11th place – Miss Universe 1977 – Janelle Commissiong

11th place – Janelle Commissiong, Trinidad & Tobago

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Miss Universe 1977, the 26th edition of the pageant, was held at the National Theater, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on July 16, 1977. The Caribbean country hosted the pageant hoping to promote tourism. A record of 80 participant countries competed, a number considered high for Miss Universe standards even nowadays. Antigua, British Virgin Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Reunion, St. Kitts e St. Lucia, debuted that year.  Bob Barker and Helen O’Connell hosted the pageant.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago in national costume

Santo Domingo, the first city founded in the New Continent, was venue for Miss Universe in times when the Dominican Republic was under a totalitarian regime, just like several other countries which hosted the Miss Universe pageant in those times.

82 contestants were supposed to compete, however, Miss Martinique was not allowed to for being under age (16), and Turkey wanted to send the same candidate who had competed in 1976, something against Miss Universe’s rules. 80 was the final number.


Most of the 16 black beauties who competed often complained about the treatment they received from press journalists and photographers, who always chose to photograph and interview the white beauties.

The big favorites for the crown were Misses Germany,  Marie-Luise Gassen, Holland, Ineke Berends, USA, Kimberly Tomes, Venezuela, Cristal Montañez, Argentina, Maritza Elizabet Jurado, and Scotland, Sandra Bell.

Other possibilities were Austria, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and France.


Janelle Commissiong, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, was always a popular beauty in the Dominican Republic, but never a favorite. She started being noticed 4 days before the big final, when she was voted “Miss Photogenic”. Many thought she was too short (1.65 m-tall) to be Miss Universe. Besides, a black beauty had never won the title.

Among the judges, the popular singer Dionne Warwick, supermodel Wilhelmina, former Miss Universe Marisol Malaret, from Puerto Rico, and fashion designers Oscar de La Renta and Roberto Cavalli. Cavalli would later get married to Miss Austria, Eva Maria Düringer.

The 5 finalists

With a great production and a stage reproducing the colonial architecture of Santo Domingo, Miss Universe 1977 kicked off in great style.

The Top 12 semi-finalists were:  Scotland, Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A., Germany, Venezuela, Austria, Spain, Argentina, Nicaragua, Colombia, Holland, and Dominican Republic.

The surprises were Misses Spain and Dominican Republic, although the last one may have placed for being the hometown girl. Miss Nicaragua made the cut for the first time with the very elegant Beatriz Obregón Lacayo.

Top 2

Miss Germany was very representative of the 1970’s women: modern, alternative. When interviewed by Bob Barker, she did not hesitate to say: “I need a drink!”. She also stated that her favorite magazine was PLAYBOY, which made co-host Helen O’Connel choke!

One of the main favorites for the crown, Miss Holland, Ineke Berends, perhaps one of the most striking faces in Miss Universe history, did not seem comfortable all night long and failed to advance to the ‘top 5′. She did much better in Miss World, where she was a runner-up.

Miss Argentina, Maritza Jurado, was one of the most elegant women around, and many thought she should have been a top 5 finalist.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Janelle Comissiong, showed confidence in her interview, a perfect figure (despite her lack of height), and was very elegant in a golden gown which made her look absolutely stunning.

Miss Universe and Miss USA 1977

The most applauded girls of the night were Dominican Republic, Austria, Trinidad & Tobago, Nicaragua, USA, Scotland, and Colombia.

The ones who advanced to the Top 5 were Germany, Scotland, Austria, Trinidad & Tobago and Colombia.

Although it was a beautiful group of finalists, there was no clear standout, and it was an open game at that point.

The 4th runner-up was Miss Germany; Colombia was announced next, as 3rd runner-up; Scotland was the 2nd runner-up; Miss Austria finished as 1st runner-up, and Janelle Comissiong, Miss Trinidad & Tobago, was the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe!

The crowd stood up to applaud her at that historical moment. Many contestants, especially the black delegates, jumped around in joy and tears, celebrating her victory, and judge Dionne Warwick said in tears: “It feels like I won”.

After 25 years, a black woman was finally crowned Miss Universe!

During her reign, she was an advocate for black rights and world peace. Commissiong was awarded the Trinity Cross, the country’s highestaward, in 1977. Three postage stamps were also issued in her honour.

Janelle had one of the most extensive, having traveled to countries such as Iceland, Argentina, Hong Kong, Peru, Puerto Rico to the United States.



(The top 10:  1953, 1961, 1974, 1978, 1989, 2000, 2002-dethroned Oxana, 2004, 2008, 2010)

The queen kissed by the king, Michael Jackson

Top 5: Colombia (4th), Scotland (3rd), Trinidad & Tobago (1st), Austria (2nd), Germany (5th)

Black is Beautiful! Miss Universe 1977

132 comments to 11th place – Miss Universe 1977 – Janelle Commissiong

  • Dante

    Beautiful top 5 and a beautiful winner as well. Janelle deserves this spot, although I do not think she’s the most beautiful from the Caribean, but she’s definately the most beautiful of all the black MU. I like her reaction when the resuslts were revealed, she looked so cute. 1977 had another stunning first runner up with Austria’s Eva Duringer. Rina Messinger (the reigning MU) looked different from the day she was crowned, a little dissapointing.

  • Miss Charlize

    So, that leaves no black woman in the Top Ten…

    • Jay

      And so what?? Should GB “push” her to the top 10 only because she is black??? 11th place is a great placement for her.

