Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe 2014

24-year old Jevon King (center) was crowned Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2014 during an event held in the Hilton Trinidad in Port of Spain on August 10th.  She will represent the world-famous islands in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant in a date and venue to be announced soon.


4 thoughts on “Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe 2014

  1. To Ad, unfortunately, the runner up would be enjoying an all paid vacation to the site of Miss Universe. She would NEVER make top 10, top 15 or top 20. In fact, she should not have even made the top 5 at Miss TnT. The only real competitive young women at Miss TnT this year was Jevon (winner) and Marissa and maybe 1-2 more, but none of the others, including the runner up should have been in the top 5. The winner is by far from what you describe.

  2. Have you ever seen a dress that looks like nothing on a hangar, but when you put it on it looks amazing, I hope this what Jevon is like. This picture does absolutely nothing for her. How could her promoters even let this picture of her be circulated. Its pictures like this which damages a contestant from the begining. Damage control needs to be started.

  3. The runner up in the long black and white dress has a very beautiful smile and a gr8 confidant look, it so bad she isn’t going to compete in any pageant. If she had to win the title she would surely have made it to top 10. She was a perfect 10. The winner lacks charm and charisma and is very boring

  4. suzy austin says:

    I thought Miss Universe had announced a date. The 7th Dec and it was only a venue yet to be confirmed.

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