4th place – Angela Visser – Miss Universe 1989

4th place – Angela Visser, Netherlands

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

The last time GB promoted this competition, a decade ago, Angela Visser, the Dutch Miss Universe from 1989, was the winner. She was also the winner of “The Best Miss Universe Ever”, which happened in 1999.  Now Angela falls to 4th place, although with a considerable point-different to Margaret Gardiner, 5th place and next in the ranking. She also managed to keep the #1 position among the winners from the XX century.

The opening number

Before living moments of glory in Cancun, Mexico, where Miss Universe 1989 took place, Visser missed the cut in Miss World 1988: she finished the competition in 13th place, in a year Miss World had just 10 semi-finalists.

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, was becoming famous internationally for its beautiful beaches and great resorts, when it welcomed the 1989 Miss Universe pageant. Held at the Fiesta Americana Condessa Hotel, Miss U happened in one of the smallest stages and had one of its poorest productions in history.

The hosts’ performances (John Forsythe, Emma Sammsand and Karen Baldwin) were way below average, to the point that Karen had to take over John’s job in interviewing the semi-finalists, given the fact that he looked completely lost on stage. To compensate it, the externals were very good, showcasing the beauties and colors of Cancun and Mexico.

Australia: Miss Photogenic

Seventy-six countries participated, who for the first time in history were introduced divided into geographical regions in the parade of nations. The American organization made one huge mistake, by including Iceland in Central and North America! The Icelandic beauty, Guðbjörg Gissurardóttir, had been a semi-finalist in Miss International 1988. Preliminary swimsuit scores were also not shown to the viewers at home for the first time since 1979.

As soon as they arrived in Mexico, there were bad news for Miss France, Stephanie Zlotkowski: she was not allowed to register in the pageant for being underage, and was sent back home the next morning. She was replaced by Miss France’s 1st runner-up,  Pascale Moetti, who arrived soon after Stephanie’s departure.

Miss Germany, Andrea Steltzer, had been crowned Miss South Africa 1985, when Miss Universe stopped accepting South African candidates in protest to Apartheid. As Miss Germany, Andrea finally got to compete in Miss Universe.

Juliette Powell was the first black woman (and so far only) to win the Miss Universe Canada title.

Brazil: Best National Costume

Misses Holland, Ireland, Poland, Gibraltar, and Switzerland, had all failed to advance to Miss World semi-finals one year earlier.

Some of the favorites that year were Misses USA, Gretchen Polhemus (the 5th consecutive Miss USA winner from the state of Texas), Germany,  Andrea Steltzer, Holland, Angela Visser, Mexico, Adriana Abascal, Spain, Eva Pedraza, Norway, Lene Ornhoft, Puerto Rico, Catalina Villa, Australia, Karen Wenden (Miss Photogenic), Jamaica, Sandra Foster, Korea, Sung-young Kim, Brazil, Flavia Cavalcanti (Best National Costume), Sweden, Louise Drevenstam, Switzerland, Karina Berger, Ireland, Collette Jackson, and Israel, Nicole Halperin.

Europe had the strongest group of candidates, and most thought only Miss USA could take the title away from the Old Continent that year.

Although during the live telecast it was announced that St. Vincent & the Grenadines was debuting in Miss U that year, the information was not correct. The Caribbean nation had already competed in 1964, 1978 and 1979 as St. Vincent.

Angela and her "little sister"

Right before the top 10 announcement, scenes of a historical moment could be viewed by the 300 million people watching the pageant: the crowning of the first Miss USSR, days before Miss Universe’s final. The winner, who wasn’t crowned in time to compete in Miss Universe, wished all the contestants good luck, and said she hoped in the near future Miss Universe would be hosted by the Soviet Union (which has never happened).

Then the top 10 were announced, and they were: Germany, Chile, Jamaica, Venezuela, Holland, USA, Sweden, Poland, Finland, and Mexico.  As predicted, the Latin beauties did not come across strong in Mexico, and both Chile and Venezuela were considered “surprises”. Five Europeans were also fighting for the crown, and in addition to the two South Americans, one Caribbean and Miss USA also moved on. Asia, Africa, and Oceania, were all left behind.

