9th place – Miss Universe 2010 – Ximena Navarrete

9th place – Ximena Navarrete, Mexico

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

The 59th edition of Miss Universe happened at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on August 23. It was hosted by Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales. It was the 3rd time Las Vegas hosted the pageant, after no country showed interest in hosting the pageant.

Philippines: great chicken wings' eater!

During the almost three weeks contestants spent in Las Vegas, they enjoyed a diversity of activities, which included selling lemonade on a Vegas sidewalk wearing bikinis and high heels, a fashion show on a sushi bar, or yet, a chicken wings eating contest (won by Miss Philippines!).

Two women were expected to be hand-in-hand in the end of the worldwide telecast, and fight for the Miss Universe crown: Ireland’s Rozanna Purcell and Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete. Other favorites were Miss Philippines, Venus Raj, Miss Russia, Irina Antonenko, and Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillips. Miss Jamaica had also been a Miss World favorite in 2007, and on that occasion finished the competition as a semi-finalist.

Albania: Miss Grand Slam

There were also those who wondered if Venezuela’s Marelisa Gibson would be able to win a third consecutive Miss Universe crown, and 7th overall, for her country.

Special awards were given to Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, voted by fellow contestants as Miss Congeniality, and Miss Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul, who won two trophies: Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume.

The final telecast, watched by over 600 million people in 81 countries, kicked off  with the candidates introducing themselves in national costumes, and dancing to the sound of “Commander” by Kelly Rowland featuring David Guetta.

Top 10

Soon after that, the Top 15 were announced, and they were:

Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Ireland, South Africa, France, Australia, Jamaica, Russia, Albania, Colombia, Guatemala, Czech Republic, and Philippines.

When Miss Philippines was called, her fanatics went crazy in the crowd, and a video of Filipino fans celebrating back home, probably a reflection of what happened throughout the whole country, was watched by over 3 million people on You Tube! (Watch it here). Pageant-crazy Philippines was back in Miss Universe’s Top 15 after 11 long years!

Upset: Ireland out of the top 5??

The surprises among the 15 were Australia, Guatemala (good ones), Colombia, and Czech Republic. Guatemala made the cut for the first time in 26 years.

Favorites from USA (out of the top 15 for the first time since 2002), Korea (best ranked Asian beauty in Miss World 2010), Japan, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, and Thailand were left behind.

The candidates paraded in swimsuits, and 5 of them said good-bye to the competition: Czech Republic, France, Colombia, Belgium, and one of the heavy favorites, Miss Russia. The other 10 went on to compete in their evening gowns.

After the evening gown competition, it was hard to explain the elimination of the favorite for the crown, Miss Ireland, and of Miss Albania, the best surprise of the night, who many thought could have taken it all (she was elected Miss Grand Slam by GB in 2010).

Australia: great surprise!

The 5 finalists were Mexico, Jamaica, Philippines, Australia, and Ukraine. The fresh beauty from Australia, the very spontaneous Jesinta Campbell, was the most pleasant surprise of the 2010 edition, but at that point, it looked like Mexico had it in the bag!

Miss Philippines, criticized for her final answer, was the 4th runner-up; the very elegant Miss Ukraine was the 3rd runner-up; the lovely Miss Australia was the 2nd runner-up; Miss Jamaica finished as 1st runner-up; and Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, confirmed her favoritism and walked away with the Miss Universe crown and sash! It was Mexico’s 2nd title.

During her reign, still not over, Navarrete became the official face of L’Oreal Paris. She has traveled to a variety of countries, including Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Thailand, Guatemala, Chile, among others. A video showing her disappointment when visiting India, caused some discomfort among pageant fans, especially the Indian ones.

She will crown her successor on September 12, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


(Still competing: 1953, 1961, 1978, 1989, 2000, 2002-Oxana, 2004, 2008)

Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010

Top 5: Philippines (5th), Ukraine (4th), Jamaica (2nd), Australia (3rd), and Mexico (1st)

Miss U 2010

196 comments to 9th place – Miss Universe 2010 – Ximena Navarrete

  • Leonardo Andreatos

    At lastttttttttttttttt!!!!! Tooo far!!!

    My Top 5 are Oxana Fedorova, Dayana Mendoza, Angela Visser, Jennifer Hawkins and Christiane Martel

  • John

    It was about time for Ximena to go. I believe she has a nice face, but that is about it. She does not have a nice body at all. But, overall, sh is very plain and does not have a memorable presence. So, I believe this is a good placement for her, she does not have what it takes to go any higher than this.

  • Kate

    With Ximena Navarrete ranking at #9, Dayana Mendoza is the only Miss Universe from the Americas left.

    My rankings for the remainder of the top 10:

    8. Margaret Gardiner
    7. Lara Dutta
    6. Christiane Martel
    5. Marlene Schmidt
    4. Dayana Mendoza
    3. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Angela Visser
    1. Oxana Federova

  • Ariadna

    I don’t agree with your statement saying Ximena was such a big fav. In fact many doubted she would even make it. Ireland was by far the #1 favourite among fans. Ximena has a pretty face of course but her body proportions are not that good (short neck, legs). I think she doesn’t deserve to be that high on the ranking.

    • admin

      We covered Miss Universe 2010 from day 1, and Ximena was always a favorite. It’s a fact.

    • Garh

      And no mention of New Zealand as well was an early favourite & left in the cold along with USA, Trinidad & Tobago & a few others Canada, Sweden to mention a few. Was looking forward to this write up as thought it was a very competitive year all up.
      Pretty sure some of the Top 15 were so called chosen by Trump. Australia didn’t really do it for me & how on earth she placed 2nd runner up is a mystery. As to why a few others advanced & others didn’t.

      • ash

        haha definitely agree on jesinta.. she is not the prettiest by any means but her fresh attitude won the judges over… i definitely feel like ireland shouldve made it through to top 5 instead of australia. i was hoping for miss phillippines to win it but her final answer she didnt really elaborate on, because i feel like she couldve worn the crown that night. definitely looking forward to this years pageant, there seems to be so many frontrunners! and worthy title holders….

        • AlexRio

          If Jesinsta is not the prettiest, she didn’t deserve the crown.

          By the way, this thing is a beauty pageant. That’s the reason why Ximena won (but the non-placement of Purcell in Top 5 is really a mistery)

    • Luis

      I was blogging with several groups and the name of Ximena always came as one of the favorite to win the title.

  • Miss Panocha International

    Jimena Navarrete ¡Felicidades mi amor por estar entre las 10 Miss Universo mas bellas! Bien ganado y merecido lo tiene porque es una reina fabulosa.

    Creo que sigue en salir Marlene Schmit pero la competencia está fuerte y hay muchas sorpresas. Saludos.

  • Andy

    Personally, Ximena is only a Top20 on my MBMU list. She is beautiful but I believe many of the eliminated winners have better face and body than her. My bet for the Top3 are Jennifer Hawkins, Angela Visser and Oxana Federova

  • Anaxagoras

    Yes, finally she’s been placed. So now all the ones who didn’t support her or who thought she went too high in this ranking can relax and have a life. You can save your anger, dissapointment hate etc.

    Mexicans and everybody we liked and supported her, are beyond satisfied that she placed in the Top Ten of this ranking!!!

    Once the 15 semifinalist was set, there was no other with the IT factor. Though her toughest contenders were Ireland and Philippines, she went ahead of them.

    In the swimsuit competition, she was right on, hanging on behind Jamaican godess Yendi Phillips.

    Her evening gown competition was memorable, a complete pro and she flowed the runway like no other(suck it up those who thought that she was a copy-cat of Taliana Vargas,Riyo Mori or Stefania Fernández,about gown color or flowing fabrics, but she was unique that night).

