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 The Philippines is the “Country of the Year 2013″!


What a year for the Philippines! We can say that it “massacrated” the competition in 2013, with superb performances by its five Grand Slam candidates and nearly a perfect record: a record-breaking three victories (World, Supranational, International), one finalist (4th place in Miss Universe) and 1 semi-finalist (top 10 in Miss Tourism Queen). Philippines is the undisputed COUNTRY OF THE YEAR 2013, with nearly the double of points obtained by the country which placed second, Spain.

In 2013, the Philippines reigned supreme.

In 2013, the Philippines reigned supreme.

Spain, nevertheless, deserves our respect for a very strong showing under new national directors and organizations. Brazil stood on the podium for the second consecutive year, again in a solid third place.

Venezuela, with a Miss Universe victory, but no placement in Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Tourism Queen, still manage to wrap 2013 up in a decent 4th place. France followed in the 5th position.

Indonesia truly stepped up as a pageant power in 2013: it had its first ever Grand Slam finalist (4th place in Miss Supranational), and placed with semi-finalists in both Miss World and Miss Universe. 6th place overall, something to be proud of.

The USA, “Country of the Year 2012″, had to settle for a modest 8th place in 2013. Ecuador, on the other hand, keeps on growing: it reached a Top 10 position for the 2nd time in history, this time in 9th place. Another great surprise in 2013 was Gibraltar, 13th overall with a Miss World finalist and a Miss International semi-finalist.

The regional winners are:

PHILIPPINES – Country of the Year in ASIA for the 2nd consecutive year;
SPAIN – Country of the Year in EUROPE
BRAZIL – Country of the Year in AMERICA
GHANA – Country of the Year in AFRICA
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Country of the Year in the CARIBBEAN for the 2nd consecutive year;
AUSTRALIA – Country of the Year in OCEANIA, keeping a long streak going

Congratulations to the stunning beauties of the Philippines!! You tryly rocked in 2013!!

See the complete 2013 Ranking:

1 Philippines 698,33
2 Spain 365,09
3 Brazil 337,64
4 Venezuela 296,86
5 France 245,45
6 Indonesia 217,25
7 UK / England 192,46
8 USA 191,83
9 Ecuador 190,81
10 India 188,76
11 Ukraine 186,48
12 Latvia 169,56
13 Gibraltar 167,19
14 Ghana 153,28
15 Netherlands 150,18
16 Dominican Republic 144,22
17 Australia 143,44
18 Puerto Rico 143,00
19 China 136,12
20 Canada 99,66
21 Mexico 96,48
22 Jamaica 94,66
22 Nepal 94,66
24 South Africa 92,83
25 Russia 84,40
26 Thailand 78,98
27 Turkey 73,71
28 New Zealand 73,62
29 Costa Rica 65,20
30 US Virgin Islands 60,70
31 Colombia 60,29
31 Hungary 60,29
33 Nicaragua 59,68
34 Korea 59,45
35 Portugal 58,41
36 Aruba 56,29
37 Slovakia 56,26
38 Belgium 55,22
38 Italy 55,22
40 Switzerland 54,40
41 Poland 47,71
42 Belarus 47,70
43 Hong Kong 44,85
43 Kyrgyzstan 44,85
45 Iceland 44,29
46 Lithuania 44,28
46 Luxembourg 42,28
48 Myanmar 36,81
49 Gabon 33,60
50 Macau 2,15
51 Malaysia 1,08
51 Moldova 1,08
51 Sweden 1,08
54 Armenia 1,04
54 Finland 1,04
54 Japan 1,04
54 Namibia 1,04
54 Romania 1,04
54 Singapore 1,04
54 Taiwan 1,04
61 ALL OTHERS 0,00

* * * *

The United States is the Country of the Year 2012

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo put the U.S. on top in 2012

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo put the U.S. on top in 2012

When Misses USA and Philippines were holding hands waiting for the Miss Universe 2012 winner’s announcement, they did not know that that was the decisive moment also for the Country of the Year 2012 award. In a fierce dispute, the Miss Universe victory gave the US and extra edge to crown it as the most successful nation in Grand Slam pageants in the year which recently ended. Although the Philippines was the only country to have placed in all 4 held Grand Slam contests in 2012, the US had a G2 victory, which made the difference in the end.


