Miss World 2005 gets married in Iceland

Unnur Birna, the third woman from Iceland to be crowned Miss World, back in 2005, recently got married in the beautiful countryside of Iceland.


We wish Unnur and her husband Pétur, much happiness!!

Special thanks to Heidar Jonsson

5 thoughts on “Miss World 2005 gets married in Iceland

  1. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations to them both and here’s wishing them every happiness in their future life together.

  3. Best wishes. A radiant MW.

  4. Well I would hope so if that is their kids…lol Congratulations. I bet he had to beg her to marry him. Their kids are cute. The little dude looks like he just don’t care…lol

  5. john from england says:

    Wish you & your husband all the best. You were a worthy winner from a beautiful country. Much happiness

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