15th place – Miss Universe 1972 – Kerry Anne Wells

15th place – Kerry Anne Wells, Australia

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

When it celebrated its 20th anniversary (and 21st edition), Miss Universe was held outside of the continental U.S. for the first time in history. Puerto Rico hosted it, and the final event happened at the Cerromar Beach Hotel, in the city of Dorado. 61 international beauties competed, and one country debuted: Iraq. Wijdan Burham El-Deen Sulyman remains the only woman from Iraq to have ever competed in Miss Universe. Miss Iran was also expected to join the pageant, but it did not happen (Iran has never competed in Miss Universe).

Contestants during rehearsals

It was once again presented by Bob Barker, and co-presented by Helen O’Connell, who debuted that year. She would remain as Miss Universe’s co-host until 1980.

The governor of Puerto Rico at that time, Luis A. Ferré, had invited the Miss Universe Organization to actually move to Puerto Rico. A man who brought great progress to the island, he was a promoter of American statehood for Puerto Rico. Things started out well, and Miss Universe 1971, Georgina Rizk, spent most of her year of reign living in San Juan.

Favorites from Portugal and Brazil

In 1972, a few months before Miss Universe, also the Miss USA pageant took place in Puerto Rico, which generated a series of protests by locals, led by the Socialist Party. The night when Miss USA was crowned, a bomb exploded at the Cerromar hotel, destroying two rooms and scaring everyone, especially the American delegates.

In addition to that, the Japanese Red Army, trained in Lebanon, killed 24 tourists in Israel, 15 of whom were Puerto Ricans. The island governament then prohibited Georgina Rizk to return to Puerto Rico, not even to crown her successor, and Miss Lebanon was not allowed to compete in Miss Universe 1972.

Protests mounted during the days of Miss Universe, forcing the delegates to spend most of their time in the host hotel, under heavy security.

Miss Australia was a model from East Victoria Park

It was the only time in the 60 years of Miss Universe that the winning announcement could not be seen. Allegedly, a Socialist Party activist managed to cut the imagine off, leaving only the sound on, right when the name of Miss Universe 1972 was about to be announced. When the image returned, Miss Australia had already been crowned Miss Universe 1972.

Not long after Miss Universe 1972, accused of corruption,  Luis A. Ferré, was defeated in the local elections, and the new governor practically expelled the Miss Universe organization from Puerto Rico. Kerry Anne Wells, Miss Universe 1972, spent most of her year of reign living at a hotel in New York, as Miss Universe organized its new HQ in the Big Apple.

Bob Barker and a perfect top 5

The Europen, Asian, and African beauties, first met up in New York, where they spent 4 days sightseeing, appearing on tv shows, and doing some shopping. The Latin American beauties were taken to Lima, Peru, where they spent 10 days filled with activities.

Four candidates were considered as front-runners when the whole group finally arrived in Puerto Rico: Miss Germany, Heidi-Marie Weber, Miss Venezuela, María Antonieta Cámpoli, Miss Israel, Ilana Goren (considered the most beautiful face in the competition), and Miss Brazil, Rejane Vieira Costa.

1972 crowning moment

Miss Venezuela, although only 17 years old, was considered the best prepared delegate, and one of the most elegant around. Misses India and Philippines were also often noted for their elegance and stunning wardrobes.

Other favorites were the candidates from the USA, England, Peru, France, Austria, Bahamas, and Portugal.

Miss Australia, Kerry Anne Wells, was one of the last girls to arrive, and even though she was the tallest in the group, the Aussie beauty passed unnoticed in the first days of the competition. Kerry designed all her wardrobe, including the gown she wore the night she was crowned Miss Universe.

Miss U 72 in gown and ss

Ombayi Mukuta, Miss Zaire, was always smiling, and it was not surprising that she won the Miss Amity award. The very charming Miss Belgium, Anne Marie Roger, was chosen as Miss Photogenic, and Miss Peru won the Best National Costume Award.

It was the first time that a pre-taped swimsuit segment was seen in Miss Universe, something that would happen until 1989.

The Top 12 semi-finalists were announced in 3 groups of 4:  England, Brazil, Japan, and Venezuela; Australia, Peru, Belgium, and U.S.A.; Israel, Germany, Philippines and India. There were no major surprises, as most favorites advanced to the semi-final stage of competition. The exceptions were Portugal, Austria and Bahamas, who had been left behind.

3 best: Brazil, Australia, Venezuela

Miss Puerto Rico was also not among the semi-finalists, but that was expected.

