16th place – Miss Universe 1975 – Anne Marie Pohtamo

16th place – Anne Marie Pohtamo, Finland

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

The 24th edition of Miss Universe happened at the National Gymnasium, in San Salvador, El Salvador, on July 19, 1975. It was the first time that the pageant had more than 70 participants, 71 to be exact. Belize, Mauritius, Micronesia, and Samoa debuted. Bob Barker hosted the event.

Miss Finland in her national costume

Because of diplomatic issues between El Salvador and Honduras, the second one did not compete in Miss Universe 1975. Speaking of political tension, according to the New York Times, “while a worldwide television audience saw El Salvador’s sunny beaches before the “Miss Universe” finals July 19, off-camera heavily armed troops were called out to halt demonstrations by students protesting the Government’s expenditure of $1-million on the contest.” Protests took place in Santa Ana and San Salvador. Again, from the NY Times: “According to the military Government, which contended that the march was part of a “Communist plot,” one person was killed, five wounded, and 11 arrested. But according to the students, at least 12 persons were killed, 20 wounded, and 40 arrested.

Miss France would win Miss Int'l 76

If Yugoslavia and France were ignored by Miss Universe judges, in Miss International 1975 and 1976, respectively, their fate would be much happier: Lidija Vera Manić from Yugoslavia, and Sophie Sonia Perin from France, were both elected and crowned Miss International in Tokyo. Manic (1975) actually got to crown Perin (1976).

The number 1 favorite for the title in 1975 was Miss Venezuela, Maritza Pineda Montoya. Others favorite to capture the crown were Miss USA, Summer Bartholomew, Miss Sweden, Catharina Sjödahl, Miss Bolivia, Jacqueline Gamarra, Miss Finland, Anne-Marie Pohtamo, Miss Mexico, Delia Servin Nieto, Miss Israel, Orit Cooper, Miss England, Vicki Harris (2nd runner-up in Miss World 1975, as Miss UK), and Miss Colombia, Martha Lucia Echeverri.

Miss USA

The most applauded beauties during the parade of nations were the ones from El Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, USA and Venezuela.

El Salvador was very careful when selecting the “hometown girl”: Carmen Elena Figueroa was a gracious hostess, very polite and well-educated, who came from a good family and spoke English fluently. It was no surprise to see her among the semi-finalists.

Marieta Arrieta, Miss Universe 1955’s 1st runner-up, and Luz Marina Zuluaga, Miss Universe 1958, from Colombia, were among the judges who selected Miss Universe 1975.

Top 12

Other former titleholders present at the event were Gladys Zender (1957), Norma Nolan (1962), Corinna Tsopei (1964) and Kerry Ann Wells (1972).

Co-host Helen O’Connell did her best to promote the beauties of El Salvador, especially its beaches, some of which perfect for surfing, its volcanos, and historical sights.

Bob Barker announced the ‘top 12′, and they were: Haiti, Finland, El Salvador, Colombia, Philippines, England, Japan, Israel, Ireland, Brazil, Sweden and USA. The non-inclusion of Miss Venezuela was considered outrageous. In contrast, nobody expected Miss Haiti among the semi-finalists.

Top 2: Haiti (2nd) and Finland (1st)

In the end, the so-celebrated Latin team stayed all behind when the 5 finalists were announced: Finland, Anne-Marie Pohtamo, Philippines, Rose Marie Singson Brosas, USA, Summer Bartholomew, Sweden, Catharina Sjödahl (the crowd favorite), and Haiti, Gerthie David, who proved to be very charming and elegant. Her speech about the Haitian superstitions swayed thunderous applause from the local audience and conquered the judges.

The happy Miss U 75!

Miss Philippines was the 4th runner-up, Miss Sweden the 3rd (with loud protests by the crowd, who wanted to see her as the winner), Miss USA the 2nd, Miss Haiti, the 1st, and Miss Finland, Anne-Marie Pohtamo, was crowned Miss Universe 1975.

Amparo Muñoz, the Miss Universe 1974 who did not finish her reign, didn’t show up to crown Miss Universe 1975. Instead, it was Kerry-Ann Wells, Miss U72, who put the crown on Pohtamo’s head.

The beauty of Finland's 2nd Miss Universe

Finland, a country which had had the very first Miss Universe, back in 1952, and had been so successful in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, with 9 finalists, including three 1st runners-up, finally won its second Miss Universe crown.

As for Gerthie David, Miss Haiti, she made history by becoming the 2nd black woman to reach the 1st runner-up position in Miss Universe. She was one of the most exotic delegates in all history of Miss Universe. In the 1970s, Gerthie David, a model from Port-au Prince, became a role model and an idol to the Haitian youth.