As the three semi-final competitions progressed, Holland’s Angela Visser became the clear #1 choice for the crown, topping all of them with the highest combined scores, always followed by Miss Sweden, Louise Drevenstam, in 2nd.

Osmel Souza, the famous national director of Miss Venezuela, said the moment he first saw Angela in Cancun, that she was going to become Miss Universe. “She was the most beautiful one, no doubts”.

Miss U 89

In addition to Holland and Sweden, Poland, Mexico, and USA, who almost missed the cut in a neck-and-neck dispute with Miss Germany, advanced to the ‘top 5′. There was no ‘final question’ that year, so the judges had to rank the Top 5 from #1 to #5, and the combination of such votes, would result in the election of the last Miss Universe of the 1980’s.

Miss Mexico was 5th, Miss Poland was 4th (she had also competed in Miss World 1988, and was not even a semi-finalist), Miss USA was 3rd, Miss Sweden was 2nd, and the odds maker from Holland, Angela Visser, had just gone from a Miss World reject to Miss Universe 1989! The results were greatly accepted by the international community, and Angela was a superb titleholder.

Angela Visser became a TV presenter (she was an excellent Miss Universe commentator from 1991 to 1994) and actress, who appeared in some of America’s hottest TV Shows, such as Blossom, Boy Meets World, Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210, Friends and USA High. She remains the only woman from the Netherlands to have been crowned Miss Universe.




 The Top 3: 2002-Oxana, 2004, 2008

See great photos from Miss Universe 1989 at El Anecdotario

Miss Universe 1989

Top 5: USA (3rd), Sweden (2nd), Holland (1st), Mexico (5th), Poland (4th)

Miss Universe 89, from the Netherlands


83 comments to 4th place – Angela Visser – Miss Universe 1989

  • John

    Well deserved position for Angela. We are now down to the Top 3.
    The most beautiful Miss Universe is Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza,followed by Jennifer Hawkins and Oxana Fedorova!!

  • PaulPaul

    No, no, no. Angela is and will be the most beautiful ever! She won it in a time when only the Miss Venezuelas and Miss USAs were surgically engineered. After the 90’s MU became a plastic surgeons competition!!

    • Felipe

      great point about plastic surgeries !

    • Leonard

      I suppose you are not talking random nonsense to support your candidate and you have actual evidence to support your point of plastic surgery being only used in the countries whose candidate you dislike righ; such as access to the medical records of every candidate right?.

    • Ava Gardner

      Plastic surgery can be traced back to the golden era cinema of the 40s in USA, Europe and Mexico. American, European and Mexican screen goddesses such as Liz Taylor, Sofia Loren and Maria Felix all had minor cosmetic surgeries. These women were already gorgeous but studio heads and producers often demanded impeccable beauty.

      CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, Venezuela did not start the trend. Sofia Loren in the late 40s, Gina Lollobrigida in the 50s and Lynda Carter in the 70s have all acknowledged plastic surgeries. These women, all popular as actresses, emerged as beauty queens.

      Venezuelans DO resort to plastic surgery BUT SO DO India, Puerto Rico, numerous European and Asian countries, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Philippines, etc. The list is endless.

      Why only point fingers at USA and Venezuela? Even in the 80s, it was widespread.

    • Logan

      Absolutely agreed….she is the most beautiful “real” Miss Universe! Oxana was dethroned and the other two are pure plastic before and after their reigns!

      • Andrew

        Prove Dayana and Jennifer are ‘plastic’ and Oxana and Angela aren’t. Prove it with actual evidence, not with your own terribly biased impression and intuition.

  • Kate

    How I rank the top 3:
    3. Dayana Mendoza
    2. Jennifer Hawkins
    1. Oxana Federova

  • Gabriel Espana

    Rigth John, Dayana Mendoza should be the most Miss Universe ever! Congratulations Dayana!