    In the final question,she gave a fair question and she delivered well. She was natural without beeing confussed or trying to impress the judges. Australia did a great job, would dare to say the best of all but 2009 representative was better. I guess Ukraine got thumbs down because, maybe the judges fell she was kind of Political supporter, contrary to Australia. What if she had gone the other way around. Would she had gone a spot up in the final placement???

    I just want to say that…She totally deserved the crown!!!

    I was delighted to see Albania, France, Czech Republic,(hope the luck strikes again in Sao Paulo and maybe even win), Russia and Guatemala(Woow what a phenomal face and body, though I guess her evening gown was a little too tight and killed her chances to move to the next round)in the semifinalists. Puerto Rico had a beautiful face but I guess that just as Guatemala, it all came down in the evening gown competition(sorry, but simply awful).
    It was very funny to see Natalie Morales poking on Bret Michaels everytime the camera was on them and he was talking to her ear.
    An average production, but fair after all!!!

    And I wanted to comment this just after I read the first insulting and bad comment about Ximena, but I waited until this moment.

    Many have thought that Ximena was over ranked and that she didn’t deserved to be ranked among the top ten just because she’s the current winner.

    Well, think the same too. But neither because she was way too over ranked neither for being in the Top Ten. But because she’s the first winner from this decade, so to be fair she should be ranked once the decade had ended along with the winners to come. So, to avoid those biased (offensive) comments that have been posted about her. And if in the future she shall be placed lower, it’s okay.And there winners still to be ranked but the point is that a year ago, she won and she is the current MU, and that is what matters now.

    I guess that this site wanted to focus on the core of the MU pageant…Merely beauty. And we should be thankful for including Amparo, Oxana and Ximena, which are amazing and stunning beauties(Amparo’s beauty back then, still strong until now) and ingnore those technicalities. All of them have everything to be in this ranking.

    So way to go Ximena!!!

    Bravo Ximena…Viva México !!!

    • Patrick

      The only one showing anger, disappointment and hate is you, writing all these unnecessary words and being defensive. Follow your own advice and “relax and have a life,” although the right/common saying is “get a life.” Peace!

    • Jason

      Anaxagoras, you have had an offensive, condescending, passive-aggressive run in this ranking and this little manifesto you just wrote is fitting to it. You have been horribly offensive to other candidates but then play the ‘please have class and respect the candidates’ card when someone says something negative about one of your two winners. Believe it or not people are not obsessed with the mexican candidates just because you are obsessed with the winners from other countries. Like it or not lupita and ximena are considered plain and overrated by many fans; and this being a public forum they have the right to express their dislike. Oxana, Jennifer, Lara, Dayana, they all have fans and detractors but none has been as offensive to other winners AND OTHER FANS as you have, so save your condescending preaching and look yourself in the mirror pal. Viva the remaining 8!!!. Peace :)

      • Joseph

        OMG Jason you are soooo right en every word you said. I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • Jay

        Patrick and Jason FTW!!

      • Anaxagoras

        Be happy because Lupita was ranked below all the Venezuelan winners. Don’t blame me because most of the Venezuelan winners were ranked below Ximena…SUCK IT UP !!!

        If Maritza, Inés or Alicia were ranked ahead of Ximena I would be more than happy !!! I was hoping, dreamimng and wishing about Alicia ranking in the Top Five. Sorry it didn’t happen. Blame it on the Judges. And if you’re not going nuts about Ximena…I’M NOT GOING NUTS ABOUT DAYANA!!! I think it’s fair what I feel about her just as youjust feel about Ximena.
        Don’t bias my comments towards other winners. I’m not saying that Ximena is the prettiest winner of all, or that she should be on the top, or that there’s no other winner like Ximena ( like most of you Venezuelan have done). I don’t insult or offend Ximena as you Venezuelan do. If you don’t do it…CONGRATULATIONS you’re one of a kind.

        If Dayana is still to be ranked…GOOD FOR YOU AND HER!!! She’s not my favorite. And if Dayana is not ranked # 1. I’ve noticed that you have your favorites and not so favorites in this Top Ten. I hope that you don’t show your anger and you will suck it up if Dayana is ranked below Oxana, Margaret, Marlene, Angela, Lara, Christiane or Jennifer. Remember…BLAME IT ON THE Judges panel !!!

        • Danielle

          It is important to remember that beauty is very subjective; however, the charisma and charm of a queen is determining for people to consider her reign as good or poor.

          Ximena is beautiful. She has a really pretty face, but it is not a secret that her body is faaar from proportionate and beautiful. Its on OK body…everybody knows it, but Mexicans.

          Mexicans say she is the MOST TRAVELED…really? She has not even beat Dayana Mendoza and I think she is below several other contestants in the amounts of countries visited. She might be tied with Stefania.

          Mexicans say she is the most successful, the most loved. But they tend to forget her videos where she is whinning and complaining. Fans around the world has heavily criticized her as her reign continued. While with other queens, they grew into people and they did a great job.

          Ximena seems to be always talking about the negative, the work load…she lacks that IT factor that even rebel MU such as Zuleyka had.

          I have nothing against her and I am not from Venezuela or Puerto Rico, but Mexicans need to stop pushing her as the best one. I believe other contestants such as Elisa Najera could have done a much better job as MU.

          • Anaxagoras

            I’m not pushing her as the best one. Just as you did with Dayana or Stefanía. If you weren’t doing so, then you would hadn’t mentioned or compared Ximena with them. I’m just defending her well deserved ranking because the panel decided so. Sorry if you didn’t agree with them !!!

    • Eloy

      I agreed with with the other people that replied to your comments.
      YOU have been VERY toxic and offensive towards others when we had expressed that Ximena, don’t do it for us to be in the TOP 10 of this competition.
      It doesn’t matter where she may be from… I’ve gone to Mexico several times in the past and LOVED IT, I have dear memories of that place!! but it doesn’t mean that I’ll have to like a girl that I consider “just a pretty face” … She had a really good catwalk in swimsuit BUT her proportions are just wrong…
      For me she landed WAY TOO FAR.

      • Anaxagoras

        So it’s the same with me. Your favorite (wherever she is from)is not my favorite unless you’re talking about Christiane or Marlene, then I would totally agree with you. I haven’t praised Ximena and wanted to convince everybody that she’s the #1 all time winner- I just have supported her placement, so I’m not rubbing her in your face as you mentioned. And I have been offensive to those who have been offensive to Ximena, so don’t be surprised.

        She came this far thanks to the Judges of this panel, not to me. And that is what really matters


  • Roberto

    In ten years time her name will be completely forgoten. She didn´t deserve to get this far. Just a nice girl….. in the right place

  • M.P.

    Esta chica me parece muy bella y creo que si tiene buen cuerpo. Saca buenas fotos y eso es muy bueno para su carrera. Pero le falta reflejar mas, especialmente cuando no esta modelando o posando. Eso es, “Carisma” no es facil de tener.

    Me junto a los que van por Oxana,Jenny, y Dayana, son las 3 finalistas. Aunque Oxana fue destronada se lo merece por que fue coronada.

  • paco

    Bravisimo…por fin sale ximena navarrete una de las miss universos mas corriente y nada espectacular, llego demasiado lejos, debe estar satisfecha al igual que su gran numero de seguidores.

    Solo resta esperar la salida de dayana mendoza que tambien ha llegado demasiado lejos sin merecerlo….las que si merecen estar peleando esos primeros lugares son : oxan jeniffer y angela
    lastima la salida de nataly y amparo……..

  • Dante

    I must say Ximena came a long way. I wasn’t expecting her this high. But thats just me. Mexico have being doing great in pageants the past years. But among all the

    • djb

      I agree. Ximena is pretty but she ranked too high in this poll! I thought she would be in the top 20, but not top ten. I though Natalie Glebova shuld have won North and Central America.