Back to Pohtamo, she was a professional model, and always was a favorite. Her beauty and elegance more than justified her victory. Pohtamo later pursued a movie career. She married Arto Hietanen in 1980, and is a mother of four.

Special thanks to Alberto Dubal!

(Still competing – TOP 15 – 1953, 1961, 1972, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1987, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2002-dethroned Oxana, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010)


Miss Universe 1975, from Finland

Top 5: Philippines (5th), Sweden (4th), Finland (1st), Haiti (2nd), USA (3rd)

"Hey mom, I won!"

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  • Pete

    This one, along with South Africa’s Gardiner are the most over-rated contestants in all of this ranking.

    • lamarquise

      You mean “Dayana Mendoza”? She is so overrated. I sure hope that honour goes to some in Europe.

      My choice: Oxana Federova
      2nd: Natalie Glebova
      3rd: Angela Visser
      4th: Christiane Martel
      5th: Jennifer Hawkins

      • Pete

        No, I don’t mean Dayana Mendoza, I would have written that if that’s what I meant. You have stated your dislike for her a million times, why can’t I have the same right to express my opinion without getting your hateful, and frankly a little racist sarcasm?.

    • lamarquise

      The only latin beauty that shall steal a spot in the top 5 is: Denise from Puerto Rico.

      India’s Lara Dutta: she might or might not be in the top 5. She is actually more beautiful now than when she competed at MU 2000.

    • AlexRio

      Agreed and as Gardiner is in Top 10, she is overoveroverrated.

  • Kate

    Anne Marie Pohtamo ranked 11th in GB’s 2001 contest.

    Europe’s top 5 has been set: Christiane Martel, Marlene Schmidt, Amparo Munoz, Angela Visser, Oxana Federova.

  • Bjoern

    It should be: ‘back in 1952′ not 1972, referring to Finland’s first Miss Universe.
    I love Gerthie David. If she had won that year, I deem it couldve been marvelous. Neverthess, Anne Marie is a stunning winner. Miss Sweden, sporting a short hair, was the criwd favourite, while Philippines’ Rosemarie Brosas stole the stage in her spectacular evening gown presentation.

  • prinpoleon

    beautiful anne marie and equal beautiful miss gerthie david miss haiti in my ranking anne marie place is 28 the 16 place is for shawn wetherly from usa

  • Ken

    I do think Margaret is going to be ranked too high, but Anne’s score difference with #17 ranking Barbara was quite substantial. It wasn’t even that neck and neck, and I am very surprised. Again Toledo give a 8.00.

  • The Queen of my heart

    One of the most lovely and beautiful women ever crowned Miss Universe. Plain and simple. I love you Anne. <3

  • wildberry

    In my opinion, miss Chile Should go next… my top five are
    Miss Canada, Austrlia(72), Miss T&T, Spain and France

  • Jonathan

    Miss Philippines is I think the most consistent Asian in the 60’s 70’s. I hope we regain some strength in the 2010’s.

  • anna

    Comentario estadistico: las ultimas 6 Miss U que han ganado no han tenido muchos votos de 10,00, en cambio hay unas cuantas que se quedaron con varios votos de 10,00 pero con muchisimos de 8,00; es decir hay parte del jurado que las que estan en el top 30 les parecen mas bellas que las que estan en este top 20. Las matematicas no fallan!

  • Eric

    I completely forgot about Pohtamo… Wow, i think 16th place is way too high in the ranking for her. she should have been placed 40 or lower.

  • Eric

    An interesting fact. None of the MUs elected in Puerto Rico has been eliminated. MU 1972 (Kerry Ann Wells), MU 2001 (Denisse Quinones), and MU 2002 (Oxana Fedorova) are still in competition. EVEN Justine Pasek, who was the 1st runner up in 2002 and substituted MU 2002, was within the Top 25. Good choices in PR, I guess ;-)

  • WilliamNYC

    Prior to the 1975 Miss Universe pageant, some of the Miss Universe delegates arrived in NYC, and visitied Shea Stadium to signed autograph’s for baseball fans.

  • Brody

    Linda Anne Marie, una Miss Universo Clásica, esperaba verla sobre Margaret Gardiner, que la verdad no se por que no ha salido, siendo que cuando ganó estaba con un gran sobre peso. Otra que debió salir ya es Denisse Quiñonez y creo que ya va siendo hora de Natalie Glebova. Mi top Cinco¨:
    5. Angela Visser.
    4. Jeniffer Hawkins.
    3. Cecilia Bolocco.
    2. Amparo Muñoz.