    • AlexRio

      I don’t think the panel of juty judges the girls by their skin colors, what are you talkig about?

      Janelle is overrated, a lot overrated, she’s common, very short, just a nice smile. Wendy Fitzwilliam ia better than her by far and is far behind, I can’t understand this thing…

      • lamarquise

        Althogh I have no problem with Janelle’s placement in this, I am also a bit disappointed that Wendy is out of the competition, way too early. Both ladies look amazing, and I don’t think it is fair to compare them, because they were 20 years apart. Beauty changes through generations. Interestingly: Wendy was chosen as the Grand Slam winner in 1998, yet she got eliminated early in this. Well, different judges, with different opinions.

      • Myra Lester

        I do think she is overrated as well. She is sweet but just like Margaret Gardiner, Cecilia Bolocco and so many others she placed way too high, and especially looking at the countless absolute and true stunners left behind her, so many of them getting eliminated in this poll ages ago. It was a beautiful top 5 back in 1977, but my winner would have been Austria or Colombia. Out of that top 5, I would place Janelle 3rd.

  • Felipe

    Well , well , it seems that black beauties still face prejudice given the fact that only one , I repeat , only one judge ( Guiraldes), had the guts to give Janelle 10. Shame on the others !

    • Edison

      You mean, all judges should give her 10. LOL. 11th placed is too much for her. I can’t believe that she get higher rank than Natalie Glebova! If I was one of judges, I’d give her 6. That year, stunning girl Germany or Scotland should win, not her.

    • prinpoleon

      yes but cecilia bolocco receive 5 perfect ten and natalie and janelle who only receive two 10 and one 10 remained in a better position the numbers of ten dont have anything to see

  • Emilia from Hungary

    I’m a white girl, but my favourite and No 1. was Janelle Commissiong, I think she would deserve the Top 5!

    • Pageant Guy1

      Hi Emilia , I think just looking at her you can see she is beautiful no plastic surgery and fake smile… i think she is really beautiful…

  • Andres Escalera

    WOW! I Can’t believe she placed higher than Natalie, Wendy Fetzwilliam, and many other behind her. She’s just facially beautiful at all.

    • AlexRio

      Not me too. Agreed. I think it is a political position, what would be sad.

      I’m angry to see her in 11th and Wendy in 31th. Why? Why this little girl is so better than Fitzwilliam? Can any sane people believe Janelle is better than Natalie Glebova in ANY issue?? Judges must give an explanation to their notes as “experts”.

      • Respect

        That’s disrespectful… I can’t believe people like you.

        Yes, I am VERY sane. I think she’s much prettier than Natalie. Accept that.

  • Ken

    Although Janelle did not receive many 10.00, she still have uniformly very high scores, that explains why she just narrowly misses the top 10 and even beat a bunch of winners with a lot of 10.00. Come on, not everything is about discrimination. None of the Oriental beauties even come close to the top 30. I do have to say that it will be wonderful if Janelle out-finished Margaret Gardiner, but I have pointed out before, that the judges may want to have at least one contestant from each of the populating continent finishing in the top 10, otherwise Margaret does not really deserve to be ranked so high.

  • Luisa

    I gasped when I saw how low Janelle was ranked. Granted, I’m pulling for Christine Martel after the elimination of Margareta Arvidson [forgive my spelling, please], but having Janelle any lower than second or third is a mystery to me.

  • harold germino

    i was expecting janelle to be in the top ten…anyways this is my take on the rankings of the remaining winners…

    1. amparo munoz
    2. oxana fedorova
    3. marlene schmidt
    4. margaret gardiner
    5. dayana mendoza
    6. angela visser
    7. christiane martel
    8. lara dutta
    9. ximena navarette
    10.jennifer hawkins

    • Wizard

      Coincidentially or not both your winner and runner-up are the only two MU winners that never finished their reigns. That’s interesting.

  • WilliamNYC

    She was also interviewed by the late great Johnny Carson on the “Tonight Show”.

  • Naranja

    One of the most beautiful TOP-5 ever! Janelle is ok, but she is “only” a pretty, nice girl – not a beauty queen (I ranked her 31st). I find those four runner-ups more glamorous than Janelle.

  • Ken

    I’m surprised to see her go before 1961, 1978, and 2010. She was one of my favorite Miss Universe winners ever.

  • Will

    Really…. I Tink She In Top 5….!!! She Is Beauty…!!

  • prinpoleon

    janelle commisiong is so beautiful and michael jackson with janelle is great wow jeje in my ranking the place os janelle is 22 the 11 place is for chistane martel from france in my new top 10 janelle comissiong got the 11 place like this ranking

  • Kate

    Janelle Commissiong ranked 25th in GB’s 2001 contest.

    Let’s look at how the multiple winning countries are doing at the 5/6th mark:

    USA: 0 of 7
    Venezuela: 1 of 6
    Puerto Rico: 0 of 5
    Sweden: 0 of 3
    India, Australia, Mexico: 1 of 2
    Brazil, Philippines, Finland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Japan: 0 of 2

    How I think the top 10 will go:

    10. Margaret Gardiner
    9. Lara Dutta
    8. Ximena Navarrete
    7. Christiane Martel
    6. Marlene Schmidt
    5. Amparo Munoz
    4. Dayana Mendoza
    3. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Angela Visser
    1. Oxana Federova

  • jean

    dear commentators,

    As a judge I am insulted by the accusation of someone commentating.
    We are all pageant followers/connaisseurs …..every single one of us, reward the mu winners to hers/his own expertise….
    I am shocked to read that janelle only got one perfect ten……and they blame us of incompetence….

    sorry to spoil the fun….. we dont even know how every judge scored and we dont even know who will be numero uno…..