      • Flick

        I disagree. I cannot believe Natalie even won her own pageant much less score so high here. My favorites were P.R. and Mexico in 2005. I thought (and still think) Natalie looks like she is pushing 40 facially. I am not sure why I think this, but I do. As for the North American rankings, they have baffled me. Brooke and Chelsi scored extremely low, whereas Shawn scored wayyy to high. I think Janelle and Wendy should have switched positions.

      • penge load

        i also agree with u

  • Izma

    una increible miss universo! era mi favorita pera ganar el conteo pero aun asi es mui satizfactorio verla en las mejores 10! hermosa mujer!

  • Micaiah

    Ximena es indidudablemente muy bella, pero para mi gusto le falta el factor Wow que convierte a una mujer bella en inolvidable. Yo tampoco recuerdo que fuera taaan favorita, incluso si que es verdad que muchos dudaban que no pasaría,como ocurrió con carla carrillo, pienso que las grandes favoritas siempre fueron Irlanda, filipinas y Rusia. Mis favoritas esa noche fueron Irlanda y Puerto Rico, ambas bellísimas, y me quede en shock cuando se quedaron fuera del tp 5. Filipinas no me gustaba demasiado pero bueno, lo hizo muy bien esa noche. Ucrania bella pero increiblemente sosa y aburrida, hubiera puesto a cualquiera del top 6-10. Australia me encantó, porque si bien no era la más bella, tenía todo lo demás: frescura,chispa,naturalidad, simpatía… no todo es una cara bonita. Jamaica lo mismo, sin ser la más bella facialmente, su cuerpo, su pasarela, su elegancia…la hicieron estar ahí arriba. La verdad es que fue un buen año en general. Aunque el 2011 también promete ser memorable.

    • licenciado

      si, Ximena es un rostro bello, pero estoy muy de acuerdo contigo, no tiene el wow,encanto, carisma y chispa que la noche de eleccion tubo miss australia y jamaica, que sin ser de las mas bellas de la noche lograron cautivar con su presencia.
      esa noche mi favorita era miss rusia, pero igual que ximena sin chispa.
      personalmente Nataly de canada debio ser la mejor de centro y norteamerica.

  • Dante

    I must say Ximena came a long way. I wasn’t expecting to see her all the way through the top 10. Mexico have been doing really good in beauty pageants the past few years with awesome representatives, but I must say I like Ximena the less. I simply think she is too average and plain, and her hair looked kind of messy the entire night hehe. Nothing special about her, not for me. Top 15 was good. Only a couple of changes should’ve been made in my opinion. I would have replaced USA, Japan and New Zealand for Mexico, Belgium and South Africa. In fact Rima Fakih is one of the few Miss USA I really like. Among the semifinalists I think Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, France and Ireland were the most beautiful. Guatemala was a very pleasant surprise indeed, very sexy latina. Wouln’t mind if she would’ve made the top 5. France was so angelical. Colombia’s low scores in swim suit was truly unfair. Rozanna was a godess. She was flawless in evening gown…wonder what happened there, leaveng her out of the final cut. No doubt she would’ve lead this ranking if she would’ve won. Puerto Rico did well in swim suit, but she looked really uncomfortable in her gown. In fact I don’t think that was the gown she was supposed to wear. The descriptions she gives in the video during competition, doesn’t match with the dress. Jamaica got both beauty and brains. Her answer to the final question was perfect, another reason for me not to agree with Ximena’s victory. In fact Ximena didn’t answer the question at all. She was asked what impact does unsupervised internet use have in young people. What she managed to answer was what should be done for them to use it properly. I’m sorry but Australia, Jamaica and Ukraine gave better answers to harder questions. I don’t think MUO takes the final question too seriously. They rather select a girl whith a rehearsed cliche answer rather than a one who speaks straigh from her heart. I won’t say its completely true but I think the organization try to avoid scandals and controversies in selecting girls who’s answer can make people feel offended. Thats why I feel Jamaica was left as first runner up. Since not all people think there is a God, not everybody would’ve been happy with her victory. The MUO would’nt want a religious scandal, not after Carrie Prejean’s answer on gay marriage in Miss USA 2009. Again, all this is based in my opinion.

  • PW

    Oh, goodbye Ximena, but nice placement, 9th!

    My top 8:

    8. Margaret
    7. Lara
    6. Marlene
    5. Christiane
    4. Jennifer
    3. Oxana
    2. Angela
    1. Dayana

  • VictorG

    Brava, Ximena, a wonderful Miss Universe and a great beauty with brains. May the rest of your reign be as wonderful as you are!

  • Mr Brightside

    It sucks not to see Ireland and Albania in the top…both and Miss Mexico did the ebst performances in evening gown…Colombia although I was not pleased when she took the national title, was a favorite at least to be in the top 15 (I wonder why she is called a surprise)theer were some countries that sent stnning candidates Uruguay New Zealand Paraguay Argentina Sweden Switzerland Peru Thailand Ghana Curazao Egypt Japan USA Honduras it was a really fierce competition

  • mvgc

    I disagree when the article says that miss Colombia was a surprise in the top 15, she was one of the biggest favorites even before of the beginning the pageant , Belgium, Czech republic and guatemala were the real surprises. Ximena is amazing and has done a very well job as miss universe , even better than lupita jones

  • Felipe

    Definitely Miss Ireland was eliminated so that Ximena could win.
    And Miss Australia , gosh , what a terrible choice for the top 5.

  • Wizard

    Also agree that she came too far. But it’s not unfair. Beautiful girl and well deserved winning in 2010. I remember that my 2 early favourites, Russia and Ireland, deserved to be left in the way because they simply didn’t delivered. It looked like they were lazy or sleepy, I don’t know. Ximena was one of the few candidates to battle for the crown since the very first time she appeared during the top 15 announcement. I believe that this along with her beautiful face and impecable evening gown presentation was determinant for her victory.

    Now, the top 8:
    8-Christiane Martel
    7-Dayana Mendoza
    6-Marlene Schmidt
    5-Lara Dutta
    4-Margaret Gardiner
    3-Jennifer Hawkings
    2-Oxana Fedorova
    1-Angela Visser.

    • lamarquise

      You said it! Russia and Ireland were my top picks for the crown, but Russia’s swimsuit presentation lacked poise and essence. It was as if she didn’t care about winning. Ireland was sensational in the swimsuit competition, but I strongly think she should not have changed her hair style in the evening gown competition. It made her look a bit older, however glamourous. Too bad…I would have loved to see her in the final 5. Ukraine was the one “lucky”. Ireland should have taken that spot. On the other hand, Ukraine answered the final question right.

    • lamarquise

      I also think Ukraine was Trump’s pick – not that I don’t think she deserved to be up there. However, I think she resembles Miss Ukraine Universe 2004 (the one who didn’t place in the semifinals, but who has been sitting with Trump on many Miss Universe pageants). So, it could be Trump’s influence to get her in the semifinals. But once there, she did everything right. Her 4th place was well deserved.

  • angela

    bueno.. Hermosa miss universo pero fue demasiado incluiría en el top ten. En mi top era la 32. Es muy linda pero para mi no tiene proyección. De todas formas felicidades por ser latina. Mi top 3 sigue intacto. Jennifer, dayana y oxana.

  • AlexRio

    Ximena has one of the prettiest faces in MU history. It’s hard to find her in a position below Sushimita Sen or Margaret Gardiner (this one no one can understand is still in this competition) .

    • Pari Vihinen

      How that Gardiner woman keeps and keeps on continuing and climbing higher and higher is completely beyond my human comprehension. FYI, she is number 48 on my personal list. I remember when she crowned Maritza Sayalero back in 1979 and Maritza was shining like the most exquisite Goddess, she looked like a servant maid besides her! Well, Maritza was out of the running ages ago (just like so many other absolutely gorgeous winners!) and this absolute plain Jane has made it into the top 8! Give me a better joke!!

