14th place – Miss Universe 2001 – Denise Quiñones

14th place – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico

* eliminated scores (highest and lowest scores) were used to break the tie with 13th place, Cecilia Bolocco.

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Miss Universe 2001 was held at the Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez, in Baymon, Puerto Rico. 77 countries competed in a show hosted by supermodels Elle MacPherson and Naomi Campbell (both were heavily criticized for their performances as presenters), with the help of Todd Newton and former Miss Universe Brook Lee. Ricky Martin was the main musical attraction, opening the pageant singing his hit Loaded.


France was believed to be a man

Miss Universe’s 50th edition was marked by some controversial stories surrounding some of the contestants. Miss France,  Élodie Gossuin, for instance, was accused of being a man, while Miss Brazil, Juliana Borges, made worldwide headlines after telling the press she had gone through 17 plastic surgeries.

Slovenia debuted in Miss Universe with Minka Alagič, who wore one of the oddest evening gowns in the history of the pageant. Her dress was compared to a superhero’s costume!


Slovenia in gown: a superhero?

After the first press conference with all contestants, the international press had a clear standout and major favorite for the crown: Greece’s Evelina Papantoniou. Classy, tall, with a phenomenal catwalk, it looked like Evelina was all MUO was looking for when trying to get the pageant revamped. Speaking of controversies, some nude pictures of the Greek goddess had emerged in the internet days previous to the pageant, which some thought, might have prevented her from winning.

Other favorites were Miss Nigeria, Agbani Darego, who many thought could become a 3rd black Miss Universe in just four years, Miss Venezuela, Eva Ekvall, Miss Spain, Eva Sisó, Miss Nicaragua, Ligia Argüello, Miss Russia, Oksana Kalandyrets, Miss Israel, Ilanit Levy, and Miss Puerto Rico, Denise Quiñones. Miss Sweden, MMalin Olsson, had the most beautiful face in the competition, but perhaps was too short to be a serious contender (1.63 m-tall).


Greece: THE favorite!!

The hometown girl, Puerto Rico’s Quiñones, although unquestionably beautiful, had always received a “celebrity treatment” by local organizers, which caused a clear discomfort among the remaining delegates. Although always smiling and being polite to the other competitors, she never got very close to any of them. In addition, the local press tried really hard to push her as “the one to beat”, looking for and reporting on flaws they found on the other favorites, especially Venezuela and Greece.

Miss Korea, Kim Sa-rang, won the Best National Costume Award; voted by her fellow contestants as Miss Congeniality was Miss Bahamas, Nakera Simms; and Miss Photogenic, the most voted delegate in the internet, was Miss Puerto Rico, Denise Quiñones.


Top 10

The top 10 were announced: Spain, Venezuela, Nigeria, Israel, Greece, India, Russia, USA, France, and Puerto Rico. When Puerto Rico was announced, the crowd went wild!

Among the ones who were missed, were Misses Nicaragua, who would go on to become a Miss World finalist, and South Africa, a semi-finalist in Miss World 2001.


Nigeria: future Miss World

Miss Nigeria, Agbani Darego, was the first women from her country to be a Miss Universe semi-finalist. She chose to wear a one-piece swimsuit, which many believed, cost her a spot in the Top 5. A few months later, she would be crowned Miss World, in South Africa.

Some sashes proved to be powerful in those days, especially India and USA’s. None of the two were expected among the semi-finalists, but would go on to become finalists.

Miss France might have been helped by the whole controversy about her gender, but the fact is that she would later be crowned Miss Europe.


Venezuela: a story of courage

Miss Venezuela, Eva Ekvall, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2010, and underwent eight months of treatment. She chronicled her experience in a book of photographs, Fuera de Foco (Out of Focus), released in 2011.

Miss Greece, Evelina Papantoniou, mastered the runway in flawless swimsuit and gown presentations, but it was Puerto Rico’s Denise Quiñones who got the highest average scores on both competitions. Among the judges, a famous Puerto Rican couple: Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe 1993, and pop star Marc Anthony.

The 5 finalists were Misses USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Greece, and India. USA and India had gone way too far in the competition.


Denise: ravishing in gown

After a quick chat with the 5 finalists and final questions & answers, the results were announced: India in 5th place, Venezuela in 4th, USA in 3rd. Greece and Puerto Rico were left. Miss Greece was announced as 1st runner-up, and Miss Puerto Rico, Denise Quiñones, won a 4th Miss Universe title for her island.

Denise was very elegant and looked ravishing in her evening gown that night. Add to that the massive support she got from her countryman, and her victory over the mega favorite Miss Greece, who perhaps had the best catwalk in Miss Universe history, could be explained.

Nevertheless, the feeling of frustration among the other delegates, national directors, and non-Puerto Rican pageant fans, was gigantic. Meanwhile, the people of Puerto Rico celebrated in the streets of San Juan just as if Puerto Rico had won the World Cup!

