8th place – Miss Universe 1961 – Marlene Schmidt

8th place – Marlene Schmidt, Germany

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Miss Universe 1961, the 10th Miss Universe pageant, took place on 15 July 1961 at the Miami Beach Auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. It was hosted by Johnny Carson and 48 countries competed. It was the first time that Ireland, Jamaica, Scotland, Madagascar, US Virgin Islands, Rhodesia, and Taiwan (Republic of China) participated in the pageant.

Class of 1961

Although once again Miss International (created to substitute Miss Universe in Long Beach) had more participant countries and a higher level of beauty, Miss Universe started getting more media attention, especially in Latin America. The 1961 group, however, was indeed a weak one, with very few standouts, more specifically Misses Germany, Marlene Schmidt, and Wales, Rosemarie Franklin.

The pageant had many problems related to logistics and organization. The Flager Street parade was a failure for the 2nd consecutive year, with little attendance.

Favorites: Wales (2nd), and Germany (1st)

Miss Germany, the tallest woman in the competition (1.73 m-tall), had an interesting life history: born in Breslau, East Germany, her father died during World War II. Along with her mother and sister, she managed to cross the frontier to West Germany, to reside in Stuttgart.  Not only she was stunning, Marlene was also very clever, and had a diploma in Electric Engneering. In times of Cold War, her story immediately sold and made headlines around the globe.

Another stunner was Miss Wales, Rosemarie Franklin, who arrived in Miami Beach with a respectable pageant curriculum, having won the titles Queen of South Port Festival, Miss Morecambe, Miss Lakeland, Queen of Misty and Miss Wales. Later that year, she would become Miss United Kingdom and Miss World 1961 (Rosemarie died in the year 2000, in the United States).

Beautiful Miss Germany

Misses France, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, England and Scotland were also often mentioned in the press. From the Americas, the front-runner was Miss Argentina. Miss Chile was noted by her class and elegance. Speaking fluent French, she served as an interpreter for the French-speaking candidates.

Miss Greece,  Eleftheria Deloutsi, was voted ‘Miss Unity’ by her fellow contestants. She was also nicknamed ‘Miss Pass out’ by the press: she fainted over 5 times during special presentations under the sun of Miami.

Sharon Renee Brown of Louisiana was crowned Miss USA and won the title Miss Photogenic.

People complained about the high prices of tickets to watch the show which ranged from… USD 1 to USD 4!!

Top 15

When the 15 semi-finalists were called, only 13 names were announced at first: Argentina, Chile, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Korea, Rep. of China, Scotland, Switzerland, USA, Wales. Then it was explained that Misses Brazil, Peru, and Sweden, had tied in 14th place, and that only 2 of them would advanced.

The three paraded for the judges again, and they chose Misses Peru and Sweden to remain in the competition. Stael Abelha was the first Brazilian woman to miss the cut in Miss Universe since her country started participating in the pageant, back in 1954.

Miss Greece, who did not make it, of course, passed out!

The journalists covering the pageant reported that Misses Korea, Sweden and Iceland, should never have been chosen. Instead, they expected Finland, Uruguay and Italy among the semi-finalists.

Miss U 1961

Miss USA, Sharon Brown, was 5th; Miss England, Arlette Dobson, was 4th; Miss Argentina, Adriana Gardiazábal, was 3rd; Rosemarie Frankland of Wales was 2nd; and Miss Universe 1961 was the beautiful representative of West Germany, Marlene Schmidt. She remains the only woman from Germany to have won the Miss Universe title.

In 1962 Marlene Schmidt became the third of by now eight wives of the American TV actor Ty Hardin, who was famous for the title role in the western-series Bronco. They settled in the USA. The marriage, that lasted until 1966, produced one daughter, who remained Schmidt’s only child, but who has nine half-siblings on her father’s side.

Later, notably between 1972 and 1986, Marlene Schmidt became involved in the movie industry, where she acquired credits as actress, producer and writer in altogether eleven productions. She currently lives in Saarbrücken.