    I really feel sad to see the same comments every single time
    mexico yes mexico no
    venezuela yes venezuela no
    russia yes russia no ……

    commmentators are sometimes insaine…..I dont understand and I will never understand the negativity…

    we should all be celebrating beauty !!!!
    never forget these winners read your comments too and are somethimes hearthbroken….I can tell
    every single miss universe was a rightfull winner by votes!
    accept it and move on

    greetz jean vandecasteele

    • admin

      At least we know that there are many great people who appreciate it and see are enjoying it.
      Thanks for being part of our poll!!

    • AlexRio

      In my POV this poll, if includes Oxana Fedorova, is not a legitimate one, cause she’s not a MU being not officialy listed as one in the Miss Universe Organization website and all statistics. Period.

      I really would like to understand how Janelle could be placed so high and Wendy Fitzpatrick so low. This really doesn’t make ANY sense, for someone who has eyes.

      To Jean: Venezuelans , mexicans, colombians and the majority of commentators from Spanish America who are beauty pagenat fans are absolutely fanatic and boring. On You Tube videos their comments are absolutely disgusting with all fanatism and wars they make among themselves …. never mind..

      • arthurjoseph

        I agree- Oxana Fedorova should be excluded from this poll. Armi Kuusela and Amparo Munoz both did not finish their reign, but they were allowed to keep their titles and are recognised by MUO even today as former titleholders. Fedorova is not recognized by MUO at all. And though there is a video showing Oxana’s win that night in 2002, it should be MUO’s say that we should follow: they run the pageant, they choose the judges, they say who gets to keep the title. They own the title, it is theirs to bestow or revoke as they wish. We can only hope. So yes, Fedorova is a beauty, but since her dethronement she has not been considered a Miss Universe titleholder. If we include her in this list, why not include winners of Miss World, International, Super Model of the World, Look of the Year, etc.?

      • Jason

        Alex, that’s an extremely unfair accusation. There are nasty comments coming from everywhere. Some of the nastiest I’ve read in this ranking have been openly anti-latino messages, but apparently those are acceptable. All generalizations are bad Alex; I would not accuse all Brazilians of being fanatical and racist just because I read some offensive comments coming from them.

    • GARH

      Well said and as I said in an earlier post, the judges have no idea how or what the other judges gave these woman. People need to get a life! I don’t agree with some of the rankings but hey I am enjoying this countdown, and learning something new with each elimination.

    • Darril

      All of you have our support! And I have to tell u Jean: Great job!! Thank you to share with us your experiences!

    • Ken

      Thanks for taking the time to read some of the comments and actually put out a comment yourself. I think you are a fair judge. However, I cannot resist and I beg to differ from your view that some of the Miss Universe winners reading these comments would be hurt by fanatic fans. Do you think revealing the ranking of the bottom 20 or even 30 Miss Universe winners would not hurt their feelings? Some of the judges (not you) does not even respect many of the winners and give out a bunch of 8.00 to a lot of beautiful ladies!! Is that really respectful? I tell you what is respectful, is that GB only reveal the scores and ranking for those who finishes in the top 20, if GB decide to continue doing these polls in the future. I hope I am making some sense here.

      • VictorG

        You said a mouthful, Ken! Some of the posted comments are rude but to think that ranking the Miss Universe titleholders is not going to stir things up and hurt some feelings is disingenuous on the judges’ and this website’s part.

        I feel that the judging has been really harsh against the titleholders from the country that founded the Miss Universe Pageant, the USA. Four titleholders in the bottom 10? Only one to crack the top 30? That’s ludicrous! Especially when the woman with the biggest forehead in the universe scores number 13 in this ranking. Everyone has an opinion and that is mine.

        And the fact that at least 3 of the judges gave the lowest possible score to one third or more of the titleholders tells me something else: they know how to game the system. You can’t expect us to believe that pageant aficionados such as these judges don’t know how that works.

        This website has never discussed the criteria and the methods used to determine these scores and until they do, I think the results will understandably be called into question.

        • Myra Lester

          The problem here and with this poll is actually just 2-3 judges. A vast majority of them display huge professionalism free from individual or racial bias while scoring, just like Jean Vandercasteele, Harris, Fontes, Foulger and several others. And it makes it even more frustrating and more unfortunate to see that exactly like you said, there are 2-3 judges who with their obvious manipulative scoring spoil all the good work that all their fellow judges are doing and all the credibility that this poll would otherwise have. With a scale going from 8.0 to 10.0 the differences between individual scores are bound to be minimal so this kinda tactics does work here. Giving the lowest possible score to one third or even more of all the titleholders does speak for itself. We all have our individual personal tastes and they are bound to differ from each other so no matter who the judges there will always be surprising outcomes and dramatic eliminations or unfairly high placements with these kinda polls based solely on subjective tastes of a small group of people, but with this poll it has gone too far. And there are just 2-3 judges responsible for this.

          • Felipe

            Yes Myra ,
            I recommend to some of the 2-3 judges to read Freud a little. By doing so they will learn not to take people for granted.

