Miss International 2011 is Miss Ecuador

22-year old Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro, from Quito, Ecuador, was crowned Miss International 2011 during the conclusion of the annual pageant held at the Sichuan Province Gymnasium in Chengdu, China, on November 6th. This is Ecuador’s first win of a Grand Slam pageant beauty crown.

The 1st runner-up was favorite Jessica Barboza, from Venezuela; and the 2nd runner-up was Tugsuu Idersaikhan, from Mongolia. The top three winners will stay in China for an extra week to attend commitments with sponsors of the pageant.

The 3rd runner-up was Puerto Rico (Desiree del Rio) and the 4th runner-up was Panama (Keity Mendieta).

Rest of the top 15 were: Brazil (Gabriella Marcelino), Latvia (Lelde Paulsone), Lebanon (Maria Farah), Netherlands (Tali Hertsenberg), Philippines (Dianne Necio), Russia (Elena Chepilchenko), Sweden (Denise Andree), Thailand (Kantapat Peerdachainarin), Trinidad & Tobago (Renee Bhagwandeen) and Vietnam (Truong Tri Truc Diem).

Miss Photogenic was Miss Venezuela, while there was a tie in the Miss Friendship award between Hawaii and Mexico. China won Miss Talent, Thailand won best National Costume, Philippines won Miss Internet and Ecuador bagged the titles of Miss Beauty and Best Figure.

It was surprising to see the exclusion of Miss Japan, a country that the Miss International organization ALWAYS put in the semi finals, since 1971 (except in 1993). Once again (and not surprising), no African contestant placed in the finals. Local press favorites from Colombia, Bolivia, South Africa and Paraguay also failed to reach the Semi Finals.

Note: The webcast was a disaster due to Chengdu TV’s servers which are not configured to handle the capacity or traffic during these days.

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  • JAN

    Beautiful crown. It is a tribute to Santa Claus?

  • norush

    @ Giselle: First of all stop with the hate at Venezuelans candidates. It’s not our fault if we invest the time, money and other resources to prepare our delegates top notch, so when they represent us in the international pageants we can place in the top 5 or even win. IF your country did the same, maybe you guys will have the same fame as us in beauty pageants. And it was obvious that Venezuela would’ve reach far this year in Miss International, but not win due to the fact that a Venezuelan already won the prevoius year. And to prove it, it’s not the first time this happened to us. In 1997 when we won the Miss International, the following year (1998) we became the first runner up, eventhough the Venezuelan candidate was obviously the best in that edition. In 2000 when we won again, the following year (2001) we were once again first runner up. Unfortunately history repeated itself for the third time when Venezuela won in 2010 and in this year (2011) we are first runner up. Thus the Miss International organization is not going to allow a back to back easily. So if Venezuela was to once again win the Miss International pageant, you can bet that the following year we are not going to win. So we didn’t get our butts beat, because it was clearer than a sunny day that Venezuela was not going to win again this year from the get-go due to the win of last year. But I can say this, I bet your country get its butt beat each year form us in beauty pageants my darling.

  • Luis

    Very pretty, like a real doll. Congratulations.

  • Giselle

    It was about time another south america country wins…I’m tired to see colombians and venezuelans win all the time.. We all know is their industry to create women over there because they always win.. Glad Ecuador kicked their butt this time so they don’t be so snobby. Hopefully, there will be more hispanic women winning contests than these two countries mentioned… Congrats Ecuador!!!

  • Bonnieb

    I am sure the winner is a lovely girl, but I am quite disgusted at this result. Four out of the top five were latinas, that is disgraceful especially when there were far more beautiful girls who as usual with Miss International did not get a look in, what a biased competition.

    If you look at MI history, since 2000 eight latinas have won which is ludicrous. I know the lovely Miss Mongolia was 2nd runner up this time, but I really don’t know why they bother inviting other countries to this competition. It is not Miss International, it is Miss Latina.

    I don’t want this to sound like I hate latina’s, far from it, all I ask that the MI organisation be fair and give some other country then south america a chance of winning the crown.

    • Rangio

      I real appreciate the way you write.Its has become a miss Latina and that why some most of the countries in Africa does not participate and the number will be reducing a year to year.The organizer must question them self that since they have started this there was no
      any girl in the runner up.this is a problem.

  • Jo

    Congratulation to all the ladies who are the most beautiful ladies of the world. And specially to Tugsuu from Mongolia.

