3rd place – Miss Universe 2008 – Dayana Mendoza

3rd place – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Not long ago, who could have imagined that Vietnam would host the Miss Universe pageant, an event produced by Americans? Well, it did happen, in 2008, and Vietnam put together a remarkable production. 80 candidates competed, and it was hosted by the king of controversy and trash tv, Jerry Springer, along with the eternal Spice Girl, Melanie Brown. Among the music performers, the woman who would soon after that become the world’s hottest pop singer: the unique Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga: destined to success

Kosovo, a partially recognized republic still claimed by Serbia as part of its own territory, debuted in 2008 with beautiful Zana Krasniqi, who would be a top 10 semi-finalist, and finish the competition in 6th place.

The big favorite for the crown in 2008 was Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza. Pageant analysts believed her only real threats were Miss Mexico, Elisa Nájera, and Miss Colombia, Taliana Vargas. Other favorites were Misses Australia, Kosovo, Panama, Spain, India, Norway, Puerto Rico and USA.

Miss Universe 2008 lasted for almost 30 days, being one of the longest in history. The candidates visited Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ha Noi, and finally, Nha Trang, where the big final event took place.

Kosovo: debuting in 2008

For the first time (and only until now), Miss Universe held a separate competition to choose the most beautiful figure among the contestants, and this special award went to Miss Mexico, Elisa Nájera. Another unique contest was the Miss Ao Dai (Vietnam’s national costume). Venezuela won that.

Miss Russia, Ksenia Sukhinova, declined competing in the pageant due to her studies, and chose to go to Miss World only (she was supposed to compete on both). The rest is history: Ksenia would be crowned Miss World 2008, in Johannesburg, South Africa, later that year. Her 2nd runner-up in Russia, Vera Krasova, replaced her, and was the 3rd runner-up in Vietnam.

Another original national titleholder who could not compete in Miss Universe was Miss Spain (who also competed in Miss World 2008 and was a semi-finalist). The 1st runner-up, Claudia Moro, represented Spain in Miss U08, and was a favorite and semi-finalist.

Local pride: Vietnam in the top 15

That year the Mikimoto crown was replaced by a new piece made by Vietnamese Designers CAO FIne Jewelry. It was a one-year edition crown, and part of the local sponsorship agreement.

The show started at 8 AM, local time, to be telecast live on prime time in the USA and Latin America, Miss Universe’s main markets.

Many jaws dropped when a ‘top 15′ filled with ‘surprises’ was announced: Venezuela, Kosovo, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Dominican Republic, Italy, Colombia, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, USA, and Spain.


Once again, Donal Trump and the Miss Universe Organization choices (6 out of 15) were highly questioned by most fans and pageant observers. South Africa (who looked her best and performed better in Miss World), Japan, Dominican Republic (who started being noticed at the final night), Italy, Czech Republic, Vietnam (there were rumors that her place among the 15 was secured on the contract signed by the MUO and the local organizers), and mostly Hungary (one of the biggest upsets in pageant history), took the spots of very competitive beauties, like India, Panama, Puerto Rico, Norway (Miss World 2010’s finalist), Montenegro (Miss Tourism Queen 2008’s 3rd runner-up), and others.

But the show had to go on, when to the sound of emerging pop star Lady Gaga, the 15 paraded in swimsuits. The “surprising” ones, except for Miss Dominican Republic, got not so surprising historic low marks from the judges, like Vietnam (7,050), Japan (7,100), South Africa (7,133), and Hungary (7,229). Colombia topped the group, followed by Venezuela in 2nd, and USA in 3rd place.

Top 10

The 10 candidates who would go on to the next round of competition were Misses Kosovo, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Dominican Republic, Russia, Italy, and Venezuela.

After some unforgettable gown performances, Miss Colombia was 1st once again, followed by Venezuela in 2nd, and Mexico in 3rd. Surprising Dominican Republic and Russia rounded out the ‘top 5′, leaving behind favorites from Kosovo, Spain, and Australia. Just like the American representative in Miss Universe 2007, Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, fell during the evening gown competition. However, unlike her predecessor, Crystle did not make it to the ‘top 5′.