          • D

            The ranking methodology can be improved to prevent, at least, a single judge giving multiple contestants the lowest score possible. The judges don’t actually score the contestants, but rank them in order from most favorite to least favorite. This can force ties to be broken or, if ties are allowed, it prevents ranking multiple contestants in absolutely last place. For example, say there are 60 contestants (as there are now). A judge ranks the top 29 but then decides that the remaining ones are tied. However, they don’t end up tied in 60th place. They end up tied in 30th place.

            The compiler of the results then can do one of two things: either average the ranks and rank the final list based on these averages;

            Or convert each rank to a specific score based on the rank. Each contestant ranked 1 gets a score of 10.0 while each contestant ranked 60 gets a score of 8.0. A contestant ranked 30 gets a score of 9.02 (in the example above, the judge who ties all remaining contestants in 30th place automatically gives each a score of 9.02 instead of 8.0) and a contestant ranked 47 gets a score of 8.44. Then average the scores and rank according to the average.

            Both of these methodologies prevent the judges from giving more than one contestant the lowest possible score. While you don’t get the spread of average scores you’d get using raw scores, you do prevent anyone from deliberately manipulating their own scores to help their favorites.

            I am not saying anyone is deliberately scoring in ways to help their favorites. I’m just suggesting what I see as stronger method of creating the final ranking.

          • arthurjoseph

            I agree with you completely, Myra Lester.

      • jean

        hey ken,

        even a miss universe is only human and take it for granted, they sure read the comments and know the scores…..
        after all global beauties is the biggest and most accurate site on pageantry…..not forgetting our to respect other big sites off course.

        greetz and lets have fun! jean

        • Ken

          Actually you are right. GB was and still is the best site about pageantry. Therefore we should have high expectations.

          • Felipe

            Ken ,
            You are such a gentleman and use the words very kindly, and more importantly , wisely
            Suggestion to Global Beauties : Invite this guy to be a judge next time. For sure he will not be so naive regarding to being criticized here.

    • Chris Kuntz

      Great Jean!!!

  • PW

    Oh, Janelle! ^.^
    Beautiful Miss Universe!

    Top 5 (without placement)
    -Amparo M.
    -Oxana F.
    -Angela V.
    -Dayana M.
    -Jennifer H.

    Top 10 (by placement)

    6. Marlene S.
    7. Christiane M.
    8. Ximena N.
    9. Margaret G.
    10. Lara D.

  • Mariano

    I can’t wait for the TOP 5 and the final question!!!

  • Wizard

    I remember this as the first MU I saw until the end. The previous year, my first in front of TV, I fell sleep. I was 8y.o. by that time and watched in a black and white small tv set. I remember Janelle looked not beautiful at all for us and my father bet that she would won only because she was a black woman, which I resented the most. Next year we’d bought a color TV and what a surprise to see how really beautiful Janelle was in fact. Great ranking for her.

    My top 10 would be as follows (considering only the 10 MU winners that are left):
    10. Christiane Martel
    9. Lara Dutta
    8. Margaret Gardiner
    7. Amparo Munhoz
    6. Ximena Navarrete
    5. Marlene Schimidt
    4. Jennifer Hawkings
    3. Dayana Mendoza
    2. Oxana Fedorova
    1. Angela Visser

  • Cobb


    GOOO !!


  • urbanista


  • joseph

    1 Oxana
    2 Dayana
    3 Angela
    4 Jennifer
    5 Margaret

    This is my top 5

  • Anaxagoras

    Wooow, now I’m really shocked !!! I thought she was going to be ranked higher(I was dreamming in the Top 5, but I was totally sure she was going to end up in the top ten at least). Though I’m a little dissapointed, I think she was fairly ranked. Specially after seeing some strong favorites beeing ranked low and some not so favorites still to be ranked.
    What it is important is that in the night of her crowning she gave everything she got to become Miss Universe. And as the ranking has been set so far, this placement is excellent !!!

    By the way, would’ve loved Argentina to be the 1st Runner up. I guess she has been ( after Norma) the best representative that country has sent to the pageant so far!!!

  • rafael

    cumplio ximena esta entre los diez como lo predije ajajajaj q sabio soy xDDD ximena esta entre las 10 mejores miss universos de toda la historia :D q viva jalisco q viva mexico!!!

    • Andrés

      Bueno, en la opinión de este panel de jueces; vamos a ver como le va en otro ranking dentro de algunos años y cuando ya haya quedado distante su reinado, veremos si supera la prueba del tiempo. En lo personal estoy convencido que se vio favorecida por ser la Miss Universo reinante, pero sólo el tiempo dirá.

      • Roberto

        Exactamente, en TÚ opinión personal, mas no en la de los jueces. No sé qué es lo que te arde, si te pica… ¡ráscate! Mejor aún, crea tu propio concurso y deja a Ximena en último lugar, eso te hará sentir mejor. =)

        • Mariano

          no se peleen por favor, hace 10 anos atras Mpule estaba en las TOP 20 y ahora bajo al 50. Nadie en Botswana se esta quejando, al contrario estan aplaudiendo.

      • rancherolover

        Estoy de acuerdo, y vuelvo a decir BAAAAAAAAAAAA que envidia le tienen a Xime, Oh sera porque es espectacular ?…. seguro que si

  • Jason

    Marlene Schmidt, Angela Visser and Lara Dutta are the only MU’s who placed in the top ten in the 2001’s ranking and this one.
    Interesting note, many people don’t know, but Janelle’s mother is Venezuelan :)

  • zev


    I remember vividly the first time I saw her. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    • AlexRio

      Oxana Fedorova is not a MU, what are you talking about?

