13th place – Miss Universe 1987 – Cecilia Bolocco

13th place – Cecilia Bolocco, Chile

* eliminated scores (highest and lowest scores) were used to break the tie with 14th place, Denise Quiñones.

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Miss Universe 1987 happened in Singapore. Only sixty-eight countries competed, with Greenland, Egypt and Kenya debuting. 13 nations which had competed in 1986, did not come back in 1987. Miss Universe returned to an Asian country after 7 years. Singapore was the 4th Asian nation to host the pageant. Two girls were sent back home after a few days of competition, one for being too young, Miss Scotland (17), and another for being too old to compete, Miss Bermuda (25).

Miss Philippines

Singapore was supposed to invest USD 3 million, but ended up with a bill of over USD 8 million.

It could be said that 1987 was the last mega production of the 1980’s. Changes in television production (for worse) were visible in subsequent years, especially in 1989. It was also the last time Bob Barker hosted Miss Universe. Bob spent 20 years presenting the pageant, and is regarded as the best ever.

It was also the year when pageants in general started to live a crisis. The press treated them with more irony than ever, and the Latin press, Miss Universe’s main supporter, did not show up in a significant number in Singapore.

Miss Photogenic, from Colombia

The Miss South American pageant, usually a thermometer for Miss Universe, happened in Cartagena, Colombia. Miss Colombia, Patricia Lopéz Ruiz, was the winner, with Miss Uruguay in 2nd, Miss Venezuela in 3rd, and Miss Bolivia in 4th place. Miss Chile, Cecilia Bolocco, and Miss Peru, Jessica Newton, were not among the finalists.

This time around, Miss Universe results were very different, and from 1988 on, many South American countries stopped sending their winners to the regional pageant. They thought it had lost credibility.

In Singapore, Miss Colombia, Patricia Lopez, was the #1 front-runner and favorite for the crown. It was no surprise that she was voted as Miss Photogenic. Other favorites were Misses USA, Uruguay, Brazil (who had not participated in Miss South America), Mexico, Italy, Finland, Holland, Guatemala, and Philippines.

Semi-finalists in their gowns

Miss Singapore, Marion Nicole Teo, was never a favorite. As a matter of fact, when she won her national title, the local Miss Universe committee was very unhappy with Teo’s victory, and thought she had not chance to become a semi-finalist.

The opening number had the participation of Barbara Palacios Teyde, Miss Universe 1986, who looked more beautiful than ever. After the parade of nations, the public at home could see how the 68 candidates were scored in the preliminary swimsuit competition, and the top 10 scorers were USA, Sweden, Turks & Caicos, Uruguay, Chile, Italy, Singapore, Finland, Peru, and Puerto Rico.

Miss Puerto Rico: 5th in Miss U and Miss Int'l 87

The top 10 were announced, and they were Italy, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Venezuela, Peru, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Turks and Caicos, and Chile.

The heavy favorite from Colombia, who many said had a bit of an attitude problem, was out, and so were other favorites, like Finland and Uruguay. Among those who made it, the surprises were Peru, Sweden, Singapore and Turks and Caicos. Carmelita Louise Ariza, the sister of Miss Turks & Caicos 1983, remains the only woman from Turks & Caicos to have ever placed in a Grand Slam pageant.

Miss Chile, Cecilia Bolocco, started impressing the judges and the audience after her interview with Bob Barker (watch it here). It was actually the last time Bob Barker interviewed a Miss Universe candidate in 20 years, and perhaps, it was his greatest interview. She got the highest score, and never left the top until the end of the competition. Bolocco’s evening gown presentation was also a memorable one.

Crowning moment

Chile won its first (and so far only) Miss Universe title with massive celebration back home. Even the head of the Catholic church in Chile congratulated Cecilia!

Miss Italy, Roberta Capua, a very beautiful and charismatic brunette from Naples, was the 1st runner-up; Miss USA, Texas’ Michelle Royer, was the 2nd runner-up, followed by Venezuela’s Maria Ines Calero (3rd), and Puerto Rico’s Laurie Simpson (4th). Miss Puerto Rico would be crowned Miss International 1987 later that year in Tokyo.

Miss Italy

Miss Brazil won the Best National Costume Award, and Miss Honduras was chosen as Miss Congeniality.

After her year of reign, Bolocco worked as a journalist on the Spanish language edition of CNN, on Telemundo and on various programs for Chilean Television. She has also acted on soap operas. In 2003, she was a special commentator for Miss Universe 1993. In 2001, she made worldwide headlines when she married former Argentine president Carlos Menem. They got divorced in 2007.



Special thanks to Alberto Dubal and Alex Liu!

(Still competing: 1953, 1961, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1989, 2000, 2002-dethroned Oxana, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010)


Chile's Cecilia Bolocco - Miss Universe 1987

Top 5: USA (3rd), Italy (2nd), Puerto Rico (5th), Chile (1st), Venezuela (4th)

Miss U 87

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  • alex

    I think dayana is next I love oxana and natalie

    • lamarquise

      I am glad we think alike. If there is one Latin delegate in the top 5, I would put Denise. The rest, I don’t care much.