  • pop

    Anne Marie, Miss Universe 1975, ranked 30th in my ranking with the score 9.273 .

  • Anaxagoras

    A rare beauty for its times. I remember once way long ago, reading that she was in the Guiness record book because she was considered the perfect woman due to her body measurements. I do also remember that she even was featured in one of the 007 James Bond movies. Not my favorite, but was a stunning natural beauty back then !!!

    • Pete

      Yeah I’m pretty sure you made up the whole Guiness book record thing. Guiness records determine ‘mosts’. Just having certain body measures(unless they are extreme, as in extremely big, small, tall or short) does not get you a place in it. But then again you post unfounded lies all the time.

      • Anaxagoras

        I didn’t make up this whole Guiness record book thing. I don’t give a damm wether you believe me or not. The bottom lines is that, at her time she was very famous. So don’t make such a big deal about it. I guess you don’t have that much brains to notice thata this is just a comment without any other purpose. Hope you are having a nice life !!!

  • Flick

    Her beauty is so timeless… she should have been in the top ten. I don’t understand the hoopla over Miss Sweden. She looks like Mark Hamill. Summer Bartholemew is one of the most beautiful Miss USAs of all time. Gerthie David was very pretty and a great addition to the final cut. I am not crazy about her gown though.

  • Finnish Voice

    Miss U.S.A, Summer Bartholomew was the most glamorous and stunning girl in MU75, Anne Pohtamo was the most beautiful and elegant. She`s had style! Summer was hot – as this and last summer in Finland. What a about if Miss Finland Johanna Raunio would have won Miss Universe title in 1974 (she was one of the favourites and placed third in final as you all know) so there have been no chance for Anne to be crowned in 1975. The years 1974-1976 were “stronge” years for Finland; Riitta Väisänen (1st runner-up Miss Finland 1976) won Miss Europe pageant.

    • The Queen of my heart

      Finnish Voice: Think about this, back in those days Finland (who today goes absolutely NOWHERE in international pageantry) actually had a once-in-a-lifetime chance for a historical TRIPPLE in Miss Universe – not that it would have happened, back in those days we saw no back-to-backs. But Miss Finland 1974 Johanna Raunio was one of the hugest favorites in the Manila Miss Universe pageant and was chosen the most photogenic girl by professional photographers – not internet fans like today! I do agree Amparo Munoz was more beautiful and the rightful winner back then, but Filipinos really loved Johanna and she truly had it all for winning as well – 1974 was such a wonderful year in Miss Universe! Then came Anne-Marie Pohtamo who won it all! And then the next year Riitta Väisänen, Miss Europe 1976, definitely had it ALL to win Miss Universe as well – I seriously think she was more stunning than Rina Messinger or even Judith Castillo and had she gone to Hong Kong she would have been the most gorgeous of all the girls competing there! But she never got the chance to try her luck in Miss Universe as those IDIOTS “gracing” the panel of Miss Finland 1976 judges (most of them old matronly hags looking for and prefering “a little girl next door” over the stunningly glamorous Claudia Cardinale-lookalike Riitta!) picked the absolutely awful Suvi Lukkarinen over her! So needless to say, Lukkarinen was clapping in the back row during the big night but just THEORETICALLY, Finland COULD EVEN have won three Miss Universe crowns in a row back in those days! And today we are such cellar dwellers! (Gotta say though that even if Riitta had gone to Miss Universe 1976, I don’t think they would have allowed her to win. Like said, back in those days, there were NO back-to-backs in Miss Universe and we had to wait till 2009 till we finally had one. So maybe it was the destiny: Riitta was to go to Miss Europe and win it HANDS DOWN – back in those days, winning Miss Europe still HAD GLORY, it was only lateron that it became a very sleazy and shadowy pageant and I don’t think it even exists anymore today.)

  • Eloy

    I think she has been gone a while ago. The first pic was good, but I don’t find her pretty

    • Eloy

      I want Ximena to be call next, she has been ranked too high!! Even when I like Lara and Denise they should be coming down soon as well.

      • Manuel Besares

        Are you kidding? Ximena is beautiful! Furthermore, she is natural! A lot of people hate the latinas because they think that the latinas always are plastic or even stupid! But in the case of Ximena, she is natural, she isn’t a fake barbie and she is intelligent and sober! I think she should be at the Top 5 representing the latinas!

  • GARH

    Interesting that MU74 did not complete her reign and crown Miss Finland. I look forward to that years write up when it appears. Well done to Haiti on the 1st runner up placement. The TOP 15 should be interesting.