  • PW


    1. DAYANA
    2. OXANA

  • jean

    angela!!!!!!a great achievement

  • satine

    MMMMMMM, creo que noto inclinacion por las epocas en esta eleccion, es decir, que se han dejado guiar por las años mas proximos anteriores, quedan tres de la decada pasada, y entre cada una, dos o tres años de diferencia, pero bueno, esperemos por los resultados.

  • koko

    Stunning! She is Miss Universe 89, and there are 89 contestants this year – and maybe Netherlands will win this year!!!

  • Lub

    mmmmm!!! this spot is for Dayana ….oh well!!!
    1.Oxana!!!!!!!! the best of the best!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    I must say that the 3 remaining beauty queens are gorgeous and all of them deserve to be in the Top 10. However, I am rooting for Oxana and I hope she ends winning this contest. I didnt like Jennifer that much when she competed back in 2004. However, I came to love the Jennifer that reigned the whole year. Dayana, althought gorgeous, wasnt my favorite that year (I like Colombia the best). Oxana, on the other hand, won the MU 2002, from beginning to end, fair and square.

  • Antorcha

    The 3rd RU is awesome angelic Angela, MU 1989, with 5 perfect 10s and 2 9.9s she is clearly past beautiful Margaret Gardiner. I still pick Oxana to win and finish with 12 perfect 10s at least, reflective of what she did against Justine Pasek and the others during MU 2002. Anyway, terrific finish for Oxana, Jennifer, and Dayana regardless what their rank is. The 2nd RU is ?

  • prinpoleon

    ANGELA is amazing the pass winner of this contest WELL the 2000 domination
    top 3
    jennifer hawkins australia
    oxana fedorova russia
    winner: dayana mendoza venezuela

  • Antorcha

    Also, I’d like to say what an absolutely amazing mindblowing achievement for Angela to be the most beautiful Miss Universe for 5 decades, before Oxana came along. Well done Angela, a true timeless knockout beauty, and congrats to The Netherlands!!

  • Ist

    1° Jennifer Hawkins

    2° Oxana Fedorova

    3° Dayana Mendoza

  • Alyssa

    If he is to speak of Plastic Dayana Mendoza has also … it is not natural and when she won the Miss Venezuela had a pointed nose and a half after it had fallen … nose job to fix and still got a little bent. among the three finalists she has to stay in third place.

    Oxana and Jennifer are the two most beautiful of all time!

  • AlexRio

    Im my opinion she is overrated as Margaret Gardiner (this one is A LOT overrated).

    Bur, despite to pact but with the final result, this is not something that really bother. I believe only that some criteria for voting – even if by personal taste, which is very fair – just missed that one explanation of the ranking criteria used, since it is accompanied by so many people.

  • Bastian

    I am a little bit disappointed that Angela is only 4th. She should have been at least in the top three. However, it is understandable that people have “bias” towards the beauties in the last decade as the pageants were more recent. Well done Angela, you are still my favourite Miss Universe of all times.

  • Wizard

    I’m disappointed because I was sure Angela would take it home once again, or at least be the 1st runner-up to Oxana. Oh, well… nevertheless a great achievement for her. I think she’s absolutely stunning.
    Now from the three that left, please, Dayana Mendoza is way too overrated at this time. Actually I’ve cheered for her the night she won, but top 3? I don’t think so.

  • Felipe

    I would like to understand what makes a judge give 9.99. Why don’t they round up and give a 10.
    Can anybody explain this to me? Thanks !

    • Andy

      There are sixty candidates in the countdown; and they have to hand points between 8 and 10. Some of the judges(probably not Prendiz) actually have given a lot of thought to this and have kept in mind that is is an actual ranking, so even a decimal point will make a difference in the final result.

  • djb

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Angela should be at least number two on the list! With the last three, Oxana should be number one!

  • Lilho

    I liked Angela, she looked like the children of Full House Candace Cameron, jeje..