  • AlexRio

    The elimination of Rozanna Purcell in the Top 5 is one of the biggest misteries in MU History. No one undestood that.

    This edition was her against Ximena and no one more.

    • lamarquise

      I think her hair during the swimsuit was better than in evening gown. That could be one reason why she missed the top 5 spot. I mean, her dress was better than Ukraine’s.

      • AlexRio

        C’mon, this is not enough for her elimination, she was #1 in the swimsuit competition and her beauty hurts.

        Mistery, mistery. Paula Shugart could clarify that notes to the general public. It’s done, nothing changes, Ximena’s victory was well accepted and deserved, just curiosity.

  • Jay

    I’m so glad we’re gonna have a Navarrte-free top five.

  • Andy

    Overrated!. Sobrevalorada!. Soppravaluatta!. अहंकारी!.

  • Anthony

    I have, for the most part, agreed with the judges in this ranking. But this is the one MU whom I think simply does not belong in a historical top 10. There are SO MANY, more stunning, more deserving MU’s, starting with the one who preceded her.

  • Joseph


    Reconozco que es un rostro bello pero solo eso UN ROSTRO, ella CARECE de un cuerpo bien proporcionado y de actitud, llegó al top 10 solo por ser la actual Miss Universo. Seguro hacen este conteo dentro de 10 años nuevamente y baja al top 20. De todos modos felicidades a Ximena y que termine de disfrutar su reinado, ella es otro de los orgullos de nosotros los latinos.


    • satine

      Cuanta tonteria escribes y eres contradictorio, pero no voy a juzgar tu vida por lo que escribes, porque talvez no seas bueno en redaccion. Si ella esta en el top 10 actual, y dentro de 10 años bajara del lugar 20, eso es obvio y probable, porque vendran 10 ganadoras mas, y las posibilidades son reales de que quede fuera del top 20 por agregarse 10 participantes mas, pero no es probable de que quede fuera por que no sea bella. Felicidades a Ximena dices tu, pero inicias tu comentario diciendo FINALMENTEEEEEEE¡¡¡¡¡, y luego dices ella es orgullo de nosotros los latinos….arriba las latinas que clase de latino eres y que orgullo puedes sentir por alguien, que tu mismo felicitas por quedar fuera.
      Que se cuiden mejor dicho las latinas de ti, y de gente como tu.

    • rancherolover

      que bien primero la acabas y despues la felicitas… eres un orgullo jejeje que contradictorio no ?

    • Anaxagoras

      El apoyo y felicitación en tu comentario no se siente sincero, porque la estás descalificando de sus atributos. Que falso se siente tu orgullo latino. Más bien se siente tu envidia por estar situada arriba de tus favoritas que seguro la mayorias son latinas. Pero bueno, será tu opinión y aquí lo que importa más es la opinión de los jurados de éste panel.
      Ximena está en éste Top Ten…Eso es lo que importa más !!!


  • George

    I don’t understand why this article says Colombia was a surprise when she really was a favorite and even Global Beauties placed her in their final predictions.

    Surprises this year were Belgium, Guatemala, Czech Republic and FOR ME Ukraine and Australia who I think didn’t deserve to go that far. I can accept Ukraine but Australia didn’t have a good body and her evening gown was HORRIBLE!! How in the world she placed higher than Rachael Finch?!?!?!?

    Japan, New Zealand, T&T, Venezuela (although her gown was horrible too and her body wasn’t at her best) and USA were shocking eliminations.

    Colombia had one of the best bodies, catwalk and atitude on the final night and she deserved Top 10, I couldn’t believe that South Africa, Guatemala, Australia and Ukraine placed ad she didn’t.; Russia too even if she looked kind of anorexic and bored on swimsuit but she was gorgeous. It is unexplaible to me how Albania and Ireland didn’t advance to the Top 5 and Australia and Ukraine did, even Puerto Rico who looked STUNNING in that silver/pink gown and her overall look has great could have advance to the Top 5, it was just that her gown was too much.

    The show had a great opening and a good swismuit competition with Cirque du Soleil’s Elvis presentation, but that evening gown competiton sucked for me.

    • Jay

      I agree with everything you said, but I’m shocked no one mentioned the elimination of Haiti. That girl was gorgeous!

    • PeterPaul

      Wow, except for the comment about Puerto Rico (which I think was a bad evening gown presentation), you have exactly everything what I would want to say. Right on, as in everyone you mentioned, especially with your Top 15 analysis. Are you my conscience? lol.

    • Luis

      Actually Australia was mentioned by some of my fellow bloggers not for her beauty but for her charm. It showed very well because little by little got some big support for ending as 2nd runner up. In this pageant you have to noticed that good catwalk is not enough. There got to be a presence factor (plus the pre-recommendations of Mr. Trump) to gain better position or win.

  • Luuk

    How she is ranked above goddesses Maritza Sayalero, Amparo Munoz and Janelle Commissiong is extremely hard to believe. Lol

  • Flick

    I am glad Ximena was in the top ten, and I think this is a pretty fair ranking (I would have had her around the top 5 but different strokes I guess). She was the clear winner all along that night. Jamaica was a great dancer, but just okay otherwise (her gown was not a hit for me. I thought… it looked like a Barbie gown and was an odd color for her). If it is any consolation she would have kicked Ximena to the curb if it was “So You Think You Can Dance”.
    As for some of the others, Jesinta was cute, but really had no business being in the top 10. She looks like a fun sorority girl type, but not really a Miss Universe contender… it seems like Australia’s really good contestants (Erin McNaught 2006 for example) get shafted where the more mediocre ones advance.

    Ukraine was a big (not good) surprise for the top 5. It feels like Trump is going to feel guilty for the rest of his life for Miss Ukraine’s exclusion in the top 15 in 2004 and will try to compensate for it no matter the quality of contestant Ukraine brings forth. It seems like Miss Ukraine 2004 (now the pageants director) is in the audience of every pageant now.

    Philippines was pretty, but perhaps a bit skinny. She should have gone with a black gown. She was pretty though.

    Ireland should have been in the top two with Ximena… what happened there?

    Albania was beautiful, as was Guatemala (indeed a good surprise). I really did not like what Guatemala did with her hair though. The top bothered me all night.

    USA should have gotten at least a top 15 spot. She was not winner material no doubt, but she placed far too low. Venezuela was not placement material this year.

    All in all a great pageant though. Best opening number since 1994 (last of the great openings). Terrific winner. She looks flawless in these pics. Stunning!

    • Anaxagoras

      I totally agree with you. And I do also believe that Jamaica’s chances were killed in the evening gown, just as Puerto Rico. I just would like to say that Ukraine was a fair contestant. I did like her.

  • Ed

    Definitivamente la mas bella era Irlanda!!!

  • KL

    If the swimsuit scores were carried over with the gown scores, Ireland would have been in the top 5. I did found her evening gown performance a bit dull and uninspired. Too bad, Ireland could have its first Miss Universe, a new country haven’t won since 2003.

  • Leonardo Andreatos

    My Top 8 in order:
    8.- Margaret Gardiner
    7.- Marlene Schmidt
    6.- Lara Dutta
    5.- Christiane Martel
    4.- Angela Visser
    3.- Jennifer Hawkins
    2.- Oxana Fedorova
    1.- Dayana Mendoza

  • dilip indian

    a little known fact,india,us and venezuela were left out of top 15 at mu,but each one of the won a grand slam pageant that year.india miss earth,us miss world and venezuela miss international 2010

  • Brody

    Ximena tiene una de las mejores caras de las ganadoras de MU. Yo la tenia desde el inicio en el puesto 8. Ella es hermosa pero nunca mas que Amparo Muñoz y nunca por debajo de Margaret Gardiner.

  • paco

    Muchos coincidimos en que irlanda (Roxana Purcel) debio haber sido miss universo 2010 y no se diga mas…..

