GB Awards 2015

Miss Grand Slam 2015 is Stefania Stegman: it’s time for Paraguay!

Trust us, it was one of the most difficult decisions since the creation of the Global Beauties’ awards, back in a distant 1998, but the best among the very best in 2015 hails from Paraguay: Stephania Stegman, Miss Paraguay Supranational, and the eventual winner of Miss Supranational 2015, IS MISS GRAND SLAM 2015!

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Stephania’s road to the crown was spotless: her unmatchable beauty, lovely personality and the ability to float on stage, made her the rightful winner. When compared to Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio, she laughs and says: “What an honor, but she’s more beautiful!”. We have our doubts…

Stephania makes history again for her country Paraguay and now for Miss Supranation, being the first woman to come out of this pageant to win Miss Grand Slam (Miss Universe has nine winners, Miss World has 7, Miss International 1, and now Miss Supranational 1 as well).

Competition was tough: the difference between Stephania and Valerie of Lebanon was of only 2 points, and between the winner and Venezuela’s Edymar, 3 points. What a great year!!

Rogüerohory y felicitaciones Stephania and Paraguay! Congratulations, Miss Supranational!! 

Images of  Miss Grand Slam Stephania winning Miss Supranational 2015 (GB photos / Leonardo Rodrigues)



WINNER: Stephania Stegman, Paraguay Supranational

2nd place: Valerie Abou Chacra, Lebanon World
3rd place: Edymar Martinez, Venezuela International
4th place: Siera Bearchell, Canada Supranational 
5th place: Ariadna Gutierrez, Colombia Universe

Miss GRAND SLAM Africa – Rwanda Supranational – Sonia Gisa
Miss GRAND SLAM Americas – Paraguay Supranational Stephania Stegman
Miss GRAND SLAM Asia – Lebanon World – Valerie Abou Chacra
Miss GRAND SLAM Europe – Spain World – Mireia Lalaguna
Miss GRAND SLAM Oceania – Claire Elizabeth Parker

Miss GRAND SLAM Popularity


Venezuela International – Edymar Martinez
(most “likes” on Facebook and GB’s instagram account combined, on the last round of competition. She had 15649 likes – 5500 + 10140 – in 2 days, against 13071  – 2900 + 10171 – by Colombia Universe, who placed 2nd here. Paraguay was the 3rd most popular with a total of 3938 – 2600 + 1338)

Top 10

6th – Rattikorn Kunsom, Thailand Grand
7th – Mireia Lalaguna, Spain World
8th – Claire Elizabeth Parker, Australia Grand
9th – Flora Coquerel, France Universe
10th – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Philippines Universe

Top 20

11th – USA Universe – Olivia Jordan
12th – Russia World – Sofia Nikitchuk
13th – India Grand – Vartika Singh
14th – Australia Universe – Monika Radulovic
15th – Dominican Republic Grand – Anea Garcia
16th – Brazil Grand – Paula Gomes
17th – Colombia Supranational – Mónica Castaño
18th – Philippines Grand – Parul Shah
19th – Dominican Republic Universe – Clarissa Molina
20th – Panama Supranational – Angie Keith

Top 50


21. France World – Hinarere Taputu
22. Iceland Supranational – Tanja Ýr Ástþórsdóttir
23. Belgium Supranational – Rachel Nimegeers
24. Brazil World – Catharina Choi Nunes
25. Honduras International – Jeniffer Valle
26. Malaysia Supranational – Tanisha Demour
27. India Supranational – Aafreen Vaz
28. Sri Lanka Grand – Ornella Mariam Gunesekere
29. Mexico Supranational – Karina Martín
30. Japan Grand – Ayaka Tanaka
31. Brazil Universe – Marthina Brandt
32. Jamaica World – Sanneta Myrie
33. Mexico International – Lorena Sevilla
34. Venezuela Universe – Mariana Jimenez
35. Vietnam World – Trần Ngọc Lan Khue
36. Philippines World – Hillarie Parungao
37. Poland Grand – Katarzyna Krzeszowska
38. Rwanda Supranational – Sonia Gisa
39. Poland World – Marta Kaja Palucka
40. Thailand Universe – Aniporn Chalermburanawong
41. Australia World – Tess Alexander
42. Netherlands Grand – Shauny Bult
43. Australia Supranational – Christiana Fischer
44. Brazil International – Isis Stocco
45. Slovakia Supranational – Petra Denkova
46. Kenya International – Eunice Onyango
47. Indonesia World – Maria Harfanti
48. Japan Universe – Ariana Miyamoto
49. Spain Grand – Andrea De Cozar Martín
50. Philippines Supranational – Rogelie Catacutan