Quiñones was a popular Miss Universe, having done a great job, especially in the Latin market. She became a talented actress, guest-starring in an episode of the famous television series Smallville. She played Andrea, a masked avenger who fought crime in Metropolis and invited Clark Kent (Tom Welling) to join her in her adventures.


Still competing: 1953, 1961, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1987, 1989, 2000, 2002-dethroned Oxana, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010

Denise, the 4th Miss Universe from Puerto Rico

Top 5: India (5th), Venezuela (4th), Puerto Rico (1st), Greece (2nd), USA (3rd)

Miss Universe 2001

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  • Zuleyka

    Oh my god, only 14 for Denise, I cannot believe it

  • Eloy

    Ximena come on down, where have you been hiding?” You have gong way top far”!!
    Following her should come Lara and Cecilia.

  • Bjoern

    At last. Denise is the only Puerto Rican Miss Universe whom I believe deserved the win. The other 4 are just highly questionnable and unexpected, although Evelina was my choice that year.

    Nevertheless, Ximena should appear next.

    • KL

      True, the other four all have upset victories whereas Denise, at least score-wise, show the judges favored her.

      But unfortunately, the MUO decided to stack the decks in her favor by having 2 Puerto Rican judges in the panel of 8 judges, thus Denise’s well-earned victory will always be questioned: if Dayanara and Marc Anthony were replaced by 2 other judges, will these 2 vote for Miss Greece, as of the remaining 6 judges, 4 favored Denise and 2 for Evelina.

      Also, I wonder what the outcome might have been if Oxana Fedorova decided to compete that year instead of her runner-up, and Larissa Meek won the Miss USA pageant…what a top 5 that would have been.

    • lamarquise

      I agree with you. I was rooting for Evelina the whole night but for some reason, I knew Denise would win. She had the arena rooting for her, but nonetheless, she handled the pressure well and her win was well deserved. I cannot not believe that she is ranked 14th. I expected her to be at least in the top 10. Again and again, I think Dayana Mendoza is over rated, and I have a feeling she will win this honour. In my mind, Denise should rank higher than Cecilia and Dayana. But whatever the results, I think it is so subjective. In the end, does it really matter? They are all winners.

      My favourite for this is either Oxana or Natalie. Go girls! These two ladies are so “heavenly” and unforgettable. I like when Natalie’s face and composure in 2006. She returned more beautiful and classy than when she won. No one can forget her Swimsuit presentation: absolutely flawless (remember those abs).

  • Lily

    Wow. What a shock to see Denise appear before Ximena. Oh well. At this point in the game, all favorites are gonna show up sooner or later.

    • Roberto

      Well, I’m more surprised that Denise got this far in the competition… in THIS competition I mean, because the other one she won in 2001 it was very predictable. It was like Denise’s b-day party. All the presents for the b-day girl, she goes first hitting the piñata, the one in the middle in the pictures, etc.

  • king89

    I can’t belive thet thought Miss France was a man. She’s one of the most feminine woman in history, I Watched her performance on internet nothing can say that is ttue.

  • Ohhhh M Geeeee!…14th for Denise?…at that night,performance wise,even if Denise crowned MU in a different planet she was still a deserving queen. Ms.Greece was spectacular,the catwalk,the poise of a supermodel,the flaws-and-claws.,etc..but this is MU, not kinda Vicotia Secret ran-way.

  • Francis Chu

    This was the pageant in which the only Australian interest was Elle Macpherson.

  • Nicholas

    At last!!! Denise appeared! Although i believe that Navarette must have been eliminated by now, i’ m glad the Puerto Rican girl is not in the top 10.

  • JH

    Greece should have won, without a doubt it was a hometown decision, shame on the judges. Had she won, she would have been in the top 10 in this countdown.

    • Mariano

      should the pageant had been held in Greece, Denise would’ve win over Evangelina, or whatever her name is. Even Zuleyka in Tokyo over Miss Japan in 2006.

      • Nicholas

        Her name is Evelina, and u r gonna remember it 4 ever, even though u pretend u dont’t, since the Global beauties have named the special award “best catwalk” Evelina.
        As 4 her nose, thnk God she did not have a plastic surgery, like most of the latinas. She wouldn’t be unique. This kind of flaws make a person irresistible.
        And speaking about facial beauty, i really cannot understand why PR was considered more beautiful than Spain, Nigeria or Venezuela.
        Overall, i think Denise was soooo overrated that night and her overconfidence was due to the push she had from the audience. Had the contest held on another place, yes, i believe the results would have been different.

      • lamarquise

        It is not the location, but rather the judges. The panel of judges are not diverse. Well, we know Dayanara and Mark Anthony were among them. What can we expect. But Denise is a beautiful girl and her win doesn’t upset me…because I expected the crown to be hers or Evelina. Luckily, Global Beauties has named an award after Evelina, so we are all happy.