Ooops... USA falls (again!)

At that point, it was believed that the judges were favoring Miss Colombia over the heavy favorite Miss Venezuela. However, Dayana Mendoza’s stunning looks and spontaneity when answering the final question, gave her the extra edge and necessary votes to become her country’s 5th Miss Universe. Miss Colombia was 2nd, Miss Dominican Republic, who many believe went way too far, was 3rd, Miss Russia was 4th, and Miss Mexico, who was expected to be in the ‘top 3′, was 5th.

Dayana received the crown from Miss Universe 2007, Japan’s Riyo Mori, who made a fashion statement by doing her farewell walk wearing a tux. It was another first in Miss Universe’s history!

It had been 12 years since Venezuela’s last victory (Alicia Machado in 1996), an eternity for a country known for the beauty of its women and preparation to compete internationally

Winning moment

with great success. When some thought Osmel Souza, the famous Venezuelan national director and pageant coach, had lost his touch, Venezuela was back in the game stronger than ever: one year later, in the Bahamas, it would make history for winning the first back-to-back title for a country in Miss Universe history.

Dayana, considered the third most beautiful Miss Universe ever, and the most beautiful from the Americas, was a very charismatic queen, having done a remarkable job as Miss Universe.



Still competing: 2002-Oxana, 2004 

Miss Universe 2008

Top 5: Colombia (2nd), Venezuela (1st), Dominican Republic (3rd), Mexico (4th), Russia (5th)

Dayana Mendoza

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  • Diego

    Felicidades Dayana. “Full Package”

  • Eric

    I am so excited for Oxana to win =)

  • Zachary

    The third best in swimsuit that night/morning was USA, not Mexico.

    Taliana was my goddess, but she fared poorly during the final question, so I had no qualms with Dayana taking the crown.

    I *really* hope Oxana wins this all.


    Oxana should be the winner!

  • Divalicious

    That pic of Dayana in black dress and crown is sooooo……. photoshopped to the max you can hardly recognize her face. She looks completely different there and not in a good way.

  • Hai Nam

    Love her so much but the Crown made by Vietnamese designer CAO is so horrible. Throw it away, Dayana. (commented by Vietnamese)

    • rodrigoposa

      I miss the crown with the woman´s silhouette so much!!!
      It was a brand!!

      You could tell it belonged to Miss Universe
      Nowadays the MU crowns can be of any pageant; there is nothing to identify the pageant in them

  • Phong

    I totally agree with the judges. who will be the winner ??? Can’t wait. So excited :x

  • manuel2190

    i think if oxana wins is unfair .. she didnt finished her reign … jennifer hawkins is the most beautiful.. but i was thinking dayana that dayana will win

    • Ken

      I still cannot understand why somebody would make this comment this late to the ranking. It is so 6 months ago. It has been stated for a long time that anybody who hold the Miss Universe title would be qualified to be ranked in this ‘beauty’ contest. Get over it!

  • chboy

    I gotta feeling Jennifer Hawkins will be the Most Beautiful Miss Universe.

  • newfie

    It doesn’t matter. Oxana was crowned that night as Miss universe. This isn’t a contest of who did the best duties as MU. Dayana has gone too far in this competition.

    • GEORGE

      Exactly, it´s just beauty, and Oxana is simply the number 1 if beauty is talking about.

    • AlexRio

      I strongly desagree with the incoerence of your message.

      “This isn’t a contest of who did the best duties as MU”.

      Yes, this is not and never was. This is a poll to elect “The Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever”.

      Oxana Fedorova is not a Miss Universe, so what’s she doing in this election, please? Who says who’s a MU, you, me or the Miss Universe Organization?

      So, why not to vote for Megan Fox too? She’s awesome and she’s not a MU either…

      • admin

        Alex: Oxana Fedorova was crowned MISS UNIVERSE 2002 and served as such for a few months. She lost her title and Justine Pasek took over, but it is a FACT that both held the title in 2002. Therefore, placing 2nd or 1st in this contest, her placement will be fair and square. We’ve made the rules clear since day 1.

