5th place – Margaret Gardiner – Miss Universe 1978

5th place – Margaret Gardiner, South Africa

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

The Convention Center of Acapulco welcomed 75 candidates and the 27th edition of Miss Universe, in 1978. The event was hosted by Bob Barker, with comments by Helen O’Connell and Corinna Tsopei (Miss Universe 1964). Lesotho and  New Hebrides (current Vanuatu) debuted that year, and never returned after that. It was also the last time Morocco sent a representative to Miss Universe.

Miss U 1978 delegates

It was the first time Mexico hosted the pageant, and beautiful Acapulco was chosen as the host city: it was the perfect venue for the event with its beautiful and worldwide beaches and resorts. The Mexican government invested over USD 1 million in Miss U 78, hoping to show the world the best the country had to offer to its visitors. Mexico would host Miss Universe again in 3 other occasions.

Miss South Africa, Margaret Gardiner, almost had to stay home. Mexico did not recognize the white-minority government of South Africa. After much negotiation, she got a special permit to enter the country and compete.

Misses with Bob Barker

For many pageant followers, 1978 presented the overall weakest group of candidates in all times. Most women were visibly out of shape and the pageant was criticized even by the Mexican press, frustrated with the lousy “class of 1978″. However, there were some great exceptions, like Miss USA, Hawaii’s Judi Andersen, the one to beat, South Africa, Margaret Gardiner, the face of the competition, Colombia, Mary Shirley Sáenz, Costa Rica, Maria Fernandez Garcia,  chosen as Miss Photogenic, Miss Spain, Guillermina Ruiz, Israel, Dorit Jellinek and Miss Reunion, the exotic Evelyn Pongerand.

Other options were Mexico (hometown girl), Peru, Belgium (a local favorite), France, Ireland and Wales.

Peru: accused of being married

Miss Universe 1978 started in Mexico City. The candidates also visited Taxco, Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, and Merida. They also got to see the Mayan ruins of  Chitchen Itza and Tulum.

It was the 1970’s, so many candidates joined the feminists and complained that they were being portrayed as sexual objects, with no respect being paid to their intellectual qualities. Miss Canada, for instance, said she was disgusted with the amount of photos of candidates wearing swimsuits published in the Mexican newspapers and magazines. “They really don’t care about what we think”, she said.

Miss Curaçao added to that: “If we are judged solely on what we look like, women around the world will see us as objects. We can do better than that”.

USA: the one to beat

Controversies did not end there: the black candidates, especially the ones from Africa, menaced to withdraw because Mexican journalists and reporters would never photograph or interview them. Miss Lesotho mentioned: “Mexican are really racist people. They ignore all the black beauties”. Lesotho participated for the first and last time in Miss Universe that year.

Miss Peru,  Olga Zumaran, was another focus of controversy: she was accused of being married, and a cosmetic company even offered USD 3000 for anyone who could show proof of that (which never happened).

The judges were among the most memorable in pageant history: Ursula Andress, Robertop Cavalli, Milos Forman, Melba Moore, Whilelmina, Dewi Sukarno, Line Renand, Cantinflas, Anna Mofo, David Merrick and Christiane Magnani de Aleman (Miss Universe 1953, who received a trophy in tribute of the 25 years of her election).

Crowning moment

The 12 semi-finalists were: Ireland, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Holland, Mexico, Sweden, USA, Colombia, Belgium, Peru and Chile. The non inclusion of Misses Reunion, Costa Rica, and France was a huge upset.

For the first time, the audience at home could see the average scores of the 12 semi-finalists in the 3 competitions: interview, swimsuit, and gown. Those were also the lowest scores ever seen in a Miss Universe edition. Miss Holland, for example, receive a 2.890 in her swimsuit presentation! Miss USA had, by far, the highest scores of the night (7.831 average).

The top 5 were USA (7.831), Sweden (7.391), Spain (6.972), South Africa (6.685), and Colombia (6.491). Miss Belgium, a crowd favorite, would end in 6th place.

The winner

Not only for her relatively semi-finals low scores, but also because the world was against the South African regimen of Apartheid, and the fact that it would be ironic that, one year after a black beauty had finally been crowned Miss Universe, to see representative of “Apartheid” being crowned by her, nobody expect Miss South Africa to win.