      It is actually a nice surprise to see Miss France, still up there. It would be a faire representation of generations to see Miss France and Miss Universe 1953 in the top 5. Christiane Martel was so beautiful when she judged recently at MU pageant. She looks classy and elegant, as a timeless Miss Universe.

      If I was a judge, my top 5 at this point would be:

      Oxana, Natalie, Christiane, Lara, Angela. Too bad Denise is eliminated too early. I would not mind seeing Denise in the top 5.

      • pop

        Yes, Denise should be in the top5 and I rank her my 2nd place in the most beautiful Miss Universe.

        I don’t agree with this contest to under-rate Denise and she should be in higher place than Ximena, MU2010.
        Denise is much more elegant than her!!!

    • lamarquise

      I mean I agree with you: Dayana should be next. But I have a strong feeling she will place higher. I can’t wait to see the results.

      Do I want Dayana to win this? NO, Absolutely NO.
      Do I have a gut feeling that she will win? YES, Unfortunately, YES.

      • GARH

        It will come down to Oxana, Angela and Jennifer….think any one of these 3 will take the title….rounding up the top 5 will be Natalie and Ximena. I may be wrong but think the ladies from 1950s,60s and 70’s won’t make the final 5.

      • Baya boy

        Why do you hate latinas so much?. I respect your opinion, but not everybody shares your passion for pale white, insipid Europeans. I personally prefer the spirituality of Indian women or the passion of latinas. My opinion.

        • lamarquise

          Hate is a big word and NO, I don’t hate Latinas. I think there were gorgeous Latin winners. Beauty wise, my favourites are: Justine, Alicia, Denise, Amelia, and Ximena. I just think Dayana is somewhere in there but I don’t think she is the most beautiful Latina. So, no I don’t hate people of colours. As a matter of fact, I was rooting for Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in 2006 and Miss France Chloe Mortaud in 2009, and I got excited when the two misses India won the crown. It has nothing to do with the skin colour – By the same token, I don’t think it is fair for you to criticize caucasians or Europeans. Here is a fact: I am chinese and I know that many chinese women prefer to have a lighter/whiter skin tone, whereas some caucasian women would do anything to have a tan. The grass is always greener on the other side – true. Also, you should know that some caucasians cannot be in the sun as they could suffer from severe sunburn, no matter how much sunscreen they put on.

      • Paul

        Really?, oh ’cause I would have thought you loved Dayana from your previous messages, it’s not like you’ve spent any time making it you hate her.

        • lamarquise

          I don’t hate Dayana, but I don’t think she is the most beautiful latin delegate. I would prefer: Denise, Justine, Amelia, Alicia over Dayana. But again, this is a very subjective competition. In 2001, Denise ranked very high (I believe she was in the top 5), and this was by another group of judges. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. The winner is just chosen by a group of people. I am sure if there was another panel of judges, we would see a different result.

          This competition is not fair in that I believe there is no chance for the older generation (50′ t- 80’s) to compete against the newer generation. I myself can only pick my favourite Miss Universe from pageants that I’ve watched and enjoyed. I started watching MU pageant in 1991. I don’t know much about previous winners and I was not there in those moments to appreciate.

          On that note, I am very glad that Miss France 1953 is still up there. It is a surprise, and a pleasant surprise. But I agree with some previous comments: Christiane will not likely make it in the top 5, nor even the top 10. But if she does, that would be great.

          Initially, I thought Wendy was going to be in the top 10, but with a different panel of judges, she unfortunately got eliminated early. A shame!

      • Taraki

        Yeah!!! Dayana should be next, she’s damn overrated!!!

        My top 5:

        1. Jennifer
        2. Amparo
        3. Angela
        4. Oxana
        5. Natalie

    • BLUE SKY


  • alex

    Venga ximena tu puedes xD

  • Dereck

    My top 5 :


  • Elmonje88

    Al fin pego una con las predicciones…..independientemente de todo, Cecilia es preciosa, más de lo que pensaba……era la que tenía que ganar en el 87’……………………..la próxima debería ser Janelle (T&T)

  • Kate

    Cecilia Bolocco ranked 17th in GB’s 2001 contest.

    South America’s winner has been set: Dayana Mendoza.

    The winner for the 1980s has been set: Angela Visser.

  • MattCT

    Now where are all the Roberta Capua fans hiding out? Another European to place much higher than she deserved. The win should have gone to Venezuela or Puerto Rico.

    • Roberto

      Roberta was a very strong competitor. Cecilia was the winner questionless that morning in Singapur, but I’m sure nobody would ever complaint about Roberta winning the crown. She looked stunning in red during the finals. Some would be surprised after her winning in case she had overcome Cecilia, but not surprised like in 1985, 1997, 2006 or 2009 with the winners from those years.

