Miss Grand International 2014 kicks off

The second edition of Miss Grand International will take place on Tuesday, October 7th, at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok.  Following up their successful debut last year, Thailand is preparing to welcome more than 80 beauties from around the planet to compete for a whooping cash prize of USD 40,000 and an apartment in Bangkok for the titleholder’s year of reign.

As this year’s plans are being finalized, it was revealed that the beauties will have the opportunity to visit Sukhothai Kingdom, the first capital of Thailand.

The competition is scheduled to start in mid-September, so stay tuned for more updates and tidbits from the competition here at Global Beauties!

Indoor Stadium Huamark will host this year's competition

Indoor Stadium Huamark will host this year’s competition

6 thoughts on “Miss Grand International 2014 kicks off

  1. Miss Panocha International says:

    Mexico is the best. She has to win

  2. Reneo Andreu says:

    How come its part of Grand Slam on its 2nd year?
    At least you should have a qualification of five years successful years of a pageant before making it Grand Slam. A lot of pageant is being born and then after a couple of years, was dissolved. Look at what happened to MTQI, being so extravagant in its first couple of years of existence, and then suddenly, it turns into a dying pageant.

    • Miss Grand International has not entered the Grand Slam of Beauty pageants yet. May we ask where you get such assessment?

  3. RodrigoCHILE says:

    Thailand… What a beautiful country! I´m sure it´s gonna be the pageant of the year.

  4. Who will represent Poland guys?

    • Angelika Ogryzek, Miss Polski 2011

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