    Well is a beautiful top 3, but in my own opinion, it would be:
    1. Dayana M
    2. Jenny Hawkings
    3. Oxana F (She is so beautiful but she couldnt finish her reign in differance to Dayana and Jenny, so a third place is good for her).

  • Kate

    Now that all the winners from the 2001 contest have been ranked, lets look at who has moved up and who has moved down.

    Moved Up
    Janellle Commissiong: +14 (25th to 11th)
    Amparo Munoz: +13 (23rd to 10th)
    Christiane Martel: +12 (19th to 7th)
    Margaret Gardiner: +11 (16th to 5th)
    Kerry Anne Wells: +11 (26th to 15th)
    Gladys Zender: +8 (28th to 20th)
    Corinna Tsopei: +8 (31st to 23rd)
    Cecilia Bolocco: +4 (17th to 13th)
    Luz Marina Zuluaga: +3 (39th to 36th)
    Akiko Kojima: +3 (45th to 42nd)
    Marlene Schmidt: +1 (9th to 8th)

    No Change
    Shawn Weatherly (24th)
    Sylvia Hitchcock (35th)
    Hellevi Rombin (49th)

    Moved Down
    Armi Kuusela: -1 (33rd to 34th)
    Rina Messinger: -2 (37th to 39th)
    Karen Baldwin: -2 (46th to 48th)
    Angela Visser: -3 (1st to 4th)
    Alicia Machado: -3 (15th to 18th)
    Margarita Arvidsson: -3 (18th to 21st)
    Margarita Moran: -3 (44th to 47th)
    Lara Dutta: -4 (2nd to 6th)
    Anne Marie Pohtamo: -5 (11th to 16th)
    Lupita Jones: -5 (36th to 41st)
    Carol Morris: -5 (41st to 46th)
    Mona Grudt: -6 (20th to 26th)
    Barbara Palacios Teyde: -7 (10th to 17th)
    Georgina Rizk: -7 (47th to 54th)
    Lorraine Downes: -9 (29th to 38th)
    Linda Bement: -9 (50th to 59th)
    Denise Quinones: -10 (4th to 14th)
    Ieda Maria Vargas: -11 (8th to 19th)
    Marisol Malaret: -11 (34th to 45th)
    Miriam Stevenson: -12 (48th to 60th)
    Norma Nolan: -14 (38th to 52nd)
    Deborah Carthy-Deu: -14 (43rd to 57th)
    Gloria Diaz: -15 (40th to 55th)
    Maritza Sayalero: -16 (6th to 22nd)
    Chelsi Smith: -16 (42nd to 58th)
    Porntip Nahirunkanok: -17 (27th to 44th)
    Irene Saez: -18 (14th to 32nd)
    Wendy Fitzwilliam: -19 (12th to 31st)
    Apasra Hongsakula: -19 (32nd to 51st)
    Martha Vasconcellos: -20 (7th to 27th)
    Michelle McLean: -21 (22nd to 43rd)
    Sushmita Sen: -23 (5th to 28th)
    Yvonne Ryding: -26 (3rd to 29th)
    Brook Lee: -26 (30th to 56th)
    Dayanara Torres: -27 (13th to 40th)
    Mpule Kwelagobe: -32 (21st to 53rd)

  • Ken

    Angela finishing in 4th place is reasonable, as this panel of judges cannot possibly put too many Europeans in their top 5. Congratulations. To me you are #2.

  • D

    They also placed Belize in the group called “The Islands” even though Miss Belize, Andrea McCoy, could’ve driven from her home and been in Cancun in a few hours.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    I met her in Cancun b4 she wins at the lobby of the hotel Fiesta Americana and believe me she is so beautiful, natural and so sweet, she deserded to win by far………

  • Angela Visser

    I just wanted to leave a comment and say “Thank You!” for this great honor and for the past honors! My year as Miss Universe was so very special and absolutely unforgettable!! I will forever keep all the memories in my heart!
    I have been living in Los Angeles since winning the title in 1989. I worked in show business for 10 years and then became a realtor. My partner Phil and I became parents of our sweetest Amelie Rose almost 7 years ago and I have been a full-time Mom ever since. My favorite “job” ever!
    Again, thank you so much Global Beauties and to all of you for your kind words!
    Much love and happiness always! :)

    • admin

      Dear Angela,

      It’s an honor having you here! You have been a tremendous Miss Universe we are all very proud of. Congratulations once again!

