A message from Angela Visser

I just wanted to leave a comment and say “Thank You!” for this great honor and for the past honors! My year as Miss Universe was so very special and absolutely unforgettable!! I will forever keep all the memories in my heart!

I have been living in Los Angeles since winning the title in 1989. I worked in show business for 10 years and then became a realtor. My partner Phil and I became parents of our sweetest Amelie Rose almost 7 years ago and I have been a full-time Mom ever since. My favorite “job” ever!

Again, thank you so much Global Beauties and to all of you for your kind words!

Much love and happiness always!




38 comments to A message from Angela Visser

  • Guillermo Revelo Jr.

    Angela was a deserving Miss Universe, I’m very happy for her :)

  • Cliff

    Wow, what a nice way to thank Global Beauties and all her fans! I really appreciate this. Thank you Angela! You are still my Most Beautiful Miss Universe and you make our small country really proud. Groeten uit Amsterdam ;-)

  • Francisco Lateriz

    This is the first time that I have seen a Miss Universe winner personally thanking Global Beauties as well as her fans.
    Miss Angela, you have earned my utmost and respect by your great gesture by posting your message at Global Beauties!
    More power to you !

  • Ist

    Beautiful and wonderful … one of the best in history no doubt!

  • PW


  • Samuel

    Lovely Angela, congratulations to you!!

  • blackclover

    Angela you are still my favorite Miss Universe and the most beautiful one… you deserve the title and thanks for a great an amazing reign as Miss Universe. Goodluck.

  • Luciano C.

    Angela: You are much more than a beautiful woman. You are SPECIAL. God bless you!

  • Carito

    Angela, como vives en LA y ganaste en México debes saber español, así que te contesto en este idioma: “Eres la mejor MU sin duda!!!”


      Por supuesto que Angela comprende nuestro idioma, y ademas ella domina otros cuatro mas; esa fue una de las razones de su triunfo como MU 1989. Ademas de bonita es una persona culta e inteligente!

  • andres

    class is nos something you can buy.
    this lady have a lot of class

  • garh

    WOW, how amazing, she is just the best. Angela connects with her fans. Ashame she made it to only 4th. I would have placed her 2nd.

  • AlexRio

    Very kind lady.

  • Zachary

    She has become a No. 1 in my books already!

  • Lub

    The best!! i love her so much!!!

  • jean

    that is what I call class!!!!
    thanks angela for following global beauties!


    You are a very sweet person. Always we remember you as one of the biggest Miss Universes!!!
    XXXXXXXXX from Japan!

  • Roberto

    Way to go Angela, you’re a truly queen.

  • Felipe

    Angela’s words are so deeply moving.
    My God bless her and all her beloved ones.

  • Nelson

    I love Angela”s message.
    She is a true CLASS ACT !!! and I hope to see Amelie Rose compete for Miss USA

  • Jeff

    What a classy move on her part to thank global beauties and her fans. I have so much respect for her as a person for the letter. I wish her all the best with her family and business. I also think she did an amazing job as a co-host/ commentator of past pageants.

  • Tina

    If this is how sweet she is when placing 4th, imagine how sweet she would be if she placed 1st! Angela is 1st for many of us!

  • Emilia from Hungary

    Angela Visser, you’re a very kind and beautiful person! :) Best wishes from Hungary!!

  • Ken

    This is exactly why we love Angela all these years. She not only looks stunningly beautiful, but she is always a sweet and kind person. She totally deserves her love from her fans.

  • dilip indian

    hi angela u r so sweet u r beautiful inside and out

  • rick

    I remember watching and episode of Friends and Angela was a guest star on that episode. Still a stunning beauty.

  • Divalicious

    Oh Angela, you should be in top 3 with Oxana and Natalie. And Jennifer and Christiane rounding up the top-5. =(

  • Tony

    The best Miss Universe ever, sorry the 3 girls remaining are boring. For me this recap is finish now!

  • Eric

    Angela Visser melts my heart, she truly deserves the crowning solo in 1989 till today: You are the best…. You are… a sense of inspiration… you are the best, you are!

  • Angela's Fan

    I will always consider her as No.1 in this new poll. I don’t even think Oxana should be included in this, since she was dethroned.

  • Bjoern

    Oh my Angela. I was only about 9 years old when you won, but I cannot forget that moment. Thanks for the new technology (the Internet) that I can watch your crowning anytime I want.

    In 2001, you were elected by GB as the most Beautiful Miss Universe. Now, in 2011, I was hoping you’d sill retain the title. But it doesn’t matter. For me you are still my most beautiful winner.

    I wish you and your family the best of everything.

    Bjoern from The Philippines / Croatia

  • Alfredo

    With this gesture, it makes Angela more beautiful. Also I would like to congratulate GB for the difficult task to select beautiful women, even though we may or may not agree with their decisions. This shows GB is a serious and very prominent portal for beauty pageants (not like others out there). Keep up with the good job you are doing.

  • Chase

    I have met some former Miss USA delegates and Miss World delegates and they always seem to let me down when I first meet them. Rude, don’t appreciate the fans, etc.

    I think this is so wonderful of Angela to recognize Global Beauties and the fans. Good Job MU’89!

  • VINA

    Her reign as Miss Universe 1989 (elected in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico) is terrific!!
    Angela is for me, the best queen fo the ’80s decade.

  • RonaldV

    Angela, je was misschien wel de mooiste Miss van de laatste 25 jaar! All the best for you and your loved ones!

  • Raúl

    ¡Grande, Angela! Hermosa e inteligente, lo mejor para ti. Escribo en mi idioma natal ya que, me acuerdo perfectamente de tu entrevista, lo hablas lo mismo que otros tres, además de tu lengua madre, el holandés. Mucho afecto desde Chile y me alegro sinceramente. Dios bendiga a ti y familia por siempre.

  • Paul


    You’re such a gracious and beautiful person. I remember the night of your victory–I only caught the last ten minutes. I was so pissed off….that night the local television station canceled Miss Universe in favour of the Detroit Pistons/Chicago Bulls playoff basketball game……the game ended and we only caught the last ten minutes with the top 5 announcement. Anyway, I didn’t understand your victory until years later with youtube and videos of the whole show and than I understood, congratulations! by the way, I love your country, I’ve been to Amsterdam twice!


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