21st place – Miss Universe 1966 – Margareta Arvidsson

21st place – Margareta Arvidsson (Sweden)

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Going into its 15th edition, Miss Universe came up with a few innovations in 1966, like for instance, the announcement of the “top 15″ during the final broadcast, instead of at the preliminaries night, as it had been happening since 1952. It was also the first time the show was telecast in colors for the US audience.

Misses Israel and USA

Before arriving in Miami Beach, the Latin American candidates, Miss USA, and Miss Universe 1965, Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand, attended the Miss Brazil pageant, in Rio de Janeiro. Both Apasra and Maria Judith Remenyi (Miss USA) enchanted the Brazilian crowd when they spoke to them in Portuguese.

In the 1960’s, the Miss Universe Pageant considered Miss Brazil to be the best organized and produced national pageant in the world, and the Brazilian press the one which followed Miss Universe with most attention and details. The Brazilian magazines and papers, such as Manchete and Cruzeiro, remain the main source of information and photos of Miss Universe from the early 1950’s to the 1970’s.  And the Brazilian press widely supported Miss Guanabara, Ana Cristina Ridzi, during her national pageant. She was crowned Miss Brazil 1966.

Misses Brazil and Belgium

Ana Cristina had defeated her twin sister in Miss Guanabara, and just like Miss USA 1966, her parents were from Hungary. Both immediately became good friends, and were favorites to be among Miss Universe’s Top 5 that year.

From Rio, they all traveled to New York, where they were joined by the European and Middle Eastern delegates. After attending a few activities in the Big Apple, they took a bus to Miami, stopping by in a couple of cities, like Washington D.C..

58 candidates competed for the crown. Guam was the only debut that year. Guyana participated for the first time as an independent country (before it was British Guyana) and Trinidad & Tobago had already competed as “Miss Trinidad”.

Miss Sweden: always a favorite

Since the very beginning Margareta Arvidsson of Sweden was a standout and major favorite for the crown. Not only she was very beautiful, but her wardrobe, very colorful and chic, represented the latest fashion tendencies in Europe. The other favorites were Misses Finland, Brazil, Switzerland, Israel, and Germany. Although Miss Thailand had been noticed for her beauty, few people believed in a back-to-back victory, so Miss Japan, who looked like a doll and was very fashionable, was considered the front-runner from Asia.

Miss Israel, Aviva Israeli, was described by press journalists covering the pageant as “magnetic”. She spoke 7 languages and was very elegant and charismatic. Wearing a Biblical costume, she won the Best National Costume award.

Miss Israel: Best National Costume

Miss Germany was another “press dear”. Looking like a supermodel, and with huge breast, she was appointed as a shoo-in for the final 5. Another stunner was Miss Finland,  Satu Ostring, who conquered many fans with her perfect looks and discrete profile.

During the open car parade, at Flager Street, the most applauded national representatives were Misses USA, Colombia, Free Cuba, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, and Finland.

Madeline Hartog-Bel of Peru, was the most elegant beauty among the Latin American candidates. The experience she acquired in Miss Universe, certainly helped her conquering the Miss World title, one year later, in London. Miss Colombia’s elegance and poise were also often commented by the press.

Miss Brazil’s twin sister arrived in Miami a few days before the final event. When they decided to appear wearing equal dresses, the photographers jumped on them, and in the next day they were on the cover of all local newspapers.

Miss Photogenic: Sweden!

Confirming her favoritism, Miss Sweden was chosen was Miss Photogenic.

On July 16, the Miami Beach Auditorium was crowded with thousands of people who wanted to see from a close distance the election of Miss Universe 1966. After the parade of nations, in which the contestants appeared individually, without saying a word, the Top 15 were announced, and they were:

Thailand, Holland, Peru, Denmark, U.S.A., India, Philippines, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Spain, Colombia, Norway, England and Germany.

The exclusion of Misses Brazil and Japan caused indignation and loud protests by the crowd. Misses Switzerland and Turkey were also ‘big misses’, expected to place instead of Holland, Denmark and Philippines (whose evening gown was considered the ugliest and was very criticized by the press).

The amazing beauty of Miss Finland

Miss USA, although very beautiful, did not shine in the semi-final competitions. Miss Israel was once again “very magnetic”, being one of the most applauded girls of the night. Misses Thailand and Peru showed a lot of elegance on stage, but without a doubt, the candidates from Sweden and Finland were the ones battling out for the crown.

There was a tie in the election of Miss Amity, and Misses Spain and Curaçao had to fight for the trophy!

After some delay, because there was also a tie when the Top 5 were being chosen, the finalists were announced: three beauties from Asia – Israel, Thailand, and surprising India, and two Nordic stunners, the big favorites from Sweden and Finland.

Like her predecessor, Miss Thailand, Cheranand Savetanand, had also been prepared by her country’s queen to compete in Miss Universe. And once again, Thailand did really well in the competition.

Top 5

The final results were: Miss Israel finished in 5th place; Miss India was 4th; Miss Thailand was 3rd. As expected, Finland or Sweden would walk way with the crown! Miss Finland was 2nd, and the #1 favorite for the crown, Margareta Arvidsson of Sweden, was Miss Universe 1966.