        • AlexRio

          My dear adm, obviously I know Oxana was crowned and served for a few months. But the FACT is: she is not a true Miss Universe. She is not recognized as Miss Universe by the organization that rules the pageant, Miss Universe Organization.

          She is not recognized as Miss Universe 2002 by the organization that rules the pageant, Miss Universe Organization.

          She isn’t recognized as a MU neither by Ms Paula Schugart, president of the Organization, nor Mr Donald Trump, owner of the contest.

          This honor belongs to Miss Panama Justine Pazek according to Miss Universe Organization. The name of Oxana Fedorova doens’t exist in the official list of past titleholders in Miss Universe Organization site.

          Miss Universe Organization rules Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. Globalbeauty doesn’t rule MU Beauty Pageant. So, what they say is official, what you say is a personal interpretation.

          THIS is real FACT. Those are the real facts despite your own interpretation of this issue. Becuase considering Oxana Fedorova as a Miss Universe is not real but an interpretation of Global Beauties. A personal view, not an official view.

          The fact is, you’re by your own merits one of the biggest portals about beauty pageants of the world. So, this is for me extremely bizarre that a portal of this stature, a reference on the Internet for anyone who has interest in this topic, make a mistake as bad as this, thus dissociating the reality of facts.

          Your rules to the judges and to the public are absolutely clear since the beginning, all right. The fact is: is it fair? Does it have any link with reality? Is it fair to the other contestants?

          Well, I think extremely bizarre that a woman who was crowned as you said, served few months as you said, but isn’t a Miss Universe as MUO SAYS, could be “the Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever”. This is an absolut non sense. Form eis like electing Megan Fox too.

          But are your rules and we have to respect it, of course. You were clear about that. And I respect it as I have also participated in the crowd and the comments. I only regret that so important site making a so adorable poll to the fans, make this mistake because it turns all this thing absolutely bizarre in my view.

          You said that placing 1st or 2nd her placement is fair and square. I’m sorry to desagree; even if her placement was 59th it would be unfair with the one below her. Because that one should be a true Miss Universe. She is not.

          My comment changes nothing of course. It is only a little desagreemet in some issue with you, guys. Overall, I have much agreement with everything you do, this site is really great. (no one in this world agrees with everything, ok?)

          I just would appreciate if it was posted, as a reflexion of a commentarist about this issue and perhaps allow some talkings on the subject.

          Thank you.

          • admin

            In our view, although months later she lost her title, during the time she reigned, she was the official Miss Universe, and nobody can change that, not even the MUO.

          • AlexRio

            To adm: but in fact, they changed …:-)

          • admin

            Agree, so, there were 2 winners that year.

          • Rhona

            Alex don’t worry if Oxana wins this pole, she will probably be dethroned in a few months again and Jennifer will be the most Miss Universe ever!!!

          • KL

            This countdown has been going on for weeks and since day one it has been made clear that Oxana will be included and you are still complaining about her inclusion? If you respected the rules laid down by Global Beauties as you claim you do, you wouldn’t still be beating this dead horse of an issue.

          • jules

            you are ryt alex, i disagree with the global beauties on this matter wwhy?
            simply because they said THe Most Beautiful Miss Universe ever
            meaning she should be the miss universe sinz the year she won even after her death (its a lifetime privelege), so if oxana was a miss universe only for a few months and the judging of the globalbeauties as most beautiful miss u ever took place in 2011, then it means she’s not qwaulifuied anymore coz after few months she was not officially recognized by the miss u organztn anyumore so she’s not a miss universe anymore from 2002 (months after she was dethroned) compared to other winners like for instance winners from 1952 who even after their reign is still considered past miss universe queen…. so the logic is how could u include a NON Miss Universe
            in the year 2011 evaluation if she already cease to be a miss u way back in 2002…
            its just like saying these are richest russian state/province watever u kol it in 2010 : georgia, etc well in fact it was only part of russia way back but now it its recognized that its not part of russia anymore so u cannot include it in evaluation of russain states or provinces because now its a country… just an example here

            but what can we do thats globalbeauties website as they say, u can own something but it dsnt mean ure always right, just like a housemaid or a caretaker of the house, your boss may not be always correct but you cant argue with them or you cant change his rules in his own house…. its his house so u follow his rules otherwise, u change job and look for a new boss hehehe

            its what you called respect
            overall im so thankful that global beauties exist, they may not always be ryt but atleast most of time theyre not always wrong …. :-)

