The 66th Miss World will be chosen this Sunday in a redefined event that is expected to mark a new era in the pageant’s production.  The 117 participating delegates have been in Washington D.C. for three weeks taking part in preliminary events including photoshoots, videos, endless rehearsals and fast-track competitions.

The beauties were welcomed this year by the official hotels Hyatt Regency Washington D.C. and Gaylord National Harbor Resort.  The televised gala will take place at the brand new MGM National Harbor Theatre with the latest in state-of-the-art technology and capacity for 3,000 seated spectators.


Miss World has changed its format for this year, replacing the traditional leaderboard with a different system of election.  The “Dances of the World” segment has disappeared, and the basic elements of a beauty pageant continue to be present.  This year, 20 semi-finalists will be chosen (15 by preliminary judging and 5 as the winners of the Fast-track competitions).  Immediately after they will be reduced to 10 (9 by the judges + the winner of the Popular vote, regardless of whether she is in the Top 20 or not).

Then the top 5 finalists will be chosen and from them the new Miss World will be picked.

We have been ensured that a redefined, dynamic and exciting show will take place tomorrow.


Based on their overall performance during the pageant, GB has been able to come with the list of favorites who are most favored to take the top spots during Sunday’s final gala:


Queen of Americas: United States

Miss United States, Audra Mari, is a favorite by fans and followers of the pageants mainly because of her participation in the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA systems (finishing 1st runner-up in both).  She has a charming personality, a beautiful face and sweet character that must have done well with the judges. She is also the hometown girl!

Other possibilities:

Brazil, Beatrice Fountura: Well prepared, fluent in English and a professional model, Miss Brazil has placed high with the oddmakers due to her presence and beauty.  Brazil has placed in the finals 8 times during the past 10 years, but has still yet to win the crown.  Will this finally be their moment?

Chile, Antonia Figueroa:  A well rounded delegate who took the talent competition by storm with her violin skills, and a Beauty with a Purpose project that impacted the delegates (although it was not chosen for the Top 5).  Miss Chile is one to watch for during Sunday’s gala.

Panama, Alessandra Bueno: She has been praised by her style and elegance, speaks four languages and considers herself a geek, with two college degrees under her belt and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom among her immediate plans; her Beauty with a Purpose project was different and significant, but sadly it also did not make the Top 5 finalists.

Mexico, Ana Girault:  She started the pageant in excellent form, becoming one of the Top 3 bets for the crown.  The social media scandal in which her phone was hacked and naked photos of her were published online might have cast a shadow over her participation.  Miss World is clear about their rules, regardless of the circumstances that caused them.  We will see how she fares on Sunday.

Venezuela, Diana Croce: She has, what some people called in the pageant world, “the Miss World look”.  She has been styled similar to some former Miss World titleholders from Venezuela, namely Ninibeth Leal (1991) and Jacqueline Aguilera (1995).  She posseses undeniable elegance and beauty, but we still have to see how she fared with the judges in this new Miss World format.


Queen of Caribbean: Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s Yaritza Reyes has done extremely well in this year’s competition having gone as far as placing in the finalists of the Top Model competition.  She is sweet, charming, talented and very intelligent.  One of the big fan favorites also because of her participation in Miss Universe 2013, where she entered the Top 10.  She is one who could take it all tomorrow.

Other possibilities:

Puerto Rico, Stephanie Roman:  Her talent, elegance and preparation has taken her far, and she is on the list of contestants to watch out for.  Lots of people came to Washington to support her, including her delegation, family, friends and fans.

Haiti, Suzana Sampeur:  Her confidence and elegance has put her in the eye of pageant experts who think she might be one of the semi-finalists. Watch out for her.


Queen of Africa: Kenya

Kenya’s Evelyn Njambi didn’t have it easy.  She was not the winner of her national pageant, but took over the duties after the titleholder was dethroned due to questionable behavior.  Njambi took the challenge and did it extremely well: She placed in the Top 5 finalists of Top Model, and Top 5 finalists of Beauty with a Purpose! For sure she will be among the finalists.

Other possibilities:

Ghana, Antoinette Delali who has made an impact with followers with her presence

South Africa, Ntandoyenkosi Kunene, a country that always sends well prepared and outspoken contestants


Queen of Africa: Australia

Australia’s Madeline Cowe is no exception of what you would expect from a Miss World Australian delegate: Outspoken, charming, elegant, hardworking and beautiful.

Other possibilities:

Cook Islands, Natalia Short, who was the winner of the Miss World Sports competition. It is the first time that Cook Islands places in the semi-finals of any Grand Slam pageant in History!



Queen of Asia: Philippines or Mongolia: GB is still not sure on this one

Mongolia’s Altangerel Bayartsetseg is one of the most complete delegates that have set foot on the Miss World stage.  Dynamic, well prepared, intelligent and a favorite among her fellow contestants.  “Brilliant” is the word that some of them used to describe this asian beauty.  Mongolia has yet to win its first Miss World crown and tomorrow might be a lucky day for her.

Philippines’ Catriona Gray has been, since her national crowning, topping the lists of most beauty pageant experts. She comes from the Philippines, a nation that in recent years have given us amazingly prepared contestants; she is a  blogger, model, singer, and the list continues!  Beautiful, tall, regal and charming.  Most followers of Miss World would not be surprised to see her win; in fact, most people are expecting her to win, and it would be a surprise to see the contrary.  But the judges still have to make that decision.

Other possibilities:

China’s Jing Kong was the winner of the Top Model fast-track, catapulting her directly in the Top 20; but she is also a very sweet and smart delegate who is very liked by her fellow delegates.

India, Priyadarshini Chatterjee:  Her aura, Beauty with a Purpose project and all around preparation makes her a delegate to watch.  She has been performing very well.

Indonesia, Natasha Manuella: Indonesian beauty queens have fared very well in 2016, and Natasha will be no exception by having placed in the Top 5 of Top Model and top 5 of Beauty with a Purpose.  Expect to see her at least in the Top 10.


Queen of Europe: Ukraine

Ukraine’s Aleksandra Kucherenko has been a consistent favorite in all rounds of the pageant with her “Miss World looks” and undeniable beauty.  We can at least hope that the judges are seeing what we see.

Other Possibilities:

Slovakia, who has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition, France, Hungary, Russia are possibilities as well.

We wish all 117 candidates and the MWO the best of luck!!

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The 66th Miss World will be chosen this Sunday in a redefined event that is expected to mark a new era in the pageant’s production.  The 117 participating delegates have been in Washington D.C. for three weeks taking part in preliminary events including photoshoots, videos, endless rehearsals and fast-track...