Miss Australia’s spotless presentation and unquestionable beauty, had made her a favorite after the Presentation Show. She looked just as amazing at the final night, and gave one step further towards the title by becoming a finalist, along with Misses England, Venezuela, Brazil, and Israel.

Five brunettes, and one of the best ‘Top 5s” in the history of the pageant. All 5 were absolutely stunning, and truly anything could happened at that point.

Miss England was announced as 4th runner-up, Miss Israel was the 3rd runner-up, Miss Venezuela the 2nd, Miss Brazil the 1st, and Miss Universe 1972 was Miss Australia, Kerry Anne Wells!

Miss U 1972

After four straight finalists in Miss Universe, between 1969 and 1972, Australia finally had its first Miss Universe title. In that same year, Australia would conquer the Miss World title and place 2nd in Miss International. It remains the greatest Grand Slam performance by a country in one year in all times.

Kerry Anne was a great Miss Universe, and after her reign was over, she pursued working as a news anchor. Prior to entering the pageants, she worked as a weather bird. She was also a top model.

Miss Universe 1972 is now a successful fashion designer, writer and commentator who speaks out about positive realistic body image and self-esteem. She is involved with BodyThink, a healthy lifestyle program designed for Australian schools.


(still competing: 1953, 1961, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1987, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2002-dethroned Oxana, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010)

Special thanks to Alberto Dubal for his valuable contribution!


Kerry Anne Wells, Miss Universe 1972, from Australia

Top 5: England (5th), Brazil (2nd), Australia (1st), Venezuela (3rd), Israel (4th)

Brazil (2nd) and Australia (1st) on the cover of Manchete magazine

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  • Francis Chu

    A pity that my country’s first Miss Universe win was only heard and not seen.

  • Nelson

    Kerry Ann is simple beautiful and her reign is unforgetable. In this year competed who is considered the worst Miss Colombia ever, Maria Luisa Lignarolo, mmm… definitly ugly. And venezuela sent one of her best delegates in a decade where this country didn´t brighted!!!

  • Joselo

    She looks good in these photos. She deserves to be in the top 15. Who will be next? Probably South Africa?

  • Jim

    So the rumor that she was married & the MU organization found out about it but chose “not to do anything about it” ~ is not true ? And I always thought she was a “weathergirl” before she was crowned -just wondering…

    • Ken

      There is just so much rumours in the pageant world. One thing for sure, MUO must have really liked her, and Kerry Anne Wells must have also liked the organization enough, to continue to be associated with the pageant several years on, as she continued to attend the pageant and even showed up to crown 1975’s winner due to Amparo Munoz’s absence.

      • Kate

        Kerry Anne Wells last appeared at Miss Universe in 1979 where she hosted a Perth tour segment. Perhaps we’ll see her this year for the 60th anniversary.

  • Alberto

    Muy bonita Kerry Ann Wells. En realidad no la conocía mucho.
    Sigo manteniendo mi último top ten:
    1- 1989 Angela Visser Holanda
    2- 2002 Oxana Federova Rusia
    3- 1961 Marlene Schmidt Alemania
    4- 2004 Jennifer Hawkins Australia
    5- 2008 Dayana Mendoza Venezuela
    6- 1987 Cecilia Bolocco Chile
    7- 1977 Janelle Commissiong Trinidad Tobago
    8- 2005 Natalie Glebova Canadá
    9- 2000 Lara Dutta India
    10- 1953 Christiane Martel Francia

    Top 15
    11- 2001 Denise Quiñonez Puerto Rico
    12- 2010 Jimena Navarrete México
    13- 1974 Amparo Muñoz España
    14- 1978 Margaret Gardiner Sudáfrica
    15- 1972 Kerry Ann Wells Australia

    Ya hay algunas ganadoras por categoría:

    1- Décadas:
    – Década 50:
    1953 Christiane Martel Francia
    – Década 60:
    1961 Marlene Schmidt Alemania
    – Década 90:
    1996 Alicia Machado Venezuela

    2- Continentes:
    – Australia Oceanía
    2004 Jeniffer Hawkins Australia
    – Africa
    1978 Margaret Gardiner
    – Asia
    2000 Lara Dutta India

    Hace tiempo que entramos en el área chica entre los lugares 25 y 15 hay 0.2 puntos de diferencia:
    15- Australia 1972: 9466
    25- Panamá 2002: 9232

    Las que quedan son las que obtuvieron más consenso entre el jurado. La diferencia de puntajes de Kerry Ann es de solo 1 punto.

