Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2014

25-year old Kimberly Castillo, who represented Higuey, was crowned Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2014 during the annual gala held at the National Theater Eduardo Brito.

Standing 178 cm in height, Kimberly will now represent the Dominican Rep. at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant in a date and place still to be announced.

Santiago (Aletxa Mueses), Dominican Community in Mexico (Dhio Moreno), Distrito Nacioonal (Marimar Lopez) and Punta Cana (Analiz de la Cruz) completed the finalists.  Reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler was a special guest at the gala.



10 thoughts on “Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2014

  1. Indonesian Viewer says:

    I watched the video of Miss Dominican Rep. 2014 (Not Full Video).

    I personaly can tell that Miss Higuey stage presence is a clear stand out among other contestants. Her posture is amazing. Her total look is sooo Right, surpasing others.

    I’m glad Kimberly Castillo win.

  2. pretty…

  3. A very beautiful natural beauty from DR. She has all qualities – beauty, brains, confidence, charisma, personality and she looks gr8 in swimwear and evening gown. She is surely in top 10. She joins other top gr8 contestants in the hunt for MU title which are Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Czech Rep, Great Britain, Japan, curacao, Korea, Serbia, Gabon, Guatemala, Chile, Slovak Rep, Finland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Israel. The most weird girls @ MU are USA, Venezuela, Ecuador and Philippines and none of these four should make it to top 16. If they do the show will suck.

  4. i most said we all have our favorite but the true is answer the Questions anyone can say anything but Kim is the Queen so wait on till next year to see another one… best of luck Kim castillo Miss universe Dominican republic 2014/15 let then wait lol lol love you

  5. IKnowAboutBeauty says:

    This girl is stunning and has such a unique and exotic look, which is what I love the most about her. From what I have seen and heard, this girl is very smart. Fierce and amazing candidate. Definitely one of my favorites so far, D.R. is very close to get a new M.U..

  6. Disapointed. Communidad Dominicana in Mexico was the top one for the crown of miss universe !

  7. pretty!but not in my favorite for miss universe

  8. suzy austin says:

    I think she is pretty, but I personally did not like the gowns of the to 2. Poor colour and I feel did not suit contestants.

  9. wow, higuey… winner of miss italia nel mondo 2010… won miss dominican republic last night. big surprise. not. the only contestant who had ANY chance of beating kim castillo was dhio moreno, dominican community in mexico… until she spoke.

    punta cana was an unexpected finalist and destroyed any chance to place higher than 4th runner-up with her unintelligible response. at least she had the courage to ask them to repeat her question, but it didn’t help. 3rd runner-up distrito nacional was also weak in her response, and i would have placed santiago as 2nd runner-up… behind dom comm in mexico… not 1st runner-up.

    santiago, a huge audience favorite, messed up in swimsuits by not removing her wrap/cape thing like everyone else. no clue what the judges judged her on because they never saw her body until AFTER the scores were tallied and the girls lined up on-stage for the announcement of the top 10. her final 5 response wasn’t strong either, but she edged out dom comm in mexico who basically had a similar response to what higuey had just finished responding, even though everyone got a different question.

    dom comm in mexico won photogenic, and san jose de ocoa won congeniality (also made top 15). another crowd favorite was dom comm in USA (miss teen NY in teen usa ’10) who also made the top 10 and should have been in final 5 replacing punta cana.

    miss universe was one of the judges, not just an invited guest.

    • Brett I’m not sure how good your spanish is but Distrito Nacional was the best in the questions, very articulated not to mention her diction was perfect follow by Miss Santiago, the worst was Punta Cana follow by Miss Higuey I was actually shocked and still am but we all know all the beauty pageants are fix….

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