Before the final night, Miss Sweden had declared that she did not want to win, because she could not picture herself during a whole year in a jail, going everywhere accompanied by a chaperon. When she won, Margareta cried more of despair than emotion, supposedly saying that she just wanted to go home. When she

Top 3: Finland, Sweden, Thailand

sat on her throne, Miss Finland, the first runner-up, approached her and whispered on her ear: “If you don’t want it, I do. So decided it, because I came here to win”. From that moment on, the new Miss Universe decided she was going to keep the title.

Next morning, when asked about it by the press, the new Miss Universe said she could not remember anything, and that she was ready to play her role.

Her chaperone during that year, Anamaria Cumba, who wrote the book The World of Miss Universe, spoke very highly of Arvidsson, who ended up being a superb Miss Universe. After crowning her successor, she became a Ford model and was one of the world’s most requested supermodels during many years.


Special thanks to Alberto Dubal!


Miss U66 in a commercial for Royal Cola

Top 5: India (4th), Finland (2nd), Sweden (1st), Thailand (3rd), Israel (5th)


Margareta was Sweden's 2nd Miss Universe

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  • Lobis

    Y sigo insistiendo donde estan Cecilia, Ieda, Denisse, Lara ya deberian haber ocupado estos puestos

  • Julio

    Estan en sus casas, ocupadas con sus vidas, o que se yo!
    Ahora hablando en serio, que le hace creer que las favoritas de otras personas sean las mismas que las tuyas?? Eres el dueño de la verdad?? Tu y muchos otros por aca!
    Yo le agradezco a Global Beauties por un trabajo tan bello, por tanta informacion preciosa, y fotos geniales. Que gente mas molesta!!

  • Sam

    Interesting, Miss Finland actually said that to Miss Sweden!? Unfortunately, both countries don’t send strong representatives to the pageant anymore…

    • Lauralee

      Hi, I am from Finland. While this article mentions she (Satu Östring, Miss Finland) said that to Miss Sweden when she was sitting on the throne after the crowning, based on the story (an article in a Finnish magazine) I read about all this as a child, it happened in Margarita’s hotel room lateron that night. According to that article, Margareta was lying in her hotelroom bed, crying her eyes out and telling everybody in that room that she did not want to be Miss Universe, she did not want to be like a prison in jail, surrounded by chaperones all year long, etc. She openly threatened to give up her Miss Universe crown. Some members of the Swedish delegation also present in that room were trying to tell Margareta that what she was planning to do would be “shameful towards her native country Sweden”, etc. but Margareta just cried and cried. Miss Finland was present as well and she went besides Margareta’s bed, took her hand and told her: “Don’t worry, don’t cry – if you really don’t want to be Miss Universe and do the job, I most certainly do! I do can take over and take the crown!” And having heard Miss Finland say these words, Margareta got up and said with a brand new determination in her voice: “Okay, let’s see how it will all work out! I won’t be giving up my crown, after all!” Again this is the story I read about it as a child. But I have no idea if this is how it all really went. In any case, Margareta was feeling very unhappy first and just wanted to give up the crown, but Miss Finland telling her that she would be more than happy to take over and to take her place made her change her mind, LOL! :)

      Miss Finland that year sure was a classical beauty, very beautiful, but so was Margareta. Thailand was absolutely lovely, Israel maybe the most beautiful of them all – in her biblical costume and everything, she sure looked like she could grace any major biblical Hollywood epic! What a wonderful year and a wonderful top 5!

      • Lily

        I really don’t get this women who go through everything just to compete but then say they don’t want to win. It’s like running a race but not wanting to win. What’s the point? There are so many other ladies that would rather take their place and do the job. If you don’t want the job, then why apply? Sheesh.

        • Tina

          I think EGO plays the biggest role in a beauty queen’s live. Let’s face it, if a beauty queen really wanted to help the poor and down trodden and volunteer her services at charitable institutions, she could do that on her own without a sash and tiara. But there would be no prizes or fame involved and that’s the main reason why she enters a pageant.

          Even today, I doubt many of the recent major international pageant winners wanted the job associated with winning. But it is clear they wanted the title of being named the most beautiful of the competition. In Margareta’s case, she didn’t care about the title until Miss Finland told her that she was happy to take it. Margareta’s ego kicked in and she decided she didn’t want anyone else to get the title even though she didn’t want the “job”.

          On a beauty standpoint, THAILAND and ISRAEL were light years ahead of Margareta in terms of beauty (in my view).

          I hope CECILIA BOLOCCO and XIMENA NAVERRETE are next to be eliminated since I feel Top 20 is way too high for both of them.

          • Lauralee

            To Tina: Well indeed, based on that story I read about it all as a child, it was at the very moment when Miss Finland interfered and told the crying Margareta that she could and would gladly take it all when Margareta announced that she is not gonna give up her crown and her title, after all! Actually, that article was clearly hinting that had Miss Finland NOT interfered after all, it might have been more than likely that Margareta would indeed have given up her title! :) Well, we can never know, but Satu Östring herself confessed lateron that she deeply regretted having gotten involved in that post-crowning mess and drama with one word; clearly she had indeed been and was still asking herself what just might have happened if she had NOT said all that to Margareta that night! :)

        • Lauralee

          To Lily: Yeah, you are absolutely right… but then many of these girls are very young while entering the competition and most obviously some of them aren’t really aware of what being the reigning Miss Universe and working as such really means. Then during the competition they start realizing it little by little and also realize how tied to the organization they will be their entire reign through. I guess it’s like a fairy tale dream first and then everything changes (as usual regarding big dreams) when reality steps in. Remember how Zuleyka Rivera told that at one point, she just wanted to give it all up and how openly relieved some Top 5 placers have indeed looked out when announced as RUs, LOL! :) One of the most moving ones I think was the lovely Roberta Capua back in 1987 – the way her tears were flooding when Cecilia Bolocco was crowned most certainly told us that she was not crying out of disappointment but out of sheer relief! :) Anyway, Margareta ended up being a great Miss Universe at the end.