    • KL

      Yes, in a way I can’t wait for Amparo Munoz to show up only so I can read about what exactly happened to her: when she gave up her crown and what exactly were the circumstances. Despite digging through the web, I found next to nothing info on it.

      • Mariano

        Amparo did not travel to El Salvador because MUO did not send her the airline tickets. She said it herself many times in several interviews.

  • manilaboy

    anne-marie has gorgeous angles but i don’t like her hair when she was crowned. miss usa and miss philippines looked stunning.
    i wonder when ximena navarrete would enter the rankings? i think she should be no higher than 9th. i am rooting for lara dutta or oxana fedorova to top the competition, though i hope christiane martel, marlene schmidt and janelle commissions make it to the top ten :-)

  • Santi

    And Toledo’s favourite number keeps being 8.00. In this part of the competition,it’s definitely disrespectful giving such a low score,undeservingly.

    • The Queen of my heart

      I could never agree more with you. Scoring such legendary beauties as Maritza Sayalero, Barbara Palacios, Anne-Marie Pohtamo, Ieda Vargas, Margareta Arvidsson and Irene Saez, just among several others, with 8.00 is just plain disrespectful and utterly unprofessional, sorry! That’s the main reason why I personally have lost interest and respect for this poll ages ago. Several ones of the judges, like for example Harris, Vandecasteele, Fontes, Dubal and Foulger are indeed scoring the winners very fairly and accurately and show huge professionalism in their work all the time, and I feel really sorry for them that one or two judges keep on spoiling their good work. Especially when the scores go from 8.0 to 10.0 and not, say, from 5.0 to 10.0, the differences between the total scores are small and one or two unprofessionally low or high scores already count a lot and can spoil everything!

      • VictorG

        I agree, Ken, I think some of the judges are using their votes to affect the outcome of the final ranking, as opposed to voting objectively. That is really sad and uncalled for, but what other possible explanation is there?

    • Seph

      You don’t make any sense at all. You talk like if the judges knew the final placements before they voted.

      • Ken

        At first I do think certain judges do strategic voting, especially Mr Dominguez, but then Mr Toledo at the later stage of the ranking becomes the spoiler. These two were basically those obnoxious judges who keep scoring beautiful women 8.00. They have the right to vote what they want, but it is just done in an extremely tasteless way, it just ruin the entire ranking. Both judges being of Latino descent does not help saving their bad rep, in my humble opinion. Anyhow, as I mentioned earlier, just looking at the outcome so far, it is already quite an honour for any ladies to be ranked within the top 40. I do think towards the conclusion of this contest, GB should give a chart comparison for 2001’s ranking as well as 2011’s ranking.

        • Pete

          I agree with you but you lost me with the racial comment. If the two harshest judges were white, black or Asian you would never say anything about their ‘bad reputation’. When race has anything to do with someone’s reputation, that’s called a stereotype and I am not a big fan of them.

          • Ken

            Yes I realize I should not refer to their race. I could have indirectly address it in a better manner. My regrets. I wish I can edit that out.

        • Felipe

          You have stated your opinion very clearly and concisely. I couldn’t agree more with you.
          Yet , I doubt if Mr Dominguez and Mr Toledo would reconsider their narrow-minded votes.

          • Mariano

            I think Prendiz is the worst of them all. He either “likes” the Miss Universe with a score of “10”, or dislike the Miss Universe with a score of “8”.

        • Seph

          You all like act like if this is a life/death, world changing voting. Please, understand that this is just a contest and it will not change the history of the pageant. The results are the results, they wont change. I suggest to focus all that energy in things that really matter, things that are very important. If pageants define your life or this contest will save your life, then I would understand such an over analytical attitude and all that name-calling. In the contrary, it is just pointless. Chill out and move on.

    • Mariano

      Top 5 in 2001:

      1. Angela Visser
      2. Lara Dutta
      3. Denise Quinones
      4. Anne Marie Pohtamo
      5. Sushmita Sen

      I hope Ann Marie and Sushmita can make the TOP 10 at least in 2021.

      • Pete

        You got that wrong Mariano. Anne Marie did not make it to the top 5 in 2001. Yvonne Riding was number 3, Denise number 4 and Sushmita number 5. You got the top 2 right.

      • Kate

        Yvonne Ryding was 3rd, Denise Quinones was 4th, and Anne Marie Pohtamo was 11th in the 2001 ranking.

        In 2011, Yvonne Ryding was 29th, and Sushmita Sen was 28th.

  • Pete

    Shame on Amparo for not doing her job. I don’t care how pretty you are if you’re a spoiled brat with no work ethics.