The United States is the Country of the Year 2012

The Top 3 of the year was completed by Brazil in 3rd place, with a very strong showing as well.

After 5 consecutive years on the Top, Venezuela finished 2012 in a very a disappointing 9th place.

The United States was also named Country of the Year in the Americas. Other continental winners were: Philippines (Asia‘s Country of Year), Australia (Oceania‘s Country of the Year), Wales (Europe‘s Country of the Year), Dominican Republic (Caribbean‘s Country of the Year), and South Sudan (Africa‘s Country of the Year).

2012’s Top 20 Ranking – Country of the Year

RANK Country / Territory Int’l Supra Universe World TOTAL 
1 USA 43,295 0,000 261,360 90,480 395,135
2 Philippines 43,295 60,021 193,842 92,800 389,958
3 Brazil 43,295 0,000 121,968 129,920 295,183
4 Australia 0,000 0,000 124,146 157,760 281,906
5 China 0,000 0,000 2,178 278,400 280,578
6 Mexico 43,295 0,000 89,298 99,760 232,353
7 India 43,295 0,000 54,450 125,280 223,025
8 Wales 0,000 0,000 0,000 206,480 206,480
9 Venezuela 43,295 0,000 148,104 0,000 191,399
10 UK / England 43,295 33,696 0,000 97,440 174,431
11 Dominican Republic 60,933 42,120 0,000 41,760 144,813
12 France 0,000 40,014 95,832 0,000 135,846
13 South Sudan 0,000 0,000 0,000 132,240 132,240
14 Japan 129,349 0,000 0,000 0,000 129,349
15 Spain 0,000 32,643 0,000 95,120 127,763
16 Jamaica 0,000 0,000 0,000 127,600 127,600
17 South Africa 0,000 35,802 91,476 0,000 127,278
18 Belarus 0,000 126,360 0,000 0,000 126,360
19 Russia 1,069 0,000 98,010 0,000 99,079
20 Poland 0,000 37,908 60,984 0,000 98,892
South Sudan: the world's youngest nation topped the African continent in 2012 after a 4th place in MW

South Sudan: the world’s youngest nation topped the African continent in 2012 after a much celebrated 4th place in MW

In the Male category, Philippines is the Country of the Year 2012

June Macasaet, Manhunt Int'l 2012. No one came close to the Philippines in the Men's Country of the Year dispute!

June Macasaet, Manhunt Int’l 2012. No one came close to the Philippines in the Men’s Country of the Year dispute!

With the winner of Manhunt International and a 2nd place in Mister World 2012, the Philippines is the undisputed Country of the Year 2012 in the Men’s Grand Slam. Colombia, with Mr World’s winner and a Manhunt semi-finalist, and Lebanon, with the Mr International winner and a semi-finalist position in Mr World, came in 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. The Top 20 countries of 2012 were:


1 Philippines 127,413 93,272 0,000 220,685
2 Colombia 47,385 125,760 0,000 173,145
3 Lebanon 0,000 45,064 125,598 170,662
4 Singapore 60,021 0,000 92,382 152,403
5 Sweden 93,717 0,000 0,000 93,717
6 Thailand 47,385 0,000 28,026 75,411
7 Macau 72,657 0,000 0,000 72,657
8 Venezuela 44,226 0,000 28,026 72,252
9 Ireland 0,000 71,264 0,000 71,264
10 Slovenia 0,000 0,000 70,584 70,584
11 Puerto Rico 61,074 0,000 0,000 61,074
12 Belgium 0,000 59,212 0,000 59,212
13 Canada 0,000 59,212 0,000 59,212
14 Brazil 0,000 0,000 59,166 59,166
15 Slovakia 0,000 0,000 58,128 58,128
16 France 0,000 0,000 46,710 46,710
17 Vietnam 0,000 45,064 1,038 46,102
18 Malaysia 0,000 0,000 45,672 45,672
19 Dominican Republic 45,279 0,000 0,000 45,279
20 Croatia 0,000 45,064 0,000 45,064
20 England 0,000 45,064 0,000 45,064
20 Peru 0,000 45,064 0,000 45,064

