Miss USA 2014: the telecast and results’ review

After years of hosting the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants whenever the MUO could not find another place to welcome and sponsor both events, the state of Nevada (where Las Vegas is located) finally got its payback. Nia Sanchez, an underdog entering yesterday night’s Miss USA final, ended the three-hour long show with the sash and crown.

It was a nicely produced television event with some interesting twists. The calling of the Top 20 lasted for over an hour, adding to the usual suspense and bringing the candidates closer to the audience, with short video introductions of each semi-finalist and backstage chats.

usawinner2However, how about the girls who stood there for over an hour, and did not go any further in the competition? Wasn’t it too long and tiring for them? “Ok, girls, you are out. Thanks for standing there for 70 minutes, you are all winners”.

Musical attractions were not out of this world, but fine. They served the swimsuit and evening gown competitions properly. It still bothers us that even for a few seconds, the cameras focused and followed the girls’ bottoms when they paraded in swimsuits. Really, is there a need for that?

It’s paradoxal: on one hand, Miss USA becomes closer in style to Miss America, showing more of the real women behind the sashes and their families (it was really nice); but then on the other, the cameras chasing the belles’ asses, something so uncalled for, remains part of the show (MUO, rethink that. It’s not even sexy, given that those bikinis are truly anything but sexy. Wrong move).

And how about the girls? As we had mentioned before, it was not Miss USA’s best class in history by far, but with a well-chosen Top 20, most people didn’t even notice that.

What was shocking was to see the stunning Miss Alabama forked so early in the competition. That woman totally deserved to be in the Top 5, or at leat in the Top 10.

But the show continued, a fair Top 10 was selected (but did we mention we missed Alabama there??), and the same went for the Top 6 (Iowa, the one picked by the fans, was the only one a little bit out of place there. But she ended in 6th place, so it was all fair and square anyway).

After the final questions and answers, the impression we got was that Georgia, who seemed destined to finally conquer the first Miss USA title for her state, threw it away with her lame answer. Governors need a bit more than faith to rule, they need to take proper action, so that the people in general won’t lose their faith. But Miss Georgia was so gorgeous, she still managed to finish as 2nd runner-up.

Miss North Dakota was the stunner of the night, what a woman! She had Miss Universe written all over her, but was clearly betrayed by her nerves on the last moments of the contest. It seemed like the woman was going to pass out at any moment (it was actually cute to see someome real and unrehearsed at that point, showing her true emotions).Well done and well-deserved 2nd place.

Then we have the winner, Nia Sanchez of Nevada. We did not predict she was going to be in the Top 20 (same happened with Olivia Culpo in 2012, who ahppened to become Miss Universe that year). She was in our “perhaps list”. But in all reality, just like Olivia Culpo did two year ago, she shined when she had to shine, showing beauty, poise, brains and a sparkling and brilliant personality. Yes, Nia Sanchez is a deserving winner. (And yes, probably Las Vegas will always be there to welcome Miss USA and Miss Universe contestants when the rest of the country and the world turn their backs on the two pageants).

The new Miss USA is proof that the pageant has indeed changed: now it looks for the girl-next-door type more than stunners. Women who are beautiful, but somehow approachable and most other women can relate to. She follows the exact same style of Olivia and Erin, and it’s a good thing. The USA has a fantastic representative.

Speaking of Erin, her farwell walk was touching, what a great Miss USA she was!

We also loved the recap video of interviewes throughout the years – nicely done and original.

Baton Rouge and Louisiana were fantastic hosts. What a colorful, beautiful and full of culture place. Well delivered!

Was three hours too long? For pageant enthusiasts, it was not, for sure. We can see that most of them are raving about it. The problem is, over 99% of people out there, are not exactly pageant fanatics. At home, for example, the room was packed with people wathing Miss USA in the beginning. After 1.5 to 2 hours, they started leaving (even the cat), one after the other, with that “Tell me who won when it ends” line. Let’s wait and see how the ratings went, but perhaps, yes, it was too long.

The hosts did a great job.

GB approved Miss USA 2014 in overall terms. It was a great show with some real innovation. But did we mention we still don’t get what was Miss Alabama’s fault? Ok, we will get over it.

Congratulations, Nia Sanchez, have a great year as Miss USA!

(BTW, was the venue for Miss Universe going to be announced during Miss USA’s telecast?)

49 thoughts on “Miss USA 2014: the telecast and results’ review

  1. very beautiful miss USA!

  2. Glad one of my picks won (the other two were Georgia and Minnesota). Not sure why GB calls her an underdog, she was easily one of the prettiest contestants. Not surprised about Alabama either. I had her in my top 20, but I didn’t think she was as pretty as everyone said she was.

    • I agree with you, Jay! Minnesota was my shocker. I thought for sure she would make it in the Top 5 and probably be Miss USA. She looked great in swimsuit and definitely deserved to move on.

