52nd place – Norma Nolan – Miss Universe 1962

52nd place – Norma Nolan (Argentina)

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

In an important political year for Argentina, when it broke free from a military coup and lived times of intense cultural production, Argentina, after recently conquering the Miss World title, won its first Miss Universe title with Norma Nolan.

Miss Argentina was never a press favorite, and when she was called among the top 15, Nolan was regarded as a “dark horse”. It was after her amazing national costume and evening gown performances, when she showed unquestionable elegance and poise, that Miss Argentina started being noticed.

In an year when 11 out of 15 semi-finalists were brunettes, Norma ended up being crowned, leaving behind the two favorites for the crown, who, ironically, were two blondes: Austria’s Christa Linder (for everyone’s shock, she was just a semi-finalist), who later became an actress, and Finland’s Anja Aulikki Järvinen (2nd runner-up), who marked Finland’s return to Miss Universe’s finals after it won the title in 1952, and the beginning of great success for this Scandinavian country, which had a series of runner-ups and favorites which culminated with a second title in 1975.

Exotic countries for the time, like Dahomey (currently Benin), Morocco, and Haiti (the first black Miss Universe semi-finalist), participated in the pageant. Lebanon and New Zealand had their first Miss Universe semi-finalists ever, and the USA had its first ethnic winner:  Macel Leilani Wilson of Hawaii.

If never a press favorite, Norma was very popular among the other contestants, who were very happy to see Miss Argentina being crowned as Miss Universe 1962. Not much is known about her life after Miss Universe, which she chose to keep private.

(Special thanks to Alberto Dubal for his contribution!)

Norman Nolan of Argentina was crowned by Miss universe 1961

top 5: Brazil (5th), Finland (3rd), Argentina (Miss Universe 1962), Iceland (2nd), Free China - Taiwan (4th)

Austria (l) was the favorite, but Argentina (r) won the title

22 comments to 52nd place – Norma Nolan – Miss Universe 1962

  • Rica Tililing

    Viva Argentina! :-)

  • Arthur

    Great job as always guys, just a very interesting observation. Finland is NOT a Scandinavian country, mistakenly it has been considered as one and has taken part in the Miss Scandinavia Pageant, but Finland is considered more a Nordic country. It does have a minor Swedish speaking population in the west which would “quialify” it in a way as an extension of Scandinavia but officially, Finland is not.

  • elle mirrors (la islas filipinas)

    she looks like my classmate

  • WilliamNYC

    These pictures are amazing.

  • Tina

    Take a good look at that trophy and throne….take some notes MUO!

  • Leo Andreatos

    The next will be…..ZULEYKA RIVERA MU2006 from Puerto Rico!!

  • cejotama


  • MOJO from the Philippines

    Saved by shining moments and political significance! But she is greatly overshadowed by the outgoing queen (1961 name please.)

  • FTLA

    Don’t cry for her…she made her promise; so keep your distance.

  • Luis

    True what Arthur comment about Finlandia being wrongly mentioned as a Scandinavia country even though some areas considered as part of. Scandinavia are formed by Norway, Sweden (which occupy the two Scandinavia Peninsulas) and Denmark. This is a very curious Miss Universe and could tell everybody that Latin ladies in one era were not so favored as it is shown today. Norma is the third Latin American to win the title. The next year Norma would crown another Latin American Ieda Maria Vargas from Brazil.

  • elle mirrors (la islas filipinas)

    zuleyka wont be 51. she was beautiful when she won but now. arrgh i hate her for making herself look that way.

    im waiting for japan. miss universe 1959

  • Alberto

    Norma Nolan is part of a stunning generation of argentines beauty queens. During the 60’s Argentina captured three grand slam titles, made five runners-up and seven semi-finalists at MU, MW and MI together. Norma Nolan and other queens such as Norma Gladys Cappagli;Ana Maria Soria; Maria Sabaliuskas; Maria Victoria Bueno; Mirta Teresita Massa; Adriana Gardiazábal; Olga Galuzzi; Maria Amalia Ramírez e Amalia Yolanda Scuffi are unforgettable.

  • FTLA

    I think Norma’s predecessor is Miss Universe 1961, Marlene Schmidt of Germany.

  • Jonathan From The Philippines

    I agree with one poster. The throne and the trophy look so glorious then. We must consider reviving these. As much as I hate the way rankings are made (Gloria Diaz at the bottom???? What the $#@&?) recalling other Miss U pageants that I never heard about is exciting. Although I realize that Global Beauties cannot be so accurate at all times (Gloria Diaz an underdog??? She was a top 10 at both Evening Gown and Swimsuit during the preliminaries, that’s no underdog!!! What the $#@%?), still, their attempts to relive the glory days are OK and exciting.
    I never visited thisblog as frequently as these past few weeks since they started releasing the Miss U rankings.
    Anyway, my bottoms should be – Zuleyka Rivera, Dayanara Torres, Stefania Fernandez, Amelia Vega, Natalia Glebova, Oxana Fedorova. Except for maybe 1 or 2, I bet all these girls had plastic surgery on their faces. Gloria, Riyo, Portntip and Margarita Moran — pure, untouched faces.

  • MOJO from the Philippines

    I am just happy that GLOBALBEAUTIES is giving this space for a review. I don’t care about the rank coz the TRUE RANK of a queen is in the viewer’s heart. One’s concept of beauty should not be influenced by international standards. A beauty queen’s victory is usually made out of the shining moments she had during the pageant. The Philippines sent several very intelligent university students but they never had the opportunity to show their cerebral power for they were not able to hold the microphone to amplify BEAUTY of WISDOM for they failed to be in the Top 10 as they were probably overshadowed by the physical presence of the others as viewed by the judges. Impact of physical presence is largely made by an outstanding fashion sense and bearing. I know one brilliant and truly beautiful University student who did not managed to be in the Top 10 in Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) for she had an outdated hairstyle that gave her facial beauty an outdated projection. NORMA NOLAN had her shining moments and she overshadowed the rest on the day of her victory. I REALLY HOPE that the judges should also consider how these winners gave justice to their title and crown? Did they have a productive life with positive community impact after the trivial shining moment? Where they able to maintain the LOVELY PRESENCE of a queen after the golden age of 50 or younger? RANKING should also consider ENDURANCE of beauty! Give a winner at least 10-year beauty period for this criterion to be measurable. A Miss Universe with an enduring impact of ELIZABETH TAYLOR or TYRA BANKS should be ranked No. 1.


    She is underrated!

  • Kate

    Norma Nolan ranked 38th in GB’s 2001 contest.

  • pop

    My 52nd place is Miss Universe 1970. Her score is 8.926.

  • Ariadna

    Another case when a gorgeous European (Austria) was robbed.

  • Paulo

    Beautiful Norma.

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