Country of the Year 2012 in Asia: PHILIPPINES

Country of the Year 2012 in the Americas: COLOMBIA

Country of the Year 2012 in Europe: SWEDEN

Country of the Year 2012 in the Caribbean: PUERTO RICO

Countries from Africa and Oceania did not place and did not win any special awards in any Grand Slam pageant in 2012.

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48 thoughts on “News and Updates

  1. Ecuador lleno de mujeres con belleza natural y ese carisma propio de los ecuatorianos

  2. PHILIPPINES…..Country of the year…….GOOD JOB ladies……
    Ms. Supranational 2013 —Mutya Datul —-Winner
    Ms. World 2013 —Meagan Young —-Winner
    Ms. International 2013—Bea Rose Santiago —- Winner
    Ms. Universe 2013 —- Ara Arida —– 3rd Runner Up
    Ms. Tourism International – Cindy Miranda —– Top 10

  3. maria lolia says:

    Finally, my country the PHILIPPINES is the undisputed COUNTRY OF THE YEAR 2013. This is a record breaking history in the world of beauty pageant. The Philippines is the only country in the world to have won all grandslam pageant by Global Beauties (Ms. World, Ms. Universe, Ms. International, Ms. Supranational and MTQI)

    Year 2013, PHILIPPINES, Also, set a new record by winning 3 grandslam titles:
    Ms. World – Megan Lynne Young
    Ms. International – Bea Rose Santiago
    Ms. Supranational – Mutya Johanna Datul

    I think no other country has won three titles in the grandslam.


  4. i am so glad that philippines is now officially a country of the year, but the computation is confusing… last year, the scores are in thousands, this year the scores are in hundreds… Philippines as country of the year 2013 got 698.33 points, USA as country of the year 2012 got 395,135 points.. how is that? is the formula of computing changes each year?

    • In other parts of the world, in europe in particular they
      put a comma instead of a decimal point. So, 10.75 to us Filipinos is written as 10,75 in most of Europe.

    • I think they’re using commas instead of periods for the decimals. And for this year, I think they dropped the 3rd decimal.
      Is this assumption correct GB?


  6. as far as ranking is concern, Philippines is the country of the year in Asia for 3rd consecutive year.

  7. Eric Randy R. Politud says:

    Hi, Globalbeauties Management….Happy New Year!!!

    I’ve been following your website since 1998 to keep pace with news and updates about global pageants which you have posted in your site…Thanks for your updated info. We have no so much difficulty now in researching pageant-related matters. All the related data and info have already been there.
    For now, I am eager enough to know the Top 10 Countries in both female and male beauty pageants which garnered the 10 highest points as far as grand slam pageants in 2013 are concerned. Do we have related updates now?
    Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS for reaching-out us on related info. Gdbless…..

  8. abel molina says:

    GB when will you make a headline that the Philippines is the Country of the Year 2014?

    It’s 2014 now.

    • There’s not one international pageant taking place this 2014.. even the Bb Pilipinas 2014 have not started yet.

  9. Dear Globalbeauties, why is it taking a LOOOONG time for you to name Country of the Year? Based on the winners of the major pageants, it’s a no-brainer what country won. :) Also, can you create a Country of the Decade prize? Again, it’s obvious who fared well the most in as many years.