      • Mariano

        so who won in 2002? I remember watching the live telecast and they picked a winner.

        • AlexRio

          The point here is not ‘who won’ but ‘who is’, right?

          • Mariano

            Oxana Federova of Russia won 51st edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

          • satine

            Im agree with you Alex, and its not about a telecast, because if im not wrong, there is a MU crowning telecast that wasnt shown on tv, due a sabotage, i think 1971, so, if we dont see the telecast, so we dont have a winner from that year, the fact is Oxana is not the most beautiful, i mean, my opinion, big nose, not buttocks, not a hole beauty, for me.

  • AlexRio

    I really can’t stand Janelle in a high position than Wendy Fitzpatrick. I really don’t know what moves this jury…

    • AlexRio


      I realy can’t stand Janelle in a higher position than Wendy Fitzwilliam. I really don’t know what moves this jury..

    • Mariano

      you gotta be a blinded fan if you feel or think that Wendy is prettier than Janelle. No offense, my friend. I understand Wendy is much taller and has a touch of class, but she is way too far from being prettier or more eloquent than Janelle Commissiong.

      • AlexRio

        I don’t think that Wendy is prettier than Janelle, I think Wendy is A LOT prettier, prettiest by A LANSLIDE than Janelle.

        And this is not an ‘eloquent’ pageant as I know it.

        • satine

          Here im not agree with you, but i respect your opinion, but the fact is that talking just about facial beauty, Janeelle is, as you say, a lanslide beauty than Janelle. Listen, just talking about facial beauty. The facil boones of Janelle is just perfect and more smilling, and Wendy, its pretty but when she smiles her mouth opens too much, and show too much teeth and encias.

  • Santi

    Incredibly happy for Ximena. Such an amazing achievement being among the 10 Most Beautiful Misses Universe of all the history. Absolutely fair,i never saw a bad pic of hers.

  • AlexRio

    I’m really curious to know what does a judge gives “9,99” to a miss instead of 10…

    • Dante

      haha I was just thinking the same thing. As a judge I would give round numbers (8.0, 8.30, 9.10, 9.50, 9.80 etc.) I don’t see the logic in giving odd numbers such as 8.13, 9.37, 9.99…I mean, what exactly makes a specific delegate worth .12 or .01 points more than any other? And on which standards?

    • KL

      I remember watching Miss Universe 1977. During the entire telecast, I just knew she was going to win. But beauty wise, I thought Wendy Fitzwilliam is a lot more stunning.

    • Felipe

      I couldn’t agree more!
      My theory is that judges that give 9.99 think perfection doesn’t exist, which is ridiculous!

    • jean

      it is all about ranking…..
      soory that is how it works….
      i would love to give them all perfect ten….like bo derek…..but helas, it doesnt work that way

      x jean

  • Hellow

    Top 5
    Oxana, Ximena, Jennifer, Christian, Angela.

  • Linda

    1.65 too short for Miss Universe??? Come on, beauty pageant contestants were short in those days (at least compare to the giants we see these days!!- in fact 5ft4 was considered a good height in the early days of Miss Universe)

  • Mr Brightside

    I am surprised not to see more comments on the beauty of Aura Maria Mojica Miss Colombia who was crowd favorite (the reaction of public when announced as 3 runner up was a booing one)… she is one of the most beloved colombian titleholders of history

  • Mariano

    yo creo que Marlene Schmidt is next. No se como no la han eliminado todavia. Otras que deben estar fuera son Margaret Gardiner y Dayana Mondoza. Aspasra Hongsakula TOP 5.

    • Anaxagoras

      Se nota que acabas de entrar al site o eres muy distraido. APASRA ya fué rankeada y no “eliminada” como tú escribes. Ésta lista se trata de posicionar o rankear a las ganadoras. No es concurso ni competencia. No habrá una ganadora sino la que se considera “la mejor” de todas las ganadoras del concurso, según “la opinión” de los jueces que participan en el panel. Si vas a comentar, informate primero.
      PD. Marlene merece estar en las Top 10 y no me extrañaría que ganara !!!

  • Dominican in the USA

    Exactly 34 years ago today (also was a Saturday) Janelle was crowned Miss Universe.
    I was 12 years old, living in the Dominican Republic, it was the event of the year.
    Since then I have been a fan of the Miss Universe Pageant. And when Amelia Vega won in 2003, that was the same joy like when Janelle won.
    Congratulations Janelle for the 11th position.

    • Anaxagoras

      Woow, I was surely that the pageant was celebrated on a Monday night as it was so for a long time. I’m not sure about this, but the pageant had been celebrated on different days(Friday and Sunday) since 1991 or 1994.

  • Marisabel

    Me encanta este concurso. Por favor no lo estropeen con sus absurdos nacionalismos. Todas estás chicas son bellas, sólo que a cada uno le gusta unas más que otras, eso es normal. No tomen las cosas de manera tan personal y no sean ofensivos. Aprendan a respetar las opiones de otros.

    Personalmente, creo que Commissiong no merecía un lugar en el top 10. En todo caso me parece que el orden debería ser el siguiente.

    Top 10

    10. Christiane Martel (Francia)
    9. Lara Dutta (India)
    8. Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)
    7. Marlene Schmidt (Alemania)
    6. Ximena Navarrete (Mexico).

    Top 5

    5. Margaret Gardnier (Sudáfrica).
    4. Oxana Fedorova (Rusia).
    3. Jennifer Hawkins (Australia).
    2. Amparo Muñoz (España)
    1. Angela Visser (Países Bajos).