When questioned about the political situation of her country during the days she spent in Mexico, Margaret Gardiner answered that she hoped Mexicans could see that South Africa was not as bad as it was pictured by the international community, that she thought it would be possible for a black woman to win the Miss South Africa title, as long as she was beautiful, intelligent, and charming, and that her best friend back in Cape Town, where she lived, was a black woman.

Papua New-Guinea

Sweden was announced was 4th runner-up; Colombia was the 3rd runner-up; then came Miss Spain, the 2nd runner-up. It looked like Miss USA had it in the bag, but no: she was the 1st runner-up. Margaret Gardiner, Miss South Africa, was Miss Universe 1978, beating all the odds.

Her victory was not welcomed by many, especially African publications, which thought it represented a victory of racism and the approval of a brutal discriminatory political system. Gardiner’s beauty, nonetheless, was unquestionable: many consider her one of the most beautiful faces in the history of the pageant. She returned to Miss Universe in 1990 to be a commentator and to celebrate the pageant’s 50th anniversary in 2001. She became a journalist and still works on tv.

Special thanks to Alberto Dubal!

(Still competing: 1989, 2002-Oxana, 2004, 2008)



Miss Universe 1978

Top 5: Spain (3rd), USA (2nd), South Africa (1st), Colombia (4th), Sweden (5th)

South Africa's Miss Universe

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  • Luuk

    Honestly, you placed her way too high. And above the goddess Lara Dutta?

    • caribicha

      I totally agree with you, I think that she would be place after Christiane Martel and Lara Dutta.

    • Ava Gardner

      This ranking is exceedingly high for Margaret Gardiner. She has a special allure and sophistication but GORGEOUS she is not. At times she appears awkward and incapable of projecting her stature or magnificent height. Her body is one of the least harmonious of all MU winners (broad hips and shoulders/a not so flattering profile and midsection). Georgina Rizk, Amparo Muñoz, Janelle Comissiong, Natalie Glebova, Maritza Sayalero, Irene Saez and Sushmita Sen are just 7 of several MU that I feel should have ranked higher than MG.

      I feel bad for pointing this out but it is quite obvious.

      The judging at MU 1978 was some of the least credible and competent with the range of scores all over the place. Personally, my top 5 would have consisted of Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA and Spain.

  • Edwinavil

    What a stunner! She’s extremely beautiful… and way better than Lara, I don’t know what people see in that Lara. Anyway Margaret reach a well deserved position, she’s one of the best among the decades. A beauty to remember!

    • joetakeno

      Ditto about Dutta. I don’t get the “goddess” thingy. In my not so humble opinion- Sushmita Sen is the more beautiful MU from India.

      As for the remaining four, it is very easy to pick the rightful first placer. She has a ravishing beauty and an aura and is in a class all by herself. The other three are beautiful allright, but beautiful as in fashion model beautiful.
      Ironically, the one who has the aura and regal bearing of a true beauty queen among the last four is the one who has been dethroned.

  • PW

    I could predicted it like Lara´s 6th place, YEAH!

    The Ultimate Four:

    4. Jennifer Hawkins – 2004
    3. Angela Visser – 1989
    2. Oxana Fedorova – 2002/dethroned
    1. Dayana Mendoza – 2008

  • John

    Well deserved.
    Now, we are down to the Top 4. I see them placing as follows:
    1. DAYANA MENDOZA, Miss Universe 2008, Most beautiful Miss Universe!!
    2. Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004
    3. Angela Visser, Miss Universe 1989
    4. Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002(dethroned)

  • luig_paolo


  • fadiel

    Margaret the timeless Miss Universe. Stunning
    The most beautiful Miss Universe 1950’s to 70’s

  • prinpoleon

    muy feliz con que incluyeran a margaret en el top 5 se lo merece africa power VAMOS DAYANA A GANARRRRRRR

  • prinpoleon

    ja ademas si los puntajes del 78 fueron tan bajos no me quiero imaginar que tan bajos eran en los tiempos de antaño osea donde no habia mucha preparacion la maxima puntuacion hubiera sido 000000.1 JAJAJA

  • viet tran

    4. Dayana Mendoza
    3. Angela Visser
    2. Oxana Fedorova
    1. Jennifer Hawkins

  • Ist

    1° Jennifer Hawkins

    2° Oxana Fedorova

    3° Angela Visser

    4° Dayana Mendoza.