    • AlexRio


      Wrong. Finland got a crown in 1975 with Anne Marie Pohtamo and Sweden in 1984 with Yvonne Riding.

  • Luciano C.

    A true beauty queen!

  • vic

    Muy de acuerdo con Julio…todos creen que por el hecho de que sus favoritas no ocupen lugares estratégicos el trabajo de Global Beauties no es correcto…son puntos de vista personales de los jueces…algunos estarán de acuerdo y otros no…

  • VictorG

    Sweden’s Margareta Arvidsson was my very first Miss Universe, I picked her as the winner from the Parade of Nations during the telecast in July 1966. She was unbelievably chic and beautiful and she burst into tears upon being named the winner. Her first runner-up, the gorgeous Satu Charlotta Ostring, went on to capture the Miss Scandinavia crown later that year (the only brunette among 4 blondes in the top 5) and was first runner-up to Miss International 1969.

    Margareta enjoyed a career as a top fashion model during the late 1960s and early 1970s, gracing the covers of many US magazines with her incredibly changeable beauty. She married fashion and art photographer, Brazilian Otto Stupakoff, with whom she had two children before their divorce a decade later.

    IMHO, Margareta Arvidsson will always be the most wonderful Miss Universe of them all, a great beauty with a sense of humor and style. I truly hope to see her at the Miss Universe Reunion at the 60th Anniversary Miss Universe Pageant in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in September.

  • Eric

    Sweden used to be kind of powerhouse back then… Btw, the TOP 5 was beautiful, especially, Finland.

  • Lily

    We have Gladis Zender Miss Universe 1957 from Peru and Miss Universe 1953 from France from the 50s.
    We have Marleni Schmidt from Germany Miss Univere 1961? and Ieda Vargas from Brazil 1963 from the 60s.
    From the 70s, we have 1972 from Australia, 1974 from Spain, 1975 from Finland, 1977 from Trinidad and Tobago and 1978 from South Africa. AM I missing anyone?
    From the 80s, we have Barbara Palacios from Venezuela Miss Universe 1986, Cecilia Bolocco from Chile Miss Universe 1987 and Angela Visser from Holland MIss Universe 1989.
    From the 90s ALicia Machado from Venezuela Miss Universe 1996 is the only one remaining.
    From the 00s, We have Lara Dutta from INdia 2001, Denisse QUiñonez from Puerto Rico 2001, Oxana F. From Russia 2002, Jennifer Hawkins from Australia 2004, Natalie Glecova from Canada 2005, Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela 2008 and Ximena Navarrete from Mexico 2010

  • dilip indian

    miss india yasmin daji is not wearing an evining gown.she is in sari,coz in those days in india saris were worn in lieu of evening gowns.i thing mu in those times didnt have strict rules regarding dresses

  • Garh

    Loving the reviews of the early years of the 60s & 70s. They are so informative.
    Thought the 80s & some parts of the 90s were the best years of MU but am thinking the 60s & 70s were definitely the
    heyday. Just say they don’t make the pageants like this anymore and great that these beauties are ranking high.
    Looking forward to the final 20.

  • Mariano

    Yo creo que globalbeauties deberia eliminar las dos (2) puntuacions mas altas y las dos (2) puntuaciones mas bajas. Hay un par de jurados que estan dando un 8.00 a la mayoria de las misses, favoreciendo asi a sus pocas preferidas. Por otro lado, hay un par de jurados que favorecen a todas con mas de 9.00, lo cual otorga a los jurados del puntaje de 8.00 control de todo el conteo.

    • Mariano

      cambie de pensar y creo que se deberia eliminar las tres (3) puntuaciones mas altas y las tres (3) puntuaciones mas bajas.

      • Cicinho

        Mariano, ahi dice en Global Beauties, o lo dijeron al empezar que el jurado voto y eso se cerro hace meses. Nadie esta votando ya. Cada jurado entrego sus votos y nadie vio lo que los otros votaban. Solo los webmasters saben el orden en que clasificaron las bellezas. Ni siquiera el jurado sabe. Asi que no se puede hablar de ‘influencia’ o ‘favoritismo’.

  • Javierox

    This is to Global Beauties:

    You have to see closely what Toledo and Prendiz ( both Puertorricans ) are doing inside this countdown to Venezuelan Queens, they both has given the lowest score 8.0 to Stefania, Irene, & Maritza, they are no acting in unbiased base, it is known the rivalry that Puertorricans always want to have against Venezuelan Queens, and these 2 judges are taking advantage here against Venezuelan Miss Universe´s, prejudicing and damaging Venezuelan Queens scores. This countdown now seems to me NOT truthful after seeing what Toledo and Prendiz are doing here in the same way at the same time, it seems a pre-agreed strategy of both puertorricans against Venezuelan Queens.