    Angela Visser es la MU más bella de la historia!

  • harold germino

    @wizard…i never really thought that my top two would be those who had controversies in their reigns…anyways…amparo and oxana, for me, are the most beautiful…

  • Brody

    Esperaba ver a Margaret Gardiner fuera de las 10 (nunca me ha gustado). Pero me puedo sentir satisfecho pues mi top original era¨:
    10 Shawn Weatherly
    9 Lara Dutta
    8 Christian Martel
    7 Ximena Navarrete
    6 Barbara Palacios
    5 Angela Visser
    4 Jeniffer Hawkins
    3 Cecilia Bolocco
    2 Amparo Muñoz
    1 Oxana Fedorova.

    Es decir, acerté 7 de los 10 primeros lugares. A pesar de que una de mis super preferidas (Cecilia Bolocco) salió, sigo esperando que el top tres sea completado por Jen Hawkins o Angela Visser. Me encanta saber que no voy en contravía de los expertos, cuando deje a Ximena en mi top 10. Esa Cara de Ximena es una de las mejores. Felicidades desde Colombia.

  • cejo tama


  • Bjoern

    Well-deserved rank.

    If you watch the crowning video, Miss Austria, Eva Maria Duringer, for a second, thought she had won.

  • a

    Watching the 1977 Miss Universe crowning moment made me very proud! I can feel how happy all black delegates that year.
    Congratulations, Janelle!

  • Javierox

    I am not agreed with Janelle Commissioning out of the top10, she deserved to be in the top 10 !!! she is the most gorgeous black woman I have seen in all my life

  • pop

    Janelle, Miss Universe 1977, ranks 36th in my contest with the score 9.243 .

    Personally, I think she deserved to win the crown that year.And definitely I think she is more beautiful than Wendy Fitzwilliam , MU1998 from the same country. However, I do not rank her as high as this because I have the categories for my own contest ,not from judges who each have different taste and some may be bias.

  • Elmonje88

    A mi en lo personal llegó muy lejos…….ya quedaron las 10 mejores, según los expertos “un poco disparejos en puntuación”……………la número 10 debe ser Marlene Schmith o Margaret Gardnier!!!!…

  • Antorcha

    Janelle certainly made history and it’s right that she is among the most beautiful MUs; the 70s were a great decade of beautiful MUs; but let’s not forget 1968 Miss Curacao and 1975 Miss Haiti who reassured to all that black contestants have just as good a chance as any.

  • John

    I think the judges are doing a great job. We should all respect their choices, they are the experts. We of course have our opinions, but we should not be insulting countries or Miss Universe winners, after all, they already won.
    My TOP 3 in no order:

    • Ken

      Looking back at the ranking, this panel of judges, despite some very disrespectful scores given to many beautiful winners, the ultimate goal of this ranking perhaps is to ensure there must be a winner from each populating continent to be represented in the top 10, and now they achieved it:

      Asia- Lara Dutta
      North America- Ximena Navarette
      South America- Dayana Mendoza
      Europe- Oxana Federova or Angela Visser or Christina Martel or Marlene Schmidt or Amparo Munoz
      Oceania- Jennifer Hawkins
      Africa- Margaret Gardiner

      So obviously these judges are leaning towards Europeans. However, Sweden’s Yvonne Ryding and Finland’s Anne Marie Pohtamo and Norway’s Mona Grudt and all other Scandinavians, are left in the ice, because there is no room for any of them to be in the top 10.

      The opportunity for Janelle Commissiong or any black beauties to finish in the top 10 dissolve, but we all should remember that she did finish in the top 15, and with how these judges vote, anybody finishing in the top 30, even 40, should be proud. However, it is a fact that the arguably better Wendy Fitzwilliam was underscored.

      Let’s face it, other than Margaret Gardiner and Ximena Navarette, any of these top 10 deserves their ranking. The sentimental favourite to top this ranking is Amparo Munoz, and the universally approving winner would be Oxana Federova. However, any of these two topping the list would be politically incorrect, due they have not complete their reigns. Dayana Mendoza will be fighting for a top 5 finish, because most would agree that there must be a Venezualan representative, and she is the only likely Latino lady to do it.

      Lara Dutta probably will finish in the top 10, as ethnic girls generally do not receive favouritism, but we have to applaud the judges for at least having a South Asian and a black goddess finishing in the top 15, which surprisingly probably resembles the average outcome of a Miss Universe contest in the modern era.

      Originally, it seems Natalie Glebova or Jennifer Hawkins topping the list will be relatively controversial free, unless people do not mind Angela Visser holding on to her reign. Unfortunately, having two faces of Russians descent in the top ten will certainly have many fans crying foul, and since Natalie Glebova barely misses the top ten, it is a sign that the judges want Oxana Federova to go as high as possible, if not to win this ranking, to give some distance in ranking between the two.

      I can’t wait to see what the outcome is. I hope this message will be posted, as I have given a lot of careful thought prior to typing, and GB does not allow copy and paste.

      • KL

        Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christiane Martel takes it all as I wonder if the judges are influenced by her appearance in 2007 where she turn out to be still jaw-droppingly stunning after all these years. If Oxana didn’t win this, I could live with Christiane Martel winning this.

        But still I can’t wait for Amparo Munoz to show up just to see if there is any info on why she didn’t complete her reign.

        • AlexRio

          I hope someone who’s not a MU don’t win this thing, would be bizarre and weird.