    • Roberto

      ¿Qué significa “muchos” para ti?, porque 7 jueces en la preliminar y 9 jueces en la final no coinciden contigo, tampoco yo, y puedo decir que “muchos” más tampoco… y claro que digo mas, no faltara mas… =)

  • Celestique

    Excelente posición, Ximena orgullo latino. Ahora hay que ver quien gana el conteo.

  • Javierox

    Ximena was so overrated in this countdown, she is really far to be in the top10 Miss Universe history, it helps her the fact she is the current Miss Universe, there are more beautifull queens than her who were eliminated in top20, that was unfair for those great queens as Janelle, Amparo, Natalie, Maritza, Kerry Ann, because they all are really over Ximena

    • AlexRio

      In fact, I think is a great achievement to a current MU be ranked so high in a poll with 60 of them. Being the current MU is a disadvantage, the other became myths. In future polls, I think we’ll see her in a higher position.

    • Roberto

      In ten years, in 2021, you should apply to be a judge for Global Beauties in the next Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever, and then you can give the scores you want.

  • Manuel

    Ximena, un rostro hermoso. Linda cuando se anunció su nombre en Miss Universo. Todavía la recuerdo en la alfombra roja en Cannes, posando para los fotógrafos y compartiendo el espacio con Claudia y Gwen. Para algunos no considerada buena para el top 10, para mi perfecta y No. 1. No estoy de acuerdo con aquellos que la insultan, alegando que son críticas (hay que saber diferenciar entre una crítica y un insulto). Lo que me ha gustado de ella es que sabe coquetearle al lente, se transforma cuando modela. Por último, a Ximena le veo mucho éxito venidero, espero así sea, para empezar ya tiene mi apoyo total.

  • Bjoern

    At last. Very happy with the remaining 8. Though I deem Judi Andersen wouldn’t be happy with Margaret Gardiner being in the Top 8. Lol. She literally topped Miss Universe 1978 until the Final Question. Margaret snipped from 4th to 1st place.

    I hope Margaret reach the Final 5.

    I am seeing Oxana-Dayana-Angela being the last 3 standing.

  • rancherolover

    Finalmente Ximena es Miss Universo HOY, pese a quien le pese, las empresas y productores que ya le tienen grandes propuestas para ella seguro estan mal de la cabeza para invertir en ella, y que pasa con las demas ? donde andan.. no salen de perico a perro.. ho si desnudandose para revistas porno commo la Purcell y la Hawkins que tanto quieren y admiran o como Dayana enseñando trasero en Italia y tantas mas que para eso ha servido su espectacularidad y excelente actitud, en cambio Xime de regreso a la Universidad y a seguir adelante aunque la veremos pronto pronto en el HOLA España y muchas portadas y pasarelas mas Felicidades Ximena ! y como dijo la Gorda en gustos se rompen generos comindose los mocos heheh y que gane su Oxana la mujer policia que desprecio ser Miss Universo para el que duerman tranquilos….

  • penge load

    During the 2010 Crowning Moment, Miss Universe Org use the Replica Crown. The original crown is so big (watch on youtube 2009 crowning moment) too heavy.. lol

    • Dante

      As far as I know the replica is used by the reigning Miss Universe and the real one is used to crown the winner.

      • Charttop

        Actually, because of the accidental drop during the crowning in 2009, the original crown was significantly damaged on one side and across the top (on Stefania’s head, you could see how it got warped on impact from where it hit the floor lol), so either the people at Diamond Nexus Labs repaired the crown by taking the pieces off the top and bringing out the damaged side or the MUO decided on using the replica crown as the official crown right after the incident. Either way, this crown is a lot better without the things up top lol!

  • pop

    Ximena Navarette, Miss Universe 2010, ranks 24th in my contest with the score 9.226 .

  • Ann

    Korea (Joo-Ri Kim) was best Asian delegate in Miss World 2009. :)

  • Darril

    Desagree! She could have been in the top 6 easily!

  • Jonathan

    This is the edition where MIss Philippines raised headlines for her 21 inch waistline and of course the You Tube clip where four gay men recorded themselves while awaiting the results of the 15 semi-finalists and how they reacted once they heard the Philippines called was classic. This clip must be saved for archiving and should be part of any future discussion on the effects of Beauty Pageants in the homosexual culture

  • Vuyani

    For those of you who seem to not understand why Margaret Gardiner is still in the competition, you should meet her in person THEN you will understand why. She is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Viva South Africa

  • joetakeno

    IMO and per my standard of beauty- the most beautiful MU from Venezuela is Maritza Sayalero and the more beautiful of the two MU’s from India is Sushmita Sen.
    I am at a loss to know why they are way way behind their compatriots in ranking. I only know I am not one of the judges.

  • lamarquise

    Jamaica was a pleasant surprise. She gained more and more momentum throughout the night and I thought she was going to win the crown. She had so much stage presence.

    Mexico was so cute and after the elimination of Ireland, Mexico’s only competitions were probably Jamaica and Philippines. Philippines’ placement at 5th was justified. To bad she blew it on the final question (perhaps too much pressure on her – Philippines support their delegate very well and are so fond of pageants in general).

    Russia and France were so disappointing, especially Russia. I thought the final was going to be between Russia and Ireland, but Russia lacked stage presence – as if she didn’t care about the pageant.

    For me, the biggest surprise was Ireland, not being in the top 5. I personally think it was due to her hairdo. Although it made her glamorous, it somehow made her look older than the rest of the top 10. What do you guys think?

    Overall, Mexico’s win was justifiable, as well as the placement of the final 5. Australia gave a great answer and had she won, it would not be a big surprise. I was hoping, though, that the crown would go to Jamaica as it would have been their first ever MU crown. However, I think Yendi was happy being 1st RU. I believe, if I am not wrong, that this is the best placement for Jamaica at Miss Universe.

    Back to Ximena, people should be happy that she is 9th, although I thought Marlene would be going before her.

    All it means is: Dayana will be at least in the top 5. I can’t wait to see if I am right. She is not my best Latina winner but I guess her personality, being outgoing and spontaneous, will carry her far. Sigh….I would put Denise of Puerto Rico ahead of her. In 2001, Denise was in the top 5 (3rd if I am correct).

    For the remaining top 8, I would pick:

    8th: Germany
    7th: Venezuela
    6th: South Africa
    5th: Australia
    4th: India
    3rd: Russia
    2nd: Holland
    1st: France

    • Anaxagoras

      Would love to see your predictions come true. Christiane Martell most beautiful winner ever. Simply…Great !!!

      • Lamarquise

        I now got #8 right. Let’s see if Dayana is the next one to go. I doubt it, but if it was my choice, she should go next. Denise should have been at least in the top 10. Her ranking, this time, is very mind boggling to me.

      • Lamarquise

        Miss France Christiane Martel was nowhere near this top 10 list, but as soon as I saw her picture, and then watching her on youtube judging recently at a Miss Universe pageant, I had to put her in my top 5. She is a timeless beauty. While people argue about their favourite winner: Dayana, Oxana, blah blah blah; my initial choice was Oxana. But right now, Christiane has my vote. Who knows, let the world dispute over Oxana, Dayana or Jennifer….and let’s surprise them with the emerging winner: Christiane or Angela.

  • Giovanni

    I don’t think she’s the most beautiful in her continent. In my opinion she comes third behind Natalie Glebova and Shawn Weatherly.

    • satine

      Creo que debes tomar un curso de geografia y urgente…..¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Ella no es la mas bella del continente americano, ella es la mas bella de la region NOrte y Centro America, y esto no es un continente, estamos hablando de una region. Y si efectivamente ella es la mas bella de esta region, aun por encima de Natalie Glevoba.

