Miss World Colombia 2014

21 year old Jessica Garcia Caicedo, a 21-year old student from Manizales (Caldas), was crowned Miss World Colombia 2014 during the annual event held at the Patria Theater in Bogota.  She will travel to London, England, to compete for the Miss World 2014 title on December 14th.

The runner-ups were Manuela Sanchez and Juliana Mora.

7 thoughts on “Miss World Colombia 2014

  1. Charles Cohen says:

    Muy bien COLOMBIA!

    By far the best Colombian representative to Miss WORLD in the new millenium.

    Jessica is in my TOP-5 list together with AUSTRALIA and SOUTH AFRICA.

  2. The winner is pretty but I have never been able to understand why Colombia tends to select the more beautiful girl as runner up. I saw a clip on youtube and the girl on the right was the best by far.

  3. Beautiful winner!

  4. Nobody of three are gorgeous! Faces are NOT pretty etither…sorry! NO MISS WORLD neither this year for Colombia…

  5. A very beautiful winner from Colombia. Brings out the real original ethnicity of a Colombian woman by her skin tone, body figure, confidence and posture. She is perfect choice for MW. Colombia has this year chosen the best candidates for both top pageants MU & MW. Good luck to Colombia in winning and placing well at both.

  6. And the reason why the gorgeous girl to the left did not win is?

    • suzy austin says:

      I don’t think the one on left is as pretty as the one on the right.

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