  • Antorcha

    The 4th RU for MBMU is 1978…congratulations to Margaret, the most beautiful Miss Universe from 1952-1988. The 3rd RU is?

  • Alyssa

    If it is natural to talk about surgeries and Venezuelan Dayana Mendoza can not win … She had surgery on the nose before going into the Miss Universe 2008 … she had fallen through a nose and pointed at the Miss Venezuela and had to do surgery to go in the Miss Universe 2008 … also notices her nose a little crooked … so for me it should stay in fourth place! …

    Oxana is undoubtedly much more beautiful than Dayana.

    • Ava Gardner

      Wake up and smell the coffee! Venezuelans and Latinas are not the only ones resorting to plastic surgery. It occurs in USA, Europe, India, Venezuela, Mexico, Philippines, etc. Plastic surgery is a GLOBAL phenomenon.

      • prinpoleon

        yes and dayana wasnt the only who had a plastic surgery in the peagent miss brazil natalia anderlen has plastic surgery and elisa najera say in the 2009 miss universe translation from mexico than the 80% of the candidates have a plastic surgery and few days ago the trainer of lupita jones say than when she go to miss universe have a plastic surgery in her nose and recently sherry lee biggs acused to jennifer hawkins to have much plastic surgery

  • Kate

    Margaret Gardiner ranked 16th in GB’s 2001 contest. Just as in 2001, she is the highest ranking of the winners from Africa.

    How I rank the final four:
    4. Dayana Mendoza
    3. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Angela Visser
    1. Oxana Federova

    • Lamarquise

      I like your ranking. I think Dayana should go next. I keep saying she should be eliminated earlier, but the judges seem to like this girl. Denise and Natalie should have taken her spot in the top 4. Well, I have a gut feeling she is the winner, although I don’t think she is the most beautiful Latina, let alone most beautiful Miss Universe.

  • Gabriel Espana

    Let’s go Dayana! You should be the winner. Miss Universe 2008 the most beautiful Miss Universe ever, the number one.

  • Andreatos Leo

    My Picks:

    4.- Angela Visser (Holland 1978)
    3.- Jennifer Hawkins (Australia 2004)
    2.- Oxana Fedorova (Russia 2002)
    1.- Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela 2008)

  • Fenya

    Oxana #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Lilka


  • Fenya

    Oxana №1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen Morgan

    Very overrated. Amparo and Chistiane should be in the top 6 instead of Lara and Margaret.

  • richard

    4. angela visser
    3. oxana fedorova
    2. jennifer hawkins
    1. dayana mendoza

  • Ed

    Maribel Fernández from Costa Rica, today is Maribel Guardia.

  • Anaxagoras

    For me and as for many, her ranking here, is sort of unexpected. Though she is realy is beautiful and me must accept her poise.
    I remember watching the pageant and I was captivated by USA and Sweden. The Swedish representative was a darling among the crowd, but I guess she was kind of inmature to become MU. And USA, was the typical 70s All American girl (she even had the Charlie’s Angels look LOL). And we must admit that Judi Andersen has been one of the greatest USA representative of all times. Another press and crowd favorite was Costa Rica, which later became a famous actress(trashy movies and soap operas) and one of the most admired bodies in the entertainmentbusinees in Mexico. I remember Spain, got many bad comments when told that Miss Mexico and she looked alike, and she answered that not even in the white of the eyes (typical Spanish humour but no easy to understand)!!!
    Great to see the scores and it wasn’t a surprise to see such low scores because because there wasn’t a standard set before. So it wasn’t bad to see scores rangiking from 2 to 7!!!
    Gorgeous production and I guess it really did give Mexico a great touristc promotion.
    And also as many, I would’ve loved to see Marlene or Christiane above Margaret, but I guess it was a well deserved ranking !!!

  • Anaxagoras

    My ranking now would be:

    1° Oxana Fedorova

    2° Jennifer Hawkins

    3° Dayana Mendoza

    4° Angela Visser

  • Giovanni

    Only Margaret and whoever wins the overall ranking will be proclaimed winners in both their respective decade and continent.

  • Andy

    Dayana, I’m soooooo proud you of you for making it this far, whatever happens we love you and we are happy that you are among the absolute best of the best.