  • Felipe

    It’s funny , at least for me , to realize that Amparo Muñoz has so many fans. Once I saw a Carlos Saura’s movie and it was then that I got to know Amparo had been MU. She was so beautiful in the movie , but when I see her photos of 1974 pageant , she doesn’t look so beautiful.

  • KL

    In a way, I think Miss Haiti should have won, she would have been an unusual but I think, more popular choice than the “safe” one in Anne Marie Pohtamo. In the previous year, Amparo didn’t finish her reign and her runner up won Miss World and was dethroned, as Miss Finland, who finsihed 3rd would have inherited the title but that didn’t happen. Wonder if Anne Marie’s victory was to make up for it.

    • GARH

      Funny how we wonder when a country comes close to winning and politics of some sort are involved in some way and they end up taking it the next year….if only we knew!!

  • The Queen of my heart

    Anne Marie Pohtamo is one of the most classical beauties to have ever won the coveted crown, and I emphasize the word “classical.” To me, she EPITOMIZES the concept of classical beauty. The reason why she beat such stunners as USA who was undeniably the most gorgeous and glamorous girl of the entire pageant, or Philippines who was very exotic and also very beautiful, besides her breathtaking natural beauty, was her immense glow coming from WITHIN, that indescribable and kinda undefined but HUGE sophistication that she was oozing so galore. She had this immense aura of certain pure innocence about herself that set her apart from everybody else. If there ever was a triump of both classical and natural beauty in Miss Universe, Anne-Marie Pohtamo and lateron Angela Visser winning were it, and undeniably someone like Christiane Martel back in the 50s. I seriously don’t know what those people are seeing who are saying Anne-Marie wasn’t even pretty. Obviously her cardinal sin is that she doesn’t owe a bit of her beauty to a plastic surgeon! Maybe if she had won lateron and not in the 70s some people would appreciate her more.

  • jacob

    I love ximena she is beautiful thas why she is workin in L’ oreal and she went to cannes and natalie is beautiful too

  • Pete

    8 is the lowest possible rating they can give. So does Toledo think almost half(or more than half, I lost count already)of Miss Universe winners are as ugly as a beauty queen can get?. I’m just trying to understand his logic, I really don’t get it.

    • KL

      I think he would and Dominguez, another one who gave out lots of 8s would have given scores of 7s if they were able to.

    • Felipe

      Do not try to understand them , guys.
      But I think your comments are extremely valid so that Global Beauties will think twice before asking these people to join the panel next time. That’s it!

  • Yoanys

    Despues de la eliminación de Barbara Palacios Miss universo 1986 Y aliucia machado Que por cierto no estoy deacuerdo Porque ellas estaba en segundo y cuarto lugar lugar en mi lista personal, Barbara siempre será recordada como una excelente Miss Universo Y también una de las mas bellas elegantes e inteligentes. Y Alicia machado la Miss mas autentica de todas.

    Asi queda mi top 3:

    1. La más bella Miss Universo 1952-2010: Dayana Mendoza
    2. Tercer Lugar: Oxana Fedoroba.
    3. Cuarto lugar: Jennifer Hawkins.

    Nota: “Anteriormente tenia un top 5 pero con la eliminación imprevista de Barbara palacios y Alicia Machado ahora quedó como top 3 y decidi cambiar algunas posiciones o lugares de las candidatas”.

    Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universo 2008 es sin duda la más bella miss universo de toda la historia de este concurso, ella fue un encanto esa noche en Vietnam, Los Vietnamitas se volvieron locos con ella, Causó Sensación y revuelo desde que piso suelo en vietnam, Dayana es muy esquisita, tiene un magnetismo increíble que nos envuelve a todos, es toda una Diosa Mitológica, una niña muy preparada y me cautivo más cuando estremeció la pasarela como toda una Super Modelo, Tenia la mejor pasarela y una presencia en el escenario nunca vista en este concurso, además ella irradió gran personalidad y elocuencia en la pregunta final dando una respuesta muy original y con una gran rapidez mental. El reinado de mendoza fue muy fructífero viajo por todo el mundo y es catalogada como una de las mejores miss universos de la historia. Dayana se merece esta victoria porque es la miss universo más rentable de todas, dicho por el propio dueño del Miss Universo Donald Trump… Dayana representa lo que yo considero un paquete completo en una miss, que es la belleza llevada de la mano con un carisma inigualable, es cierto que la belleza es algo subjetivo pero en Dayana la reconocemos a plenitud. DAYANA MENDOZA, ES MI FABORITA NUMERO UNO PARA ESTA CONTIENDA.