    • Steven

      I think that Prendiz is American…

    • admin

      Dear Javier,
      As fas as we know, Prendiz is American with Mexican roots, he has nothing to do with Puerto Rico (at least that’s what we’ve always been told). As for Edwin Toledo, he has scored most winners from Puerto Rico in the low 8,0s as well. He is the webmaster of a respected blog, and also as far as we know, holds nothing against Venezuelans or any other nationalities. As a matter of fact, he gave perfect 10s to two Venezuelan winners (yet to be announced).
      More than anything, this was created to celebrate the history of Miss Universe when it’s about to celebrate its 60th edition. Nobody here intends to favor winners from one country or another, our judges have simply voted, being clueless about how the remaining judges voted, expressing their personal opinions and tastes. The main criteria was BEAUTY, and how relative it is, isn’t it??
      We understand the passion behind it, especially in some countries where pageants are taken very seriously, but be assured that our primary intention is to review the 59 editions of Miss U which have already taken place, adding some exciting to it with the Most Beautiful Miss Universe contest. In the end, they are all winners, they are all beautiful. It happens that this panel of judges ranked them like this, and we have full respect for their backgrounds in pageantry and the way they scored each Miss Universe. For a long time (maybe 10 years?) this will be GB’s Official Ranking. You can make your own ranking and share it with other people, who should also respect your personal opinion and taste.
      We suggest you to relax, and enjoy it.

      • PW

        Nice point of view GB! We´re enjoying the review and ranking! We can or can´t be agree with some places or not, but the most important thing is… THE REVIEW, THE HISTORY OF EACH YEAR :D

      • prinpoleon

        bravo great speech gb jejejeje

      • El mata complejos

        Con esto queda demostrado q son otros los q se dedican a se~alar sin saber. Tanto fanatismo les llevo a inventarse nacionalidades y hasta atreverse a acusar a los jueces. Me pregunto q piensan este y otros foristas ahora q el UNICO juez de Puerto Rico ha favorecido mas a las Venezolanas q a las Puertorriquenas? Se atreveran a desprestigiar su objetividad? En ningun momento observe comentario alguno de boricuas quejandose por el voto de Toledo hacia sus reinas por traicion o algo semejante. Entonces quien la tiene contra quien? Los puertorriquenos contra los venezolanos o los venezolanos contra los puertorriquenos? Lo q hace el complejo.

    • Mariano

      The Prendiz you are mentioning is not Puerto Rican, he is Colombian. Toledo scored an 8.00 to almost all of them, including Deborah and Marisol, or Zuleyka and Dayanara I believe.

  • Kate

    Margarita Arvidsson ranked 18th in GB’s 2001 contest.

  • Anaxagoras

    Raro no ver hasta el momento a ningun Pro-Venezuela diciendo que su representante era mejor que Margareta!!! jejeje (si ya se una muy mala broma)

    Al igual que todos, tenemos a nuestras favoritas y menos favoritas, sin embargo creo que algunos cruzan la línea de hacer un comentario de favoritismo hacia un comentario algo o muy ofensivo. Es un hecho que el estereotipo de belleza con el cual empezó el concurso ha cambiado desde un inicio. Quiere atreverme a comentar que en ése entonces la belleza era lo que importaba más que la preparación intelectual, espiritual y diplomática. Y creo que ésto fué tomando importancia a lo largo de los años en que se fué celebrando el concurso. Sin embargo la belleza física sigue siendo la esencia de éste concurso.
    También me atrevería a decir que la mayoría de los que están participando con su opinión, son gente muy joven, que se está dejando o se dejó seducir por los “looks” que se tienen actualmente (más cirugia plástica, que belleza natural)como estereotipo de los concursos de belleza y no están pensando de manera objetiva ( no niego que haya comentarios de éste tipo, sin embargo hay algunos que son molestos)

    Margareta así como muuuchas otras ganadoras, tuvieron ese “algo” que las otras particpantes carecieron en sus respectivos años. No niego que durante el tiempo que he visto el concurso, he tenido mis favoritas y en algunas veces no concuerdan con la ganadora. Sin embargo yo, así como muchos, tengo mi propio ranking y mis argumentos para posicionar a cada una, sin la intención de insultar o minimizar su logro. Lo cual no he visto con frecuenca aquí. Siento que la intención de los comentarios es ofender a las ganadoras y hasta al país de origen de algunas.

    En algunas posiciones he estado de acuerdo como en otras no. Sin embargo, alguien comentó algo de manera objetiva: ESTE RANKING NO VA A CAMBIAR LA HISTORIA !!!

    Ojalá y la gente haga más comentarios acerca de las reseñas o de otras participantes del mismo concurso, que de que ya quieren ver a tal ganadora, porque en su opinión personal piensan o creen que son las más feas y no merecen estar mejor posicionadas que sus favoritas.