All Miss Grand Slam winners:


2015 – Stephania Stegman, Paraguay Supranational
2014 – Rolene Strauss, South Africa World
2013 – Megan Young, Philippines World
2012 – Atong DeMach, South Sudan World
2011 – Ivian Sarcos, Venezuela World

2010 – Angela Martini, Albania Universe
2009 – Perla Beltran, Mexico World
2008 – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela Universe
2007 – Honey Lee, Korea Universe
2006 – Sabrina Houssami, Australia World
2005 – Natalie Glebova, Canada Universe
2004 – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Universe
2003 – Rosanna Davison, Ireland World
2002 – Christina Sawaya, Lebanon International
2001 – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico Universe
2000 – Lara Dutta, India Universe
1999 – Diana Nogueira, Spain Universe
1998 – Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad & Tobago Universe Awards 2015Miss Supranational 2015NewsAriadna Gutierrez,beauty,Edymar Martinez,Miss,Miss Grand International,Miss Grand Slam,Miss International,Miss Supranational,Miss Universe,Miss World,pageant,Siera Bearchell,Stephania Stegman,Valerie Abou Chacra
Trust us, it was one of the most difficult decisions since the creation of the Global Beauties' awards, back in a distant 1998, but the best among the very best in 2015 hails from Paraguay: Stephania Stegman, Miss Paraguay Supranational, and the eventual winner of Miss Supranational 2015, IS...



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28 Comments Already

  1. Really? Is this the best woman of all the pageants? Yikes! Let s be real. She would have made top ten in Miss universe.

  2. I ADORE HER! She is perfect. I thing she is the best at the same level of Ariadna Gutierrez but the face of Stefania is AWESOME and the package of Ariadna is AMAZING. I thing the last year Paulina Vega has better BODY and the same beauty face than Rolenne and for me Paulina deserves the last year to be Miss Grand Slam because Paulina chance the way of to be a MISS she change everything in all the beauty pageants with her personality and Authenticity. Rolenne is like a QUEEN type byt Paulina is a Princess type… And this year Stefania deserves the tittle BUT I miss Others amazing girls in the top five with Stefania and Ariadna like Miss France World, Miss France Universe, Mis Russia World, Miss Pilippines World… Are more completes than Miss Lebanom World (with a GREAT face)

  3. Politics overload. GB highly favored Miss Grand International delegates from Thailand and Australia. If these girls competed in Miss Universe or Miss World, I doubt if they reach the semi finals. There’s nothing special about Miss Paraguay as well; she’s too skinny and I have seen her performance in Miss Supranational… just so so so.

    Close ties with Miss Supra and Miss Grand??

    Sorry GB, this is just my opinion.

  4. GB, If you’re grand slam winner miss Paraguay will compete in miss universe I doubt if she will reach the top 15 hahahaha!

  5. I would have chosen Edymar but it seems that right from the beginning Paraguay was going to win, so nothing to do here. GB keeps saying that it was a hard decision but it doesnt look like it. Congrats Paraguay and good luck to the sentimental winner from Venezuela.

  6. Is it seriously?
    This must have been of Edymar.
    that is absent so big of credibility has this prize.
    Obviously Stephania was the favorite of Global Beauties, due to the competition little recognized that won. But it is not deserved.