    Mi apuesta para el top 3 de América:
    1- Dayana Mendoza
    2- Cecilia Bolocco
    3- Natalie Glebova

    Las tres son muy bonitas, distinguidas y de una personalidad tremenda, especialmente las dos sudamericanas.

    Mi top 3 para Europa
    1- Angela Visser
    2- Oxana Federova
    3- Marlene Schmidt

    Angela Visser mezcla una belleza clásica con una tremenda sensualidad casi latina. La rusa y la alemana son más clásicas. Habrían sido las musas inspiradoras de cualquier pintor renacentista.

    Hasta el momento sin considerar la década del 2010, las de mejor desempeño son:
    1- 2000: En carrera el 54,55% de sus misses
    2- 1970: En carrera el 30% de sus misses
    3- 1980: En carrera el 20% de sus misses (Esta es mi década preferida)
    4- 1950: En carrera el 12,5% de sus misses
    5- 1960: En carrera el 10% de sus misses
    6- 1990: Ninguna de sus misses en carrera. Alicia Machado (1996) ocupó el primer lugar de la década en el lugar 18.

    Y de las 14 que quedan:
    1- América: 42,86%
    2- Europa: 35,71%
    3- Africa, Asia y Oceanía: 7,14%
    Y el 35,71% de las que quedan son de América Latina y el Caribe.



  • KL

    One of the more distinct memories I have of Kerry Anne Wells was when she helping to inaugurate the first Miss Hong Kong pageant organized by TVB in 1973. Very striking.

    The article did not mention that since Georgina Rizk was not allow to come to Puerto Rico (what a shame that politics have to play into an event that is suppose to transcends politics), Marisol Malaret deservingly crowned Kerry Anne.

    And I agree that this was one of the best top 5 ever, the crown could have gone to any one of them. I would have love to see how the judges place their votes. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the number 1 and 2 votes were distributed evenly between all 5 of them. Wells probably won by a narrow margin.

    • Ken

      Politics is everywhere. Even Norway at Miss World 2010, who was expected to make the top three, who had won the Top Model Award, would ‘only’ finish as a finalist because China’s relation with Norway was strained due to Nobel Peace Prize honouring a jailed Chinese dissident Liuxiaobo. Besides, not allowing Georgina Rizk to crown Kerry Ann Wells is not just because of political reasons, but also for security concerns. Miss USA always booed whenever they compete in Mexico is another clear reason people just cannot treat things differently. There are just countless examples. It is a shame, but it is just reality.

      • Anaxagoras

        Wooaah, it seems that you like to make up things too…I guess you really enjoy it don’t you???
        The Mexican audience hasn’t always booed all the Miss USA contestants whenever pageant had been hosted in Mexico. Please, use technology and watch all the videos posted of Miss Universe pageants held in Mexico. Watch, the ones in 1978 and 1989, there wasn’t any booing as you just made it up !!!

        • Andy

          Ok so it wasn’t every time, just HALF THE TIMES it’s been held in Mexico, yeah, that’s much better. Once is already too much. I’m sorry but as beautiful a country as it is, Mexico has proved itself to be not apt to host events of this type. The number one requirement should be to show HOSPITALITY and GRACE, and I’m sorry but the Mexican audience in MU displayed a horrible lack of both things.

          • Anaxagoras

            The Mexican audience hasn’t been the only one to boo at non favorite or any kind of contestants. I insist, watch thoroughly other pageants and you can confirm that booing wasn’t invented by Mexican audiences. Though I must accept that the two last pageants celebrated in Mexico, that did happen. The reason was that, the Mexican audience noticed (and I guess everybody)that the USA contestant was favored above the Mexican any other contestant in bosth pageantes. You can read not good comments on both USA contestants,many of them say they were undeserved, specially 2007(a fall made her have a spot in the finalists over Tanzania or Mexico). I’m not excusing the Mexican audience, if that would’ve been a major issue, then Ximena wouldn’t have won last year.

          • Manuel Besares

            HOSPITALITY AND GRACE? Come on! They are the things that the Mexicans have in comparisson with others countries. And, if we don’t have them, we wouldn’t be a turistic powerhouse.
            The problem with the booing in 1993 an 2007 was the politics of USA over Mexico. In 1993 the problem was the NAFTA, who beneffits more to USA than Mexico. In 2007, the problem was the Migratory Rules and the Wall that the USA was having versus Mexico; and furthermore, the favoritism to the USA delegate.
            BTW, the people loves to come to Mexico, for the places, culture and THEIR PEOPLE!