    Me gusta éste ranking y tengo mis opiniones al respecto, sin embargo a veces pienso que los creadores de éste en lugar de hacer algo positivo están haciendo algo negativo al fomentar los comentarios viscerales que algunos participantes hacen.
    Me pregunto si toooodas las ganadoras de Miss Universo los estarán leyendo ???Y si es así, seguro cuando leen un comentario de : ” Ésta no merecía este ranking” ó “Ésta es la mas fea”. Seguró dirán en su adentro:


    • James

      This does come across just a little bit hypocritical when you question the victory of every Venezuelan simply based on their national origin Anaxagoras.

  • davve

    its not that sweden dont send strong delegates anymore..because they do… but europeans dont stand a chance in MU anymore because of the heavy latina bias of the MU organization

  • Mr Brightside

    what was the tie when the top 5 was announced???… wasn’t this the year in which latin candidates complained about being “ignored” by the press? Still both Colombia and Peru did an awesome job they were really cute

  • Antorcha

    Great placing for beautiful Margareta! She deserves the crown but in this contest, it’s official that Anne-Marie Pohtamo is the most beautiful scandinavian MU.

  • prinpoleon

    in my opinion yvonne riding is the most beautiful miss sweden she deserved change place with margaretta in my ranking she place 32 the 21 place is for sushmita sen from india .)

  • prinpoleon

    wow miss finland does not lose the time for any ways she want the crown jejeje and margaretta not want the crown and is true than some candidates say than the MU is a jail what hapend in the “backstage” of miss universe -.’

  • Mariano

    How many of those 15 judges also judged 10 years ago? I remember seeing Mpule somewhere around the 19th or 20th position.

  • Daniel

    Cuando atacan a alguien tanto es por lo fuerte que es esta candidata, que le tienen miedo a ella. Denisse Quinones la mas bella de todas

  • Rob

    Miss Philippines’ gown was a baro’t saya, a formal gown for the Filipina.

  • PW

    1. Angela Visser
    2. Dayana Mendoza
    3. Oxana Fedorova
    4. Jennifer Hawkins
    5. Amparo Muñoz

  • Mariano

    1. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Cristiane Martel
    3. Oxana Federova
    4. Amparo Munoz
    5. Denise Quinones

    • Neiti Hattunen

      I hope to see this TOP-5:
      1. Dayana Mendoza
      2. Anne-Marie Pohtamo
      3. Oxana Fedorova
      4. Amparo Muñoz
      5. Ximena Navarrete or Denise Quiñones

      and the next five to drop:
      Jennier Hawkins
      Barbara Palacios
      Cecilia Bolocco
      Margareth Gardiner
      Gladys Zender

  • Dante

    Lovely lady. So many beautiful women competed that year. Although I don’t like when a candidate openly declares she doesn’t have any interest on winning. If they don’t show any kind of respect or apreciation towards the Tittle, then they don’t deserve to win at all.

  • Luuk

    Hard to see her beating Maritza Sayalero! Lol

    Anyway, I have a strong feeling Amparo Munoz of Spain will be Number 1.

  • QuTeSTuFF

    Here are my TOP 5>>>

    1…OXANA FEDEROVA….2002
    2…LARA DUTTA……2000
    3…AMPARO MUNOZ…..1974




  • Antorcha

    5) Anne- Marie Pohtamo
    4) Gladys Zender
    3) Angela Visser
    2) Natalie Glebova
    1) Oxana Fedorova

    Janelle, Amparo, Dayana, Ieda Maria, and Lara to round out top 10. Congrats to Australia for having Kerry-Anne and Jennifer in top 20.

  • Ist

    1° Jennifer Hawkins

    2° Oxana Fedorova

    3° Natalie Glebova

    4° Dayana Mendoza

    5° Angela Visser


    3- AMPARO MUÑOZ – SPAIN – 1974

  • Daniel

    No entiendo que hace Oxana Fedorova en las listas de ustedes, que yo sepa la despojaron de la corona y ademas ya Justine Pasek figuro aquí. No puede haber dos reinas el mismo año.

    • GEORGE

      Oxana está compitiendo ya que ella fue la GANADORA del Miss Universo 2002, que haya dejado la corona meses después es asunto aparte, ella fue electa MU y reinó por varios meses, Justine asunió las funciones como 1ra finalista, pero la verdadera ganadora fue Oxana y reinó como MU por ello, reconocida o no por la OMU, para muchos de nosotros los fans es la MU 2002 y no sólo ello, sino la MU más bella de la historia !!!

  • Dencil de Mexico

    No puede ser !!! Otra de mis maximas favoritas fuera de la lista.
    Para mi las 3 mas hermosas son:

    1) Christian Martell Francia 53
    2) Margareta Arvidsson Suecia 66
    3) Maritza Sayalero Venezuela 79

    No quiero imaginar quien sera la ganadora de G.B.

  • Daniel

    Denisse Quinones la mas bella, simplemente espectacular cuando gano en todo y muy inteligente que es lo mas importante


    here are my top 5
    1)dayana mendoza 2008
    2)angela visser 1989
    3)christeane martel 1953
    4)jenifer hawkins 2004
    5)alicia machado 1996

  • Daniel

    Oxana no puede estar compitiendo ya que una de las posiciones ya la ocupo Justine Pasek, y de hecho ya salio aquí. Te guste o no solo se elige una por año, aunque ella es bellisima la realidad es que se fue y oficialmente la miss universo 2002 es Justine Pasek. Seria muy injusto para otras candidatas que le den una posición a la que despojaron y otra posición a la que paso a ser miss universo. ¿Donde esta la objetividad?