      • Pageant Guy1

        Oxana competed in miss universe and unforturnately did not complete her rein but on the night she won and i think that is what this is all about… we should not get our nickers in a knot…

      • Pageant Guy1

        Alex do you think the miss universe pageant is fair??? Donald choosing girls when he is suppose to have a panel. Why does he not sit on the panel alone then and choose which ever girl… the judges are suppose to be there on their own merit. A fact is that Oxana is not official listed as miss universe but the fact is that she won the crown on the night. Or you could open your own site and make your own rules……

        • AlexRio

          You call ‘my rules’ the rules of Miss universe Organization??

        • AlexRio

          No, I don’t think MU pageant is totally fair. Because I only think the result is fair when I agree with that. :-)

          It doesn’t mean that I think it is robbed. (clarifying “robbed”: judges vote for X, Trump likes Y, so he changes the result pro-Y)

          Can you see the diference?

      • Ken

        I just cannot believe you are still so passionate against Oxana in the running. Most of us here have no problems with that. It just shows that you clearly knew a lot of people are rooting for Oxana to win, and you must be not happy about it, probably because you clearly knew that she have a fair chance of beating your personal favourite. You make it all too obvious.

        • AlexRio

          ‘Obvious’ because maybe you can only thinking this way in your attitudes in life…. the easy way to think about that, maybe..

          • Ken

            It is very easy for most of us to draw that conclusion. It is not even worth wasting our time to debate with you, the way you present your incoherent reasoning against Admin. You do have the passion for certain things in life. Hope it is for a good cause. Peace.

  • ad

    oxana is the worst MU ever bcoz she was dethroned. I dont think she ever deserved a chance to win the title. She was a bad example of beautiful russian women who are hard working. Dayana didnt deserve to be the no. 1 bcoz she looked so stupid on the day she won. For starters red lipstick which a prostitute wears, streaks of gold covering her real black lovely hair & a disgusting yellow evening gown. Stephania fernandez looks more fair, radiant & beautiful compared to dayana.

    • MP

      Red lipstick? Stefania was the one with red lipstick during all the contest. Stefania weared a pinata red dress for the final. What are you talking about??? UBICATE!!!!

  • Marcos Acosta

    Muy bien por Dayana definitivamente nuestra Miss Universo Venezolana mas hermosa FELICITACIONES, quedan en competencia aun Oxana Fedorova (La Destronada Miss Universo 2002) y Jennifer Hawkins tomando en consideración que se trata de la mas bella, considero que el titulo se lo llevara la Australiana Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universo 2004, creo que ha sido uno de los rostros mas hermoso de este concurso, sin ser favorita en el año 2004 ella fue la mejor elección.

  • Andrew

    We love you Dayana!!!. We are so proud of you!!!.

  • Jason

    Dayana, you are phenomenally, unquestionably beautiful and extraordinarily charismatic, accessible and down-to-earth(which neither Oxana, nor Ximena or Amelia are). In the heart of many you are number one!!!God bless you!!!

  • Andres Escalera

    WOW!!! So it has to be Oxanna at number 1. I would’ve bet money that Dayana was #1. Beautiful Dayana. Top 3 is amazing. Good job. The last remaining two girls are one of the my all time favorites.

  • Carlos

    ‘Shockingly’, Prendiz’s bias against Venezuelans cost Dayana the first position. I really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. There, ‘GB is biased if favor of latinas’ conspiracy theorists; will this convince you of the contrary?. I’m enormously proud of Dayana, despite a Eurocentric obsessed panel, and the fact that queens who were fired from the job were allowed to rank, she managed to place phenomenally well against all odds. We love you Dayana :)

  • Francisco Lateriz

    I was hoping for Miss Colombia to bag the crown. I am sure Dayana felt the intense competition when she and Miss Colombia were the remaining two left on the stage – as you can see her facial reaction when she was named the winner.