  • Cindy Envy

    Ximena ha ido muy lejos en esta competencia que pasa???

    • Armando

      Se lo merece es preciosa tiene un rostro perfecto

    • Darril

      Ella es hermosa. Cuerpo y cara únicos, color de piel y complexión perfectos, eso pasa

    • Anaxagoras

      Y esperemos que siga llegando al Top 5 !!!

    • Tony

      Jimena es la mas bella del Universo, estará en la cima…!!!

    • Luis

      Pasa que solo sus retractores le han adjudicado adjetivos que no le aplican. Aquí está la prueba que Ximena es una de las miss universo mas bellas (dicho por expertos conocedores, objetivos, sin ningun fanatismo.

      • Carlos

        No exageres Luis, todas tienen fanáticos y detractores, pero aunque mucho mas bonita que la otra mexicana, Ximena dista mucho de ser una de las más bellas.

        • Luis

          Acepto que soy un fan de miss universo y como mexicano de las chicas que representan a mi país, pero si exagero, no es por mis palabras, si no por los hechos. Los expertos opinan que Ximena es de las mejores 12. Solo se corrobora lo que siempre he pensado, recordando pues, que la belleza siempre es subjetiva y que hay gustos para todo. Desde luego, todas tienen a quienes les gustan y a quienes no, pero yo hablo de Ximena respondiendo a la pregunta de Cindy Envy sin afan de molestar a terceros. Gracias Carlos.

  • Kate

    Let’s look at how the multiple-winning countries are doing at the the 4/5th mark:

    USA: 0 of 7 remaining
    Venezuela: 1 of 6 remaining
    Puerto Rico: 0 of 5 remaining
    Sweden: 0 of 3 remaining
    Brazil, Philippines, Finland, Thailand, Japan: 0 of 2 remaining
    Trinidad & Tobago, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico: 1 of 2 remaining

    How I would rank the top 12:

    12. Margaret Gardiner
    11. Lara Dutta
    10. Natalie Glebova
    9. Ximena Navarrete
    8. Christiane Martel
    7. Marlene Schmidt
    6. Amparo Munoz
    5. Dayana Mendoza
    4. Janelle Commissiong
    3. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Angela Visser
    1. Oxana Federova

  • Charles W.

    Wow,,, five perfect ten,,,

  • JG MEX

    Pienso que la numero 12 deberia ser Jimena Navarrete (Mexico 2010) y la 11 deberia ser Marlen Schmidt (Alemania, 1961.
    Mis favoritas: TOP 3
    Dayana Mendoza
    Jennifer Hanking
    Natalia Glebova

  • prinpoleon

    yesterday i have see the miss universe 1987 and i fell in love for cecilia jeje she is the proud of chile the people turn crazy when cecilia win the title in my ranking cecilia place 29 the 13 place go to lara dutta from india and i very happy than cecilia go to high and congratulations turks and caicos her girl make history :)

  • prinpoleon

    and dayana go to win this competition

  • cdn1822

    Okay, she’s nice but I think she went way too far in this competition. I don’t think that she should have been in the top 30.

  • Felipe

    It was commented that miss colombia 1987 didn’t make the top 10 because of her country problems at that moment (Colombia had its worst moment in the 80’s, PABLO ESCOBAR was one of the richest man at that moment, Medellín cartel controlled 80% of the global cocaine market.). In an interview made to Patricia Lopez (miss colombia 1987) she confirmed the last thing I said abouth her not top 10 clasiffication.
    Now talking about the miss universe 1987, I watched it recently on youtube, I have to say that I liked the production in general. Cecilia bolocco was very honest and sympathetic, very elegant and Now that she is 46 years old, she looks more beautiful and sexy.

    The girls that are going too far on this competition is Miss universe 2000 and 2010, I know they are beautiful, but they are not in the same level than miss universe 2002 (oxana fedorova), miss universe 2005, miss universe 1989 and miss universe 2008 (nose job, breast surgery).

    • Mariano

      Colombia did not make the cut because she was far from being a semifinalist. If the jews had a Miss Universe in 1976 with all their political and war in the middle east, why can’t Colombia? Even South Africa in 1978 with their apartheid.

    • Paul

      That’s non-sense. The Miss Universe crown has been held by either Venezuela or Mexico for the last 3 years; the former has a very polarized political situation under Chavez, who by the way is an avid critic of pageants. Mexico’s drug war and derived violence has reached its highest point in the last two years; so how you you explain that under your conspiracy theory?.

      Guess what, the fashion designers, reality TV stars, models, and other entertainers that usually make up the MU panel of judges don’t really care too much about political tension in the World(in fact I doubt most of them are even aware of it). I don’t really think their train of thought while judging goes anything like: ‘Whoa, Miss Brazil is killing that runway but darn it, I can’t vote for her until they take care of those freaking favelas’.