    MY TOP 4
    4. DAYANA MENDOZA (2008)
    3. ANGELA VISSER (1989)
    2. JENNIFER HAWKINS (2004)
    judges, you have the last desicion

  • Felipe


  • Carlos

    Considering all attributes required to be Miss Universe, this is my oponion:
    4. Angela Visser
    3. Oxana Fedorova
    2. Dayana Mendoza
    1. Jennifer Hawkins
    However, Dayana is well deserving of the first place.

  • cejotama


  • KL

    Now that we down to the wire now with only 4 left, why don’t Global Beauties do this: why not submit all 60 titleholders to a Golden Ratio analysis? It is a theory that facial beauty is universal among humans. There is a measurement for what a perfect face is and the closer a face is to this measurement, the more beautiful it is. I’ve heard that so far, Brad Pitt is the celeb who have the highest score, like a 9+ something while Angleina Jolie only ranked a 7. Hence we can scientifically determine which Miss Universe is really the most beautiful.

    • Divalicious

      Sorry but that must be the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. The golden ratio would only benefit people with European features (a.k.a white people’s features).

      If this countdown is solely based on that golden ratio, rest assure, then the half top of the countdown would be occupied by white winners only or at least those with European features, while those with ethnic features would be placed in the bottom half. That would be unfair.

    • Felipe

      That’s a wonderful suggestion !

  • Fokkerairbuss

    go Dayana goooo !!! you are really close to achieve it !!!!

  • carina

    OXANA all the way!!!



  • JeffD

    Angela Visser was pretty and a wonderful personality but not the most beautiful, physically. She reminded me of a prettier Ericka Jongg, the author of Fear of Flying.

  • Phong

    If Jennifer Hawkins stopped at 4 place, the game was over :D

  • Andrés

    I’m rooting for Dayana, but I think Oxana will probably win. I sure hope they both make up the top 2 though, in whichever order. Jennifer should be next.

  • pop

    Margaret Gardiner, Miss Universe 1978, ranks 45th in my ranking with the score 9.05 .

    I agree that she is one of the facial beauties in the MU history but my score includes swimsuit and evening gown ,so her score is very low. However, I think the 5th place is too high for her.

  • MP

    Dayana will win!!!!
    1. Dyana
    2. Oxana
    3 o 4. Jenny
    4 o 4. Angela

  • Beto

    Oxana for the win!!

  • Didi

    Congratulations Margaret – you deserved this space. You were a winner in 1978 and still is today.

    Next position: 2002 Oksana (Russia)
    3 – Dayana (Venezuela)
    2 – Jenifer (Australia)
    1 – Angela (Holland)

  • Gaby

    My first bet for MBMU was Lara, but she got 6th place, which i felt was unfair because she is way better than Margaret Gardiner…personally she should have gone further…so…Jennifer Hawkins is my new hope now…

    …currently this is what i hope would turn out:

    #4: Dayana Mendoza (seriously the Latinas are monopolising the beauty industry, so it doesn’t hurt to make a difference here; by the way i don’t know why people make such a big fuss about Mendoza; she just doesn’t have what it takes to be MBMU because honestly, there are many other MU winners who are way better than her)

    #3: Oxana Fedorova (her reign was good while it lasted; she was never in my predictions for the top 10 anyway, so this is where she should stop)

    #2: Angela Visser (a classic Nordic beauty with such extraordinary elegance and charm, she really deserves this spot)

    #1: Jennifer Hawkins (a true beauty inside out)

    …but judges, the choice is yours, not mine…so good luck evaluating the final 4!!!

    • Andy

      You completely lost me with you first point. Seriously?. It doesn’t hurt to use her ethnicity to try to convince us that she should be eliminated. Discriminating against people based on race is what you call making a difference?. Wow. Plus, 7 of the ten finalists are caucasian women but it’s the latinas who are monopolizing the beauty industry?.