(Still competing: 1953, 1978, 1989, 2000, 2002-Oxana, 2004, 2008) 

Miss Universe 1961, Marlene Schmidt, Miss Germany

Top 5: USA (5th), Argentina (3rd), Germany (winner), Wales (2nd), England (4th)

Stunning: Miss U 61

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  • Dante

    I didn’t follow her pageant, since I wasn’t even born XD, but you can tell she’s a very beautiful woman. I like her more than some of the ones who still in competition. How great is it she is an Engineer (I’m an engineer myself) :D…now thats what I call real intelligence. Big diffrence from eloquence. I have great respect for her.

    • pop

      It’s great that we see an engineer interested in pageantry. Pageantry is my favorite and I am so glad there are people with different kinds of jobs give an interest in it.

      • Dante

        hehe yes I truly enjoy all kind of international competitions. I’m no fashion expert but I admire women beauty as much as building aesthetics. ;)

  • ElMonje

    Bella, pero a mi gusto que llego muy lejos..La próxima proximas tres deberían ser: Lara Dutta, Margaret Gardiner…pero seguro sacaran de la lista segun la opinion de estos expertos a Christiane Martel y a Lara Dutta la van a meter en el Top 5!!!..en fin…del top 15, las que quedan son las mejores!!!…

  • Eduardo (Brasil)

    Linda ela!


    Sacarán también uno sobre el miss mundo?????

  • Maganda at Mayaman

    I, like Dante, haven’t heard of her also. But she is beautiful. She has an almost perfect angular face. Is this the time when Twiggy was in vogue? And have you noticed her eye makeup? Amy Winehouse RIP, is that you? The 1960s sure have a different standard for beauty.

  • Marisabel

    Nice girl, interesting story. Lara YOU’RE NEXT!

  • Kate

    Marlene Schmidt ranked 9th in GB’s 2001 contest.

    Europe’s top 3 has been set: Christiane Martel, Angela Visser, Oxana Federova.

    How I would rank the remainder of the top 10:

    7. Margaret Gardiner
    6. Lara Dutta
    5. Christiane Martel
    4. Dayana Mendoza
    3. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Angela Visser
    1. Oxana Federova

    • Andy

      Gosh, we share the exactly same Top5. The only difference is that Lara Dutta is on my seventh place. Actually, I’d never thought she could place nywhere among Top20. She isn’t quite my ideal image of Miss Universe though I agree she’s smart and eloquent.

    • Garh

      Like your last top 7. But think Angela will be 3rd 4th or even 5th. The ladies from 2000s will be top 3 or 4.

  • Luuk

    Pretty but what an unusually high placement.
    Higher than Amparo Munoz???
    Maritza? Janelle?

    • AlexRio

      I think this is not the point. She’s a lot better than Maritza, Amparo or Janelle, the unexpected here is: how can she be placed below Margaret Gardiner??

  • prinpoleon

    great place for marlene in my top ten she got the 10 place the 8 place is for lara dutta from india

  • Micaiah

    Es bella pero tampoco me impresiona demasiado, para mi gusto debio haber salido mucho antes…

  • Jay

    An 80-year-old in 1961 says:

    “$3.00 for a ticket to a beauty pageant?! Back in my day $.50 got you red carpet treatment, front row seats and a backstage VIP pass to meet all the contestants!”

  • Lub

    7.Margaret Gardiner (South Africa)….Beautiful girl but she is not the best.
    6.Lara Dutta (india)……..A girl with brains, but she is not more beautiful than the other 5
    5.Dayana(Venezuela)……bubbly personality,a scandal girl, beautiful, but she is such a plastic girl, the nose and her static looks … is just too much, by far the most beautiful miss Venezuela, a scandal and a little dumb girl
    4.Jennifer Hawkins(Australia)….Beautiful, body ,face, personality but she is soo cold,she is just a barbie girl,a tan barbie girl
    3.Angela Visser (Holland)Beautiful, clasic beauty, smart and almost perfect in every sense but at this time she looks like the less beutiful in the top 3
    2.Oxana Fedorova (Russia)…..perfect,stunning,smart,beautiful, the almost perfect miss universe, but she was dethroned,she was perfect but her career was more important than the miss universe
    1.Christiane Martel (France)…..she is perfect, beautiful lady, a LADY, in every sense of the word, she was and she is the BEST, natural body, natural face, body and looks, clasic but simply the best , smart and a very important woman in Mexico and for Mexico politics.