      Colombia didn’t win in the 80’s because every year, including 87, the judges selected someone they considered better, period. And if they ever win a second crown, it’ll be because the judges like the girl, period. Don’t make up stories please.

  • Andres

    I have the feeling that Dayana Mendoza miss universe 2008 is going to win this competition and I really don’t like that Idea.

    • Ken

      I don’t think Dayana Mendoza will even make the top 5, although she probably deserved to, especially so since a Venezualan should at least have a top 5 finisher.

  • Alejandro

    Dayana Mendoza should be the winner , it is stunning and the best in all group. I hope that you will neutral Oxana, Dayana and Jennifer are the best. I can not undestand how Cecilia Bolocco and Denisse Quinones are before than Irene Saez or Kerry Ann Well

  • Alberto

    Cecilia Bolocco me gustaba mucho. Pienso que debió entrar al top 10. De todas formas, a estas alturas de la tabala el ranking es más apretado.

    Logró ser segunda de la década del ochenta y segunda sudamericana y quinta americana. Me parece de todas formas que es superior a Margaret Gardiner, Amparo Muñoz y Jimena Navarrete.

    La ganadora debería ser Angela Visser!

    • Anaxagoras

      Con todo respeto, creo que Cecilia está bien rankeada y en mi muy opinion personal no está por encima de Margaret, Amparo y Ximena. Aunque apoyo la belleza natural (lo que le ayudó a Cecilia), Ximena podría estar en el rubro de las ganadoras con mejoras estéticas, aún así creo que su belleza la está ayudando ( o ya le ayudó así como a Dayana o Natalie, porque al parecer ésto ya está decidido)a tener un buen lugar. Margaret no es de mis favoritas, pero aún así en su momento fué espectacular ty también muy natural. Y con todo respeto, Amparo está muuuuuy por encima de Cecilia. Creo que está muy merecido su lugar y si está tan alto en éste ranking, fué porque tenía con que llegar!!!

  • Darril

    I wanted to see her in the top10!

    My favourites are: Ximena (Mexico), Oxana (Russia) y Jennifer (Australia).

  • Will

    Dios mio, hasta cuando la iban a dejar!!! Here at last! She was overrated too!!! I doesn’t deserve this place!!!

    • Desdemona

      I could never agree more with you!! Just think about all the real and absolutely stunning beauties that have already gotten eliminated ages ago, and then this woman makes it all the way to the 13th place! She is one of the most overrated winners in the Miss Universe history!

  • paco

    sigue dayana o ximena…
    ya veran

  • Antorcha

    Beautiful and gorgeous Cecilia from Chile has been rightfully placed in this contest.

    But my 3 favorites, Oxana, Natalie, and Angela, are still in the running.

  • Dwigt Marval

    El primer lugar debe estar entre Dayana, Oxana, Jennifer o Natalie… insisto que hace Ximena aun en el Top Final????

    • Anaxagoras

      Tienes razón y creo que quisiste decir, que se te hace extraño ver a Ximenea en ésta lista, si realmente ella pertenece a otra decada. Creo que al igual que tu, no se me haría injusto verla fuera de la competencia por ésta tecnicidad.
      Ahora que si te refieres a que aún así con ese detalle técnico y tomándola en cuenta ella está sobre rankeada, temo estar en desacuerdo contigo así como muchos, ya que es simplemente H E R M O S A !!! Y si Dayana y Natalie ( por aquello de las cirugias)aún no han sido reankeadas y parece que estarán en el Top 10 o 5…Por qué ella no???

      • Dwigt Marval

        Ximena es una chica de solo rostro espectacular.. no veo el cuerpazo por ningun lado es una enana que bien podria compararse con la Machado… en si cuerpazo y rostro Dayana Jennifer y Oxana insisto… Ximena es una de las Miss Universos mas grises que han ganado tal cual la Bolocco… Con o sin cirugias hablamos de belleza y Ximena su arreglo no la ayuda igual que su vestimenta es horrible

        • Darril

          Tiene cuerpazo, cintura de 50 y tantos cm. Oxana y Jennifer tienen, como dices, cuerpazo y rostro, pero Dayana???? Rostro???? No has visto su nariz cuando ganó? (y ni te cuento cómo le quedó después de que se la operó!!!) Está horrible, grande y deforme! Así que decir que qué hermoso rostro el de Dayana sería estar mintiendo.

    • Tony

      Porque es de las mas bellas, simplemente.

  • Joselo

    I think that Cecilia Bolocco deserves this place because her interview was the best ever: intelligent, honest, cute and finally she interviewed him. Miss Venezuela Ines Calero had a very confusing interview. In her country they use the word “dress” for a “suit” and the name of a typical food is “dirty clothes”. The translater made an excellent job.

    • Paul

      What in God’s name are you talking about? Dirty clothes?. What????