          Think that: “Globalbeauties elects the best Miss Universe ever someone who….isn’t…..”

          See what I mean?

      • AlexRio

        And I think that’s a big difference among Amparo and Oxana. The first one resigned and she was MU until the next crowning, the position became officialy vacant, she was never replaced by the 1st runner-up. She is the Miss Universe of 1974.

        Oxana was dethroned, she doens’t exist in any statistics or in any official list of MUs. (How many MU of US? 7 How Many MU of Panama? How many MU of Russia? None. If I am wrong, Miss Universe Organization is wrong too because I couldn’t spot her on their website list of past titleholders..

        A big difference.

        Well, I think Ximena deserves a place in Top 10 (Top 5 for me) and Margaret (who?) not.

        • KL

          That doesn’t change the fact that Oxana’s picture was on their website before she was dethroned.

          • AlexRio

            As you said:”was”. Isn’t anymore. So, what is she doing here? The world has 59 MU until now, according to MUO, but on this site there are 60??

      • Felipe

        Ken ,
        It’ s always a pleasure to read what you write.
        As , by chance , I know personally one of the judges , I keep wondering if “Ken” is not nickname for this specific guy come here , and disguised, state his opinion more openly and democratically.
        Keep on writing man , I feel really delighted to read what you write.

      • Anaxagoras

        So, are you implying the same for Dayana and Janelle??? No Venezuelan descendent can be together in order to avoid controversy. If your hypothetical judging criteria is right, then I’d rather switch Dayana for Janelle if it is so. Janelle is the best Venezuelan(since Maritza is already ranked)!!!

        I’m quite sure that everybody is going to hate me for quoting this and that I’m beeing there for Ximena as well(which by I’ve been criticized and even insulted, Ximena really deserves to be here, 11th, 7th or 4th, whichever is her ranking)throught this ranking. I know that I will have comments that I’m a Venezuelan hater too, which I’m not.
        If your hypothetical criteria would be on, then this top 10 is missing a Asian eyed winner (to be along with Lara), a black winner(either Janelle, Mpule or Wendy), a Scandinavian winner, a Caribbean winner, JUST ONE ERUPOEAN WINNER unless Russia would be still considered Eastern Europe(whis is unlikely since the geography changed along the years and this adjective kind of dissapeared since the fall of the comunist countries) and maybe a blonde,redhead,brunette,blue-eyed,green-eyed, black-eyed winner etc. Yes I know I exagerated on the last points. But this is what I get from your hypothetical criteria.

        To be honest I haven’t understood the judges criteria and where they are heading to. The point is that the judges came to this Top 10 because they thought they deserve it.
        No offense, I know that Dayana is going to be ranked ahead of Marlene, Christiane and Amparo(I’m quite sure she’s going be ahead of Ximena). Her real contenders are Oxana and Jennifer. But if she is ranked #1, is because the judges of this panel thought she deserves it. I’m going to be dissapointed as hell, but what can I do. I will comment and express what I feel(and I will support Ximena and comment against those who insult her or comment despictfully against her).
        The bottom line is: the Top 10 is set and whoever is ranked #1 because she has the beauty to be on it. As I wrote before…SHE DESERVES IT !!!

  • Luis

    Miss Universo 98, también de Trinidad y Tobago, me parece en lo personal, mas bella que Janelle. Para mi gusto creo que llegó muy alto y sobre todo mejor posicionada que Natalie Glevoba. En fin, en gustos se rompen géneros, sigo insistiendo que todas son muy bellas y desde luego, por algo son miss universo, ya que cautivaron al jurado en sus respectivos años. Estos resultados no cambiarán nada. Todas tienes su corona. Creo que si dejamos nacionalismos por un lado, debemos disfrutar estos artículos y dejar de pelear solo porque no nos cae bien la candidata o el país. Me gusta el top 10 y para ganadora Oxana Federova, aunque como es destronada, seguramente veremos a otra como Jeniffer Hawkins. Suerte a todas. Saludos desde México.

  • kev

    1. Angela
    2. Lara
    3. Oxana
    4. Margeret
    5. Amparo

  • jc

    Janelle on 11th place? She is pretty but she is overrated! Honestly she should be between 30-40 place.

  • Antorcha

    Ken – I’ve read most, if not all, your posts since this contest started back with #60 Miriam Stevenson. From your posts, I believe you have a wonderful open mind, very keen eye, and an incomparable objective attitude not only towards all the MUs but to all MU contestants and other people. Though I do think Margaret Gardiner is very much a deserving top 10 MU, I agree with nearly every opinion and observation of yours. Sincere thanks for sharing your honest positive thoughts.

    My top 5 are Oxana, Natalie, Shawn, Angela, & Jennifer. I know that Natalie & Shawn are out but I think GB panel’s top 5 will be Oxana, Dayana,Amparo, Jennifer, & Ximena.

    Unlike you, I can wait for the outcome. Because like you, we both know nothing will change the present and past that these 60 beautiful women wore the MU crown. Regards from Texas USA.

    • Ken

      Thanks for your kind words. Yeah I think it has been a roller coaster for me. I have been wrong about things. I do not really have many insights, and every time me or some others post some seemingly unproven thoughts, others may tell us to get a life, as well as to stop these conspiracy theories. Can be discouraging at times. I am just wanting to keep things entertaining. Seems there are some judges who give strategic voting very early on, the difference is that others do it in a less obvious and less offensive fashion.