  • ummm

    if oxana will win that is because the gb judges thinks she is the ” most beautiful miss u ” ….again it doesnt matter whether oxana finished her reign or some former miss u did their best job as Miss U this GB Special Tribute is not ” Best Miss U “.

    then again BEAUTY is subjective and we all have our own favorites, so why dont we just relax and read those tidbits and stories that GB offers to us.


  • ummm

    @Carlos, Prendiz score was eliminated for the computation of the average scores, please read the guidelines first.


    • AlexRio

      Yes, it was eliminated but if this judge was a bit fair to Dayana, there was a possibility that his mark could be higher than the immediately one up him, so her total score could be better. This maybe cost the 2nd even the 1st position to Diana.

      8 to Diana? 8? The lowest mark of all? Neither a… 8,10? C’ mon ..

    • Carlos

      I KNOW that ‘ummm’. But did you take a look at the score difference between Prendiz’s 8.00 and Dayana’s second harshest scorer?. A whole 1.3 point by Kuntz. Had they both given her that, her score would have been SIGNIFICANTLY higher. Yes, he didn’t have to, but at this point in the competition you can’t deny he has showed a negative bias against Venezuelans. I actually defended him in previous posts when he was attacked, but it is painfully obvious when everybody else gave Dayana AT LEAST a 9.3, and then when you look at how he scored the other five winners from Venezuela. It’s evident for anyone who has paid attention to the scores what went through his mind: Oxana, Dayana and Jennifer would be at the very top, most judges would give all 3 of them great marks and probably nothing below 9, so by giving Dayana an 8(I’m almost sure it’ll be the only 8.0 we’ll see given to anyone in the top 3) he was ensuring her not winning.

      But it doesn’t matter. Dayana will always be remembered as one of the most charismatic and beloved MU’s ever. SHE DOESN’T HAVE AN ASTERISK NEXT TO HER NAME WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HER REIGN. And while Oxana didn’t even have the pleasure to crown a successor, Dayana had the most historic, emotional and beautiful final night as MU having the honor to crown her compatriot. We love you Daya, and we’re extremely proud of you :).

      • admin

        Just making it clear: ALL SCORES were given at once. So there could be no strategies scoring the top 3, or the top whatever. It’s important that this is clear.

        • Carlos

          I never implied the scores were not given at the same time, but that doesn’t mean there was not strategic voting by Prendiz.

        • Ken

          For the record, I am not trying to defend Prendiz here, but judges can definitely vote strategically all at once.

          Contrary to what Carlos or fans of Dayana Mendoza complaining, I am actually more sorry to see that Angela Visser might have made it to the top three had Global Beauties decide to include the highest and lowest scores average out.

          Dayana Mendoza is the deserving winner on her night, no matter what, and she certainly has the striking looks to be ranked in the top 10. Making to the top three indeed is very well for a Latin beauty, since no Latina made it to the top 3 of the 2001 competition.

          • AlexRio

            In fact, Dayana Mendoza is the second most beautiful Miss Universe ever. There’s only one MU ahead of her, Jennifer Hawkins of Australia. :-)

            Just to clarify: I think Oxana Fedorova awesome. No doubt if she was a real Miss Universe “for the records” (as Ken said above) she would be in my Top 5 too. This is not the point to me.

  • Andy

    Dayana, you are the absolute best for most of us!.

  • John

    Gracias por representarnos tan maravillosamente bien Dayana, ¡Te queremos!.

  • Daniel

    Probably the best top 5 evening gowns in MU history. Colombia’s dress was superb while the other ones were excellent as well.


    note how the latin judges were the only ones to give her a full 10….

    • Andrés

      a)Prendiz is Puertorican.
      b)Did you make the same observation when judges from a certain region tended to favor a European candidate or does it only bother you when the judges seem to like a Latina?.
      c)If based on the scores given to her, you imply the latin judges have a bias in favor of Latinas, is it fair to imply that those who didn’t favor Dayana as much have an anti latino bias?.

      Just curious.

  • AlexRio

    Prendiz’ mark to Dayana is outrageous, for sure. That maybe cost her the 1st position. C’mon, man… you compared Dayana Mendoza to Miriam Stevenson or something..