  • olegNN

    Poslavskaya from Ukraine was introduced to Trump by her nat’l organizer Nikolayenko , in Egypt a few months before MU’10…and “unexpectedly” became 3-rd runner-up.
    Do you know ,that the surname of MU’02 ,transcribed as Fedorova, isn’t exact phonetically? The correct one is Fyodorova, with the accent on the 1-st syllable.
    And who can explain me the next thing:why she or any other MU-titleholders MUST be gueststars at indecent american telecasts and answer about their sexual life, intimate hygiene and other tabloid themes? If in opinion of Trump & Co. this level of a sexually worried female is admissible for MU, let the MUO make their Misses perform the full striptease on CBS.What is it worse? I guess, after O.Fyodorova had participated in the humiliating Stern;s show, she revised her obligations to the MUO.
    The other bitter truth in her story was her dependence on her close friend, to be exact a rich lover (not divorced) named Vladimir Golubev. Still Fyodorova’s photos with thi fat bald man ab.50 are available at russian sites.He was an owner of supermarkets in St.Petersburg and known also for connections with “organized criminal groups” (or simply Russian gangsters), under nickname “Barmaley”( a comic pirate from a Soviet fairy-tale). He convinced Fyodorova , that his lawyers had found in her contract with the MUO no items about dethronement of MU in a case, she ignores calls into the MUO’s events. I suppose, he treated her like his property and decived her intentionally…She parted with Golubev only in 2006. As a TV-celebrity Fyodorova figured in lots of interviews in Russia, but still she hasn’t told all the truth – what was the principle reason of her reluctance to warking under the MUO. So it;s anybody’s guess.

    • KL

      Donald Trump and radio show Howard Stern are friends, and Trump have often promoted the pageants on the radio show. Stern on the other hand, never takes beauty pageant winners seriously.

    • Anaxagoras

      Mmmm, interesting info. Don’t want to take it too seriously. I stil like her and wouldn’t be dissapointed to see her on the top of this ranking !!!

  • Person A


  • chokolate

    she deserved top 5 :|

  • Nick

    Ximena placed WAY too high, and I can only imagine that the recency of her win helped her win some rather generous scores (i.e., there’s no doubt people were more accepting of her win than Stefania’s). Ireland really should’ve won this contest, and I found her EG presentation utterly breathtaking. My personal favourite was Russia, but MU places far too much of an emphasis on stage presence for her to have gone further. I’m going to bet that Ximena place much lower by the time GB’s ranking is released in the next decade. She’s pretty, but not outstandingly so, and overall, a rather unmemorable MU.

    • Felipe

      I totally agree with you ! Ireland should have won.

    • Lily

      I totally agree with you… in the next edition of this “Most Beautiful MU” contest to be held in 10 years, Ximena will appear in the bottom half. She is pretty and definitely cute no doubt, but not stunning in anyway.

  • Lobis

    Se me hace raro que digan que Ximena no tiene proyeccion si ven en cualquier pais que va la adoran, y vean todos los contratos que ha ganado en este reinado, si uds piensan eso la gente que la ha contratado opina lo contrario

    • Danielle

      Mira videos y foros de gente de India y Thailandia y te darás cuenta que adorada no es. Contratos todas las MU han tenido…además los de Ximena no han sido tantos. Mencionalos a ver…lee los comentarios y te darás cuenta por conscenso que Ximena no es la mejor MU de todos los tiempos como los mexicanos creen.

      • Roberto

        Para nosotros los mexicanos lo es, ¿cuál es el problema? Déjanos creer lo que nos de nuestra chin&&^%$ gana, y tu elige tu mejor Miss Universe de la historia y cómetela.

  • Will

    Here at last! Congratulations…! You deserve this position!!!


    pero para mi Ximena Navarrete y luego Natalie Glevoba son las mejores

    Ximena es la mejor Señorita Universo

    ella es muy hermosa, tiene valores, es muy inteligente.

    y no sé porque la evalúan si ni ha cerrado su reinado.

    es la única de las competidoras que no ha concluido.

    ¿y qué labor hizo Oxana como Señorita Universo?

    ¿por qué la destronaron?

    ¿qué estàn calificando?

    no hay mucha credibilidad

    ¡¡pero la belleza es muy subjetiva!!

    y solo es opinión de un grupo de personas

    Espero que publiquen el comentario


  • Felipe

    I know very little about Christiane and Marlene. Analyzing the photos here , they do not look that beautiful.
    Oxana is the best , any other MU doesn’t get any closer to her in terms of beauty.

  • Luis

    Bien por Ximena. Felicidades¡¡¡ Estás donde mereces. Si está sobre ranqueada, como algunos han comentado, solamente diría que fue sobre Natalie Glebova, que para mi gusto, debió haber estado en el top 5. Sin embargo, no solo Ximena, si no algunas dos o tres que se mantienen en la contienda, sin decir nombres, para no herir susceptibilidades. Pero por algo están donde están y todas tienen sus seguidores y detractores, pero todas son bellas.
    Voto porque gane Jennifer. Recordando como siempre que esto no cambia nada y lo que para algunos es mejor, para otros no y nunca nos pondremos de acuerdo.

    • kaoru

      bien dicho solo tenemos dos y la nueva llego muy lejos aunq su reinado ni siqiera ha terminado no debieron meterla por q muchas cosas pueden pasar u_u aun asi estoy orgulloso de ella

  • Hector

    ya era hora. felicidades mexicanos pero hasta aqui llega su recorrido. ahora dejen a las verdaderas reinas competir. Dayana reina de america latina

  • harold germino

    jennifer or christianne is in 8th place…

  • Elmonje88


  • JH

    The host of Miss USA 2011, Andy Cohen, pronounced her name as ECZEMA Navarte. Very itchy.

  • rafael

    mexicoo mexicooo llegaste lejos qerida ximena te amoooo!!! eres la mejor no importa lo q digan dejaste abajo a muchas …muchos sufrieron por no verte llegar pero estas en las mejores 10 y eso es mas q suficiente para un pais q espero 19 años para otra miss universo cuando solo tenia 1 y q de pronto la ganadora este entre las 10 mejores gracias ximena muchas gracias es lo mejor q nos han dado un besoteeee y gracias GLOBALBEAUTIES

  • Maganda at Mayaman

    Philippines was called last because the final spot goes to either a favorite/a coveted spot. (See Puerto Rico 2005, Mexico 2006, Czech Republic 2007, Spain 2008, Venezuela 2009 and notice the pattern.) Same thing also goes for the first one called. Mexico 2005, Puerto Rico 2006, Venezuela 2007-2008, Puerto Rico 2009-2010.

    Mexico deserved to win because she was strong all throughout. That was needed in order to win a very competitive set of contestants. Had Ireland done so, she could have toppled the competition. But Jimena, like Roz, was a touted Miss Universe. The 2 had that quality where you know a Miss Universe when you see one. Both beauties would really click (and sell) in Asian, Latin American, and European markets.

    I agree with the comment that for the answers, Australia seemed to be the winner quality-wise. The moment she finished answering, it felt like it was her to lose.
    But even Nick Verreos in his blogspot felt that Mexico’s Jimena was given a clear cut chance when Philippines botched up her Q&A. A reflection shared by many others.The top 5 only had favorites Mexico and Philippines going in.

    Jamaica was truly a wonderful surprise all throughout. Her downfall was her repeating her answer. She should have ended with a values statement or something.

    Lastly, Venezuela started strong but fizzled. Her gown, her look, her presentation was not the mark of an Osmel Sousa, noh? I think she should have been in the top 15. Had she been there, I know she might have given it a shake-up.

    USA? A product of playing safe… and finishing even before beginning. COmpare that with the current USA. It looks like she is just beginning.

    • Anaxagoras

      Right on !!!

    • lamarquise

      Very interesting remark!