    Oxana Fedoroba, Miss Universo 2002, Fue una lastima que perdiera su corona, Oxana es muy linda, Esa noche del miss universo 2002 nos cautivó con su muy bien trabajada figura y belleza en general. A pesar de que es una Miss Universo destronada, ella es mi verdadera miss universo 2002 no hay otra, si no hubiera perdido su corona de seguro seria una buena miss universo, pero no pudo con la responsabilidad de ser miss universo y por eso la destronaron. Gran culpa la tiene la organización Rusa que no le explicó a Oxana Fedorova lo que significa ser miss universo y que el miss universo implica varias resposabilidades no es solo concusar, ganar y nada mas… el titulo de Miss Universo es un trabajo donde se cumplen varias pautas y si la titular no puede cumplir con esas responsabilidades la primera finalista asume la vacante.

    Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universo 2004, Esta rubia es toda una muñeca en en la gran final del miss universo 2004 era una de las grandes favoritas para llevarse la corona en ecuador, Jennifer fue todo un Barbie, JENNIFER HAWKINS, ES MI FABORITA NUMERO tres.

    Posdata: “Espero que los jueces y esta página, tomen en cuenta mi modesta opinión ya que la voz del pueblo es la voz de Dios”.

  • ash

    its definitely nice to see SAMOA get mentioned, i hope some day a miss samoa contestant returns to MU, they have had some wonderful winners lately who would do well, however not enough funds is the cause… but i believe for a country who relies on tourism to survive coming back to MU would be a perfect opportunity to market its tourism potential to the world.

  • Mariano

    Miss Venezuela was pretty but she had extra weight. She should’ve placed instead of El Salvador, Ireland, Japan, Israel and Colombia.

  • Nelson


    • Mariano

      todo el mundo sabe que ninguna Miss Venezuela ha sido venezolana.

      1976-padres colombianos
      1986-Madrid, Espana
      2001-Swedish/British Jamaican

  • Nelson


  • Antorcha

    Spectacularly and breath-takingly beautiful Anne-Marie Pohtamo,. Finland should be rightfully proud of both Armi and Anne-Marie, 2 lovely MUs indeed. 16 is a commendable rating but I was hoping beautiful Anne-Marie to be in the top 10. But I think it’s fair to say that from this unpredictable contest, any rating of 2 to 20 could be interchanged because all of the top 20 are incredibly beautiful. I still pick Oxana to be 1, followed by Natalie and Angela.

  • bismark

    not that impresive im surprised..her beauty

  • Max



    Realmente Anne-Marie Pohtamo es una dama de gran belleza y distincion, pero pienso que en aquel 1975, los organizadores querian reparar la gran equivocacion que cometieron en 1974 en Manila, Filipinas, cuando eligieron a la hispana AMPARO MUNOZ, en lugar de la bellisima RITTA JOHANNA RAUNIO, MISS FINLANDIA 1974.
    No quiero subvalorar a AMPARO MUNOZ (Q.E.P.D.) quien era una mujer guapisima y por eso continua manteniendose en esta encuesta de las MAS HERMOSAS MISS UNIVERSOS DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS!
    En 1975, el Miss Universo se realiza en San Salvador, Republica de El Salvador lo cual fue un logro extraordinario!
    Al final fue una verdadera sorpresa que la MISS HAITI, quedase en segundo lugar, ya que era una mujer de escasa belleza.
    Como datos curiosos cabe resaltar que dos candidatas que no lograron clasificar en las finales, obtuvieron luego dos importantes titulos de belleza: MISS FRANCIA SOFIA SONIA PERIN fue coronada MISS INTERNACIONAL 1976 y MISS YUGOSLAVIA LIDJA VERA MANIC fue coronada MISS INTERNACIONAL 1975, ambas en Japon.
    -El presidente de la Republica de El Salvador, Arturo Armando Molina estuvo presente en la ceremonia de coronacion y luego ofrecio a Anne-Marie y sus 4 damas de honor, una semana de estadia extra en el pais con todos los gastos pagos, pero la organizacion le ordeno a la nueva Miss Universo, rechazar esta invitacion, por temor a un posible acoso.
    -Era la primera vez que se utilizaba una computadora en el concurso, para almacenar y procesar los datos y puntajes de las 71 concursantas. Erroneamente la computadora dio como resultado a MISS BOLIVIA JACQUELINE GAMARRA como la ganadora.

    • Finnish Voice

      Oh yeah, like some kind of “consolation prize”!

    • Mariano

      Miss Haiti no poseia la belleza de las europeas, pero era una chica muy simpatica e inteligente. Fue quien mejor contesto la pregunta pero obviamente no podia ganar con Miss Finlandia compitiendo en el mismo concurso. Miss Haiti perdio por un punto.