      • Anaxagoras

        Again…LOST IN TRANSLATION !!! What Inés meant was that she liked to cook and her specialty was a typical dish named in Venezuela as ” ROPA VIEJA” (like a beef and vegetables stew), but the translator did her job and translated literally to “DIRTY CLOTHES”. Bob Barker as a witty interviewer that he was(no doubt he was the best, though sometimes he was kind of rude with some contestents along the pageants) made fun of her comment and making obvious the translation, like if Inés really cooked “Dirty Clothes” and then Inés wanted to be funny, nice and kind of intelligent (to impress the judges) in what it seemed a flirthy way (no offense but it looked like that)by telling Bob Barker she would love to taylor him a suit, but again it seemed that she used a regional way of naming a suit in Spanish with “VESTIDO”(maybe she was nervous and got confused with the word) instead of “TRAJE” or “SMOKING” and again the translator did her job literally and used the word “DRESS”, once more, Barker, made fun of Inés and the translator too(you could tell she was also kind of nervous and some kind of pageant rookie)it seemed that Inés wanted to make a “dress” for him inestead of a “suit” and turned out to be a funny but not so serious interview. Anyway, Bob Barker was the star too and didn’t miss the opportunity to demostrate it.
        In my very personal opinion and as I expressed it before in another comment. Ines’ interview made her look very dumb and hurt her chances that night, along with her lack of English skills to get a higher placement. No doubt Cecilia’s interview, was a total success, she looked more confident and a 100 % natural ( loved her when she held Barker’s arm and got closer to his ear, you could hear the audience laughing with empathy).
        Wonder if the translator was called back??? Guess not !!! LOL

  • Anaxagoras

    Excellent ranking for Cecilia !!!

  • Charles


  • Sebatián


  • Claudia

    Cecilia merecía entrar en el top 10!! Aún así bravo Cecilia, eres incríble, eres un orgullo para Chile. Viva Cecilia, viva Chile!!

  • Maurice

    Ximena Navarrete superior a Cecilia ?? NUNCA

    • Elmonje88

      exacto, pero esta son opiniones de particulares “expertos” y hay que respetar los resultados, pase lo que pase……te darás cuenta en las votaciones totalmente disparejas….La única candidata donde los votos están, por ahora, más parejos es las de Kerry (australia, posición 15)

    • Luis

      La palabra nunca, no debe aplicarse. Aquí la prueba. Ximena superior a Cecilia. Siempre.

    • AlexRio

      A lot. Ximena is a goddess, Bolocco is just fine.

  • cejotama


  • rancherolover

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Pero que envidia le tienen a Ximena y a Mexico…… ya la veran en el top 3 …

  • David

    OMG this competition is getting hot I love jennifer natalie and ximena

  • AlexRio

    No way Bolloco is better than Denise Quinones.

    Why are all these people here screaming for Oxana? She’s not a Miss Universe, Miss Universe 2002 is Justine Pazek.

  • Leonardo Andreatos

    My Top 5 are:
    Winner: Dayana Mendoza
    1st r-u: Oxana Fedorova
    2nd r-u: Amparo Muñoz
    3rd r-u: Jennifer Hawkins
    4th r-u: Natalie Glebova

    Top 12 (in order): Angela Visser, Christiane Martel, Jannelle Commissiong, Margaret Gardiner, Marlene Schmidt, Lara Dutta and last, Ximena Navarrete.

    Ximena Navarrete i think she went way too far in this competition.

    • Darril

      Todo venezolano piensa que Ximena necesita estar fuera ya. Pero lo siento, no todo el mundo entiende su concepto de belleza igual. NO TODO SON MUJERES OPERADAS!!!

  • PW

    Dayana will win, the best! followed by Angela, Oxana, Jennifer and Amparo!


    Oh I love CECILIA of CHILE! I wanted her to be in the TOP 10 as she is like my favorite actress SUSAN SARANDON!

  • Alex

    Glamorous Cecilia.

    I do believe she placed really high. Lovely. But the top 5 I can predict will be: Australia, Russia, Mexico (Ximena), Natalie, and Amparo.

  • Eloy

    Ximena come down NOW !!
    She is over hyped

  • Torakka

    At last, Cecilia, wonderful!!!! I am just speechless!!!!

  • Dante

    I’ve been expecting her for sooo long in a much lower position. I look at her pictures and videos…and I keep looking and looking, but I don’t see it. I’m sorry. What amazes me even more is the fact she got 5 perfect scores.

    • Anaxagoras

      Cecilia’s time was when plastic surgeries wasn’t a must in order to have a chance to win or to make it to the Top 10. You could still see natural beauties. Maybe she doesn’t look seem really pretty, but she had the poise, elegance and conffidence to win !!!
      I guess that you’re used to the current type of beauty and certainly it is totally different compared to the ones back then.