  3. Congratulations Miss Nevada (*^^*)
    But I like Miss Georgia(*^^*)
    Beautiful too much USA ladies!!!

  4. Very fair contest.
    Miss Florida was sexy & adorable. This was only her second pageant & just needed a bit of coaching. She would have shone bright @ universe.

    I don’t get where GB said Nevada was not on a Tp 20 list(or theirs). The coordinator for Nevada is Shanna Moakler who was miss USA first RU miss USA 2005 & stepped in as miss USA when Chelsea Smith won miss universe in 2005!
    She has brought that state to life with many state entrants. She has endless knowledge & contacts.
    Nia Sanchez is gorgeous & a unique look of her own.
    I see the judges looking for something “refreshing”, which was mentioned when they interviewed the judges.
    I think this simplistic approach will gain viewership. I know many people involved in pageantry throughout the southeast & the Midwest. None of then thought AL would win this or last year.
    I just wished all of the fighting over which pagean is best. I can luckily pick up miss world via satellite & it has it’s ups & downs as universe does.
    Miss USA & miss universe both have 150+ million television viewers each year, that’s success.
    The venue was amazing & louder than any one I’ve attended. I bet, universe will be there in the near future.
    Good luck miss USA, Nia Sanchez. & to all the universe hopefuls.

    • Its 1995 when Chelsi Smith won Miss Universe

      3 hours is too long for the pageant. But it does keep the viewers, pageant fans and family members in suspense.

      I love some of the concept such as introduction of the judges.

      Things that wasn’t impressed is the show production. The camera angles is way too low or way too fast. I understand they trying to follow Eurovision 2014 concept but it’s way off.

      From 2010s, the judges are looking for natural, refreshing, girl next door look who are able to think on their toes.

      Just look at the infomercial in 2014 show, MUO are telling everyone what are the qualities which made Miss USA.

      The final question is a make or break deal and find that Nevada is the most composed who answered hers sincerely.

      After you watch the segment when Erin explained about the final Q&S, Nia has the same level composure of Brooke Lee & Olivia Culpo. Therefore i understand why she won.

      Congratulations Nia and the state of Nevada for winning the Crown. Best wished at Miss Universe 2014. Cheers.

      • The saying goes, if you can’t win with the state you’re in, win in the one you’re with.

        I guess Miss California was not going to be hers so she moved.

        But she beat out everybody anyways.

        Question is, what the heck does Moekler get from this?

  5. Winner is fine. Very pretty and vivacious. If my #1 fave, Louisiana, could not win, then I’m happy with Nevada. The telecast was boring, the semifinalists naming was too drawn out, and the accent on family members was unnecessary (and so ‘Miss America’). However, I loved the big beautiful ‘retro sets’ – not dependent soly on projections – it reminded me of the pageant’s glory days in the 70s and 80s. I expected the Little Sisters to come out and sing at any moment! I wonder if Miss Universe 2014 will also be a 3-hr show?

  6. Congratulations Ms. Nevada! I live here in Nevada, no one from Nevada ever wins in these pageants! This is a first! Great way to celebrate our 150th statehood anniversary!

  7. Louisiana or North Dakota should have won!

  8. Miss USA/Universe production is not that great.

    But at least their production has a “professional” feel compared to Miss World which really has big production issues to address.

    Miss World is now bordering on tacky, cheapness… No wonder the contest has gone off air in many western countries. I don’t see it on British screens in its current form.

  9. I think it was sadly a very weak year for Miss USA contestants. It’s unfortunate that Georgia did so poorly on the final question, she would have been my choice.

    I actually think that the camera work is great. The pageant needs to be sexy and fun, instead of preachy and boring like Miss America and Miss World. Miss USA 2013 was much better produced and had a much, much better group of contestants. I hope it’s back in Vegas next year!

  10. very average, sorry

  11. I like Louisiana more…

  12. I love the winner, but have a lot of sympathy for North Dakota. The Dakota’s are hardly ever called, yet she is called twice, 1st Runner Up in Teen USA now 1st Runner Up in Miss USA. Could someone suggest she try for Miss World?

  13. Long boring 3 hour show !! they should keep the top 20, but not prolong to select the semi finalists that long, also I hope Ms Universe 2014 will be a top 20 ! Miss Florida should have won the Miss Usa contest !

  14. This is proof we don’t need MISS LATINA UNIVERSE!
    Latina woman can win Miss USA!

  15. Sushmita Sentimo says:

    Wow! Latina beauty….from her last name.
    can she might as well compete in Miss Latina Universe?!?
    I won’t be surprise if MU moves back to Vegas this year. I truly hope so and excited to see it live.

  16. miss Georgia should compete in miss world.
    miss north Dakota should compete in miss earth.

