MU Israel was a negro/dark skin… so what… MU 2011 was Angola a tall dark African beauty.. MU can’t always be only for Latinas.. even Asians, Africans, Europeans deserve a chance to win… and if you watch closely since 2001 onwards majority Latinas have won. Asians a few and Africa only once. Europe won only since Russia won and was dethroned in 2002. it’s time these continents also place and do well @ MU. And if MU is an African winner don’t get frustrated and be racist..remember she is also a human being.

    • Did you say dark & ugly? Hahahahaha, u got eye problem I think.

  2. Another clapper again from Israel. Clap! Clap! Clap!

  3. France

  4. Love both Mor and Dor! Esp. because they are both Sephardic in terms of their ancestry (they can trace their ancestors to the Jews of Spain, expelled from that Iberian country in 1492). Unfortunately, I think Dor will have an uphill battle at best at Miss Universe, given the fact that she is not the “chosen one,” as MUO seems to now insist upon.

  5. No mentioned that Mor Maman will go to Miss World.
    The Jerusalem Post mentioned that She will be representing Israel at the most prestigious pageant, Miss Universe 2014.
    The news claimed from Jerusalem Post (An official newspaper in Israel),
    More information:
    http://www.jpost.com/National-News/Meet … man-344345

  6. Yityish should be given another chance to compete. This time in Miss World. I believe her joining in Miss Universe had been politicized. Should she’d not met Barack and became outspoken supporter of him, she could have placed atleast if not won…

    • I agree with you as Obama isn’t friends with Trump and that was her downfall.

  7. Correction: the blond on the very right is amazing. No offense to the blond on the left, but you are not the blond on the right. That being said. Hello Miss Israel.

  8. The blond on the very left is amazing.

  9. Didnt global beauties said that miss universe 2014 would be in fortaleza – Brazil in october!! Did it change

    • very good observation Rafael… there are many inconsistencies until things are held..

  10. beautiful runners up!miss israel is pretty!i prefered miss israel 2013!

  11. I thought Miss Universe will be held again in Brazil. What happened? Venue & date TBA???

    • Although authorities in Ceara confirmed the info, months have passed and Miss Universe has not released an official statement, meaning that for the moment it is unofficial, we rather disclose the venue as TBA until it is confirmed by MUO.

  12. Miss Israel Universe 2014 is very beautiful. Great height, figure, smile, confidence. She is definitely going to be among the top 16 @ MU 2014. So far, Israel, Venezuela, colombia and Indonesia are the best looking women @ MU. MW Israel has a very dull, droopy look. she don’t deserve to place well @ MW. in this case some other nation should win. the runnerups look gr8. I do hope they represent Israel at other gr8 pageants like miss supranational, miss international, miss intercontinental or miss earth bcoz they will surely place well.

  13. Yityish for me was stunning and i really don’t understand how she missed being called as one of the top candidates during pageant night at last year’s MU. Yityish is exotic and captivating. The current crop of winners don’t quite reach that level for me.

  14. Lovely and cute enough but not stunning

  15. LEBANESE PRIDE says:

    the miss universe israel 2014 looks like miss world 1994 aishwara rai from india,they looks alike

    • I extremely hope you’re kidding.

  16. I thought the Miss Universe Organisation did not allowed a candidate that was not the winner of a national pageant.

    • tahitiniboy says:

      false… Some countries send a runner up

    • It’s the Miss World Organization that has that rule.

  17. I prefer the girls in the far left and the far right. What’s their name?

    • Sasha Shuturov (far right) and Tamar Skorsirb (far left).

  18. Beautiful girl.

  19. Wow!
    The “Universe” girl is so stunning!
    The “World” girl is okayis for me..
    and the runners up also has a beautiful face! They should send in other International pageants!

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