    • Ken

      I know this board is mostly commented by fans of Dayana Mendoza, but I have to disagree with you. I don’t think Dayana is robbed of any higher ranking in this competition. I think Dayana robbed Angela Visser’s top 3 position, simply because Dayana’s 8.0 score was discarded. Angela got overall stronger impression from all judges!!

  • Ziad

    All are beautiful, Oxana is a full-package , on the other Hand, Jennifer is also hot, Dyana Mendoza (my favorite among all of them) has the Miss Universe look, she is spontaneous, lovely and a very close to heart. I put Oxana in the first place because the eternal angel look she has and her perfect body curves, Congratulations Oxana

  • Kate

    I think Jennifer Hawkins will be #2 and Oxana Federova will be #1.

  • Freedom

    I really am surprised Dayana was third. Personally, I never liked Oxana even during the Miss Universe 2002 competition (I personally favored South Africa that year, but I feel that it was Panama who def should’ve won.) Also, I remember Miss Universe 2008 very distinctly and while Venezuela was indeed a favorite, I specifically remember Colombia and Mexico being the top two anticipated delegates in the last days of competition, particularly as the final was about to start. Personally, I think Elisa Najera should’ve been Miss Universe 2008, but I can’t argue that Dayana was a stunning woman and one of the best Miss Universe titleholders in history, and definitely deserved to be first in this contest. Of course, this contest has had it’s flaws (Natalie Glebova out of the top 10? Angela Visser merely 4th??) but it is, like each Miss U competition, up to the judges. I just hope Jennifer beats Oxana.

  • evando

    Dayana is definitely in my top 3! spunky, witty and terribly charismatic!
    Alicia Machado for number 1!

  • Edwinavil

    Sniff.. Sniff, I wanted Dayana to win :( but Oxana and Jennifer are 2 great girls that it doesn’t matter to lose against them since they’re so spectacular. Well Done Dayana! U made Latinamerica proud!

  • Vicky Dang

    I don’t think Dyana at No. 3 … She deserves the position taller…

  • prinpoleon

    bravo DAYANA is the best i think than at less dayana is more beautiful than jennifer but oxana is the winner

  • dilip indian

    i think dayana went too far in this competition.she should not be in top 5.her nose make her to look so unnatural.in 2008 india was really robbed of a place in top15.she was top 5 in most of the sub contests.but she suffered becoz of muo’s policy of selecting 6 contestants on their willother notable beauties were miss kazhakistan alfina nasyrova,miss belgium alicee poulicek,miss puerto rico ingrid rivera(oh god she was heavenly my fab miss pr),miss pana carolina dementiev

    • Jamie

      Many of us thinks Lara went too far, but then again, we are all entitled to our opinions.

      • Ken

        Lara did not went too far as much as Margaret Gardiner had. In fact, Lara’s position has dropped from 2001’s edition, which means there are two seperate panel of judges finding Lara to be top 10 worthy. Get over it.

        • Jamie

          I don’t need to get over it Ken; I am using my right to post my opinion about her. You, on the other hand, seem to be obsessed with Margaret’s position and can’t stop bringing it up. I’d recommend you follow your own advice. Peace:)

        • Jamie

          What?. So, if I question Lara’s position I’m racist, but if you question Dayana’s(the best ranked Latina and overall best ranked not Caucasian woman) you’re not?. Seriously?. I actually don’t dislike Lara, but happen to think several other women, white or not, deserved to ranked better than her. I wonder if you’ve ever been target of actual, real racism in real life; I have been and I would never throw around the race card casually just to make a point in this forum.

          • Ken

            I apologize that it was a very bad comment on my part. The racism card should not be thrown casually here, as you say. Lara Dutta is a universally admired Asian winner, if not for her beauty. She ranked 2nd in the 2001 poll, and now she came in 6th. So there are two separate panel of judges deemed her to be top 10 worthy. As the only Asian woman to be in the top 25, I really do not think she went too far, and that’s my take. She was the hot favourite to win even prior to hearing her speak on the final night, so clearly she has the looks to conquer the judges in the first place. Therefore I reserve the right to judge someone’ else response when they do not really clarify their reasonings other than the cliched reason that beauty is on the eye of the beholder. Thank you.