    Christiane the top of the hit!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Anaxagoras

      I totally agree with all your comments about each winner.
      In my opinion is either Oxana or Christiane #1. I don’t care that Oxana didn’t continue or finished her reign as Miss Universe. I would’ve been dissapointed if her controversial behavior or decision had been a few days or weeks after her crowning.

    • prinpoleon

      sorry but dayana is neither dumb nor a scandal girl because jennifer also has her scandal and dumb less now dayana has studying for her actrees carrer sorry :)

      • Lamarquise

        I don’t think either of them are dumb. They won their crown, deservingly. However, Dayana could come across as a bit “arrogant”. But again, it is a perception. It could just be her plain self confidence. I would still pick Jennifer over Dayana.

        My top three are: Christiane, Angela and Oxana.

    • Ken

      It is not really a tough decision for the top 7 now.

      The best controversial-free choice is Christiane Martel or Angela Visser topping the list, for obvious undebatable reasons. The one interesting thing they share in common is their connection to Mexico (former living there and the latter winning there), plus they are both natural beauties.

      Other remaining pretty ladies who are natural but less stunning are Lara Dutta and Margaret Gardiner. Margaret is definitely the only lady in the top 7 to have gone way way way too far. She is, to most everyone, just at best a top 30 material. She didn’t even really shine on her night of winning, and her overall look is horrible and too mature. However, I agree that her subsequent appearances on Miss Universe telecast in 1990 and 1993 makes her look much much better. Still, it is not justifiable for a top 20 ranking, let alone top 10!! I am seriously going to cry foul if she is going to ranked ahead of Lara Dutta.

      I have repeatedly say that the judges seems very wanting for each populating continent to occupy a top 10 spot. Perhaps there are really far too many European beauties in the top ten, so they need to space everybody else out. Otherwise, it seems a little controversial if 4 Europeans top the list.

      There is no easy way to make this ranking creditable to everyone. Jennifer Hawkins or Dayana Mendoza is the only viable choice of winning to avoid a European-dominating top 5, but then it will be considered a bias towards recent winners having the unfair advantage of better cosmetics and surgeries.

      My top seven rank, solely based on facial/natural beauty and natural poise/performance on the night they win:

      7. Margaret Gardiner
      6. Jennifer Hawkins
      5. Dayana Mendonza
      4. Lara Dutta
      3. Christiane Martel
      2. Angela Visser
      1. Oxana Federova

  • Fokkerairbuss

    Beautifull Marlene, Good place for her, I really like her, she is in my top10 of all times

  • john

    Good placement for Marlene. Next(7th. place) should be Christiane Martel, too simple.
    Top 2: Dayana Mendoza, Jennifer Hawkins.
    Most beautiful Miss Universe: Dayana Mendoza, great body and presence, beautiful and outgoing.

  • Luisa

    I like these write-ups, even if I don’t always agree with them. This pageant was before my time, but I will say that I always thought that Sharon Brown was one of the most beautiful Miss USAs.


    Marlene nacio en Breslau, por entonces territorio de Alemania Oriental, y actualmente la ciudad se llama WROCLAW y pertenece a la republica de Polonia.
    Marlene es una belleza caucasica de ojos verdes y cabellos dorados, con una esbelta estatura de 1,73 m. (muy alta para esa epoca).
    Despues de ser coronada como MISS ALEMANIA, viaja a Miami Beach, Florida donde opaca a otras favoritas como lo eran las reinas de Venezuela, India y EE.UU.
    coronandose como LA MAS BELLA DEL UNIVERSO 1961.
    MISS GALES ROSEMARIE FRANKLAND clasifica como Virreina e ironicamente meses despues es elegida MISS MUNDO 1961 en Londres.
    Durante su reinado como MU, Marlene conoce al galan de Hollywood TY HARDIN con quien contrae matrimonio y del que nace su unica hija.
    Despues de terminar su reinado Marlene incursiona en la carrera cinematografica como actriz y guionista, con notable exito.
    Eventualmente decidio regresar a vivir a su pais natal y actualmente vive en la ciudad de Saarbrucken.