      I do agree with you that no matter what, these are all MU winners, and we should try to respect all of them even if we may not appreciate their beauty. It is with regret that sometimes when comments are heated, it is very hard not to say unflattering things about the ladies, especially Stefania Fernandez.

    • Felipe

      I sign up under your words.
      Congratulations to both of you

  • pop

    I think MU78, 89 and 2010 should not have been among the Top10 in this contest.

  • Pageant Guy1

    I think the fact that the Venezuela beauties apparently has plastic surgey for even the littlest of things is not a true reflection of beauty. I am from South Africa and hoped Margeret would make it to the top 10 and if she did not so it should be.Each one is entitled to their own opinions. I believe each one sees beauty in a different light after all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… to me if you had any form of plastice surgery you should not be allowed to enter miss universe unless it was for medical reason which is not the case with the Venezuelan beauties in most cases.The ones who does stand out for me are , Janelle, Oxana (yes i know she is not listed officially) , Natalie, Ximena,Margaret, Alicia , Jennifer and it is in no specific order. Eg to me i could not understand Chelsi Smith winning Miss Universe , but that is my opinion.. All the best to the remaining ladies…

    • Didi

      I am also from South Africa (old Namibian) and agree with Pageant Guy1 about Margaret Gardiner. I hope that she makes it to top 5 – I follow the competitions (miss World and Miss Universe since 1975) Margaret was chosen as international model in 1975/1976 as a 16 year old and I followed her career since then. I can still remember in 1977 when she wanted to enter Miss South Africa competition. She submitted her entry a day late. I thought then that if she enters in 1978, she would won Miss South Africa and also Miss World – South Africa was not allowed to enter miss world in 1978, but she was then send to the miss universe competition and we know the outcome… The night before (SA time) I listened to the news on radio at 23:00 (we did not have television then) and they commented that Margaret is one of the semi-finalists. The next morning at 7:00 it was announced that she won the Miss Universe competition. I collected every photo of her that I could get. She is a true beauty and rolemodel for young girls – still today. Beauty is personal oppinion, and differs from person to person. Margaret deserves at least a top 5 position.

  • samzozo

    I do not know. I beleive Wendy is way moe beautiful than her. I also do not like Ximena and Jeniffer. They should have been voted off a long time ago.

  • nemo

    its only a novelty factor that she has been voted in top 15. Good not in top 10. Wendy was way better.
    btw.. Jennifer hawkins all the way! Happy with Lara’s assured finish in top 10.

  • Alberto

    Janelle es uno de los rostros más lindos del Miss Universe. Para mí era séptima. Se ha ido casi todo mi top ten (6° Bolocco, 7° Commissiong 8° Glebova). Ahora, insisto en que desde el top 15 en adelante están casi todas empatadas.

    Mantengo top 5:
    1- Visser
    2- Federova
    3- Schmidt
    4- Hawkins
    5- Mendoza

    Me parece que siendo muy bonitas ni Gardiner ni Navarrete eran para el top 10.

    • rancherolover

      Si se han ido todas las de tu top 10… quiere decir que no tienes buen ojo para las chicas bellas ni podrias ser juez…. o si ?

      • Alberto

        Rancherolover, pienso que tengo buen ojo. El 70% de mi top ten llegó al top 10 y las que no quedaron se ubicaron en los lugares 11 al 13. Ahora, no me considero un experto ni nada por el estilo. Tampoco pretendo serlo. Por otro lado, si analizamos al final los top ten de cada jurado nos vamos a encontrar con sorpresas. Me parece que en este ranking y en la elección del Miss Universe desde que se inició la era de la computación, la ganadora es la que obtiene la mejor puntuación considerando las puntuaciones individuales de cada jurado. Tengo entendido que no se reúnen a deliberar.

    • Andrés

      Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo Alberto, por fin un comentario y un top 5 sin apasionamientos nacionalistas. Para mí Visser es la número uno, y tu top cinco incluye indudablemente a las mejores.

  • Marlene

    Top 5: Oxana, Ximena, Jennifer, Angela, Amparo
    Top 10 Christian, Sxhmidt, Lara Duta, Dayana, Margaret

  • Felipe

    It’s a joke to compare Amparo to Oxana. Oxana is a goddess !

  • paco

    oxana amparo jeniffer y angela….una de estas 4 tiene que ganar el resto…..no les alcanzara.

    las proximas a slir dayana y ximena

  • jeff

    Unless I am completely proven wrong, this is predictable. Jennifer Hawkins and Angela Visser will be placed at the top.



  • KL

    Well, I can’t wait for the #11 to #20 recap. Anyway, Kerry Anne Wells ranked #11 before the elimination of the highest and lowest score. She dropped like 4 spots (ouch).

  • QuTeSTuFF

    MY TOP 5>>>>

    5….Jennifer Hawkins
    4….Angela Visser
    3….Dayana Mendoza
    2….Oxana Fedorova

  • Francisco

    Sería interesante que alguien se diera el trabajo de volver a realizar esta votación sin tomar en cuenta la votación de dos jurados que constantemente han dado puntajes muy bajos a ciertas candidatas. Me imagino que la posición sería muy distinta ¿O no?

  • arthurjoseph

    Amparo Munoz, the Miss Universe winner with the most perfect face, only at number 10? I’ve let the other slip ups go, but this one is incredibly, outrageously unjust! Now I am convinced that this ranking is a terrible waste of time and effort.

  • daniel

    Ella y la Bolocco tendrian que estar al final de la lista.No me parecen bellas.

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