  • Wiston

    Felicitaciones a Ecuador desde Venezuela. El nivel de candidatas este año fue muy alto en el Miss International. Muchas tenían méritos para ganar. Estaban bellas. La chica de Ecuador tiene una belleza sublime y ese país hermano merecía una alegría como esta.Es su primer título gran slam. Desde el 2004 con Susana Rivadeneira, Ecuador no tenía una representante de tal calibre. Estoy feliz con la posición de nuestra Jessica Barboza, ella también podía ganar pero no le tocó. La Barboza no sólo es hermosa fisicamente sino también estaba preparada intelectualmente. También felicito a Puerto Rico y Panamá. Lamento la no inclusión de las candidatas de Colombia y Bolivia. La colombiana es una belleza gran slam y deberían enviarla a otro concurso. El Miss Mundo 2012 sería ideal para ella. La panameña es otra que debería participar en otro gran slam. Tiene la tipología para un Miss Universo. Este año fue de las latinas en el Miss Internacional Cuatro de las cinco finalistas eran latinas. Saludos desde Caracas

  • Lanre

    African Beauties What happened? Miss Angola gave a good lead in the Miss Universe 2011 and passed the baton to others, anyway better luck next time.

  • Buika

    Wonderful that Ecuador won, she totally deserved. Is funny that Ecuador, Venezuela and Panama where in the top five. Those three nations together with Colombia used to be one large country (Gran Colombia). Countries very rich in culture, nature and beauty.

  • JAN

    Miss China is the TOP 5 MISS UNIVERSE in Brazil. Miss Brazil is TOP 15 in the Miss International in China. Chinese Revenge?

  • Lakisha

    i think she’s a lot prettier than Miss World 2011 winner from Venezuela

  • Tania

    The win was a fix! They didn’t even ask them questions! It was so obvious.

  • PaulPaul

    In a year with a good number of good choices, the judges went for pretty but bland. There were at least 10 other girls more deserving. On the plus, the winner comes from a ‘non-winning’ country.

  • Ruby


    • Gary

      Latinas don’t rule every pageant, it’s just they represent more of the ideal Western vision of beauty and are more exotic than Caucasian girls. It’s all very political and does not mean Latinas are the most beautiful girls in the world. It’s just an unfair bias and that is why pageants are going downhill in this day and age. People are sick and tired of seeing the same old in international pageants.

  • KL

    Well, finally a new South American country taking the glory for once, instead of Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, or Chile.

  • Eric B. Ver

    CONGRATULATIONS to all Filipinas (women from the Philippines) for representing our country well in the international pageant you’ve joined: SHAMCEY SUPSUP (3rd Runner-Up, Ms. Universe), GWENDOLYN RUAIS (1st Runner-Up, Ms. World) and DIANE NECIO (semifinalists, Ms. International). One more pageant to go, Ms. Earth. Let’s wait and see how ATHENA IMPERIAL fare in Ms. Earth this December.

  • Jessico Barbozo

    SPAIN!!! Why she didn´t placed??? She is a goddess of elegance!!!

  • Joseph Smiteley

    I do not think just venezuelan people wanted this back to back…me too…miss venezuela was my favorite contestant since she arreived to miss international…i wanted it too…congrats ecuador you deserved it too….

  • ivan

    esa es arriba ECUADOR , bella la barbie de la mitad del mundo

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Congratulations for a well deserved crown for the stunning Ecuadorean who was without a doubt the best contestant of the evening. Her doll-like beauty, poise and charm made her unbeatable and gave Ecuador an unprecedented victory even without the weight of the sash. Simply delightful!!

  • rodel villanueva

    2008—miss dayana mendoza was chosen miss universe; 2009—miss stefania fernandez was crowned miss universe; 2010—elizabeth mosquera won the miss international; 2011–now iviana sacros was selected miss world. for next year? hmn, i can smell many victories for venezuelans–including miss venezuela irene esser and miss mundo venezuela gabriella ferrari(she’s actually prettier and more gorgeous thaN ivian). BTW GB ADMIN, SHOULD THE MISS WORLD 2012 IN ORDOS, INNER MONGOLIA WOULD BE HELD ON JULY 4, 2012 WOULD IVIAN SACROS BE THE SHORTEST REIGN MISS WORLD EVER? JUST ASKING AND I HOPE YOU COULD ANSWER IT. THANKS.

  • al

    Congratulations for Ecuador. Very proud of Keity Mendieta B, Miss Panama. Great job