Miss World Venezuela 2014

Debora Sacha, Miss Amazonas, was crowned Miss World Venezuela 2014 and will represent her country in Miss World 2014, on December 14th, in London, England.


Adriana Marval finished in 2nd place, while Erika Pinto was 3rd.


28 thoughts on “Miss World Venezuela 2014

  1. judging from looks alone, I personally feel that either one of the runners-up would’ve made a better Miss World Venezuela 2014…regardless, I wish her all the best in Miss World 2014 :)

  2. I agree with all who say that the runner ups look more beautiful and natural and much confidant. The winner is the worst choice from Venezuela looks more like a plastic surgery.

  3. erika pinto looks like kim wayans with michael jackson’s second nose. she is now competing in miss venezuela 2014.

  4. The black girl is stunning.

  5. Plastic, pure Plastic, the same face than MISS UNIVERSE. Please Osmel tell your Plastic surgeon to do another type of face!!!!!!. She looks 40 years old!!!

  6. she looks like the 2013 Miss Universe winner.

  7. She should give Gabriella Isler her face back.

  8. Miss or Mrs.?

  9. se sabia quien iba a ganar de antemano, debio haber ganado quien fue segunda finalista pues ella contesto muy bien su pregunta; al fin y al cabo siempre gana la que Osmuel elige, mal no le va con sus elecciones y las demas chicas solo aceptan estos resultados pues pueden ser electas para otros concursos o ser un trampolin a la fama.

  10. Adriana Marval should win. She’s much better than the winner.

  11. She looks like transgender!
    The 1st RU looks much much better than the winner!

  12. 1st Runner Up is prettier..

  13. Her last name is Menicucci. And she was not Miss Amazonas in that pageant but contestant number twelve.

  14. The winner is very attractive as is the first runner up. However Erika Pinto is gorgeous. This was a huge missed opportunity. The first two are lovely ladies but Miss Pinto is a standout candidate. She is very regal looking and could have been a front runner at Miss World

  15. she looks quiet old and stiff…not a good contender for MW 2014

  16. Dani France says:

    Beautiful Lady.
    She must be in the Top 5.

  17. pretty miss vénézuéla!

  18. Wow! A beautiful runner-up! Candidate number three looks amazingly regal!

  19. She looks fake. And old. The 2 runner up had been a better winner

  20. LEO ANDREATOS says:

    Is Debora Menicucci, not Sacha. Her full name is Debora Sacha Menicucci Anzola.

  21. Debora Menicucci Miss World Venezuela 2014.
    Deborah Sasha, Cantante venezolana.

  22. Debora Menicucci

  23. OMG another piece of plastic. Even the black woman looks plastic. The contestant in green looks unenhanced. And she is wearing that green really well.

  24. Ist runner up is more beautiful……….

  25. Felicidades. Fue una noche Serena en cual salió como tercera
    finalista una como Williams – y mi favorita salió pues primera
    finalista y la alternativa salió 2a finalista – y aunque que a mí
    me gusta mucho Miss Venezuela Mundo 2014; sí dió la mejor
    respuesta final – detayadamente contestó la pregunta, mejor que las dos finalistas quienes tambien daron bien respuesta –
    en una noche que es muy diferente al Miss Venezuela; desfile
    en vestidos de noche iguales es una buena idea de Osmél en

  26. Clapper!

  27. be more diverse. they all “look a like”. We all know that country is made up of darker complexion women, who are also beautiful.

  28. sacha is the winner’s middle name; her name is debora menicucci. she competed at miss venezuela universe last year but did not make the top 10.

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