      • Gaby

        Well, before you label me as racist, I suggest you look at the bigger picture…yes, Latinas are the big players in the beauty industry today, and hats off to them; I have nothing against them, and I really love and salute them for being victorious and all, and I’d certainly have no qualms over a Latina MU winning MBMU, as long as it’s not Dayana, because she does not deserve to be placed so high, along with some others, like Margaret Gardiner here…personally, I think Amelia Vega, Alicia Machado, Virginia Palacios Teyde or Gladys Zender should have stayed on at least till the top 5, instead of Dayana Mendoza…besides, rumour has it that the girl had a nose job even before the pageant, so I think that pretty much says it all, unless the panel of judges don’t seem to care if true beauty is natural or plastic…so, basically, my comment wasn’t racist; it was just an appeal to elect the most deserving MBMU…sorry if I offended you…

        • Andy

          Great; you are not required to like her or root for her; having a European candidate as your favorite does not make you a racist, it’s the fact you implied she should be eliminated simply for being latina what I found offensive. You could have said, as you clarified later, that there are other latinas you like better(I disagree, I think Dayana is the clear most beautiful in all of the Americas). As for plastic surgery, that’s nothing but a horrendous stereotype. Neither all Venezuelans have it, nor only Venezuelans have it. Its use, for better of worse, is widespread in the pageant world(including Asia, Europe and the rest of Latin America). The only difference is that Venezuela’s national director is very open about it, and he’ll talk about it if some contestant has had a work done; but he is far, very far from being the only one using it. Peace :)


    MARGARET GARDINER una mujer realmente hermosa, espigada y clasuda. Era realmente la mujer mas bella aquel 1978, elegida en Acapulco, Mexico. Yo era muy nenita cuando vimos junto a mi familia la eleccion, y recuerdo que mi favorita era la americana, JUDY ANDERSEN, quien era para mi la imagen de la belleza.
    Muy lindas tambien las reinas de COLOMBIA, SHIRLEY SAENZ (Colombia no acercaba tanto a la corona desde 1958 con Luz Marina Zuluaga); ESPANA, CHILE y PERU.
    Hubo mucha polemica en cuanto a la eleccion de Margaret por provenir de Sudafrica en pleno apogeo del Apartheid, e ironicamente era coronada por una mujer de color, la bellisima JANELLE PENNY COMMISSIONG.
    En este certamen la MISS COSTA RICA MARIBEL GUARDIA fue elegida MISS FOTOGENIC, y luego ella se quedo a vivir en Mexico, iniciando una popular carrera como actriz.

  • samzozo

    I totally disagree with her comments. White South Africa would have never accepted a back winner in those years. The first black woman to win MISS SA was Amy Kleinhans who was mixed raced. The following year a black african won and all hell broke lose.Racial insults were hurled at her on radio stations and the press.She is beautiful and her win has left a sore note in my mind. She enjoyed white priviledge, while our parents and grandparents were dehumanised.

    • KL

      Take a noted from Manpreet Brar of India in 1995. Always stand up straight and no one will ever climb on your back. If white people dehumanised you, that is their problem. You do not need their approval.

  • Jason

    Even after all of the surprises and, for some, disappointments with the ranking, I think the top 4 is perfect. Oxana, Dayana, Angela and Jennifer are phenomenally gorgeous and unquestionably the most beautiful ever.

  • regaltank

    Oxana, the most beautiful Miss Universe ever!

  • satine

    Worst body in MU history. Worst, and as the text says: it was a contest with most of contestants out of shape, she is the proove of that. Her body resemblences me to last year MIss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson’s body.

  • Luciano C.

    Margaret is one of the most beautiful and deserving MU of all times! She has a timeless beauty.
    Oxana is number one!

  • Ken

    How can Margaret Gardiner placed 5th in this competition, even when the commentary mentioned that her competition in 1978 was very weak? Her win was questionable already for those who have watched the youtube segments. It should have been Miss USA Judi Anderson winning. Her scores were weak ( as bad as Dayanara Torres and Stefania Fernandez on their winning night, never ranked among the top 3 in any categories at the semi-finals) and her horrible make up that night makes her too old.

    It will be more acceptable for her to be placed no higher than top 25 if this panel of judges really like her, but guess they are very obsessed with placing an African winner in the top 10, so she is chosen, but #5 is a disgrace.

  • Cliff

    It is so interesting – and sometimes even funny – to read all these comments. Beauty is really something personal. I may think that Angela Visser is the most beautiful MU ever, but that does not mean that everyone in this world should have the same opinion. No, we all share different thoughts, we all have different tastes and we all have different opinions……and that is ok! But when it comes to beauty pageants there will NEVER be a Miss who will be loved by everyone. There will always be people who dislike a certain Miss or think that someone else would be better ………………..