      GB Team, judges, fans

    • joetakeno

      That was very classy!

    • Lamarquise

      One of the best Miss Universe ever! I really enjoyed you as a special commentator. You have great stage presence and I hope that Miss Universe Organization invites you back as special commentator. Of course, this depends on your availability.

      Congratulations. You are not only beautiful but also Miss Congeniality among the winners of Miss Universe.

      From Canada

    • Jonathan


      It’s so nice to hear that you are doing so well. You by far have been my favorite Miss Universe. The inner beauty that radiates from within you has always been one of your most dynamic qualities. It would be great to see you in Sau Paulo for Miss Universe if they have a reunion. Thank you!
      Much love!

    • garh

      Angela you are just the best. I would very much love to meet you one day in LA.


    ANGELA VISSER la unica holandesa en ganar el titulo de Miss Universo (hasta la fecha). Recuerdo aquel 1989 cuando el certamen tuvo lugar en mi paradisiaco CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO, y hubo un gran favoritismo hacia las gueras como eran las reinas de SUECIA, AUSTRALIA, SUDAFRICA, POLONIA, USA, VENEZUELA, HOLANDA, etc. etc.
    MISS BRASIL Flavia Cavalcante obtuvo el premio a MEJOR TRAJE REGIONAL y MISS AUSTRALIA gana sin mucho esfuerzo el de MISS FOTOGENICA.

  • Andy

    Yay!!!My girl Dayana made it to the top 3!!!!. We love you Dayana!

  • Eduardo (BRASIL)

    Jennifer Hawkins deve ganhar esta competição, de fato ela é a mais linda das 3

    Jennifer Hawkins Winner!

  • joetakeno

    3. Dayana
    2. Jennifer
    1. Oxana

    That is the conventional wisdom and consensus. And the logical ranking among the final three.

  • Phong

    well deserved. and now, we have the fantastic top 3. My heart chooses Jennifer Hawkins, but my brains choose Dayana Mendoza.

  • Anaxagoras

    Angela wasn’t my favorite, I rooted for Sweden, which in my opinion has been after Ivonne, the best representantive sent to MU, she had such a doll face…Gorgeous. But I admit that Angela was the best from the 5 finalist. Mexico was very elegant. Poland was a darling, but her dress was really out of place (Miss Bubble Gum). USA was on of the best (in my opinion) representative from the 80s (liked her more than Christy Fichner). Jamaica was a great add up to the semifinalists.
    Though Karen Baldwin was invovlved in the pageant and had some experience as a host, she looked kind of nervous or conffused some times during the show.
    I din’t like the geographic presentation, call old fashioned but I do like it in alphabetical order.
    So, congrats Angela. A fair ranking.

  • pop

    Angela Visser, Miss Universe 1989, ranks 13th in my ranking with the score 9.5 .

  • Andreatos Leo

    Perfect! My Top 3 in order:

    3.- Jennifer Hawkins (2004 Australia)
    2.- Oxana Fedorova (2002 Russia)
    1.- Dayana Mendoza (2008 Venezuela)

  • Luciano C.

    Excellent top 5! Margaret, Angela, Dayana, Jennifer and Oxana are the best MU ever!
    Felipe is right: No one compares to Oxana. She is the most beautiful woman of all times! She is a goddess!