  • Jonathan

    Six Miss Universe’s are very precious to Filipinos – Gloria Diaz (69) and Margie Moran (73), Amaparo Munoz (Spain 74) and Sushmita Sen (India 94) for winning on Philippine soil, Dayanara Torres (Puerto Rico 93) for considering the country home and Miss Finland Armi Kusuela who married a Filipino business man and was well loved by the Filipinos.

    Filipinos love the Miss Universe and irregardless of the treatment of some posters of our two beautiful winners, the Philippines will continue to take this pageant seriously. And yes, the way our winners were ranked here was also very poorly.

    • Mariano

      you said filipinos love Amparo Munoz? I don’t know how old you are, but Amparon was arrested and later considered a non-grata personality in the Philippines back in the 80s. Even Gloria Diaz was considered a non-grata this past year, and just because the filipino press put words in her mouth that she never said.

      • Jonathan

        Amparo Munoz? non-grata during the 80’s. I never heard of that. i was only 6 when the Miss U was held here in 74 but believe me I was so aware of the popularity of both Miss Spain and Miss Aruba. I remember playing trading cards (we call it text cards in the Philippines) with Miss Universe candidates and their profiles instead of baseball or cars. that is how popular the Miss U 74 was then. Gloria Diaz was non-grata only at Cebu, after a politician tried to capitalize on some words she said regarding Miss Philippine 2010 Venus Raj’s need for interpreters during the Q and A. I never heard of this non-grata thing about Amparo Munoz. I dont think she ever said anything or did anything againts the Philippines to get that. Please explain further.

      • kiyoshi

        i was born 1966 and miss u 1974 was my very first experience with this pageant. yes, generally we filipinos love amparo. it doesn’t mean that if she was declared persona non grata she is less loved then. for the record, gloria was never declared persona non grata.

  • Alberto

    Se han ido dos que tenía en mi top ten: Alicia Machado (9°) y Bárbara Palacios (10°). El jurado me parece apunta a una belleza clásica y gran personalidad. En general, estoy de acuerdo como va el ranking.
    Mi top ten actualizado sería:
    1- Angela Visser (Holanda, 1989)
    2- Oxana Federova (Rusia, 2002)
    3- Marlene Schmidt (Alemania, 1961)
    4- Jennifer Hawkins (Australia, 2004)
    5- Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela, 2008)
    6- Cecilia Bolocco (Chile, 1987)
    7- Janelle Commissiong (Trinidad Tobago, 1977)
    8- Natalia Glebova (Canada, 2005)
    9- Lara Dutta (India, 2000).
    10- Christiane Martel (Francia, 1953)

    Claramente la última década siempre será la preferida, ya que va de acuerdo con la moda. Por eso, me parece que es gran mérito que estén en el top 15:
    1- Christiane Martel 1953
    2- Marlene Schmidt 1961
    3- Kerry Ann Wells 1972
    4- Amparo Muñoz 1974
    5- Janelle Commissiong 1977
    6- Margaret Gardiner 1978
    7- Cecilia Bolocco 1987
    8- Angela Visser 1989

    Estas ocho mujeres realmente han trascendido. Hay que ver qué pasa con la perspectiva del tiempo y de la moda con las 7 restantes que ganaron del año 2000 en adelante, sin restar para nada la belleza y mérito que tienen para estar en el top 15.

  • gaudencio lopez

    ximena navarette should be declared as the most beautiful miss universe of all time

    • Manuel Besares

      I agree with you! She is the most natural and beautiful Miss Universe of all time. She has an incredible face, a beautiful body, and she has a sober attitude.

  • Eduardo (BRASIL)

    Para mim e grande parte das pessoas que eu conheço Jennifer Hawkins deverá ser a vencedora, ela é a mais linda Miss Universo de todos os tempos, me lembro que eu estava assistindo o Miss Universo 2004 e vi ela, nunca tinha visto em toda minha vida mulher mais linda do que ela, foi um grande impacto, loira linda, parece uma barbie, simplesmente maravilhosa, além do mais ganhou o concurso toda natural sem intervenções cirúrgicas, maquiagem carregada e brincos enormes, sua enrome beleza natural a levou a coroa…eu e muitos amigos meus aqui onde moro em BRASILIA, torcemos para que Jennifer Hawkins ganhe esta competição e com certeza ela será em 1° lugar pois é sem dúvidas a mais bela entre todas!

    1° Jennifer Hawkins

    2° Natalie Glebova

    3° Oxana Fedorova.

  • Ist

    Jennifer Hawkins is winner.

    She the most beautiful of all time.