  • Antorcha

    Cheers to very elegant Marlene! We’re now in to the nitty gritty and the remaining 7 are all amazing. But I still believe Natalie should be among the top 3 and am thrilled that beautiful Margaret Gardiner is still in the running. But since Natalie is out, I’ll stick with 1) Oxana 2)Angela or Jennifer for MBMU

  • Ava Gardner

    Marlene Schmidt is certainly beautiful and elegant but not sufficiently ravishing for such a high rank. I prefer Amparo Muñoz, Maritza Sayalero, Georgina Rizk and Alicia Machado over her.

    I am baffled by Margaret Gardiner’s case. The woman is “pretty” and had an arguable allure (is it the “magic” of the British accent?) but she was not extraordinary and her body was far from harmonious and fit.

  • Antorcha

    I think the GB judges’ scores for Oxana will be reminisent of when she crushed her competition; I think she will receive 12 perfect 10s and finish with an average of 9.895

  • Lamarquise

    Yes! I got number 8th right. Dayana should be next. Then

    6th: Margaret
    5th: Jennifer
    4th: Lara
    3rd: Oxana
    2nd: Angela
    Winner: Christiane

  • Luciano C.

    A truly beautiful woman. I would have ranked her as 5th ahead of Lara and Margaret. Now my top five is: Christine, Dayana, Jennifer, Angela and Oxana who is much more than the most beautiful MU of all times. Oxana is a goddess.

  • Marisabel

    My ranking.

    7. Lara
    6. Dayana
    5. Margaret
    4. Christiane
    3. Oxana
    2. Jen
    1. Angela

  • joewy527

    Siempre me ha impresionado su belleza!!

  • Didi

    Marlene was 7th on my previous rating. Marlene has a typical 60’s look. This is still a good placing for her.

    My previous ranking (when top 10 were left):

    1974 – Ampario (Spain)
    2000 – Lara (India)
    2002 – Oksana (Russia)
    1961 – Marlene (Germany)
    2008 – Dayana (Venezuela)
    1953 – Christaine (France)
    2010 – Ximena (Mexico)
    1978 – Margaret (South Africa)
    2004 – Jennifer (Australia)
    1989 – Angela (Holland)

    Every body who wants Margaret from South Africa out – keep on placing her the lowest on your rating – at some time you will be correct…. I think she is really beautiful and a stunning role model for young girls – back in the 70s and still today. But I still think that Jennifer and Angela is in this competition the better candidates. (Yes I am from South Africa – married with a husband with German parents, and my grandfather was from Holland – a real mix…)

    With now only top 7 left and some of my higher placements out – my new rating:

    2000 – Lara (India)
    2002 – Oksana (Russia)
    2008 – Dayana (Venezuela)
    1953 – Christaine (France)
    1978 – Margaret (South Africa)
    2004 – Jennifer (Australia)
    1989 – Angela (Holland)

    Looking forward for the next placement.

  • Anaxagoras

    I have had other favorite German candidates along the years (ieg. 1984), but obviously she’s the best representative yet ever sent to the pageant. That’s why she won.
    Would’ve loved seen her among the Top 5, but I guess this is a fair and well deserved ranking for her. Nevertheless her beauty seems timeless !!!

    Bravo Marlene !!!

  • M.P.

    Beautiful but she is the barbie of the 60’s like angela of the 80’s. The final is between oxana and dayana.
    My vote for dayana, la dioza mendoza como la bautizaron en su pais.

  • pop

    Miss Universe 1961 ranks 38th in my ranking with the score 9.21 .

  • Pageant Guy1

    @ Lub agree with a few of your choices.. mine would be …
    7. Dayana – just seems so fake to me..
    6. Lara
    5. Margaret
    4. Angela
    3. Jennifer
    2. Oxana
    1. Christaine – She is beautiful…..