      • Dante

        hhhmmm….What exactly ‘natural beauty’ means? Back at the begining of beauty pageants, women used to wear fake hair pieces, eyelashes, and most of all, makeup. By the mere fact of a woman wearing makeup, their ‘natural beauty’ has been altered. The same happens with plastic surgeries. I don’t care much for plastic surguries as long as they’re tastefully done. If it helps a woman to accentuates her beauty, it doesn’t mean she is less beautiful than a woman who didn’t get any. Even if Cecilia would’ve had surgery, I don’t think she would’ve changed much. I do like ‘natural beauty queens’. In fact I have a couple of them in my top 10 (Amparo Mu~oz, Gladys Zender, to name a few)

      • Carlos

        Anaxagoras I love it how you decide who has or hasn’t had plastic surgery without any kind of evidence. You DON’T know for sure, period, don’t be so condescending. And let me remind you that your favorite girls, Lupita and Ximena, have BOTH had surgery and are very opened about it.

        • Anaxagoras

          Lupita and Ximena are not my favorites. You would be surprised to know who my favorites are. Nevertheless I do like them and I admitt I’ve been supporting them. But I guess that you’re pointless here, since I’m talking about Cecilia and being supportive. She wasn’t my favorite at the moment (Italy was my favorite, and undoubtedly she would’ve been on the top in this ranking for sure) but I adknowledge her physical and inner beauty. Many were and still are dissapointed by her winning and it’s because they haven’t seen what I see in her. I’m not saying that she’s the most beautiful-gorgeous winner. I’m just trying to be there for her because she deserves it.

      • Ken

        I think I disagreed with you before, but I think Cecilia richly deserves this ranking simply for being natural from her looks to her personality. Her inner beauty just glows, and she is definitely not shabby to look at! Go Cecilia!!

  • pop

    The judges for the contest should have had general people, not just beauty gurus.
    Who knows, maybe common people can see something better than these beauty professionals.

  • Torakka

    Have you noticed that Cecilia never smiles? She simply let her jaws down and show up her row of teeth, but her eyes never “smile”. Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Venezuela were my favourites in that year. Of course Cecilia is very elegant – but maybe too much “Diva”-like person. Anyway at this stage of the poll I am very glad to see her NOW…!

  • gidang

    Just saw Pebbles asis from the philippines at the mall this morning

  • who is winner in 2001 ?

  • Antes Muerta que Sencilla

    Cecilia es divina. La que tiene que salir es la sudafricana Margatet Gardiner esa es realmente la mas overated. My top five (any of them could win):
    Amparo 1974
    Dayana 2008
    Ximena 2011
    Jennifer 2004
    Christiane 1953

  • Zuleyka

    next to leave should be Christiane Martel and Janelle Commissiong

  • Jonathan

    Geraldine Asis — Miss Philippines made us very very proud once more !!! Go Philippines !!!!

  • fadiel

    My top 5 of the remaining ladies are:
    Jennifer Hawkins
    Margeret Gardiner
    Janelle Commissiong
    Dayana Mendoza
    Oxana Federova

    Timeless beauties

  • Eduardo (Brasil)

    Meu top 3 é

    1 Jennifer Hawkins (Austrália)

    2 Natalie Glebova (Canadá)

    3 Oxana Fedorova (Rússia)

    4 Amparo Muñoz (Espanha)

    5 Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)

  • Manuel

    Considero que las que siguen son Oxana y Dayana, en ambos casos el rostro es muy común, lo único que tienen son unos ojos hermosos.

  • VictorG

    Look at the first photo and you’ll see why she is #60 on my list.

  • David

    I dont think dayana is beautiful she has many surgeries and i prefer natural girls such as ximena amparo and janelle my top 5


  • Antorcha

    Everyone is “screaming” for Oxana because she is simply an unforgettable captivating and beautiful girl; Oxana will always be mentioned whenever the subject of Miss Universe comes up because her strong stage presence and radiant beauty are strongly impacting and imposing to any other beauty queen competing against her.

    Since this contest began, many people have posted Oxana as their top pick or top 3 – and rightfully so. She has raised the bar of a beautiful Miss Universe and only a few like Natalie, Angela, and Jennifer have come close to reaching that bar.

    This contest is really to see which of the MUs are closest to being on Oxana’s beauty level.

    • Andy

      Not everyone is ‘screaming’ for Oxana; it’s annoying how her fans assume everyone shares that boring ideal of European Ice Queen beauty. She is insipid. Lara Dutta, Jannelle Commssiong, Ximena Navarrete and several others who have been eliminated are far more captivating and interesting than pale Oxana.

      Yes, Oxana will always be mentioned when discussing MU history, in the same way that Milli Vanilli shows up when discussing Grammy history; she’s a fraud. She had such an immense diva attitude, all the royal treatment she received as a MU was not enough to get her to do her job.

      There are many, many other women in pageantry history far more beautiful than her(not just in MU). I think she will be up there, actually she might even be placed first(that’s likely in fact, judging from the Eurocentric trend in this rank); but please don’t make it look like she is universally liked or that her beauty cannot be compared to that of others, that’s absurd.

