Grand Slam Rankings

The Grand Slam of Beauty Pageants, created by Global Beauties in 1999, comprehends five of the world’s major beauty pageants.  They are divided into two categories:


These are the two most traditional beauty contests on the planet. Over 98% of high quality national pageants send their winners to compete in one or the other, or even to both. They are also by far the most watched beauty competitions in the globe and the most publicized. Miss World and Miss Universe are the two Grand Slam winners who are often seen in a variety of activities throughout their year of reign. They also offer the best cash prizes and career opportunities to their winners.

-Miss World: Founded in 1951 by Eric Morley in the United Kingdom. It is the largest international beauty pageant in the world, with around 120 contestants competing for the title every year and watched live in over 150 countries and territories. Presently it is headed by Julia Morley. The final will take place in London, UK, December 14th.

-Miss Universe: Founded in 1952 by Catalina Swimwear in Long Beach, California.  The pageant is a shared partnership between Donald Trump and NBC/Universal. It is watched live in over 150 countries and territories around the globe. 2014-2015 edition will take place in Doral, Miami in January.


Three high quality pageant productions, some very traditional, like Miss International, which was founded in 1960, others recently born, like Miss Supranational, with a considerable amount of participating countries and territories mostly chosen from the runner-ups of Miss World / Universe national pageants, or even in less expressive national pageants.

They are unquestionably above hundreds of other international beauty competitions, but not at the same level of the G2 (World and Universe).

-Miss Supranational: Property of the World Beauty Association (WBA) S.A., and produced by Nowa Scena, it has been since 2009 with extravagant television productions. This year the final will take place in Poland, on December 5th.

-Miss Grand International: Born in 2013, Thailand-based Miss Grand International kicked off to a good start by offering their winner a whooping cash prize of USD 40,000 plus an apartment in Bangkok.  It is televised with a grand production.

-Miss International: Born in Long Beach, California,  in 1960. Since 1968, it is property of Japan’s International Cultural Association (Kokusai Bunka Kyokai). It’s central office is located in Tokyo where it will welcome the 2014 final on November 11th.

20 thoughts on “Grand Slam Rankings

  1. Guam Obsever says:


    Czech Republic





    Puerto Rico
    Trinidad & Tobago

    South Africa


  2. erica says:

    WoW – first ever country to achieve all the major crowns in the field of pageantry. PHILIPPiNES is the country to beat. With it’s cultural diversity, kind and loving people, it only shows how beauty can radiate from within! Congratulations PHILIPPINES!!! <3

  3. biscuits says:

    The Philippines is now back on track (once a powerhouse, decades ago), joining Venezuela as the powerhouse in Beauty pageants…

  4. Philippines has 4 crowns now. The most recent crown was miss tourism international. kudos!

  5. aj says:

    infairnes to gb they already mention it,if my memory would serve me was when they published mutya datul as winner of miss supranational 2013, that come sept if megan young will win ms world2013 because she is a strong contender, philippines will be the only nation who have won all the grandslam title.

  6. toni says:

    i think these are the over all top 10 beauty powerhouses….

    1. USA
    2. Venezuela
    3. Brazil
    4. UK/England
    5. Colombia
    6. Philippines
    7. Australia
    8. India
    9. Finland
    10. Sweden

    Philippines is up from 9 to last year to 6 at the end of this year and Japan is out in the top 10…

    i hope GB will published theirs too…

  7. james yap says:

    well.. the Philippines just won Miss International 2013… three titles in a row…..what say you?

  8. celi penis says:

    well, i dont think philippines is a leading country in beauty pageant around the globe there still hoping to win miss tourism international 2013 in malaysia before we declare. If not im sure philippines has no yet a powerhouse of beauty, a shame!

    • Ed says:

      Philippines actually WON Miss Tourism International in Malaysia on December 31st / Jan 1st, it was the 1st victory of the year for them

    • Trevor says:

      What are you talking about? Philippines ranked No.1 in Miss Tourism International Malaysia version with 2 winners. No.2 is India, No.3 is Poland. But, that’s only a minor pageant. It’s owned by a Malaysian that’s why Misses Malaysia always placed but it’s the opposite thing happened in other international pageant. Now, that is a shame.

      • facepalm says:

        Well, guess what Celi Penis. The Philippines just won. Seems that a douche bag like you can sit on the high chair of shame facing with a dunce cap. I wished I never have done this, but you deserve some lecturing you worthless piece of junk. Go suck your thumb now…I’m done with ya…

    • khaled al harbi says:

      Check first before u comment celi penis. .the philippines won every single major beauty pageants even this miss tourism ibternational. .shame on you

    • binni says:

      Philippines is the strongest contender in Asia.. From Venezuela

    • binni says:

      To the other Asian country pls don’t show that you are insecure. Philippines beauty the only Asian have a unique exotic amazing intelegent. From Venezuela

    • Kumar says:

      Apart from being ranked No.1 in Miss Tourism International Malaysian version. Philippines just won their 3rd crown a back-to-back win.

    • mekmek says:

      Philippines won the ms tourism international 2013 title.. now who’s shame?? hehehe

  9. eee says:

    where is the list of country of the year winners per year?

  10. Jon James schneider says:

    ohh so the philippines have w0n all the title in worlds pageant ? so they are truely grandslam. C0ngrats to them. . They are really beautiful

  11. Aida Huertas says:

    I really like the contestants from miss Colombia 2013-miss Ecuador, miss USA, Miss phillipins, and miss Russia. These 5 young ladies are best candidates who has their fans.

    These are the best of top 5 who should be judged y their natural beauty by the universe 2013 in Russia. They not only have beauty but have class, and intelligence to take the miss universe 2013 crown.

    I hope judges look at that or pick ladies who are born on their homelands, not in other countries like ex Miss Canada, she is Latina. I wish all the contestants the best.

  12. Roxy says:

    So the Philippines now has won all 6 grandslam pageants (including ME). The Philippines is the FIRST COUNTRY to even complete the Grand Slam 5 or 6.

    When are you gonna publish this GB?

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