    • Ken

      I stated objective facts supporting my view that Margaret Gardiner does not deserve to be ranked this high. Your response is a yawn. Who doesn’t know our birth mother is a female? Since when did I or anybody suggest that the winner of a beauty pageant must be loved by everyone?!

      The bottom line is that while some people may like Margaret Gardiner a whole lot, a much bigger majority of people will agree that she may be beautiful in some way, but she certainly is not strong enough to be ranked in the top 10 or top 20, let alone top 5!

  • Gabriel Espana

    I think Satine and Gaby don’t like latina’s beauty, it doens’t matter, Dayana is the best Miss Universe ever, she deserves the number one.

  • SC

    Todas las que quedan son bellas, pero las mejores son Dayana (1) y Oxana (2). Y entre Jenny(3) y Agela (4) prefiero a Jenny, tiene mas chispa.

    Espero que no discutan sobre las cirugias plasticas porque tanto jenny como dayana ya eran muy bellas desde jovenes (previo a las supuestas cirugias) y si se hicieron un retoque y quedaron espectaculares bien por ellas. Pero lo cierto es que sin una base de belleza no hay maquillaje ni cirugia que te haga lucir impactante para esto necesitas ademas caracter y talento.

    La unica que tiene A+ en todo, belleza, cuerpo, pasarela, fotografia, expresion, naturalidad, carisma, y humildad, es DAYANA. Eso la hace la mas bella Miss Universo de todas las epocas.

  • djb

    Top 2 should/will be Angela and Oxana. Jennifer and Dayana are too high on the list, in my opinion. For me, Dayana and Jennifer were top 15 at best!

    • Phong

      OMG =)) Do you know what beauty means =)))) Jennifer were top 15 =)) i think you are only a child :D So, you should follow miss teen peagant :D =))))))))))))))))))

    • Divalicious

      Agree about Dayana. I have no mind with Jennifer in the top-4 or 5. The other lady belonging there should be Natalie Glebova. I still can’t believe that she even missed out the top-10. People have been writing how GB has lost its credibility with its Latina preference bla bla bla. Well to me, GB has lost it since the day I saw Glebova’s low placement.

    • joetakeno

      Jennifer and Dayana I would say are the two most over-rated MU’s ever.

      Looking back, Jennifer did sparkle in the finals due to her very Victoria’s Secret-ish (and may I say, very pretentious) presentation, but the pageant wasn’t a VS fashion show, was it? She is beautiful but I wouldn’t say devastatingly beautiful.
      Dayana is effervescent and beautiful, but not breathtakingly beautiful.

      I am not disputing their beauty, it is just that their beauty is not remarkably fantastic for them to be worthy of their final 4 ranking.

  • Mp

    Dayana is the most beautiful miss universe and she will win.

    Who is coming next, Jenny, Oxana, or Angela……

  • aeccygel tubat

    My predictions are:
    4. 1989 Angela Visser
    3. 2004 Jennifer Hawkins
    2. 2002 Oxana Fedorova
    1. 2008 Dayana Mendoza

  • lic

    Es realmente bella esta mujer, ese año en el top 12 miss Suecia y miss Chile 2 mujeres realmente bellas,a Chile creo que le jugo en contra su timidez, pero de que es belle es bella, e Irlanda tubo un muy buen tiempo en el MU, muchos años clasificando, de ahi un bajon hasta el 98 y despues al 2010 creo, si me equivoco que alguien me corrija porfavor.

    Y ahora solo quedan 4 para ver quien es la MU mas bella, la que gane bien merecido, por que las 4 son preciosas, para mi gusto solo falto Natalie Glebova en este top 5.

  • Ken

    I was 14 in 1978 and still remember that summer night when I saw the greatest upset ever in Miss Universe history (in my opinion) when Miss South Africa beat Miss USA. It was pretty awful to watch the first black Miss Universe have to put the crown on a white South African while apartheid still ruled.

  • hersheiser

    las 4 q quedan son hermosisimas, y creo q las 2 mas bellas seran jenifer h. y dayana mendoza! son demasiado bellas…exitos..

  • Brazilian

    Very sad with the results. I think that most beautiful Miss Universe should have be perfect body, amazing face, perfect smile and amazing hair. The most beautiful Miss Universe should have be a full pacage. So, right now, I twist for Dayana, the only of this top 4 that have a full pacage. But, I think that she is the next (top 4).