  • Suzannah

    Well I am surprised she has dropped to No 4 as I think she is truely beautiful and natural. To this day I can’t fathom why she missed the cut in Miss World, especially as she and the winner looked very alike. I have to say I do not know what all the fuss is about Dyana, she had so much make up on around her eyes and I don’t think this looked nice, also I think they should be judged on the whole package and personally I hated Jennifers dress in the competition I think it is one of the worse ever!
    I like Oxana and I think it should be her and Angela fighting for the top position, but I guess under a different set of judges the results would be different. To make this a fair competition the same judges should be used this time as were used last time.

  • Alvin Sebetero

    In this new age,,,Plastic Surgery is now accepted…
    Whether you’re beautiful naturally,,,or scientifically enhanced…It doesn’t matter…
    Always remember that whoever wins,,,deserve it…And all Ms. Universe tileolders deserve it…
    you can decide the winner for yourself,,,Since each of us has our own definition of BEAuty…
    So,,,Since we’re down to Top 3,,,
    Here’s mine…

    3rd – Jennifer Hawkins
    2nd – Oxana Fedorova
    1st – Dayana Mendoza

  • Gabriel Espana

    I am absolutely agree with you Alvin, Dayana deserves the first place.

  • Alberto

    Angela Visser era la mejor para mi gusto. Ahora, las tres que quedan también son espectaculares.

  • KL

    Angela appears to retain her top ranking even 10 years later, she still outscored all the pre-2000 winners; she have been pushed down to 4th place from three titleholders of the 2000s. Otherwise she emerges as the undisputed winner.

  • Kev

    O no… How is she less beautiful than Jennifer & Dayana? Don’t get me wrong, they are both pretty girls, but that is the problem. They should look like a woman/lady like Angela not like girls! Now I am rooting for Oxana!

  • PACO

    las mejores miss universo son : oxana angela y amparo muñoz estas tres deberian ocupar los mejores lugares

  • mirta dina

    Dayana mendoza esta muy sobrevalorada………no deberia estar en los 3 primeros lugares.

    oxana . amparo . natali glegova y angela son mucho mejores

  • Miss Charlize

    Karen Baldwin steered the most compelling Interview Portion ever! Has there ever been a former MU who was given such a pivotal role in any MU finals night? Miss Baldwin has just earned my admiration for being gracious, articulate and intelligent. She was not just an anchor, she was a host!

  • VictorG

    How classy to get a note from beautiful Miss Universe 1989, the wonderful Angela Visser! She has the rarest kind of beauty, the kind that is illuminated from within.
    Kudos to you, radiant goddess, and we all hope to see you at the Miss Universe 60th Anniversary Reunion in Sao Paulo, Brazil in September!

  • PW

    Dayana will win, ELLA GANA!

  • blackclover

    ‘Can’t believe she settled in 4th place here when everyone knew she is the undisputed winner of the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time… I guess a different set of judges this time changes the results but for me she still the no.1… nice message from Angela here.

  • celestique

    Dayana no estaba para mi en el top 3
    Para mi era
    1.- Jennifer
    2.- Angela
    Pero bueno ya veremos q pasa n-n

  • Bonnieb

    I think Angela should have been higher than this, she was naturally beautiful. However, I think Oxana is the most beautiful Miss Universe ever. A true natural beauty that has not been equalled since.

  • mhike

    i choose number one either oxana or jennifer stunning miss universe ever….

  • Fokkerairbuss

    Now with the final 3, the results must be:

    Dayana Mendoza (winner)
    Oxana Fedorova (2nd place)
    Jennifer Hawkins (3rd place)

  • Edwinavil

    At this point… I forgot all the good scores that were given to some formers “Miss Universe” winners and the dissapointment that caused me but I have to say that this Top 5 is exquisite, all of them are #1, Angela is stunning, Margaret is magnificent, Dayana is out of this world, Oxana is a mesmerizing and Jennifer is celestian… I don’t care who won the 1st place, the top 5 is at the same level of the other girls any of the could have won this competition.