      • KL

        And what is wrong with “European Ice Queen” beauty? How interesting you brought up others suppsed ethnocentric taste in beauty while you apparently have your own.

      • lamarquise

        This is so subjective, but I don’t think it should come down to how “pale” or “dark” your skin is. Alicia was just as white (or in our opinion – pale) as Ali Landry. Yet, she won and deservingly so. Wendy won, not because of her skin colour but her innocent charming stage presence. So please please don’t make it seem like if you are “pale” then you don’t sound interesting or captivating.

        Oxana would not care much if she win or not, would she? But for fun, Oxana has my vote. Of course, my sentimental favourite is Natalie. Interestingly enough, they are both “pale” and stunning, whose beauty and elegance are unforgettable.

      • Oki

        Many are, in your word, ‘screaming’ for Oxana not because she is pale but because she is indeed a beautiful a woman. Besides, she is not pale and definitely not an Ice Queen. An Ice Queen is supposed to have platinum blond hair, blue eyes and really white skin and Oxana doesn’t have any of those. She may be white but she is not pale.

        Additionally, by the words you say, you consider the “darker-skinned” ones to be beautiful which is also a prejudice. So for you, the white-skinned are not beautiful and the dark ones are automatically pretty. You are so against what you again called as Eurocentrism, meanwhile you are proposing “Melanincentrism.” What a thinking! As a you said, “that’s absurd.”

        What ‘fraud’ are you talking about? She was a Miss U no matter what you do and, therefore, real. Milli Vanilli? they lip synched. Your comparison is quite non-parallel. It’s as if Oxana had the face but competed with another person’s body and whatever else. And whatever the reason was for her ‘relinquishing’ of her title earlier than expected, it’s none of your business or of anybody’s for that matter. Besides, her side of the story and the MU Organization doesn’t really totally clash so it’s not really ridiculous if people give Oxana the benefit of the doubt.

      • Oki

        And to clarify something, I look at beauty not in skin color. I actually believe Mpule Kwelagobe should have placed higher though in her year I wish Miriam Quiambao won. Mpule is beautiful, not because she is black or whatever. She is just beautiful when I look at her. And yes, Lara Dutta can place higher, too, and not because she is brown but because she is BEAUTIFUL. Ximena? Beautiful yes but I believe she’s only gone far because she is the most recent titleholder. Many are more beautiful than her but they went early. Still, Oxana should win this, not because she is white–because she is really, really captivatingly BEAUTIFUL.

  • hello

    My top 5
    Amparo Muñoz
    Christiane Martell
    Jennifer Hawkins
    Ximena Navarrete
    Oxana Federova

  • regaltank

    dear all, please look back Miss universe 1987 the top 10 being called, when the host called up Ms Singapore, do u all notice that cecilia thought she was the one being called.

  • PW

    Top 5

    1. Dayana Mendoza 2008
    2. Angela Visser 1989
    3. Oxana Fedorova 2002
    4. Jennifer Hawkins 2004
    5. Amparo Muñoz 1974

  • andorra

    Dayana…….no queda entre las 5 apuesto lo qie quieran

  • a work of natural beauty…intelligence and divine beauty was superb back then.

  • Mariano

    what I love about all this ranking is that it won’t change history or the fact that each of these women walked away with a Miss Universe crown. Sweden 3 crowns, Brazil 2, Australia 2, Colombia 1, Peru 1, or Puerto Rico 5 (5 crowns!!!) great job for such a tiny island!

  • Joseph

    Congratulations Cecilia Bolocco, well deserved!!….I think the next one should be Ximena but i know she will place higher because she is the current Miss Universe (just like Dennise Quiñones in 2001 when she ranked 3rd or 4th place in this competition). Ximena just has a beautiful face and that’s it.
    No doubt The most beautiful winners are: Oxana, Jennifer, Natalie, Dayana, Amparo and ANGELA VISSER.

    • Alberto

      I’m agree with you. The best is Angela Visser and then: Oxana, Jennifer and Dayana. But, I think that Marlene Schmidt (1961) could be in the top 5. For me Cecilia Bolocco was top 10!!

  • Luisa

    Philippines was the best in 1987. She should have won Miss Universe 1987. If she had won , she would definitely ranked no.1 in this competition.

  • KL

    Five perfect 10s and she still wound up in 13th place.
    Anyway, Cecilia’s interview during the semi-finals is a prime example of how Bob Barker can influence the outcome of the pageant. In the past, if he doesn’t care for one contestant, he would really mess her up by giving a snide or sarcastic reaction and comment to her answers. For Cecilia, his and her funny banter prompted the judges to give her high marks…. and continue to do so for the rest of the evening.

  • Antorcha

    Well said Andy. I was merely answering AlexRio’s question on why everyone here is “screaming” for Oxana; apparently, both of you are not Oxana fans and that is perfectly fine. I did not mean everyone to refer to everybody in the universe. So have your favorites been eliminated? Are you hoping for Lara, Janelle, or Ximena to win? Those 3 are certainly great picks but just as I accept your opinion, I hope you accept the opinions of others and not be too disappointed should Oxana wins.