  17. It was a really good review from you guys, but you know what? I really need to see this kind of review over the Miss World competition as well! You are very opinionated to the MUO but you don’t have the same frankness to your so called Most Important Pageant in the World! Both organizations has strengths and weaknesses but I bet that if you use the same tone in both of them… your web site will be more respected by fans and the general public that doesn’t follow pageants. A good piece of advice ha?!

  18. I hated the show last night, it was terribly boring! When I read that it would be a 3-hour show I was excited and expected something else. But over one hour and a half choosing the top 20 was a waste of my bloody time. I agree that it was pretty unfair with the rest of the contestants to have to stand in the back clapping for such a long time. Most of the girls seemed not too pretty to me. I agree with the review that this was not a good batch. The swimsuit competition was disappointing, I saw a lot of big girls in bikinis. However, after seeing so many of them I arrived at the conclusion that the problem was the bikini which did no justice to their bodies and made most of them look fat. The musical performances were boring and didn’t let themselves for the girls to perform nice catwalks. Also, I find it ridiculous that we spent one hour and a half seeing how the top 20 was chosen and then the swimsuit and evening gown competitions were rushed down. I am a pageant fanatic but I just have the feeling that these new formats are simply killing beauty pageants. The golden age of pageantry will remain in the 80s and 90s.

  19. Miss Universe and Miss Supranational have the same problem, nobody want them abroad :(

  20. MJ Lastimosa is more beautiful than Nia Sanchez

    • I definitely disagree with that, but I think MJ has better stage presence though.

    • Are Filipinos blind? Lastimosa is a dime a dozen anywhere in the world. And she is so short. Good luck with that dream.

  21. FanForYears says:

    Back to the question of the Miss Latina Universe pageant on Telemundo… how will this work now that the official Miss USA is Latina?

  22. I always thought of Miss Nevada as one of the faves from the beginning, not an underdog. Great candidate. She and N. Dakota were my 2 faves. I also agree that Alabama went out way too early. Louisiana and Florida were also pretty. The top 6 were good contestants but I agree that the quality of contestants overall was not good.

  23. I was rooting for Alabama as well, but I am happy with the winner. The show was a bit too long. More than an hour to call the 20 finalists was a bit too lengthy for my taste. I wished that Louisiana would have had better luck. She looked elegant and regal and had a beautiful face. Awful entertainment guests.

  24. I knew she was gonna win. I called it weeks ago.

    I was abit shocked by Alabama’s exclusion aswell, and flabbergasted by Wisconsin’s placement.

    I think Nia is stunning, and hopefully her status as a Latina will put an end to that pathetic Miss Latina Universo scam.

  25. I have to disagree 1000% Nevada was NEVER an underdog, but always a front-runner, which was also pointed and noted in the live Telecast.

    I recall seeing her in her first pics and video and I knew she was one of the top 3 to beat (with Louisiana and lovely Alabama, who was sadly left out of the top 10).

    I mean Nia, the winner, this girl is a pageant veteran finishing top 5 in Miss California USA 2010.

    That being said, I agree with almost the rest. A BORING, BORING endless show (Thank God for the Tony’s and Game of Thrones).

    A ridiculous top 20 and a painful road to the final question.

    Erin Brady, great Miss USA? PLAIN JANE, chubby, and very, very forgetful.

    Hail the new queen!

    • Erin Brady is farrr more beautiful than the big nosed Nia. Nia has the biggest nose in the history of this pageant. NOT pretty

  26. I was wrong with Culpo, but she had a face for the ages. This Miss USA is bright and worthy, but with a face that is more homely. She won’t be in the top five at MU.

    Look for Venezuela, Croatia, Columbia, Ukraine, Gabon and South Africa. Now these are stunners who want it and deserving.

  27. Catherine Cates says:

    Nia was well trained and prepared. I had her as my pic going into a very competitive year.

    She’ll do well at MU!

    • What’s interesting about Nia is that she finished 4th runner up to Miss CA-USA the same year Nana Meriweather finished 2nd (both in 2010), and worked with Alyssa Campenella (Miss USA 2011), and Nana (Miss USA 2012) and now Nia Sanchez – Miss USA 2014. Hats off to Shana Moakler who worked with these girls in some capacity.

      • as miss citrus valley 2010, she was 2nd runner-up, NOT 4th runner-up.

  28. Good Comment by GB, but one Mistake: Miss South Dakota was the stunner of the night, what a woman! It was NORTH DAKOTA !
    You’re welcome.

    • Thank you, it’s been fixed ;)

  29. I don’t know why? But honestly I really find her pretty and may be who knows she might have the miss universe crown on her head. I find her to be truly a queen, Alabama are always my sentimental favorite, but she deserved to win, Miss USA Organization have chosen the right candidate.
    These are my opinion.

  30. She is not pretty, period.

    • agree with you Roberto !! Miss Florida should have won !

      • A lot of us have the same mentality when Olivia won in 2012. AND She proved everyone wrong.

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