Miss World Sweden 2014


17-year old Olivia Asplund, from Stockholm, was crowned Miss World Sweden 2014 during the finals of Miss Queen of Scandinavia held at the Grand Hotel Stockholm on May 31st.

Standing 1.75 m in height, Olivia will represent Sweden at the Miss World 2014 finals to be held in London, England, December 14th.

In 2nd place was Anna Stårbeck, who was crowned Miss Supranational Sweden 2014.  With 1.74 m in height, she will travel to Poland to compete for the 6th Miss Supranational title on December 5th.

Representatives for Miss Intercontinental, Miss Model of the World and Miss Tourism International (Malaysia) were also crowned.  21 girls competed in the annual event.


10 thoughts on “Miss World Sweden 2014

  1. look this is very goods.

  2. Thank you GB for the correct answer,the one in India is a fake and has no value,and the winner for 2013 will be in Poland

  3. beautiful :D

  4. the real org. should take this whole thing to the court! it only makes the fans confused..which is the real one and which is the fake one!!!

    • The real one is the one which will be held in Poland, with all the winners from previous years present. This contest held in India is ran by a lunatic who was fired from Miss Supranational. Both GlobalBeauties and Missosology will be covering the REAL and ONLY ONE Miss SUpranational, in Poland, in December.

  5. I think Julia Morley will love this girl!

  6. Very beautiful! Possible Miss World winner!

  7. Beautiful

  8. mess up!!!

    First in Miss Universe Sweden, Kristina Petkovic was crowned Miss Supranational Sweden .. tonight at Miss World Sweden, Anna Stårbeck was also crowned Miss Supranational Sweden….. So who goes? and how can two different pageants crown separate winners for the same pageant?…Very strange and unprofessional.

    one is going to the Poland edition on December and the other one is going to the India edition this August.

    there are two miss supranational pageants now!!

    • The one in India has no value whatsoever. The REAL Miss Supranational will happen in Poland, in December.

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