  • Pete

    I think Denise belonged in the top 10, however, I agree Jannelle Commissiong is the most beautiful Miss Universe from the Caribbean.

  • Jason

    My goodness, how many times has Venezuela been a finalist in MU?. I’ve read a lot of these reviews and it seems to always be up there!

    • jacobson

      that’s why they are called the ultimate powerhouse of pageants in the world or planet

    • Anaxagoras

      6 Miss Universe
      6 1st Runner Up
      6 2nd Runner Up
      3 3rd Runner Up
      3 4th Runner Up
      3 5th Runner Up
      9 Semifinalists
      Missing years 52,53,54,57,58,59,60,63,65,66,69,71,73,74,75,78,80,82, 2004,2006 and 2010.
      A total of 36 finalists !!! The Country on the top is USA of course, with 53, then after Venezuela are Sweden, Brazil and Colombia with 29 each. The record for Venezuela of consecutive semifanilists and finalists is 21, with 2 winners during this period. Venezuela holds the record for consecutive finalists with 13 from 1991-2003, with 1 winner during this period. Followed by USA with 6(93-98 2 winners),then Finland with 5 (65-69, no winners) and with 4 USA (58-1961, 1 winner), Sweden (78-81, no winners), Germany (54-57, no winners) and Mexico (88-91, 1 winner). Another interesting fact about Venezuela is that, Venezuelan contestants have won or lost(1st runner up) against contestants from the American CONTINENT but in 1976 (Israel) and 2000 ( India)

  • Alberto

    Ya está el Top 5 de América
    1- Trinidad Tobago: Janelle Commissiong (1977)
    2- Chile: Cecilia Bolocco (1987)
    3- Canadá: Natalia Glebova (2005)
    4- Venezuela: Dayana Mendoza (2008)
    5- México: Jimena Navarrete (2010)

    Top 5 de Europa
    Francia: Christiane Martel (1953)
    Alemania: Marlen Schmidt (1961)
    España: Amparo Muñoz (1974)
    Holanda: Angela Visser (1989)
    Rusia: Oxana Fedorova (2002)

    Top 1 de Asia
    India: Lara Dutta (2000)

    Top 1 de Oceanía
    Australia: Jennifer Hawkins (2004)

    Top 1 de Africa
    Sudáfrica: Margaret Gardiner (1978)

    Mi Top 5:
    1- Holanda 1989
    2- Rusia 2002
    3- Alemania 1961
    4- Australia 2004
    5- Venezuela 2008

    Mi Top 10:
    6- Chile 1987
    7- Trinidad Tobago 1977
    8- Canadá 2005
    9- India 2000
    10- Francia 1953

    En cuanto a rendimiento, si bien América y Europa tienen 5 misses en competencia. A Europa le queda el 41,67% de sus ganadoras en competencia y a América el 15,63%.

    Aquí va el rendimiento por década. Se indica el porcentaje aún en competencia. Sin considerar a la década del 2010, la década del 2000 sigue arriba.

    1950 12,50%
    1960 10,00%
    1970 30,00%
    1980 20,00%
    1990 0,00%
    2000 45,45%
    2010 100,00%

  • Dante

    Denise’s runway performance is one of the best ever made by a MU. She is so elegant and sexy, and her smile accentuates her beauty even more. Personally I don’t think Evelina is ‘All That’. Her head appears to be too big in proportions to her body, and her poises looked weird (her arms specially). Other personal favorites that year were Panama, Hungary, Costa Rica and Colombia. Its weird GB failed to mention Colombia’s Andrea Noceti as one of the big favorites that year. She is definately one of the most beautiful Miss Colombia ever seen in the pageant. Also Mexico’s Jackeline Bracamontes was favored by the press and fans.

  • Andy

    There’s simply no way in which Ximena is more beautiful than Denise, Kerry Anne or Ann Marie. She has evidently benefited from the fact she is the current MU>

  • Elmonje88

    Esta mujer me parece bella, pero creo que la máxima posición, a mi gusto, era para el Top 20……

  • Dante

    Denise is 4th in my ranking. I think she deserves at least top 10. My major favorite is still in competition. :) I also agree neither Ximena nor Cecilia are more beautiful than Denise or Kerry Ann. My humble opinion.

  • pop

    In my opinion, I don’t agree that Ximena, Cecilia, Janelle and Margaret are more beautiful than Denise.

    I am so surprised to see her here.

    Denise, Miss Universe 2001, ranked 2nd in my ranking with the score 9.845 .

  • Dante

    One last thing; I think this has been one of the weakest top 5 (excluding Denise). I would have rather see Israel (gorgeous lady), Spain, Rusia and France make it instead of India, USA, Venezuela and even Greece. Too bad Rusia’s and France’s caltwalks were extremely poor.