    • Lamarquise

      I too would put Dayana in 7th place. I am not sure if she is fake, but she sure has a very strong personality. She is also very patriotic and sometimes she could come across as a bit arrogant. But that doesn’t bother me. She should definitely be in business as I am sure she would be a very successful business woman. She was a great title holder but as far as beauty goes, I don’t think she is the most beautiful in this top 7 winners of Miss Universe. Your choices and mines are almost in sync. My top 3 are Christiane, Angela and Oxana. I’d be happy if any of these three stunners wins.

      Christiane – A timeless beauty
      Angela – Heavenly, Angelic
      Oxana – The Queen of all the beauty queens

  • dilip indian

    lub christiane is french not mexican

  • von tam

    for me the battle is between hawkins and martel.,federova will rank third.,

  • Mike

    Wish Oxana could be the Winner.

  • Zachary

    I’d consider her a standard objective Caucasian beauty. Though not on my top ten, I’m definitely not surprised by this placement. Well done!

  • Giovanni

    Lara Dutta is the only winner who placed in the previous ranking’s top 10(she was number 2), who still remains in competition for this one.

  • Alberto

    Marlene Schmidt quedó octava. Para mí era tercera, pero insisto en que ya las diferencias son mínimas. Entre la 8° y las 14° posición hay solo 50 puntos (0,05 en puntuaciones individuales de cada juez).

    Angela Visser debería ser la ganadora, seguida por Oxana Fedorova, Jennifer Hawkins y Dayana Mendoza.

    Me parece que Lara Dutta va a quedar en el top 5. Así estarían 4 de los 5 continentes representados. Me parece que Margaret Gardiner ha llegado muy arriba. Al igual que Amparo Muñoz y Ximena Navarrete, es muy muy bonita pero no para top 10 o top 7 en este caso.

  • Anon

    I defnitly think Margaret is the obe to beat, she is beautiful and intellegent. Her final answer the night she was crowned toped all final answers ever given in the history of the competition. No wonder she moved from 4th place to no 1:

    Here are my predictions for the remaining 7:

    7. Jennifer
    6. Lara
    5. Dayana
    4. Angela
    3. Angela
    2. Oxana
    1. Th lovely miss universe 1978: Margeret Gardener

  • Helen Morgan

    Amparo Munoz, Natalie Glevoba and Yvonne Ryding should be higher instead of Marlene, Margaret, Ximena or Lara.

    And Amparo should be number one. She has the prettiest face I´ve ever seen.

    • Alberto

      Are you Miss Wales, the first runner up of Amparo Madam? I agree with you she has got the most perfect face.

    • Roberto

      Make your own contest and stop whining about the results in this one… and just get it, Ximena is 9th, Marlene is 8th, Margaret and Lara still in the competition, and Amparo, Natalie and Yvonne have been out a while ago.

  • KL

    For all those who is rooting for Oxana, again, I do hope that the fact that she didn’t complete her reign will have no bearing on how she is scored. I think it is a battle between whether Angela, Christiane and Oxana.

    • pop

      Yes, I think Oxana should win this contest ,not Angela. I have disagreed with the previous contest like this in the year 2001 when Angela was voted as the most beautiful Miss Universe. She looks plain for me.

    • Dante

      the fact Oxana have reached this far is proof enough judges don’t really care she didn’t end her reign.

  • Lub

    dilip indian, she is French, iknow that, but she is married with one of the most prestigious Mexican politic of the state of Veracruz (my homestate) and she and her husband made important changes in my mothers hometown, Camaron de Tejeda in Veracruz,is a French dominated village in Mexico and at her 70´s she is one of the most stunning womans i ever seen in my life in every sense, she is a very dedicted charity causes woman, and she is one of the most important high society woman in Mexico,a true beauty in every sense of the word.

    Anaxagoras, i dont care that Oxana didin´t complete her reign but, she is only a stunner,Mrs Martel is a stunner with a beautiful soul, she is a real Lady, i meet her when i was 5, i see her like 2 times at year and she is beautiful even today, so she is 5 in my personal ranking.