    • GEORGE

      Oxana es la MU 2002 Ganadora, Justine sólo fue la sustituta, GB considera a todas la que han llevao el título de Miss Universo y Oxana lo ganó y lo portó por meses, Justine sólo lo heredó dadas las circunstancias, y el hecho de que haya dejado el título no la demerita como MU y mucho menos cuando se trata de reconocer su belleza que sin duda debe ser la número 1 de la historia.

      • Jesse

        Oxana fue despedida por la Organización Miss Universo. En sus records OFICIALES no la cuentan como una de sus reinas. Por su puesto que el hecho que la hayan despedido la desmerita completamente. Evidentemente tú eres fanático de la mujer y la consideras hermosa pero no hables disparates, si te despiden de un empledo es porque NO LO MERECES.
        En cuanto a la belleza de Oxana, está increíblemente sobrevaluada. No creas que todo el mundo comparte tu opinión. Muchos preferimos mujeres con más vida, no con la palidez y falta de carisma de Oxana. A ti te gustan las europeas super blancas; pero muchos preferimos las latinas llenas de vida y pasión, y la espiritualidad de las Indias o el glamour de las asiáticas. Oxana dista mucho de ser la más bella.

        • xessppe

          yo entiendo la posicion de George y esta claramente fundamentada.! pero jesse y daniel tienen razon.! osea.! si la misma MUO no acepta a oxana y oficialmente para ellos no es una ganadora porque la GB o nosotros tenemos que pasar por encima de sus normas? es su organizacion, son sus reglas y ya.! que hubiese pasado si justin 2 meses despues sale embarazada y la despiden y le dan el puesto a la china que quedo 2da finalista? ya serian 3 MU en un año.! como se tomaria eso? 3 ganadoras en un año? lo dudo.!

          Oxana sin duda es top 3.! Esa mujer es de otro mundo.! BELLISIMA.! (a pesar de que estuvo un poco aburrida cuando gano y a mi parecer su vestido parecia un trapo amarrado, era todo menos un vestido serio) sin embargo.! no es una miss universe oficial.!

        • GEORGE

          Jamás dije que a todos nos guatara Oxana, se que hay quienes como tú prefieren latinas, Oxana entonces está sobrevaluada hasta para los jueces del MU ya que el 9.88 que posee como récord en traje de baño no se lo otorgué yo!! Por favor! los disparates no los vengas a decir tú, aquí se está evaluando a las MU por su belleza y la OMU podrá decir misa, el mundo lo que vió en en MU 2002 fue la coronación de una imponente rusa que barrió con todas y con justa razón, eso es lo que importa, o tu crees que al público le interesa a quien la OMU tiene en su página como mu 2002, donde los videos del certamen no mienten, mu 2002 is Russia !!

          • xessppe

            ok.! Take it easy boy.! en realidad no me importa si oxana esta o no.! solo que los otros 2 tienen razon al igual que tu.! y si algun dia la MUO decide hacer los mismo que hace la GB ahora.! te aseguro que oxana no va a aparecer en ningun lado.! les guste o no a los fans.! a la final el que elige a la MU son los “jueces”, no los fans.!

            nota: los resumenes estan excelentes.! pero el jurado no me parece de expertos sino de fanaticos, sin embargo van mas o menos.! lo bueno viene pronto.!

  • Daniel

    Cuando se compite en las olimpiadas si despojan a alguien de su medalla por lo que fuera, el ganador es a el que le dieron la medalla, thats it.

  • Joselo

    Global Beauties ha incluido a Oxana y a Justine en esta eleccion. Este es un resumen que todos deberiamos agradecer porque es muy interesante saber detalles de todos los diferentes anos ya que no todos sabemos que ocurre en el backstage o cosas que no se ven en television. Todos los dias estoy pegado para ver cual es la proxima que va a salir y no hay que ser tan grave o comenzar a decir barbaridades de los jueces o de las ganadoras de otros paises solo porque el pais de uno ya ha sido eliminado o porque quedo en una posicion mas baja de lo que pensaban. A disfrutar de este hermoso resumen. Excelente trabajo periodistico. Muchisimas felicidades a los que trabajan en Global Beauties.

  • Felipe

    My favorites:

    1 – OXANA
    2 – JANELLE
    3- JENIFER
    4 – DAYANA
    5- GLADYS , ANGELA , …

    PS 1 – Until the end , I might change my opinion , but from number 4 on ,,,Oxana , Janelle and Jenifer are my top 3 .
    PS 2 – There so many people who simply love Oxana ( like me ) Why is that ? BEAUTY !

  • Aster21


  • Daniel

    1-Denisse Quinones
    2-Dayana Mendoza
    3-Natalie Glevoba
    4-Lara Dutta
    5-Barbara Palacios

  • Ed

    1- Oxana. 2- Natalie. 3- Jennifer. 4- Alicia 5- Angela

  • Alexis

    Next should be Ieda!
    Top 5:
    Top 10:

  • Andy

    Oxana is boring!!!. Too pale and such lifeless eyes. Oxana fans need to stop assuming eveyone shares that boring super pale white ideal of beauty.