    • jacobson

      what are you talking about? i think only USA should have been replaced by Nigeria, but it was a great top 5.

      • pop

        I agree with you Jacobson. I think only USA should have been replaced by Nigeria and the other 4 deserved the top 5.
        Venezuela was very stunning and I would rank her my 2nd runner-up instead of USA, Greece still the 1st runner-up and Nigeria would rank 3rd runner-up following with India the 5th place.

        Israel shouldn’t even placed in top10! She placed because of any political or commercial reason,I think.

      • Dante

        Well for me Israel, Russia, Spain and France are superior to the runner-ups in terms of facial beauty. I’m not questioning the fact that they won a spot in the fianl 5, since I’m clear their performance was better than the ones I mentioned. USA was without a doubt one of the most average looking american girl ever to compete in the pageant. Nothing special about her. Venezuela and India even though not ugly, I think Israel or Russia could have take their places if their performance in the runway was a little more vivid. I already stated my dislikes about Evelina.

    • Nicholas

      i will consider ur woords as a bad joke… only usa must have been out of th top-5…i would go with Nigeria, or Spain.

    • Ken

      Greece deserves to win over Denise, but Denise is a strong lady and I think she should at least made it to the top 10 in this ranking as this is truly Puerto Rico’s only deserving win, at least relatively speaking. Nigeria looks regal when she is announced as the semi-finalist, her face glowing during swim suit but that one-piece truly hurt her scoring, and her EG walk wasn’t too good. I think 2001 overall wasn’t a particular strong year, but the top 10 could have better styling and gowns to showcase them better. Russia could benefit from a better gown, France could have a better walk or letting her hair down, India could have styled better during the finals (Celina look actually much better in her pre-pageant photos with contemporary make up), Spain is severely underscored in swimsuit and could have a better gown.

  • steave

    I think Ximena is more beautiful than denise and the mexcican is one of my favorites she´s gorgeous thas why she went to cannes and many directors want her to be an acrtess

    • Andy

      Dude…just going to Cannes does not make you beautiful, anyone who’s been popular at a particular time has been there.

      • Lily

        Andy – I’m glad I saw your retort to Steave’s post. I almost booked a ticket to Cannes because I wanted to be beautiful and be an actress too. LOL.

  • arthur

    My top 5

    5. Ximena
    3. Amparo
    2. Oxana
    1. Natalie

  • Eric

    I believe Miss Greece, Evelina, was a huge favorite but never seen as the ONE to beat. Facially, she was not the pretties girl in the bunch. I personally believe her biggest down was her mouth, and in the night of the competition she didnt exude as much confidence as Denise did. Trying to push the fact that the press and two judges were in favor of Denise is just plain mean and childish. I have yet to read other reviews with similar claims eventhough similar situations has happened before. Example, when Carolina Herrera was a judge and gave almost perfect scores to Miss Venezuela while holding everybody else score extremely low (i believe it happened in 1998). The press has also been in favor of the hometown candidate and many expeculations/consparicies about the winner’s country and the next year location for MU have been popularly formulated.

    • Ken

      The Puerto Rican judges actually give generous scores to most of the 2001 delegates as I recalled. Evelina’s scores wasn’t too far behind from Denise. I disagree that Evelina does not have confidence when she speak, but rather she tried to communicate in english which is not her first language. Her answers are decent and she sounded spontaneous to me, but I agree that she failed to swing the judges’ vote when Denise speaks fluent english, even when Denise paused a while at that final question.

      On the other hand, the judges scoring are all over the map. I like to point out that Dominguez gives Deborah a 10.00 and give Denise a 8.00. It is not even news-worthy anymore. It just shows there are a lot of strategic voting among the panel and many judges don’t vote true to their heart.

      • Mariano

        If you had a busineness, wouldn’t you do the same? I would. Take a look at Nuestra Belleza Latina, where judges are obviusly trying to keep a contestant from different countries until the very end. The T.V. Channel needs traffic, and that’s how people from all over continue watching the show.

  • Pageant Detective

    See, judges Prendiz and Toledo, who gave 8s to most other contestants, were the only judges to give Denise perfect 10. Now we see what they tried to do.

    I don’t like Miss Universe 2001. I hated the swimsuit competition in portions and the top 5 was lame! Spain, Russia and Israel should have advanced instead of Puerto Rico, India and USA. It’s a forgettable edition, and I think Denise only got this far because of Prendiz and Toledo’s poor strategy.

    • Psychologist

      LOL… so with Alicia Machado? Some people here need their head examined.

    • VictorG

      Actually, Prendiz has awarded 16 rankings of 10 so far in this competition, along with 20 rankings of 8. He gave 6 rankings of 9 and 5 rankings between 8.5 and 9. Toledo awarded 24 rankings of 8 which seems very high, 10 rankings of 8.5, 6 rankings of 9, 3 rankings of 9.5 and 4 rankings of 10. The other judge who consistently gave rankings of 8 is Dominguez with 23, including 20 in the bottom 30. One of the most interesting judges to me is Harris, who gives each candidate a different score, much as I have.

