The Grand Slam Rankings Procedure

The procedure for both the G2 and Grand Prix rankings is the same. Consider the following for each pageant’s edition:

- The G2 Ranking comprises participant countries in Miss World and Miss Universe only;

– The Grand Prix Ranking comprises participant countries in Miss Supranational, Miss Tourism Queen and Miss International;

– The winning country in each pageant earns 40 + 80 bonus points, totaling 120 points;

– The country placing 2nd earns 39 + 50 bonus points, totaling 89 points;

– The country placing 3rd earns 38 + 30 bonus points, totaling 68 points;

– The country placing 4th earns 37 points, 5th earns 36 points, 6th earns 35 points, and so on, up to an eventual 40th place, earning 1 point. The bonuses are distributed as following:

a) finalists = + 20 bonus points;

b) semi-finalists = +10 bonus points;

c) quarter-finalists = no bonus points earned.

– When exact rankings are not released or made public, a point-average will prevail to score the involved countries;

– Special awards are worth 1 point each (Miss World fast-track events are not included in this category) ;

– Points earned by each country / territory in a given pageant are multiplied 1.XXX (number of participant countries in that pageant). For example, if 89 countries participated in Miss Universe 2011, then the number of points earned by scoring nations shall be multiplied by 1.089;

– Points of G2 and Grand Prix pageants are put together only to determine the “Country of the Year”. When it is the case, points earned by countries in Miss World and Miss Universe are multiplied by 2.


5 thoughts on “The Grand Slam Rankings Procedure

  1. Mozzy says:

    IT shuold be G3 — World, Universe, International. These are te oldest and most prestigious. I like the traditional mood in Miss International.

  2. enjosue63 says:

    I have a request to make.

    Is it possible to show again the winners (Top 5 countries perhaps) of the country of the year through the years. I know that you have done this some years back. I believe you did it for yearly and also for decades. Can those pages be shown again? It would be nice if these pages are available for everyone to see

  3. Gay seban says:

    I think u are soooo unfair for not giving bonus points to 4th and 5th places.. You know that philippines has many 3rd and 4th runners up

    • subash says:

      There’s an additional 20 point bonus for 4th and 5th place (finalists), 10 points for semifinalists, and so on.

      Please read before you comment. Thanks!

  4. Carlos says:

    As always, you try to do it fairly and without prejudice.thats why you are so well respected. Very cool. Thank you.

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