  10. Before the year ends, Philippines grabbed it’s fourth title with a back to back win by Angeli Dione Gomez in the recently concluded MISS TOURISM QUEEN INTERNATIONAL. 2013 is truly Philippines’ year in the world of pageantry. Congratulations Philippines! Congratulations Angeli Dione Gomez! Your kababayans are truly proud of you. Miss Supranational, Miss World, Miss International, and now Miss Tourism Queen International!

    • Hi Chris,

      What Angeli Dion Gomez won was “Miss Tourism International 2013” (without the word “Queen”).

      “Miss Tourism QUEEN International 2013” was held in October in China, and was won by Miss Latvia.

      The Philippines’ candidate in the “Miss Tourism QUEEN International 2013” in October 2013 was Cindy Miranda, Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2013. She placed in the top 10.

      I know that there are so many pageants now that use the word “International” and “Queen” and “Tourism” that it becomes very confusing.

      “Miss Tourism International 2013” – PHILIPPINES – Angeli Dion Gomez
      1st runner-up of “Miss Tourism International 2013” automatically carries the title of
      “Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2013” – THAILAND – Sunidporn Srisuwan
      “Miss Tourism Queen International 2013” – LATVIA – Alisa Miskovska
      “Miss Grand International 2013” – PUERTO RICO – Janelee Chaparro
      “Miss International 2013” – PHILIPPINES – Bea Rose Santiago
      “Miss Intenational Queen 2013” (for transvestites and transgenders) – BRAZIL – Marcela Ohio

      • Thank you Ina for correcting me. Happy new year!

    • By the way,
      “Miss Intenational Queen 2012” (for transvestites and transgenders) was also won by the PHILIPPINES last year – Kevin Balot

      • Sorry, Miss International Queen doesn’t count here.

  11. In the article it stated,

    “The worst scenario for the Filipinos would be France bagging the Miss Universe crown with Miss Philippines not placing at all. Then the decision would come to the conclusion of Miss International, in December.”

    An almost opposite scenario happened. Although the Philippines did not win the Miss Universe 2013 crown, it placed 3rd runner-up in the Miss Universe, and France was not even in the top 16.

    In the Miss International 2013, the Philippines won the crown.

    Definitely, Philippines is the “Country of the Year”.

  12. MOJO of the Philippines says:

    WE are patiently waiting for 2013 results! GOD bless you!

  13. The Ranking is just based on my computation and is not official. GBs computation is the official results.
    When will you update GB? I am still very exited with your final update. God bless and more power GB!
    I really like your site.

  14. So, based on my computation and very obvious,(having won 3 titles). PHILIPPINES is the Country of the Year for 2013. CONGRATULATIONS!

  15. This is my computation for 2013’s Country of the Year Top 10 Ranking based on global beauties ranking procedure ( Miss Supranational, Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss International, Miss Universe & Miss World combined scores).
    1. Philippines – 699.264
    2. Spain – 362.746
    3. Brazil – 335.473
    4. Venezuela – 296.379
    5. France – 244.454
    6. Indonesia – 216.129
    7. USA – 191.833
    8. Ecuador – 190.910
    9. UK/England/GB – 188.064
    10.Ukraine – 186.524
    ….. to be continued for top 11-20.

    • Wow good job! You got the same top 6 and the scores are almost the same as GB’s :-)

      • Thank you andrea! I think the difference in my points were due to the exact ranking of the winners,finalists&semi-finalists and points in special award. Here are my continuation for top 11-20.
        These are my top 11-20.
        11. India – 185.441
        12. Gibraltar – 169.438
        13. Latvia – 166.434
        14. Ghana – 153.272
        15. Netherlands – 150.186
        16. Puerto Rico – 149.513
        17. Dominican Republic – 148.619
        18. Australia – 143.403
        19. China – 130.722
        20. Canada – 97.460

  16. extraordinary says:

    Hi GB,

    HOPE TO HAVE UPDATES with the Rankings

  17. i think these are the over all top 10 beauty powerhouses….