    PageantGuy1 i agre with you in your Dayana placement,but she comes from the most competitive country in the MU history and also from the most competitive region in the world the Latin America, by far the best Miss Universe from Venezuela and Latin America but for me she is too plastic

    and for Ximena, she was the best that night, i think she is pretty and i am ok with her pleacemnt, i am Mexican and i also think that she is not best than Dayana but she is not worst than Denisse,also i think that the MU 2010 top should had been : 1. Mexico 2. Ireland 3.Guatemala 4.Jamaica and 5. Venezuela

    and for the 2011 MU i think that the top 5 is going to be :

    5.Venezuela (she is not my favorite but she is going to give her best)
    1. Kosovo or USA

    :) thanks for reading my opinion :D

    • Lamarquise

      Well written and informative.

    • Anaxagoras

      Si Oxana es rankeada #1, que bueno y si Christiane es reankeada # 1 me perecería excelénte !!! La belleza de las dos es sin duda de admirarse y sobre todo la belleza de Christiane, la cual es perdurable.

      Me daría mucho gusto ver a cualquiera de las dos en el #1, (y hubiera sido un sueño hecho realidad que Marlene hubiera quedado en # 2), aunque honestamente creo que Oxana tiene más posibilidades que Christiane ( sin embargo, la esperanza muere al último), ya que estoy viendo que los jueces de éste panel están virando(aunque ya está decidido) hacia una ganadora reciente pero sin olvidar a las que tienen una belleza clásica. Me temo que el lugar # 1 será entre Oxana, Jennifer y Dayana(para mi pesar). Pero insisto, Christiane sigue en la batalla y ésto no se acaba hasta que se acaba !!! Saludos

    • yohanys

      Dayana mendoza la mejor y punto………………….

  • PW

    Marlene Schmidt, an amazing and elegant Miss Universe!

    Top 7

    7. Lara Dutta, smart but too simple
    6. Margaret Gardiner, tall and elegant but is not the best for me
    5. Jennifer Hawkins, hot, hot, hot
    4. Christiane Martel, classic, I love her
    3. Oxana Fedorova, she’s an angel, so beautiful, she deserves a third spot, not ths first one but, go Russia!
    2. Dayana Mendoza, the best titleholder from the Americas, fresh, kind, sexy, go Venezuela!
    1. Angela Visser, WOW, WOW AND WOW… I love you babe, go Holland!

  • luig_paolo


    7.- FRANCE
    6.- RUSSIA



  • Fadiel

    My top 7
    7. Christiane
    6. Angela
    5. Lara
    4. Oxana
    2. Dayana
    1. Jennifer

  • Gabriel Espana

    Sorry Lub, do you know Dayana Mendoza? She is an amazing girl, so talent, intelligent, she is not silly at all, neither plastic. She is a Goddess! She deserves to be the winner at the most beautiful woman in the universe of all time, the number one. When you see her, it’s like you’re watching an angel: beautiful green eyes, a stunning hair, a great body, and also a overwhelming personality. Congratulations Dayana!!!

  • vuyani


  • Pitito

    It’s sooo funny to see how all the people who post here do is bash the ladies they don’t want to win. Instead, celebrate those who you think deserve to win. As it has been said before: this is just the opinion of “the experts”, and if you don;t like it, you should create your own website where you can have your own list. By the way, my vote goes to Martell.

    • Felipe

      I guess there’s some freedom in this site , so people are naturally free to post their opinion. We may like it or not. I myself am not very fond of those ladies from the past , that’s why I vote for ….OXANA. She is the best !

    • Roberto

      Way to go Pitito, totally agree. Felipe, the freedom you’re talking about is the same one Pitito is free to use… so, what’s the problem? If itch, scratch it!

  • AlexRio

    How Margaret Gardiner is still in this competition? This is bizarre. Marlene, Amparo, Ximena, Natalie, Margareta, Denise, Ieda Maria, Corinna are out and Margaret Gardiner is in?

    God may have some mercy of this jury lol

  • M.P.

    Dayana you are the best!!!!
    Dayana is the most beautiful miss universe over the time!!!!

  • Douglas

    Gabriel Espana! Dayana Mendoza did plastic surgeries, I know she did two, nose and breast, but it seems she also did the ears. She is a beautiful girl without upper lips, but as she is a Latin girl, she is on top 10.