        • Ken

          I apologize if I added the word ‘always’ when I say Mexican audiences booed Miss USA whenever they compete in Mexico, but I think you know what I am trying to convey. 14 years apart and Mexico City is still quite hostile to Americans. I guess tourist hot spots Acapulco and Cancun wasn’t that hostile as the audiences were filled with international tourists.

          Having said all that, I did not really mean to single out Mexico in my sentiments for countries which does not treat pageants seperately with politics. My regrets.

          • KL

            The Mexican audience started booing Miss USA only after Lupita Jones won the Miss Universe crown and Mexico was starting to emerge as a powerhouse. The two times they hosted before 1991, Mexico was a virtual non-entity at Miss Universe.

  • yohanys

    DAYANA MENDOZA Miss Universo 2008 Es mi gran foborita para ganar este concurso de la mas bella miss universo. Esta chica es completamente bella sus rasgos latinos la hacen esquisita, el magnetimos que genera Dayana es tan fuerte que todos en este planeta lo sentimos, ella es muy desembuerta en el escenario y con un carisma inigualable. Dayana es la Diosa hecha mujer, sobran las palabras para describir el gran potencial de esta chica.

    Dayana Mendoza es la ideal para ganar esta condienta no hay otra. Suerte para la Espectacular DAYANA MENDOZA Miss Univeso 2008 y la Más Bella Miss Universo 1952-2010

  • dilip indian

    modelesque miss universe.and great respite from a very long wait

  • pop

    Kerry Anne Wells, Miss Universe 1972, ranked 19th in my ranking with the score 9.45 .

  • Eric

    Well…, I have always considered MU 1972 one of the most beautiful in the history of the pegeant. Definetely, Australia has produced undeniable beautiful miss universes. BTW, this is the first Miss Universe eleceted in PR to leave the ranking and she does it in 15th place!!! The others: Denise and Oxana. BTW, the article doesnt mention that Miss Universe 1970, Marisol Malaret, was asked to crown the new Miss Universe and I believe, it was the first year that the show was televised live.

  • Kate

    Kerry Anne Wells ranked 26th in GB’s 2001 contest.

    Oceania’s winner has been set: Jennifer Hawkins.

    The top 3 for the 1970s has been set: Amparo Munoz, Janelle Commissiong, Margaret Gardiner.

    • Ken

      Oh then she made a deserving bump in this ranking. Then again, GB picks good photos that showcases her well. Australia is doing so well in this ranking, all their two winners will make top 15 in this ranking. Way to go Aussies!

      • Kate

        Australia is the only multiple winning country to have all their winners make the top 15.

        Venezuela (1 of 6), Puerto Rico (1 of 5), Trinidad & Tobago (1 of 2), India (1 of 2), Canada (1 of 2), and Mexico (1 of 2) still remain among the multiple winning countries.

        The multiple winning countries that were shut out of the top 15 were USA (7), Sweden (3), Brazil (2), Philippines (2), Finland (2), Thailand (2), Japan (2).

    • Desdemona

      To think that such completely unforgettable and the most exquisite beauties as Maritza Sayalero and Anne-Marie Pohtamo did not even make the top 3 for the 70s! Both of those two belong among the most beautiful Miss Universe winners through all times! So Margaret Gardiner is supposedly more beautiful than those two?! How that average-looking woman has made it all the way this far and might be making it even higher yet is beyond my human comprehension! NONE of those three left for the 70s is more beautiful than Maritza Sayalero – not even Amparo Munoz who definitely belongs into the top 3 for the 70s!

  • prinpoleon

    before the ranking a different panel of judges view all of winners in the preliminary evaluations there votes with members of the global beauties organization to determine who will make tonight first cut SO HERE THEY ARE IN RANDOM ORDER:
    1 step….venezuela
    c mon down… puerto rico
    where calling…france
    around the world with… germany
    moving for with…. australia (04)
    and…. india
    join in the list… south africa
    yes is you… australia (72)
    this is your moment… russia
    you can relax now…. mexico
    next we have… trinidad and tobago
    cmon and join us…chile
    and the beautiful…canada
    two more let see… holland
    and finally……. spain
    there they are the most beautiful miss universe top 15 who will win and the questions is who? can wait
    later the top 10 and 5 girls say good bye the first is kerry wells in my ranking she place in the 14 place the 15 place is for barbara palacios teyde from venezuela

  • Rania Kadret

    does anyone have pics of Miss iraq 1972 when she won the Miss Iraq title?