  • Mirla

    My choices:
    Most Beautiful Miss Universe ever up to now:
    1.Oxana Federova
    2.Jennifer Hawkins
    3. Natalie Glegova
    4. Dennise Quiñonez
    5 .Jeanelle Commisiong
    6 . Amparo Muñoz

  • Felipe

    Here’s my updated top 5:

    1 – OXANA
    2 – JANELLE
    3 – JENNIFER
    4 – LARA
    5 – DAYANA

  • Mario


  • Jonathan

    I think the most natural beauty should win and it’s Amparo Munoz of Spain. Go Amparo!!!!

  • Alberto

    I think Margie Moran, Miss U 73 from the Philippines was also there in San Salvador as one of the fudges as far as I can remember.

  • Lumalsan

    Definitivamente viendo este ranking debo Decir q la mas hermosa miss universe de haber ganado seria Cynthia olavarria miss puerto Rico 2005 y 1ra finalista aun sigo pensando q Ella debio haber ganado

  • Mr Brightside

    For me Miss Finland 1974 Johanna Raunio, 2nd runner up that year, was way too much better than Anne

  • Santi Santz

    Love to see diferent languages in this website… well, GB for all.


    Opino que la numero 15 debe ser Natalie Glebova o tal vez Jimena Navarrete

  • Satine

    I only hope one thing, and that is that these judges dont set Oxana Fedorova as the most beautiful MU of all the times, actually she is beauty but not the beautiest, her nose is too “puntiaguda” like Pinoccio, and she hasnt pom pom, when she wore swinsuit at the miss universe competition, she always hide her buttocks with pareo, cause she is plane like a wood, and as i see in this positions, judges are considerating their reing development and behaviors. i just ask that.

    • Oxana

      So I suppose that plain Jane and everybody’s little darling Hawkins from Australia is more beautiful than Oxana in your books? But don’t worry. Judging by the way this poll has been proceeding, she will certainly win hands down.

  • Miss Finland 1974, Johanna is much much prettier than Ann Pohtamo. I honestly think they ranked this girl too high. I am glad Amparo Munoz still in the running she is really one of the most beautiful Miss Universe ever crown. The judges are biased to Asian winners and preferred Europeans beauties. The winner from Brazil 1963 does not deserve her ranking. But of course this website owns by a Brazilian what do you expect.

  • joe

    How could it even cross anyones’ mind to score her an 8.00??

  • ernest

    At number sixteen this is too high for her. There were more beautiful Miss Universe who I think should have been rated higher. Her face is your very typical ordinary blonde girl that you find in New York or any place in the world. I loved Miss Finland 1974 Johanna Raunio better. She should have won instead of Amparo or Helen Morgan. My favorite Miss Universe is still Maritza Sayalero, Margarita Moran and Natalie Glegova.

  • The winner would either be Natalie Glebova or Jennifer Hawkins!
    Two of the most beautiful miss universes of all times!

  • Idoknowaboutpageants

    I had the honor and privilege of meeting Anne Marie back in 2001 for the Miss Universe pageant in Bayamon. I saw everybody taking pictures with the other former Misses and I saw her alone. I went up to her and said “Miss Finland, can I take a picture with you” and she brightened so much and said “Oh my, how did you know I am from Finland, you must be a real fan!” Afterwards when people around recognized her, they all wanted pictures with her. I loved her!

  • Dibbuk

    It´s about time to Lara Dutta… Can´t believe she is next to top 10 along with Gardiner and Jimena. Others already out of the competition deserv more.

  • geographer

    Here is my top 5:

    I am torned for # 1, 2 and 3 (either they switched places) but I will go with this ranking:

    1. India Lara Dutta Miss Universe 2000
    2. Australia Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe 2004
    3. Russia Oxana Fedorova Miss Universe 2002
    4. Puerto Rico Denise Quinonez Miss Universe 2001
    5. Canada Natalie Glevoba Miss Universe 2005

  • Zuleyka

    @ Dibbuk, are you serious???Lara is one of the best, TOP 5!!!

    Next should be: Cecilia Bolocco, Christiane Martel,Janelle Commissiong and then Ximena Navarrete

    My top 10:

    10.Jennifer Hawkins
    9.Margaret Gardiner
    8.Angela Visser
    7.Amparo Munoz
    6.Dayana Mendoza
    5.Marlene Schmid
    4.Lara Dutta
    3.Natalia Glebova
    2.Denise Quinonez
    1.Oxana Fedorova

    • AlexRio

      If you’re right, would be ridiculous and frustrated at all, cause Oxana is not a Miss Universe.

      Can you imagine a big site rank the best MU of all time and the first one is not a legitimate MU?

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