    1. USA
    2. Venezuela
    3. Brazil
    4. UK/England
    5. Colombia
    6. Philippines
    7. Australia
    8. India
    9. Finland
    10. Sweden

    Philippines is up from 9 to last year to 6 at the end of this year and Japan is out in the top 10…

    i hope GB will published theirs too…

    • Excuse me, Philippines is TOP this year…record-breaking even. NO other country won 4 out of 5 major pageants all in the SAME year.

      • Hold your horses. She meant the ranking overall not just this year.

  18. roger samllano says:

    I am very happy for the Filipinas achievements this year.They gave their best despte many people gave negatve comments….thank you for showing how beautful we are NOT JUST OUTSIDE LOOK BUT IN INSIDE our heart to the world…..beng a country of the year is not easy to achieve because there are many women wanted to grabbed this prestigious TRADEMARK but MS. PHILIPPINES showed and stood out.
    It is not about winning many crowns as what other country to boast(not to mentioned) but it is all about a real beauty queen by helping others:
    Remember the speeches of our queens: MEGAN showed Golden heart coz she possessed a Core Values( patriotic,friendly,God fearing) in MS. WORLD.
    MUTYA DATUL aspires us that she is a SUPRANATIONAL winner who inspired or influence other people n a positive ways
    Bea Santiago thanked foreigners for the love and help they give to our country so she will sustain good camaraderie to have a better understanding…………………………….

  19. roger samllano says:

    congrats Filipnas

  20. Country of the Year – Philippines

    Miss Universe – 3rd runner up
    Miss World – Winner
    Miss International – Winner
    Miss Supranational – Winner
    Miss TQI – Top 10

    The HIGHEST SCORER ever in Country of the Year.

  21. twist and turn says:

    GB please update the info about the country of the year, afterall all those five beauty contest that you acknowledged is done :0 i’m very excited for the Philippines to be named as country of the year.. nice places wherein we got 3 crowns (MW, MS, and MI) and semi or in as RU (MU and MTQ). Thanks GB!

  22. NEWSFLASH!!! Philippines is Country of the Year 2013 and Country of the Decade!!!

  23. mutya datul says:

    after winning world and supranational placement in tourism queen 3rd runner up in miss universe and for sure in international we are just waiting if GB will include grand international w/c we place 3rd runner-up for sure we are now the country of the

    • No need for grand international, Philippines just won Miss International 2013 crown!!!

  24. PHILIPPINES deserved to be the ‘COUNTRY of the YEAR’. God bless the country and it’s people. My condolences to the family and friends who lost their lives and were affected by the onslaught of super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that took place a few weeks ago. You will rebuild again! My heart goes out to you all! Vamos Filipinas!!!

  25. bump and pump says:

    haha i knew it Philippines will be named as country of the year.. please GB update the info.. add the points from the recently concluded MU.. i am very excited to see it. Thanks much :)

    • yeah when will GB post the ranking


  27. with the conclusion of Miss Universe. Philippines is the country of the year for sure. 100%

  28. we’ll do you think including tqi will be unfair from the ladies of americas since there was no participation from that continent

    • that’s their problem if they dont wanna send a candidate. they’re not restricted to but i myself don’t like MTQI but it’s not for me to decide.

    • nope. that’s their problem. all the pageants invite all these countries to participate. so its just FAIR.

  29. GB is making a great job in doing its homework for the Grand slam standing of these countries. 2 more pageants and we will know which country will be on top for 2013…

  30. ARe you sure Australia did not place in any Grand Slam pageant in 2012, I thought Miss Australia was 4th in Miss Universe in 2012, or is that not considered a place? Also I was of a strong belief that Miss Australia was 3rd placed in Miss World 2012?

    • @ Mark Rowe Australia did not place in male grand slam. GB is referring to the male grand slam. Countries from Africa and Oceania did not place and did not win any special awards in any Grand Slam pageant in 2012.

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