  7. WOW, I wrote that Edymar should have won, and GB didn’t publish my comment??? Enough said. By the way, the fact that she is Miss GS Popularity speaks volumes and gives the “judges” well, you know…

  8. it says Stephanie Stegman – Paraguay Universe

  9. Great choice! Totally agree! Congratulations Paraguay!

  10. I wanted Edymar to win but Stefania won. Anyway she also looks good just like Alessandra Victoria secret model. Edymar is original. It was sad that Pia was not in top 5. She was also a natural true Asian beauty.

  11. i dont agree with this result edymar was the best among peagents in 2015 and perhaps the most beautiful miss international i have ever seen she have been doing an amazing reign and its very popular among peagent fans if that is not a grand slam beauty i dont know what is

  12. i think venezuela didnt won because the country have already two winners but i still believe edymar should have won

  13. i dont think she deserved the title i think venezuela international is way better she put the miss international winner on the spot again, if you think a winner that represent beauty in 2015 you think on edymar

  14. I personally would have picked Edymar, but this seems more like a political correct decision, than one based on beauty (as it is meant). Yes, she is beautiful, but your own headline explains how you made your choice of her (it’s time for Paraguay) ???? Also, the first time your choice came from a pageant that had not been picked before, as guess you are just trying to be fair and keep everyone happy. As least for me, you lost some credibility with this decision, as I said…your own headline, gives it away.

    • No politics, simply a very difficult choice. Any of the 5 could have been selected.

    • I couldn’t have said it better rolan ceci. Hats off!!!

    • I had the exact same interpretation of the result. Of course, this is just a personal perception and I have no basis to blame GB. We all have different tastes, but it does feel that the key elements were a win for a non-powerhouse + a win for an upcoming pageant.
      I had This lady in my top 3 so I agree that she’s gorgeous, though.
      As for Edymar, the people’s queen, in an ideal world she would go on to participate in Miss World Vzla 2017… She was wasted in Miss Intl and she would be an awesome representative for Miss World 🙂

    • You went straight to the point. I totally agree with you , Rolan.
      A politically correct choice ( Again “It’s time for Paraguay).

  15. Though i want Edymar to win it.. Im happy that Sthephania won it..

  16. Perhaps she is chosen by GB judges because there is something special about her. Since I didn’t get a change to watch her win, I can’t say that I agree with this choice by GB. Based on the above pictures alone, this is one weakest winner based on the above pictures. Among the top 5, I would choose Lebanon or Colombia.

    Regardless, they are all winners.

    GB, do winners of the GB grand slam get recognized? Will she get a sash or a price of some sort? And how the Continental Winners? Thanks.

  17. Felicitaciones Paraguay!!!!

    Stephania deserves this… She is the only one I love in the Top 5.

    Miss Supranational always chose the rightful winner since 2013. They made best result in all Grandslam Pageants.

  18. Pretty girl but i think Venezuela International was more deserving of the top spot.

  19. congrats Stefania
    okay with the results she even better without red lips
    hr lips, hr eyes, hr smile, hr teeth, hr face all of Valerie Abou Chacra
    she is goddess of human beauty


  21. Still amazed that Agbani Darego – Nigeria World didn’t get it in 2001

  22. Stefania is really beautiful and deserving winner but I don’t agree with her win of Miss grand slam, she wasn’t a big favorite for MS crown, she’s is surprise winner. Edymar or even Valerie definitely deserved this more than her, they were always one of top favorites and performed well through out their competitions.Both of them have very memorablefaces.Meanwhile i think Kenya International is best from Africa this year,her achievement is really wonderful.She’s actually placed 46th which was too low for a stunner like her. Pia’s rank is also low,she deserved a top 5 rank for sure.

  23. A very attractive lady, many congratulations.

  24. yeah right!…but i dont think she deserves it!