  • geographer

    For me here how it should goes: the judges doesn’t look primarily on the physical beauty so I have my prediction really close I believe… I want to hear your comments too:

    Name Country TAS BOF BF E&S Q&A P&P

    Christiane Martel France 9.564 9.4 9.74 9.52 9.51 9.65
    Margaret Gardiner South Africe 9.464 9.3 9.25 9.56 9.51 9.7
    Angela Visser Netherlands 9.64 9.43 9.6 9.73 9.62 9.82
    Lara Dutta India 9.77 9.3 9.89 9.78 9.99 9.85
    Oxana Fedorova Russia 9.736 9.73 9.63 9.86 9.6 9.86
    Jennifer Hawkins Australia 9.77 9.87 9.75 9.75 9.61 9.87
    Dayana Mendoza Venezuela 9.572 9.35 9.58 9.61 9.6 9.72

    The most beautiful either will go to Miss India or Miss Australia.

  • Jose Garcia

    Arriba Dayana Mendoza!!! La más bella de todas las Miss Universo de todos los tiempos!

  • Antorcha

    Angela already outranked Margaret, Christianne, and Lara. The question is if she will outrank Oxana, Jennifer, and Dayana. I think the differences will be in the thousandths of a point so let’s just have a 4-way tie.

  • Ist

    1° Jennifer Hawkins

    2° Oxana Fedorova

    3° Dayana Mendoza



  • Bim

    CHRISTIANE MARTEL is the most beautiful woman in this pageant!!!

  • KL

    I just love seeing these old photos and see how fashions have changed. Every single contestants in the top 5 wears gloves! The only Miss Universe (in fact the only contestant) I could remember off the top of my head in recent years wearing gloves was Sushmita Sen.

  • Brianna

    With the miss universe 2011 competition about to start, will this countdown end before the miss universe calendar of events start? or during the miss universe 2011 calendar of events? this is one tense countdown hehe

  • MU fan

    Jennifer Hawkins SHOULD be the winner

    Mendoza HAS NO PLACES WHAT SO EVER in this list

  • Andrew

    I don’t think that Dayana is that beautiful. She is totally overrated. My vote goes to Margaret Gardiner or Angela since Nataly is already out!

  • Mariano

    Cristiane Martel is (was) pretty but short. Angela Visser was beautiful and glamorous but did not have a perfect face. Oxana almost had a perfect face but she was boring. Dayana Mendoza was O.K. but not better than Irene, Ximena or Amparo. I think Lara and Jeniffer should make it to the very end, or even tie.

  • Marcos Acosta

    The Next is….. 1978 (Margaret Gardiner), and then 2000 (Lara Duta), the Top 5 is:

    5. France (Christianne Martel)
    4. Russia (Oxana Fedorova)
    3. Holland (Angela Visser)
    2. Australia (Jennifer Hawkins)
    1. Venezuela (Dayana Mendoza)

  • FanForYears

    I, like everyone who visits this site, am also a huge fan of the Miss Universe Pageant. I think it has been a great idea to rank all the winners throughout the years, not only because we get to remember them, but because getting the bits of trivia from the various yearly pageants has been most amusing. Like the rest, I also have my personal favorites, some still in the running, some already ranked lower than where my own personal opinion would’ve placed them. Let’s just keep having fun, though. Subjective offensive comments simply detract from the fun that reading this column is obviously bringing to all of us. Whereas I continue to be very interested in hearing about who each of us is rooting for, I have ZERO interest in hearing from those who confuse offensiveness for expertise.

  • PW


  • M.P.

    Dayana is the most beautiful miss universe over the time and she will win the grand slam too!!!!

  • lerry rubio

    there is no question about ir, Dayana Mendoza is the most weell rounded beauty ever in the miss universe contest! smart, profesional, gorgeus, and for those who don´t know, she is very spiritual!! plus her looks are universal! she represents the best of all races in the world

  • Pedro de Llano

    As far as I;m concerned, the top three should be Dayana Mendoza( the best,) Jennifer Hawkins and Oxana Federova. I believe Amparo Munoz should be in a better position.

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