    • Luke

      In my opinion, PR was considerably better looking and elegant than Greece. I found Greece’s nose distracting.

      As for the remaining candidates, I’m not a fan of Cecilia or Lara. IMHO, they should come next. Top 10: (1) Hawkins (2) Fedorova (3) Schmidt (4) Visser (5) Glebova (6) Munoz (6)Martel (7) Commisuong (8) Gardiner (9)Navarrete (10) Mendoza

    • 5 CORONAS

      yhep i was working at the host hotel and in person, that greek lady wasnt that prety. Denis is very very good looking in person, also was venezuela, and india was cute in person but a little bitchy. The greek girl have a lovely catwalk bu i think Denis was so strong overall, she won because she was the best. sorry if there are haters that can not stand we have 5 MU. But is ok i love haters, specially when they hate me, cause hate and envy kills lol….. keep swiming in envy my friends 5 MU


  • Kate

    Denise Quinones ranked 4th in GB’s 2001 contest. Just as in 2001, she is the highest ranking of the Puerto Rican Miss Universe winners.

    The winner for the Caribbean has been set: Janelle Commissiong.

    The top 5 for the 2000s has been set: Lara Dutta, Oxana Federova, Jennifer Hawkins, Natalie Glebova, Dayana Mendoza.

  • George

    Why does it say that miss India went too far? For me Celina is one of the most beautiful contestant from that country!! It is a shame that she was not tall, but her face is amazing!

  • dilip indian

    india miss honesty
    venezuela miss beautiful face (now a cancer fighter,bravo)
    puerto rico destiny’s( mark and dayanara) child
    greece miss beaky nose
    usa tongue shooter

  • PeteTX

    Funny thing is that if you watch the competition and monitor the scores given you will see that the two Puerto Rican judges were very consistent in their scores….the did not score Denise much higher and the others very low. Also if you notice there were several candidates they gave higher scores to over Denise. So this talk of favoritism is crap. Denise that night had it going…she was on point…and her confidence was off the hook. She was working that stage like a full time job. Evelina should have stepped it up. Also Evelina’s bird nose did not help her cause either.

  • George

    For me, Denise is the only Miss Puerto Rico who deserved to be crowned Miss Universe, she was my favourite this year.
    I mean, Deborah? Marisol? Dayanara? REALLY?!?!?!?!

  • lapapacaliente

    the only way a puerto rican wins and gets too far only if they have an advantage in judges or home hosting or dominated by their own, an example why denise got this far in this rank cough cough by ethnicity of the judges. denise is no way more beautiful than other girls in 2001 nor even other girls of past ranking. Dayanara is even more beautiful than the overated denise, at least dayanara won fair and square. but i’m happy to see her go in this ranking.

  • paco

    Avanzo demasiado.

    Siguen en competencia las 5 mas bellas Angela Oxana Amparo Jeniffe y Nataly…….seguro las 5 finales

  • Warrior

    I happen to think that the way MU 01 was produce, made what otherwise would have been a legitimate victory for Denise, a very questionable one. Calling Denise last, having two puertorican judges who were a couple (!!!!!!!!!), giving Denise the highest scores on both competitions when in at least SS Evelina was ages ahead of anyone else (BTW Marc Anthony gave Evelina – one of the best bodies in MU history – a mere 8.80!!!!), all these left room for many questions. Yes, I think she was the best overall (even though Evelina was a pretty close second), but the way this pageant was broadcast left no doubt that PR’s victory had been decided long before the actual telecast. And for some of you who keep picking Evelina for her flaws (eps. her nose), I happen to think that she is a real woman, naturally elegant and gorgeous, not a plastic, robotic and fake latina who has been through a zillion plastic surgeries. Evelina’s her flaws are part of her excellence and I really don’t know would have happened if MU 01 had taken place somewhere that Denise wouldn’t be able to feel overconfident and with so much push from the audience, thus being helped to give a great performance. What would have happened if MU 01 had taken place in Cyprus for instance, like the year before?

    • Ken

      Good observation. It will be very fitting to crown Evelina in Cyprus. I think if I am not mistaken, Miss Greece was always held only a few months prior to Miss Universe, so it is amazing that Evelina was able to compete the way she did. I don’t find that nose to be distracting, and I found her a spontaneous person. Having said all that, I still think Denise is strong enough to reach the top 15, if not top 10.

  • Alberto

    Denise Quiñones fue la última en utilizar la corona de Miss Universe que se utilizó entre 1963 y 2001.

    Curiosamente la primera vez que se dio como premio a la ganadora fue en 1970 a la primera Miss Universo de Puerto Rico, Marisol Malaret (45° en este ranking).