      Since the year 2000, the US sent some wrong delegates, who got lucky and went way too far in the competition: for instance the girl in 2005, whose stage presence was rather odd, yet she managed to sneak into the top 10 (her sash got her that far!!!). Miss USA 2010 who bears a slight resemblance to Paula Abdul was ok and didn’t stand a chance at the Miss Universe pageant. So, it was not a surprise that she missed a top 15. Sure she made history being the first Muslim to win Miss USA, but that’s not enough to make her a semifinalist. Brook Lee and Chelsi Smith were not “most” beautiful, but I think they won beautifully because of their humble personality and intelligence.

      The USA should sent delegates like Lynnette Cole, Shandi Finnessy, Rachel Smith,…Those were the true standouts and who could capture the crown. This year, the California girl who just won Miss USA pageant is another standout and will definitely be a top 15 material. Who knows, she might even win the competition.

  • anna

    He decir que ella es bellisima, pero no para llegar de 8va, hay MU muchisimo mas bella que ella en todo el sentido de la palabra. Algo favorable es que una de las pocas misses que mantienen el mismo look con el que participaron.

    Oxana si, es una de las mas bellas pero deben evaluar de igual manera su transcurso en el reinado. Creo que eso le quita un poco de belleza interna. No mereceria llegar de primera.

    Lara es tu turno..

    • Memé

      ya que tocas el asunto look… compara cualquier miss universo cuando gano su certamen nacional y notaras las miles de cirugias, excepto Ximena. No menciono paises porque esta de mas.

  • lamarquise

    It would be cool if Miss France wins this Most Beautiful Miss Universe. While fans over the world are rooting for everybody else…I once was rooting for Miss Russia. But from the top 10 pictures, I would say that the three best pictures are France, Holland and Australia. I hope I am right and one of these three beauties will win.

    • Anaxagoras

      I would totally root for Christiane. Even I would make a face to face with Marlene ( another classic beauty). But definetivelly Christiane would be great !!!

  • german


  • Gabriel Espana

    Dayana Mendoza number one! She should be the most beautiful miss universe ever.

  • Alberto

    Ximena es una mujer muy linda y con personalidad. Fue muy buena su respuesta final sobre los niños e internet. Me gustaba, pero creo que la ganadora del 2010 debió ser Irlanda (elegancia, rostro, pasarela y un cuerpo espectacular). En segundo lugar habría dejado a México, tercera Albania, cuarta Jamaica y quinta Australia.

    Me parece que Ximena llegó muy arriba en el ranking, siendo muy hermosa.

    Top 5:
    1- Angela Visser
    2- Oxana Federova
    3- Marlene Schmidt
    4- Jennifer Hawkins
    5- Dayana Mendoza

    El resto del top 10 debería ser:
    6- Lara Dutta
    7- Christiane Martel
    8- Margaret Gardiner

    El top 5 de América Latina y el Caribe quedó así:
    1- Dayana Mendoza Venezuela 2008
    2- Ximena Navarrete México 2010 (9°)
    3- Janelle Commissiong Trinidad Tobago 1977 (11°)
    4- Cecilia Bolocco Chile 1987 (13°)
    5- Denise Quiñones Puerto Rico 2001 (14°)

    Me parece que el promedio de los jueces ha sido de gusto más anglosajón que latino, independiente que mi top 5 coincida con este canon. Sigo insistiendo -perdón lo majadero- que Glebova, Commissiong y Bolocco debieron ser top 10. Bolocco es la que más 10 puntos ha tenido (5 jueces) hasta ahora.

  • Ist

    Jennifer Hawkins is 1st place.

    She the most beautiful of all.

  • Felipe

    There’s always somebody pulling strings to manipulate results , and regarding to MU it’s very clear. Sometimes a stunning woman is put aside in order to give the crown to the one(s) Trump likes better.
    Am I wrong? Waiting to be convinced…

  • luig_paolo

    MY TOP….
    8.- GERMANY: 9.55 8.- GERMANY: IDEM GERMANY 9.55 (8 PLACE)
    7.- FRANCE . 9.57 7.- FRANCE : IDEM FRANCE 9.57 (7 PLACE)
    6.- INDIA : 9.65 6.- INDIA : 9.75 INDIA 9.70 (6 PLACE)
    5.- HOLLAND: 9.75 5.- SOUTH AFRICA: 9.77 HOLLAND 9.79 (3 PLACE)
    4.- SOUTH AFRICA : 9.77 4.- RUSSIA : 9.78 SOUTH AFRICA 9.77 (5 PLACE)
    3.- RUSSIA : 9.78 3.- HOLLAND : 9.83 RUSSIA 9.78 (4 PLACE)
    2.- VENEZUELA : 9.81 2.- AUSTRALIA : 9.86 VENEZUELA 9.84 (2 PLACE)
    1.- AUSTRALIA : 9.83 1.- VENEZUELA : 9.87 AUSTRALIA 9.85 (1 PLACE)

  • M.P.

    Dayana debe ganar!!!!
    Jenny es bella pero realmente lucio mejor despues del MU. Buen papel como la ex-MU. Durante el concurso muchas veces Jenny se veia muy simple, pero brillo mucho durante la eleccion. Similar a Oxana y Angela.
    La que mas merece ganar es Dayana, ella siempre brillo antes del concurso, durante el concurso y durante su reinado. Ella es una belleza integral y completa, bella desde de a dentro hacia afuera y lo proyecta. Saludos de mi grupo de Arte, CA.

  • Shocked Gaylord Supreme I

    Hello everybody! (First post since this countdown started).

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please, respect my views as I will respect yours.

    My top five do not match what I reckon GB’s group of fifteen judges have chosen as the most beautiful MU at all. Mine are -in no particular order:

    The lovely Cecilia Bolocco (yes, lovely and very elegant as well).
    The sweet Amparo Muñoz (such a beautiful girl).
    The mesmerising Natalie Glebova (who does not look aged to me).
    The stunning Ximena Navarrete (who has been terribly bashed, but I think is absolutely gorgeous).
    The other position I can’t decide on who truly deserves it.

    What I do know is who does NOT deserve it (not even a position in the top 10):

    The exotic Dayana Mendoza (exotic does NOT equal beautiful in my opinion).
    The overrated Jennifer Hawkins (I’ll say it again: overrated).
    The one who should not be participating in this countdown as she was dethroned: Oxana (beautiful, but not so much in pictures).

    Thank you for reading and respecting MY views.

  • Camile

    Esto es de la Hawkins o de la Mendoza!…. Pura belleza

  • Joca

    1. Dayana
    2. Jenifer
    3. Oxana
    4. Angela
    5. Margaret
    6. Christine
    7. Lara
    8. Marlene… I’m 100% sure of that!

  • Marisabel

    Selling lemonade in a Vegas sidewalk wearing bikinis and high heels? What a classy show! Any true lady wouldn’t agree to participate in such event.

  • joetakeno

    Had Miss Ireland won, she would be in the running for a top 5 ranking. Her misfortune at the finals can only be explained as paranormal, perhaps as a glitch in the universe at that point in time and space. I mean, there is just no explanation.
    I find her more beautiful than either Jennifer Hawkins or Angela Visser who I think are much over-rated.

  • Luisa

    Philippines was everyone favorites even among non-Filipinos and latinas and her fellow contestants. Despite her undesirable answer, she was still in a league of her own, leaving all the other girls far behind. However due to probably racism, she was only placed 5th. Had she won the crown, she would definitely be the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time. Today, she is regarded by many around the globe as the Most Beautiful Woman In Existence. Congratulation Venus Raj. The whole world is amaze with your super extreme beauty and personality.

