Miss World Puerto Rico 2014

Genesis Davila (23), representing Arroyo, was crowned Miss World Puerto Rico 2014 during the annual competition held on August 13th. Davila will represent the Caribbean island during the Miss World 2014 finals to be held in London, England, December 14th.

The 1st runner-up was Miss Toa Baja (Francesca Toro), and the 2nd runner-up was Miss Dorado (Rebecca Valentin). They will represent Puerto Rico in pagenats such as Miss Earth and Miss Grand International.


9 thoughts on “Miss World Puerto Rico 2014

  1. I am predicting this year pageant winners will all black because 99% respective country winners were black and they are all from Africa and the Carrebian. Even Donald Trump has no choice, Even the male pageants were all black too. Advanced Contatulations,

  2. Genesy your a true black beauty the tipical puerto rican just are ignorant and stupid you going to do well God blessed you my Queen

  3. I think all three are beautiful.

  4. The winner is so cranky and ugly but the runner ups are hot and I hope they do well at ME and MGI. The MW PR should lose bcoz she doesn’t deserve to win

    • Oh! Lord that was only one picture when she was crying. Dont you look ugly when you cry? You should look in your mirror and cry. This girl has a gorgeous body, beauty and was able to win to The other two runner up because her inteligence. Watch out you see her being crown next Miss World 2014. Look at yourself before you make comments like this.

    • suzy austin says:

      What an awful thing to say. You might not like the winner, but you don’t need to be so nasty, just say she is not to your taste and you prefer the runner ups, that is much kinder. I happen to disagree with you I think the winner is lovely.

  5. the 2nd RU Miss Dorado is such an ANGELIC face!

  6. These pictures do not do justice to this girl, she is stunning.

  7. FINALLY! 1st runner-up to monic in 2012 (@ universe PR ’13), then 1st runner-up 3 months later to venezuela (@ intercontinental ’12). high hopes for genesis @ worlds in december… VERY high hopes.

    poor toa baja was 1st runner-up for the second year in a row. at least this year she’s being sent to an international pageant (earth, now that world PR has that franchise).

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