  • Kate

    How I would rank the remainder of the top 15:

    14. Margaret Gardiner
    13. Lara Dutta
    12. Denise Quinones
    11. Natalie Glebova
    10. Cecilia Bolocco
    9. Ximena Navarrete
    8. Christiane Martel
    7. Marlene Schmidt
    6. Amparo Munoz
    5. Dayana Mendoza
    4. Janelle Commissiong
    3. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Angela Visser
    1. Oxana Federova

  • Eduardo (Brasil)

    Torço para a lindissima e maravilhosa JENNIFER HAWKINS ganhar…gostaria de ver ela em 1° lugar pois é a mais linda entre todas. uma deusa da beleza.

  • Eloy

    Jimena, Denise and Lara not being bad, should be long gone.
    Time to bring them down.
    Lots of more deserving girls are out of the race like this one for example.

  • Ariadna

    beautiful… Ximena, Cecilia or Denise will be next I guess

  • Mariano

    Miss Iran did compete in 1972, unless I’m mistaking her with Miss Irak. One of those 2 countries went to Puerto Rico in 1972. I don’t understand why Dayana Mendoza is still in the running. Maritza and Irene deserved to be in the top 15.

    • admin

      As the text says, Iraq competed in 1972. Not Iran.

    • NANANA

      ja por que dayana es hermosa bella alegre carismatica y clara favorita en el MU 2008 ademas miss hao dai y miss grand slam 2008 por esta misma pagina pronto protagonista de una novela y co animadora de relax en e entreteiment latinoamerica osea DAYANA ES LA MEJOR DAHHHHHHHHH

      • Mariano

        esto no es una competencia de asuntos profesionales de las misses universo, estamos hablando de rankings. Insisto que Irene y Maritza debian estar en las TOP 15 y no Dayana. Eso no quiere decir que no sea bonita y que no mereciera ganar.

  • Jay A

    My Top 5 for sure in Random Order:

    1) Natalie Glebova – Canada

    2) Jennifer Hawkins – Australia

    3) Dayana Mendoza – Venezuela

    4) Angela Visser – Holland

    5) Oxana Federova – Russia

  • Adram

    Is Oxana still considered even though she was asked to step down?

    • Ken

      I will answer this on behalf of the Admin, as these questions (as well as Justine Pasek’s eligibility) has been raised many many times before, and people should not keep repeating the same questions so far into the ranking!! Everybody who was once reigned as Miss Universe are eligible, including Oxana Federova. There are already a lot of people suggesting Oxana should not be eligible for the running due she did not complete her reign, but GB has already stated it clear that she will be in the running since the beginning.

    • KL

      Speaking of Grand Slam performance, Australia also won the Miss Asia Pacific pageant that year.

  • Antorcha

    Congrats to gorgeous Kerry-Anne and Australia for having their 2 MUs in top 15. Australia should have 3 as Vonnie Delvos was robbed during MU 1993.

    • Garh

      Agree Vonnie robbed big time….think she is more beautiful then Jeniffer & that Jesinta Miss Aust 2010

    • Francis Chu

      Voni was definately robbed in 1993.

    • Ken

      I would not go so far as to say Vonnie was robbed. Her preliminary scores and final night’s scores were inconsistent if you looked clearly. She was only consistently strong in SS, while she lost points in interviews but gained ground on EG. However, it is fair to say Puerto Rico robbed her top 3 spot, and probably no one would disagree with that. Vonnie has very high preliminary interview scores, but on the night that matters the most it is clearly evident that she lost some spark whenever she spoke, despite the content of her answers were decent.

  • Anaxagoras

    Well deserved ranking. She really was really beautiful and had everything to win. I know many will hate me, but I don’t care and I dare to say that she is even more beautiful than Jennifer. I’m sorry, but I’m more into classic beauties. I guess that her pictures (though they aren’t recent) show and demonstrate the typical beauty of that time !!!

    • Torakka

      I absolute agree with you what becomes to Kerry`s priority to Jennifer. I should even say that I bet I am the only one here who doesn`t find her (Jennifer) beautiful at all. When I first time (in April) made a list of my own I placed Jennifer 57th!!!. Kerry was 24th in my ranking. Dayana Mendoza is my biggest favourite. My Top-5 girls are still going on (besides Anne Marie Pohtamo): Mendoza, Navarrete, Fedorova and Muñoz.