    Es la más emblemática de las coronas. Podría volver!

    • Andy

      No entiendo,¿dices que se comenzó a usar en 1963 ó en 1970?

      • Anaxagoras

        Ese diseño clásico, creo que para muchos al igual que para mi, ha sido el mejor y más representativo del concurso, (pero bien hay un dicho “Renovarse o morir”) se empezó a usar en 1963 y era una sóla corona( ignoro si estaba hecha de piedras preciosas reales) , por lo que la ganadora del año anterior la pasaba a la sucesora. En 1971 Marisol se quedó con la corona que le entregó Gloria Díaz y ella le entregó una réplica a Kerry Anne Wells(insisto que no sé si tenía un valor económico, ya que al menos sentimental si) y de ahí las ganadoras se quedaron con una corona con ese diseño. Cuando Dennise coronó a Oxana, lo hizo con la Corona Mikimoto (con un valor económico bastante alto)y ella usó por última vez el diseño clásico. En éste caso las ganadoras no se quedaron con una réplica, sólo se les obsequiaba una tiara con un diseño parecido, como algo simbólico, y si no estoy equivocado, las únicas que lucieron esa tiara en sus despedidas fueron Jennifer, Natalie y Zuleyka.

  • prinpoelon

    bravo denise and i love evelina is the best and eva ekvall i love you in my ranking denise quiñones place: 19 the 14 place is for kerry anne wells from australia

  • Niku

    Where is Ximenaaaaaa? That lady should be top 20 MAXIMUM. Denise?? SHe is beautiful top 10 -15 isok for her! Congratz!

    And that thing that Candidate X or Y are the only MU deserving of her winning is BS!!!! All the winner owned the night when they competed. If not U guys should take lessons of pageantery 101 with Zuleyka Rivera or Alicia Machado: THE PERFECT AND ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE!


    que gran biografia del miss universo hicieron esta vez sinceramente no ce que le vieron a denise por que en swimsuit se veia muy palida Y a comparacion con las otras y el evening gown no se me parece muy normal creo que grecia se lo debio de aver ganado y el traje de eslovenia cuando lo vi dije a quien se le ocurre hacer eso? jajaja yo siempre comparo a alicia con denise quiñones por los premios y por que ambas han tenido los mejores puntajes entre todas sus reinas (venezuela puerto rico) y creo que alicia debio estar mejor posicionada que denise y para mi de las misses de puerto rico una que debio ganar fue beba franco en el 72 ese triunfo creo que hubiera sido incuestionable como el de las reinas de puerto rico PAZ

  • rafael

    es q por mucho q critiqen a ximena la verdad es q esta siendo una miss universo en toda la extension de la palabra la vi en las fotos de cannes y OMG toda una diva 100% mexicana sin duda ojala este en el top 10

  • Antorcha

    Bjoern and KL – I completely agree with you both on that Denise is the only deserving winner from Puerto Rico but I, too, rooted for Miss Greece Evelina P, a true living greek goddess if there ever was one.

    But from the beginning of this contest, my top 3 of Oxana, Natalie and Angela are still in the running.

    • KL

      I think Oxana just might take it all. Again, if the judges didn’t take into account that she didn’t finish her reign. But then, I don’t think that is taken into consideration.

  • Luciano C.

    Denise and Zuleyka are the Puerto Ricans who really deserved to win MU.
    My top 5 is: 1. Oxana; 2. Angela; 3. Marlene; 4. Jennifer and 5. Christine.

  • Felipe

    It’s high time Bolocco and Ximena left. Where are they ?

  • Wilmar Rojo

    Al fin rodó la Quiñones! Here at last, Quiñones is out! Too fair!!! She was actually overrated!

  • Luis

    En lo personal esperaba ver antes de Denise a Cecilia y Janelle. Es muy probable que Ximena ya ande por estos lugares, aunque desde luego me encantaría que entrara al top 10.

    • 5 CORONAS

      yo soy boricua y en verdad no me molesta donde pongan a nuestras nenas pq para nosotros ella son las mas bellas. Y me encantaria ver a jimena en el top pq realmente creo que es una nena bien linda y super fotogenica, wow nunca e visto una foto de ella que salga mal.

  • WILL







  • Elmonje88

    Estoy de acuerdo con Luis…..Denise, Cecilia, Janelle y agrego a Lara y Marlene (en lo personal es top 25)

  • Alex

    What about Jackeline from Mexico, she was a huge crowd favorite, even picked among the best by the New York Times. Nicaragua was never a favorite, neither was France or Sweden.

    This was a bitter sweet triumph for PRICO as it took place IN PRIco with two strong puertorican judges in the finals. Amazing!

    However Denisse was gorgeous and had one of the most amazing catwalks in pageant history during evening gown competition.