    I only think, not hope, Oxana will win so whether she does or not, I will neither jump for joy nor be disappointed as nothing can change the fact these women won Miss Universe.

  • Cobb





  • Joselo

    The roommate of Cecilia Bolocco was Miss Honduras (Francia Reyes) Miss Congeniality of that year.

  • Luciano C.

    Cecilia is the living proof that to be Miss Universe, a girl needs more than a pretty face or a pretty body. The girl must be clever, smiling, authentic, charming and elegant, and most of all: to have attitude. Cecilia had the whole package. One of my favorites. I would have ranked her higher than Janelle, Lara and Amparo. In time: My absolute favorite is the goddess from Russia: Oxana!


    Arranged according to impact of presence and achievements:
    2002 Oxana Federova
    1961 Marlene Schmidt
    1953 Christiane Martel
    1977 Janelle Commissiong
    1974 Amparo Muñoz
    1989 Angela Visser
    2004 Jennifer Hawkins
    2000 Lara Dutta
    1978 Margaret Gardiner
    2008 Dayana Mendoza

  • Jean Carlos

    Jamás entenderé cómo encuentran que Cecilia es una de las MU más bellas. Elegante, sí y elocuente, pero hermosa??? No creo.

  • pop

    Cecilia Bolocco, Miss Universe 1987, ranks 16th in my contest with the score 9.46 .

  • pageantcritic07

    I go for Ms, Oxana and Ms. Natalie, Natalie is a good friend of my Sister in Bangkok, she’s nice in real person even her husband or I must say, ex-husband Mr, Paradon… Good luck Ms. Natalie!!!!

  • pageantcritic07

    Even Ms. Jennifer Hawkins of Australia deserves a spot in the top 3. Natalie and Oxana has a big resemblance and similarities…

  • Alberto

    Respecto a la crónica del Miss Universo 1987. Las favoritas de ese año -según recuerdo- eran USA, Venezuela y Chile. De hecho, el ranking de las 10 semifinalistas fue el siguiente:
    1- USA
    2- Chile
    3- Italia
    4- Puerto Rico
    5- Filipinas
    6- Turcos y Caicos
    7- Venezuela
    8- Perú
    9- Singapur
    10- Suecia

    Colombia llegó como favorita, pero fue perdiendo posiciones. En los ochenta, casi ninguna Miss Fotogénica clasificaba.
    1980: Nueva Zelandia (3°)
    1981: Dinamarca
    1982: Bahamas
    1983: Suiza (4°)
    1984: España
    1985: Holanda
    1986: Italia
    1987: Colombia
    1988: Inglaterra
    1989: Australia

    Cecilia Bolocco llamó la atención por su distinción y personalidad antes de la final, tanto entre las misses (cuando pasó a las semifinales, muchas le dejaron recados que era la mejor. En el video de coronación, por ejemplo, es posible ver como la Miss España, Remedios Cervantes, y otras gritan desaforadamente Cecilia!!!!) como de la prensa (le celebraron su cumpleaños 22 con una torta y muchas cámaras) y de los productores (Era bailarina clásica y ocupó destacadas posiciones tanto en la coreografía inicial como en el número musical. Tuvo muchísimos closes up).

    Y como bien comentan -y ella también lo ha dicho-, Cecilia Bolocco está más hermosa ahora que hace 24 años.

    Sería interesante que hubiese un set de fotos del antes y después de las misses:
    Año de elección
    10 años después
    20 años después
    30 años después….

  • licenciado

    Bella Cecilia, ese año miss USA e Italia, unos de los 3 mejores top 3.
    Jenifer 2004 o Natalie 2005 deben ocupar el 1er lugar de este ranking.

  • The sincere

    Oxana NO debería competir, pues ella no es reconocida como Miss Universo por la franquicia de Miss Universo.
    Sería Ilegítima su competencia en este o en cualquier concurso… Ella no existe!!!
    Que siga cantando allá en Rusia.

  • Paulo

    Cecilia looked like old in Miss Universe 1987. She don’t had a Miss Universe body. For me, USA shoud have been Miss Universe. Michelle was a timeless beauty.

  • proud puertorican

    Although, I’m from Puerto Rico I must admit that i’ve never seen a Miss Universe as pretty as Dayana… it’s obvious she is the prettiest Miss Universe. They’ve underscored Denise, Zuleyka, Deborah, and even Marisol… they’ve also underscored Natalie Glebova, so this girl from Trinidad and Tobago prettier than Natalie Glevoba, Denise Quinones, Zuleyka Rivera, Deborah? lol you must be smoking crack…. lol


    Cecilia Bolocco una de las mujeres más hermosas del miss universo su merito elegancia, desplante ,inteligencia y lo más importante belleza natural.

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