    • Ken

      I admit that Jennifer Hawkins was never among my top 5 favourites to win MU2004. I actually find all those former Miss World semi-finalists more worthy, including Bianca Sissing of Switzerland, Christine Straw of Jamaica, Katrine Sorland of Norway. When it came to blonde girls, Shandi Finnessey was a formidable competitor, so Jennifer was really not a league to her own. In fact, a lot of arguably strong Miss Australias did not even make it to Miss U semi-finals, including 1989, 1994, 1996, 1997. Still, Jennifer has proven to be an exciting winner, and as long as she placed outside of the top 5 but within top 10, it would be a fair ranking for her.

  • Elmonje88

    Que bella es Kerry………………….Un top 5 espectacular, y el top 3, aún más!

  • Brody

    Una de mis MU preferidas. Al salir Shawn y Barbara, pensaba que ella iba a ser parte del top 10. Sigo manteniendo mi top cinco:
    5. Angela Vissrr
    4. Jenifer Hawkins
    3. Ceci Carolina Bolocco
    2. Amparo Muñoz
    1. OXANA

    Cruzo los dedos sobre todo por las tres primeras!!!

  • Dante

    Gorgeous! One of the most beautiful indeed. I’ve been expecting Cecilia and Ximena for a while now.

  • Edison

    May be 5 Miss Grand Slam (MGS) from 2000s in Top 5:
    1. India 2000 (MGS 2000)
    2. Puerto Rico 2001 (MGS 2001)
    3. Australia 2004 (MGS 2004)
    4. Canada 2005 (MGS 2005)
    5. Venezuela 2008 (MGS 2008)

    4 from my Top 10 was eliminated: Venezuela 1981, Sweden 1984, Venezuela 1996 and Dominican Republic 2003. 6 stunning women remain: Spain 1974, South Africa 1978, Puerto Rico 2001, Australia 2004, Canada 2005 and Venezuela 2008.

    May be Holland 1989 win, again. May be Spain 1974 win, as honour to the deceased. But I hope Natalie Glebova, Canada 2005 win.

  • Desdemona

    I am clearly in a strong minority here but I have never been her hugest fan. The one who that year should have won and hands down was in my opinion the starry-eyed Miss Brazil Rejane Vieira Costa. Just take a look at the crowning photo and also the last photo with Rejane and Kerry Anne and compare those two. Rejane I think clearly outshines Kerry Anne. She is one of the most beautiful delegates and queens Brazil ever sent to Miss Universe or any other international pageant, together with the legendary Marta Rocha and the exquisite Leila Schuster. It’s so funny that so many multiple winning countries in Miss Universe never won their actual crowns with their most beautiful delegates in the history of the pageant (Venezuela being a complete exception, however count Stefania Fernandez out), and most of all, USA. To some extent, Brazil is one of those countries as well. While Ieda Vargas and Martha Vasconcellos were both very beautiful and elegant women, neither one of those two in my eyes in sheer physical beauty could hold a candle to Rejane or for example Martha Rocha. Miss Venezuela Maria Antonieta Campoli was absolutely gorgeous as well. But Kerry Anne was still beautiful, more beautiful than several other winners of the 70s, and it was a marvellous top 5 that year, one of the best ones through all times.

  • ernest

    I never liked this woman to begin with. She’s way too over rated for my taste. The clear winner that year was Miss Brazil. Kerry to me you are not that beautiful, and the only way Kerry won was, because at that time Australia has never had a winner. This woman was a snob. If you look at how she crowned her successor Margarita Moran, she never smiled or gave a hug to her successor. If you looked when she crowned Miss Pohtamoh it was a complete opposite. Too bad this woman is in the top 15, because there were more deserving winner than this snobbish woman. Also, may I add that the previous runner-up to Miss Universe 1971 was Toni Rayward from Australia was also snobbish, and made bad remark toward Georgina Rizk. Thank God that Australia won Miss Word that year, because Belinda Green was a hundred times better than this plain Jane Kerry.

  • Respect

    Kerry looks very different from a lot of other Miss Universe winners.
    She looks like a doll.
    Her features are very dainty and feminine; with a simple but elegant smile (classic look), bright eyes and those great cheekbones with that fair skin.
    When I was younger I never thought she was that beautiful, but now I can really appreciate her beauty.

    The other one in the top 5 who I think is beautiful is Miss England.

  • AlexRio

    Brazil and its fate. Rejane Goulart lost to this woman, believe it or not …..

  • Respect

    Also, I believe Kerry is the first Miss Universe in GB’s contest to receive scores only 9.00 and above.

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