    Well placed

    • Manuel Besares

      Jacky turns pretty Famous in Mexico working like an actress at the Mexican soap operas. It’s a Lame that Jacky didn’t classify.

    • Baya boy

      Jackeline Bracamontes is enormously overrated. I’ve always thought she has a very awkward, asymmetrical face. And her catwalk cannot even begin to compare to Denise’s; they’re in two different dimensions. In fact, I think Jaqueline and Karla Carrillo are the worst mexican candidates of the last decade, and both very overrated by their press(but rightfully eliminated before the finals in the respective contests).

  • Brody

    A esta Miss, siempre le dan puestos inmerecidos. El primero ganar MU sobre Evelina, el mejor cuerpo jamas visto en MU, con sus rasgos absolutamente griegos y su perfecto Catwalk. Y en este conteo tambien tuvo muuuucha suerte, Barbara Palacios, Shawn Weatherly, y casi todas las del 20 al 30 son mejores que ella. el 39 hubiese estado Ok.

  • Flick

    I did not believe that Denise deserved the crown that night… but she is still ranked too low. I would give her a spot in the top 10.

    We are at 13 left? Wow. Glad to see Ximena, Cecilia, Oxana, Lara, and Margaret still in the running. I am baffled at how some like Dayana (Really? I think she ranks in the 40s for me), Jennifer (too plain), Natalie (not very photogenic), Janelle (too plain, looks a bit aged), and Angela (I know everyone loves her, I am just meh about her) beat stunners like Barbara, Wendy, Chelsi, Brooke, Alicia, and Sushmita. IMHO Barbara could compete against any of these girls TODAY and still be more beautiful.

  • Anaxagoras

    With outh any doubt, the best of the Puertorican winners. I must say that Evangelina was my favorite that night. She really looked like a godess in her stunning white evening gown, the best from all the bunch . Her nose wasn’t that distracting, it made her look unique. She could have had surgery ( like other constestants did, specially the one from a country which I will not mention to avoid unfair and bad comments against me) but she didn’t. I was a bit dissapointed with the final results, but at the end, I liked it and learned to live with it.
    I espected Dennise to be in a higher position, but I guess this is a well deserved spot. And wether her winning was controversial or not ( I would dare to say that most of the pageants and winners have been considered controversial) she certainly was a stunning Miss Universe.

  • Paltok Quezon

    Im a bit disapointed… She deserve to rank in 1-5.

  • Jorge

    All I can say is.. ABOUT TIME!!!!!



  • planetchuckie

    I’ve always wished Evelina and Denise competed on separate years. Denise exuded the confidence, spunk and determination of a winner while Evelina was simply a goddess.



  • samzozo

    A US territory wins MU on home soil, how political can you get. Greece should have won. He she answered the best in the top 5. USA wasn’t good and should have been replaced with Nigeria or Spain. South Africa was robbed of the top 10 stop in favour of france and israel. Politics al the way.

    • KL

      Actually, I thought Miss USA handled herself pretty well. She was asked to tell something about the USA that people do not know about and she came up with an answer that most Americans probably never thought of, given how we think we are the center of the world. In any sense except for Greece, all the remaining 4 in the top 5 were typical powerhouses at Miss Universe.

  • Antorcha

    Oxana didn’t finish her reign but she still had the whole universe watch her get crowned by Denise and she held the MU title for 3 months. Oxana might not win but I am most confident that she will win this contest.

    The newest exciting discussion is who will win MU 2012? Argentina, Australia, and Costa Rica are sizzlingly striking with USA, PR, Kosovo, Israel, Angola, Thailand, and Philippines closely behind. Still, Oxana will beat any of them in the next MBMU contest.

    Rock on KL! You definitely know what you’re seeing and talking about.

  • yohanis


  • dilip indian

    post mu pageang miss india celina jaitly became a famous bollywood actress.she also acted in newzealand movie love has no language.she is the face and ambassador of egypian tourism.
    All this pale in comparision when we look into her work and support for LGBT community in india.she has tirelesly supported and actively rallied in their support.she is part of the celebrity endorsers for de criminalisation of homosexuality and has put pressure on indian govt to remove section 377 of ipc which criminalise gay sex.she is the face of gay rights in india.its clarified though that she is not a gay

  • Ist

    1° Jennifer Hawkins

    2° Oxana Fedorova

    3° Natalie Glebova

    4° Dayana Mendoza

    5° Angela Visser.