  • Donna

    OMG Jennifer Hawkins in top three above Angela Visser, Lara Dutta, Denise Quinones and so many others!!!! Could this list suck more?
    The only outstanding thing that Jennifer did during her reign was that she gave her crown to Natalie(but on that occasion she forgot to put on her bra, what a great role model btw)..
    Let’s hope at least Oxana or Dayana wins this..

  • PW

    We wanna see THE 2ND RUNNER-UP of GB´S MBMU 1952-2010…

    I hope Jennifer Hawkins NEXT! In 3rd place!

  • Roberto

    Oxana is the best!!

  • joetakeno

    If Angela and Jennifer were to stand side by side for a final look ala MU telecast- the clear winner would be Angela.
    If Oxana and Dayana were to do the same- the clear winner would be Oxana.

    The final two should have been Oxana and Angela.

  • Jose

    The most beautiful miss universe from Venezuela is IRENE SAEZ. Met her in person and was mesmerizing. She was like a Barbie doll that was alive. Dayana has a pretty face, but in her year, she was not the favorite. Irene was hands down, stunning. Comparevher interviews, her gown, her swimsuit. Makes Mendoza look like a child competing with a woman.

    Your judges are too young to make this poll meaningful.

    • admin

      Wrong: judges are not “too young” or not capable of voting only because they do not agree with your own choice. We respect your opinion, so please respect the opinion of others.

  • Edison

    Three beautiful woman. One blonde hair, one brown hair, one black hair. And the blonde will win! ;-)

  • Gabriel

    For me She is ’til now The MOST BEAUTIFUL MISS UNIVERSE EVER….3rd…I don’t know who decide this but I think She should’ve won the 1st place…I hope is not Dayana Mendoza…she is beautiful but not as much as Angela.
    You are the WINNER ANGELA.

  • Gabriel

    Sorry I wrote 3rd wors….she is 4th worse….jajajaja

  • Luis Alberto

    Creo que Dayana llegó muy alto. Desde mi punto de vista y no pretendo agredir a nadie, sino solo dar mi opinión, está sobreranqueada, y no es en contra de Venezuela, pero creo que Alicia Machado merecería mas, estar en este top3. Aun no termino de comprender en qué se basaron para calificar esta contienda, pero si literalmente es la miss universo mas hermosa, la ganadora debería ser la destronada Oxana. En todos los ángulos y fotografías es realmente muy bella. De cualquier forma creo que ganará Jeniffer, ya que ella si concluyó su reinado.
    También soy de la opinión que se dejaron llevar por la época y los recuerdos mas frescos. Hubo algunas otras reinas “antiguas” que si el panel de jurado las hubiera visto en sus reinados, las habría calificado mejor ya que se quedaron muchas otras bellas muy abajo. En fin, cada una es y será siempre, la mas bella del mundo en sus respectivos años¡¡¡

  • Miss Panocha International

    Hola Chulas, hermosas y adoradas comadres.

    Realmente para mi la competencia estaba entre Angela Visser, Oxana Fedorova y Jennifer Hawkins. Dayana Mendoza si es linda, pero yo que la conozco en persona pienso que la tienen demasiado DEMASIADO sobrevalorada, pero a como veo las cosas no me extrañaría nada que le dieran el gane.

    En fin, para gustos los colores.

    Las quiero mis chulas

  • phong

    Can you show us the third place, admin? we can’t wait :( We want to know the girl who will become MBMU :( Jennifer Hawkins :x

  • Blu

    How sad that a beautiful class act as Angela has placed behind someone like Oxana. Oxana has not only showed a terrible lack of judgment and work ethics, but even her beauty has started to fade terribly fast if you look at her most recent pictures.

  • myla f

    i love Oxana…Oxana forever,i like ANgela and Jennifer too

  • Bruno

    Forme parte del staff de miss universo, ese año y les puedo decir que Angela en persona era realmente bella, que nunca he visto ojos tan hermosos como los de Miss Autralia, y Miss Paraguay una mujer monumental y ninguna denotaba tener alguna cirugía, en cambio Miss USA parecia tener mas cilicon que el mismo valle de ese nombre en california.

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