    Jennifer has many plastic surgeries and has no a beautiful body. Angela has no facial beauty to be the most beautiful smile and committed. Oxana is unbelievable what has gone so far. Perhaps a cry against Americanism, she has nothing of Miss Universe.


    Margaret Gardiner fue una mujer de gran belleza y se mantiene vigente en las decadas de los ’80s, ’90s y hasta inicios del Nuevo Milenio, tal y como dan fe las imagenes de las reuniones de las ex-Miss Universos. Quizas este presente en Sao Paulo, en septiembre proximo para la celebracion del 60 Aniversario del certamen, coincidiendo con la eleccion de la nueva reina universal 2011.
    Me da enorme orgullo saber que la bellisima DAYANA MENDOZA haya logrado llegar a este Top 4, siendo la unica latina y tambien la unica Miss Universo del continente.

  • Luis Alberto

    Creo que la ganadora estará entre Jennifer y Oxana. Oxana definitivamente la de las facciones mas bellas de todas las miss universo. Solo nos queda la duda del por qué fue destituída. Por esta razón, dudo un poco,que gane esta contienda, por lo tanto le voy mas a Jennifer.En este top 5 habría preferido a Natalie Glevoba, en lugar de Margaret, me parece que fue ranqueada muy alto. El cuarto lugar para mi gusto, es Angela Visser y tercero Dayana Mendoza.

  • Jun

    Top 4:
    3rd runner-up: Dayana
    2nd runner-up: Jennifer (Australia)
    first runner-up: Oxana (Russia)
    Winner: Angela(Holland)


    3rd runner-up: Dayana
    2nd runner-up: Oxana
    1st runner-up: Jennifer
    Winner: Angela


    Muy linda Margaret Gardiner!
    La proxima debe ser ANGELA VISSER quien ya gano previamente en una encuesta similar del 2001

  • Pageant Guy1

    Cliff , thank you for being the sensible person here.. i always say beauty is in the eys of the beholder… different strokes for different folks… Congrats to Margaret… we all have opinions but if you do not agree with someones opinions you could still respect it without letting it turn “ugly”…

  • Gabriel Espana

    Dayana Mendoza is the best!

  • Anon

    To all the bad comments hurdled against Margaret – i think she deserved her placement. Come on guys!!!

    • Ken

      It is very rare to see a lot of negative opinion regarding to a winner from distant ages. You normally only see this for winners from the 2000s onwards. This shows that Margaret Gardiner finishing in the top 5 of this ranking is very undeserving. Look carefully at all her images, but more importantly, look at the youtube clips. Look at how she look like on her night of crowning, and look at who she had won against, and look at Miss USA Judi Anderson compare to her. Just think subjectively. It is not even about the cliched excuse that beauty is on the eye of the beholder. There is just no credibility whatsoever, especially now that Angela Visser is ranked #4, an almost universally loved Miss Universe only slightly ahead of a controversial beauty. Is this a disgrace or not???!!

  • Phong

    And the 4 place ??? We can’t wait. You should show us results about the #4,#3,#2 and winner.

  • phong

    @Brazilian : OMG, Jennifer has many plastic surgeries ? Sorry, she lived in the Ocean not in the America :D

  • James

    Its a strange fact that ALL of the black canidates South Africa has sent through to Miss Universe have never done as well as the white entrants. Look at this years entrant. I as a white person from South Africa have always been in favour for a black Miss South Africa – YES! But realy there are MUCH better looking black canidates out there for the title.

  • lady gaga's assistant


    anyway, I wished that Oxana or Jennifer wins!

  • Andrew

    I am appalled by the rampant racism of so many posters. It’s like the only acceptable top five or even top ten is an all-white one?. Only 3 not white women made it to the top ten and still so many people are complaining about the ranking for being too ‘pro latina’. Are you people serious?. I respect everybody’s opinion and taste, but why do you people find so hard to understand that some of us will find Dayana, Lara or Ximena beautiful?. Not everybody shares the Eurocentric standard of beauty people, it’s a big world out there. Some people have gone so far as to say that Dayana should have been excluded from the top five SIMPLY for being latina. I honestly thought pageant fans were more open-minded than what I have seen in these forums.

  • alsobe

    1. Jennifer Hawkins
    2. Dayana Mendoza

    I can’t wait the official results!
    When I can see the final list?!

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