  • PW

    1. Dayana Mendoza
    2. Angela Visser
    3. Oxana Fedorova
    4. Jennifer Hawkins
    5. Amparo Muñoz
    6. Natalie Glebova
    7. Marlene Schmidt

  • Andrew

    I have mixed feelings about Denise. On one hand, she is certainly the most beautiful MU from her country, and definitely only Jannelle Commissiong should come ahead of her in a regional Caribbean ranking. However it is so incredibly, painfully obvious for anyone who watched that edition of MU that she received a preferential, VIP treatment. I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists who believes in elaborate plans to make sure a certain contestant gets elected, however, there’s nothing to imagine here, it was all there: the selection of the judges, host, entertainers, her strategic placement, always in the middle, even the selection and announcement of Puerto Rico as a host for the pageant the following year; it was an all-Puerto Rican fiesta where it was even impossible to imagine a non-Puerto Rican winning.

    No, I’m not saying she had already been pre-seletced and the whole thing was a charade, but there was evidently the intention of making her look special.

    It’s sad because although she was probably just as deserving of the title as Miss Greece would have been, there will always be that dark gray above her crown, with people wondering if she would have won had she not been from the host country.

  • Argyle

    India was actually a pretty big favourite, if memory serves me right. She was one of the most facially beautiful contestants that year, and she was a shoo-in for the top 10. So I find the article a little unfair with respect to her performance – especially since she was deserving of her position (compared to the rest of the semifinalists). I agree with a lot of the posters – USA should’ve been replaced with Nigeria. Heck, USA wouldn’t have made it to the top 30 if the pageant was American-owned.

  • MattCT

    Everyone is so desperate for a non-Latina win that they will give Evelina a lot more credit than she deserves. She was tall and had a fabulous catwalk, but this is a beauty pageant not a model pageant. She had a narrow face, a hooked nose, the personality of a soggy Boudoir biscuit, and quite frankly was lucky to place so high. But this is about the winner, and not about dissing the runners-up. Denise was the best by far, whether she walked first or last in the order. She would have won the pageant even if it was held in Outer Mongolia.

  • Respect

    My fave in the top 5, I thought she deserved to win. She walked with confidence and spoke with confidence.
    I’ve always thought she looked like a super model or an actress; a very commercial face and I don’t mean that in a bad way.
    This might sound ridiculous, but I can see her as a model selling a wide range of products from skin care products, to hair care products, to bikinis, to jewellery or starring alongside Julia Roberts in a movie… or something. I guess I’m trying to say she’s a conventional beauty (I think anyway).

    Other than Denise, my other fave was Agbani! Beautiful!!! Spain was nice too.

  • AlexRio

    People here screams for Jennifer, Ximena, Oxana, Natalie, Angela.

    I’ll laugh a lot if the superb and stunning Christiane Martel, MU 1953 of France win this thing lol.

  • Miss Universe

    OMG! I can’t believe it!

  • denisse

    Denise Quiñones August, finished FOURTH PLACE in GB’S MOST BEAUTIFUL MISS UNIVERSE 2001 EDITION.

  • Antorcha

    Andrew – I fully agree with your views on how Puerto Rican oriented the pageant was when Denise won. Even the intro promoted too much of a Ricky Martin concert. It is as if Denise had already won well before the contest began. Nevertheless, Denise stood out and rightfully won.

    I also agree on some who thought Miss USA should not have made top 5; for that matter she should not have even been Miss USA as there was a more beautiful contestant from Missouri who should have won. And Miss USA’s final answer was clearly rehearsed as she took words from Lara Dutta’s answer to the final question the previous year stating “….strong and independent women”.

    And just because the MU is american owned, doesn’t mean that a Miss USA will automatically make the semifinalist as Miss USAs 1976, 1999, 2002, and 2010 did not.

  • I believe Denise should have placed higher. She was absolutely beautiful and charming all throughout the competition. Can’t understand why Dayana and Ximena have not yet appeared. Of the 6 winners from Venezuela, Alicia Machado for me is the best and the most charming of all the MU winners. But my bet for the # 1 is either Jennifer Hawkins (absolutely beautiful and hot) and Natalie Glebenova who is very classy and whose beauty has a resemblance to Wonder Woman.

  • lol

    ximena es mucho mas hermosa que denise

  • Sasha

    she is the best from the 5 Puerto Rico’s MU

  • Jose

    El top 5 d este ranking quedara asi : Oxana Fedorova Dayana Mendoza Natalie Glebova Jennifer hawkins Amparo Muños q tal anontenlo

  • AlexRio

    This edition had the worst hostesses ever. Who said a supermodel can be a classy hostess on a television show like this on ? They are just dumb beautiful people. Trump must have fired the author of the idea.

  • ALEX

    1.OXANA FEDOROVA 2.NATALIE GLEBOVA 3.JENNIFER HAWKINS and even Lara Dutta or Wendy Fitzwilliam could be in the top 5!!!

  • Elbi C

    Its funny when people say the pagent was puertorrican orinted? Why do you think countries (or territories – for those politically incorrect) invest so much money on this activity? To showcase other countries? Get it over with… its done they won, its history.

  • Lorenzo

    Denise looked amazing that night during the peagent. She was radiant and the judges ruled!!

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