  • Miss Panocha International

    Miss Panocha International opina: Hola amiguitas del del Universo, como diría mi comadre y gran amiga Barbie Palacios ¿Como estan? Epero que disfrutando de las nuevas noticias que nuestra página favorita de Global Beauties nos dá dia con dia. El concurso de la Miss Universo mas bella ya casi termina. A estas alturas no creo que los resultados sean de real importancia ya que hemos visto cada cosa que casi todos nos quedamos ¿Que es etzzzoo? ¡Por Dios! Comentaba con mi comadre Miss Monda World, que al igual que yó también sabe lo que es ser reina de belleza, que esta competencia se pone cada vez mas y mas rara y lo peor es que cuando la gente opina su sentir no falta alguna que otra jotita que quiere venir a enseñarle a la gente como deben de escribir o como deben expresar sus sentimientos. Manitas, ya se que son Ustedes son personas muy letradas, pero dejen que los demás se expresen como deseen. Como todo concurso, siempre habrá gente que esté de acuerdo y gente que no. Les saludo y les mando mil cariños. Su amiga Miss Panocha International.

  • Alberto

    1°: Angela Visser 1989 (Holland)
    2°: Oxana Federova 2002 (Russia)
    3°: Marlene Schmidt 1961 (Germany)
    4°: Jennifer Hawkins 2004 (Australia)
    5°: Dayana Mendoza 2008 (Venezuela)
    6°: Cecilia Bolocco 1987 (Chile)
    7°: Janelle Commissiong 1977 (Trinidad Tobago)
    8°: Natalie Glebova 2005 (Canada)
    9°: Alicia Machado 1996 (Venezuela)
    10°: Bárbara Palacios 1986 (Venezuela)

  • Neiti Hattunen

    Where are the results of the previous poll (was it in the year 2000 or 2001)? Who were in Top-10? Were the judges same persons? Are any of the judges from the european countries? What nationality are you – these last three questions for the judges, please?

  • Alexis

    Ay Diosss!! que manera de reirme! jajajaja… le pongo un 10 a tu comentario, saludos!


    Oxana Fedorova should be the number 1

    Her beauty is perfect!!!!

  • Flemström

    Javierox: Nobody has beem damaging the Venezuelan scores. Infact, Venezuela is damaging so much for other countries with the plastic surgeries and nose jobs. Keep in mind, in some countries, plastic surgery is forbidden when competing at the national selections and leads to disqualification.

  • Miss MONDA WORLD 2011

    ´´Kah pun kah´´ Aqui saludandolos como suelen hacerlo las hermosas misses tailandesas, la reinante Miss MONDA WORLD 2011, o sea, YO queridisimas. Si, definitivamente estos resultados de este prestigioso evento me estan dejando como condorito, o sea, semi desmayada y con las piernas al aire. Solo espero que, de las que aun quedan, vayan sacando a las mas feitas y dejen a las verdaderamente Miss Universo bellas.
    Pero lo que mas me irrita, desespera y enoja son a las jotitas que se sienten soñadisimas, que se las saben toditas y se dedican a fastidiar a las verdaderas reinas, las que si sabemos, o sea tu y yo queridisima amiga, Miss Panocha International.
    Ay, amiga mil disculpas, este cafecito esta riquisimo pero ya son dos mensajes que me mandan pues requieren de mi presencia en el photshoot para Pantene Pro V.

    Besos mil!

    • Miss Panocha International

      Ay comadrita, tu siempre tan ocupada, pero bueno, la verdad todas las Miss Universo son bellas, de alguna manera u otra claro está. A mi lo que me parece extraño es que reinas tan controversiales a las que les há llovido sobre mojado como Alicia Machado, la bella Denisse Quiñones y otras mas, aún sigan en la competencia, ese es mi punto de vista (Espero no venga una de las comadres muy letradas a querer corregirme o enseñarme como expresarme). Pero en fin, aquí estamos de chismoosas pendientes del mitote ¿Y como no? Si esto es de lo mas divertido. Espero que así como Alexis, todas nos unamos para divertirnos a lo grande en esta espectacular afición que son los concursos de belleza. Bueno amiga, ya no te escribo mas porque se que tienes que ir a grabar tus comerciales para pagar la renta, además el botox no es nada barato. Te quiero a ti y a todas. BESOS Y SONRISAS.


    que les pasa a miss monda world 2011 y a la otra encerio son reinas de belleza o se la inventan?



  • James

    Seriously judges?. Ximena Navarrete is better looking than this Swedish goddess???. I hope you at least get the top 10 right.

  • KL

    When will be the next recap. I would like to tell everybody how the judges are voting so far!


    Este es mi top 5:

    1. La más bella miss Universo: Dayana Mendoza Mi elegida.
    2. Segundo Lugar: Barbara Palacios.
    3. Tercer Lugar: Oxana Fedoroba.
    4. Cuarto lugar: Alicia Machado.
    5. Quinto Lugar: Jennifer Hawkins.

    Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universo 2008 es sin duda la más bella miss universo de toda la historia de este concurso, ella fue un encanto esa noche en Vietnam, Los Vietnamitas se volvieron locos con ella, Causó Sensación y revuelo desde que piso suelo en vietnam, Dayana es muy esquisita, tiene un magnetismo increíble que nos envuelve a todos, es toda una Diosa Mitológica, una niña muy preparada y me cautivo más cuando estremeció la pasarela como toda una Super Modelo, Tenia la mejor pasarela y una presencia en el escenario nunca vista en este concurso, además ella irradió gran personalidad y elocuencia en la pregunta final dando una respuesta muy original y con una gran rapidez mental. Dayana se merece esta victoria porque es la miss universo más rentable de todas, dicho por el propio dueño del Miss Universo Donald Trump… Dayana representa lo que yo considero un paquete completo en una miss que es la belleza llevada de la mano con un carisma inigualable, es cierto que la belleza es algo subjetivo pero en Dayana la reconocemos a plenitud. DAYANA MENDOZA MI FABORITA NUMERO UNO PARA ESTA CONTIENDA.

    En cuanto a Barbara Palacios, Miss Universo 1986, ella es sinónimo de elegancia, belleza y de inteligencia juntas Barbara me sorprendió con ese traje azul que lucio esa noche en panamá, Fue el claro vencedor esa noche, además es necesario recordar cuando respondió en el instante de la pregunta final que su “nombre era Panamá” Cuando dio esa respuesta el público la aclamó… En este momento Barbara esta mas bella que nunca una empresaria de productos de belleza exitosa y una escritora de libros que realsa la autoestima y la superación personal… BARBARA PALACIOS ES MI FABORITA NUMERO DOS.

    Oxana Fedoroba, Miss Universo 2002, Fue una lastima que perdiera su corona, Oxana es toda una Diosa, Esa noche del miss universo 2002 nos cautivó con su muy bien trabajada figura y belleza en general. A pesar de que es una Miss Universo destronada, ella es mi verdadera miss universo 2002 no hay otra, si no hubiera perdido su corona de seguro seria una excelente miss universo, pero no pudo con la responsabilidad de ser miss universo y por eso la destronaron.

    Alicia Machado, Miss Universo 1996, Esta mujer muy polémica es una reverde con causa muy simpatica, El volcán en erupción Alicia Machado fue el claro vencedor esa noche en las Vegas con una presentación en traje de baño fuera de este mundo, en su traje de noche fue muy angelicar y elegante a la ves, en su entrevista fue muy jovial y con una personalidad avasalladora, En esa noche del concurso todos sabíamos que era el claro ganador, y solo nos dejo con la duda de quien quedaría en segundo lugar, porque el primer lugar era obvio que era para ella, fue una victoria arrolladora, el huracán Alicia se llevo todo a su paso por el miss universo, despues que ganó el miss universo su aumento de peso y su actitud gerrera en contra del magnate y co propietario del certamen Donald Trump la llevo directo a la fama siendo hasta ahora la Miss Universo más publicitada de toda la historia. Es una exitosa actriz en toda latinoamerica. Alicia es quizás la Miss Universo mas autentica de todas, es la que no tiene miedo de decir lo que piensa y lo que siente aunque esto amerite una polemica, ella cambió la historia de este concurso en un antes y un despues. ALICIA MACHADO ES MI FABORITA NUMERO CUATRO SUERTE MI BELLA ALICIA.

    Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universo 2004, Esta rubia es toda una muñeca en ese momento del miss universo 2004 era una de las grandes favoritas en ecuador, Jennifer fue todo un Barbie, ella es MI FABORITA NUMERO CINCO.

    Posdata: Espero que los jueces y esta página, tomen en cuenta mi modesta opinión ya que la voz del pueblo es la voz de Dios.

    • NANANA

      DAYANA LA MEJORRRRRRR 1000000%%%%%%%%%% y jennifer tambien

      • Cobb

        Si Dayana en el MU no pudo liderear la competencia,(SIEMPRE ESTUVO DEBAJO DE COLOMBIA), mucho menos merece ser nombrada la más bella, por lo menos hay 10 más bellas y naturales que ella, compitiendo por ser la MUMB.

        • Andy

          Ha habido muchísimos casos donde la venezolana gana todas la preliminares y queda como primera finalista, y no sólo venezolanas sino de otros países, sin embargo los únicos que aún están llorando e inventando excusas para la derrota de Taliana son sus fans. Taliana inclusive visitó los medios de comunicación en Caracas y se mostro contenta de la victoria merecida de Dayana.

        • NANANA

          no seas cobarde que muchas bellezas no han tenido lo mejores promedio como margaret gardiner y si fuera por puntos ya tendriamos el back to back por milka chulina y carolina izsack osea dayana es la mas bella de todas y si fuera por puntos la ganadora seria alicia machado 9.8 en todas las competencias algo que ni oxana hizo asi que no hables


    hasta yo escuche que durante todo el miss universo 2008 dayana era una de las pocas candidatas que necesitaba mas proteccion de los fans por que todos la conocian del elite look model y de todo lo que hizo como modelo

  • pop

    Margareta, Miss Universe 1966, ranked 28th in my ranking with the score 9.29 .

  • Alex

    This #21 position is quite ridiculous, Margareta is one of the most stunning MU ever, best nordic of all.

    Deserved to be in TOP 5 by far!

  • Ethel

    Judging from these photos, I wouldn’t even have considered Miss Sweden on looks, let alone her poor, immature attitude. Shouldn’t even have been a contestant, IMO. Miss Finland was far more beautiful, and I liked Miss Israel as well. Very disappointing result in 1966.

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