  • pedro

    Felicidades para ser tan poco alegre y carismatica llego lejos felicidade pero hay muchas mejores miss favoritas siguen intactas JENNIFER HAWCKINS y DAYANA MENDOZA entre ellas la ganadora

  • lyons france

    i think it’s gonna be jennifer or christiane who will be at the 8th spot…

  • Gabriel Espana


  • satine

    Yo creo que en este concurso los jurados debieron ser unicamente cirujanos plasticos, que son los verdaderos expertos en lo que un rostro perfecto y bello debe tener, y no dejarlo a la suerte de expertos en concursos de belleza, pues no hay una idea clara de lo que ellos estan calificando para designar a la mas bella. Haciendo un analisis de los comentarios que hay en esta ventana de Ximena, todos coinciden en lo siguiente Un rostro hermoso, y los comentarios negativos son los siguientes:
    She does not have a nice body
    She is very plain and does not have a memorable presence
    Ximena has a pretty face, but her body proportions are not that good.
    Just a pretty face, her proportions are just wrong.
    Does not have factor wow…
    She is too average and plane, but beautiful face.

    Entonces tomando en consideracion lo siguiente, porque esos tipos de comentarios si aceptan que es un bello rostro. Su cuerpo no es proporcional, entonces con mayor razon Margaret Gardiner debio salir hace mucho, Marlene tambien, y ni que decir de Christian Martell, un excelente cuerpo para la estetica de esos años, cinturita y caderas anchas y piernas gordas. Si hay mas de medio siglo de diferencia entre las competidoras, las tendencias, las modas, los estandares de belleza, peinados, maquillajes, etc. entonces debieron encaminarse unicamente a lo que BELLEZA FACIAL SE REFIERE, por que tal vez Ximena no tenga el factor wow, que mucha gente se queja, pero ha sido una magnifica representante y trabajadora de la organizacion MU, consideran ustedes que el comportamiento de Oxana Fedorova, es digno de aplaudir en un concurso que como la misma Lara Dutta, señalo en su mensaje, celebra la feminidad, y la idea de demostrar que las mujeres son tan iguales como los hombres en todos los aspectos. Por dios señores, dejen este concurso a expertos en materia de belleza facial. Nada mas.

    • Anaxagoras

      Muy buena observación. Obviamente los comentarios vienen de gente que no tienen el mismo punto de vista u objetividad con el que hiciste éste. Creo que a veces se dejan llevar por el apoyo y fanatismo hacia sus favoritas (sobre todo las de su mismo país de orígen).
      En efecto hay una brecha generacional tanto en las ganadoras así como en los comentaristas. Y por lo que veo la mayoría de los comentariasts, son de gustos más modernos, pero que se dejan seducir de la belleza artificial y minimizan a la natural.
      Yo no sé si Ximena se hizo o no, alguna cirugía. Y al parecer muchos critícan su cuerpo. Pero defienden a capa y espada la belleza facial y con cirugias de Dayana Mendoza( y comprobables los cambios en video, antes del concurso). Y parece no importarles ésto y la proclaman como la número 1. Tampoco sé si Jennifer Hawkins es natural o no, pero muchos afirman que también pasó por la cirugía facial y hasta corporal. Y es aceptable que hay ganadoras que destaquen más que ella y no me desilusiona o enoja que lo sean mujeres de la talla de Marlene,Christiane u Oxana, inclusive pondría a otras, PORQUE SON MIS FAVORITAS.
      El punto es que Ximena está a la altura de cualquiera de las 60 ganadoras. Y es muy agradable verla posicionada tan alto!!!

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    1.- Oxana
    2.- Angela
    3.- Margaret
    4.- Dayana
    5.- Jennifer
    6.- Christian
    7.- Marlene
    8.- Lara

  • Alfredo

    Sin duda un rostro perfecto. Jimena Navarrete es simplemente hermosa.

  • WILL




  • Jessico Scholl

    De entre las semifinalistas, me encantó la inclusión de Miss Guatemala, es lindísima la muchacha, con un traje de gala inolvidable (¡cómo olvidar sus pasos con aquel traje ajustado!).

  • Daniel

    Jennifer all the way. She has the whole package: beauty, brains, personality and a sound career beyond the miss universe pageant. If she becomes active in the world of female politics the she would have it all.

  • kenneth

    A los que pelean que miss irlanda debio ganar vayan y peleen con el jurado que no le vio las cualidades que si le encontro a XIMENA.
    Gran miss universo que nunca sera olvidada por su carisma, pose, talento, belleza y por ensalzar los valores y mas que todo por ser una reyna PRUDENTE, DELICADA, FINA, CULTA, ESTUDIADA y no como la que muchos anhelan (y al parecer) sera la g.b. winner.

  • yoanys

    Dicen que el perfume mas fino viene en frasco pequeño, pero el veneno tambien biene en frasco pequeño, ya era hora de que aparecieras Ximena Felicidades llegaste muy pero muy lejos.

  • Pageant Guy1

    Par Vihihen, you can not compare a girl on the night of her crowing to the one who is doing the crowing. Margaret won the previous year and looking and that beautiful smile she looks reserved , lady like , with innocence not like Stefania who is not good looking with that ketchup bottle dress.. As i always say beaty is in the eyes of teh beholder. Different strokes for different folks…

  • M.P.

    Dayana the most beautiful miss universe over these two centuries!!!!!

  • prinpoleon

    BEAUTIFULLLLL !!! i love you jeje well in my top 10 ximena got 7 place the 9 place is for margaret gardiner from south africa the true top 5 are
    4 runner up: albania
    3 runner uo: ukraine
    2 runner up: ireland
    1 runner up: jamaica
    mu 2010: mexico


    bien merecida posicion yo soy de venezuela y queria la tripleta para mi pais pero estoy muy contento con ximena su reinado me a gustado mucho quien sera miss universo 2011 esta dificil

    • NANANA

      a e irina antonenko para mi era la favorita numero 1 no una de las favoritas cuando la vi dije ahhhhhhhh wowwww aqui muchas paginas latinoamericanas daban como numero 1 a ella pero llego muy apagada y mal maquillada a las vegas :(

  • Lub

    La ganadora deberia de ser Miss UNiverso 1953 Christiane Martel! por q ella es y fue una belleza totalmente natural(no como Dayana), muy respetable fiura publica hoy en dia con 0 escandalos (no como Oxana y jennifer) la unica q quedaria atras de ella seria Angela Visser,asi que mi top es asi:
    1.Christiane Martel
    2.Angela Visser
    3.Oxana Fedorova
    4.Jennifer Hawkins
    5.Dayana Mendoza

  • luig_paolo


  • Anon

    I am very please with the top 10, Miss Universe 2010 was a major upset being ranked so early in the top 10. :(

    She was def under my top 3:

    3rd – Russia
    2nd – Mexico
    Most Beautiful MU – The lovely Margeret Gardener from South Africa

    None the less well done to her on a 9th place….hope there wont be further upsets with the placement of the remaining top9!!!

  • Eduardo (Brasil)

    Jennifer Hawkins é a mais linda entre todas ela sim merece vencer esta competição!!

  • KL

    On a lighter note, nice to see Venus Raj downing chicken wings and not worry about her weight!

  • Jose Garcia

    Dayana Mendoza la mejor!!! La número 1.

  • Jose Garcia

    Viva Dayana Mendoza! Número 1 de todos los tiempos!


    Possibly the BEST LATIN FACE ever!!!!

  • jenedith

    hola a todos, no me importa lo que dicen de miss universo 2011, lo unico que me importa que ella es de méxico y que si gano el MU es por que reunio todas las caracteristicas que las demas concursantes no!! ademas si en las entrevistas ella habla de cosas negativas es por que es realista y se da cuenta que el mundo esta de cabeza y que hace falta trabajar mucho, de que sirve que muchas miss universo hablen de cosas bonitas si la realidad es muy diferente!!!1 FELICIDADES JIMENA, no les hagas caso, nadie te puede quitar el gusto de haber ganado a todas esas chavas que pasrticiparon, para méxico eres la mejor y eso es lo que importa, los demas que digan lo que quieran!!!

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