  • Maganda at Mayaman

    Why are comments on Oxana and not on Dayana? Let us celebrate the person here, not some future topic people.

    I was expecting her to be no. 1 in this list! Or 2. Jennifer as no. 2 sounds unfair. But hey, we all have our favorites.

    Does this mean that when the no.2 is called out, the no.1 will also be published Admin? Because after all, once the no. 2 is revealed, we know who will be no.1!
    It was a toss between Taliana and Dayana. It was just so difficult to choose between the 2. This is the reason why we all love beauty pageants – every once in a while, you meet 2 very great ladies whom you know deserve to be Miss Universe.

  • Joseph

    Felicidades Dayana, la más bella Miss Universo de américa. Bellisima y espontánea, una excelente reina, hermosa latina. Si alguna latina debia llegar al top 3 por supuesto que tenia que ser venezolana, las más bellas y preparadas. Felicidades a la diosa Mendoza. HERMOSA. Este conteo debe ganarlo Jennifer Hawkins.

  • Felipe

    OXANA is the best of all times no matter the result here.

  • Wk12

    I hope Oxana will be winner.

    But if Jennifer win, congratulation to her

  • Micaiah

    También era dayana mi favorita para ganar esta competición, ya que si bien Oxana es más bella facialmente (perfecta), Dayana es más completa en otros aspectos: cuerpo, pasarela, personalidad, actitud.. y eso le hace ser más bella.Jennifer me encanta también pero creo que mejoró muchísimo durante y después del reinado, en la noche de su elección no estaba tan bella…

  • Ruben

    I think Dayana is the most beautiful in my opinion but it’s ok! She is still me fav!

    I hope it’s not Oxana because she was dethrone!

  • rodrigoposa

    Oh surpise!!
    Prendiz gave her an 8 as he did with almost all the other venezuelan!

    So unfortunately obvious!!!

  • Antorcha

    What an absolute strikingly beautiful woman Dayana truly is! She will always be considered among the most unforgettably gorgeous Miss Universes of all time. She walked the stage with great confidence and came back from trailing Colombia’s very beautiful Taliana Vargas with a convincing answer to the final question. Well done Dayana!

    I thought Hungary deserved to make semis but Panama, Thailand, Puerto Rico, and especially Norway were snubbed. I also thought it’s interesting that gorgeous Jennifer Hawkins was one of Dayana’s judges.

  • Ist

    Placing more than deserved to Dayana Mendoza, she is really beautiful

    2 ° Oxana

    1° Jennifer is the most wonderful, beautiful Miss Universe of all time, this woman is really amazing and lovely!

  • Eduardo (Brasil)

    Jennifer Hawkins vai ganhar…os jurados sabem que realmente nunca houve mulher tão linda no Miss Universo como ela… Linda!!

  • solocarles

    Para mi, Dayana es la mejor del top3.
    Pero este ha sido el criterio de los jueces
    en esta ocasión. En la próxima convocatoria
    será otro, al fin y al cabo esto es solo un juego.

  • Felipe

    I can fully understand people not enjoying Oxana.
    However, saying it’s unfair for her to win this competition just because she was dethroned is a very poor argument.
    Actually , people argue against Oxana’s victory simply because they do not want to bow before this Goddess.

    • Ken

      I understand your sentiments, Felipe. I think you have missed the great debate between AlexRio and Admin regarding to Oxana. People are still very bitter about any dethroned winner eligible in this contest. I think the only reason they are bitter is because, as you say, their personal favourites need to bow before Oxana.

      • AlexRio

        Ken, this is a very selfish and irresponsible comment.

        Please do not judge the others by the way you see and act in your own life.


        • Ken

          It is very easy to judge the intentions behind somebody’s comments. There is no reason to debate about Oxana’s eligibility in this contest this late in the ranking, yet you still go ahead and do it. A lot of us are tired of it, but I was just more vocal and maybe a little confrontational. If that offended you, I regret that, but your rambling on and on with Admin is an eye-opener. Anyway, the ranking is about to finish. I will not be able to judge you for a while. Peace.

  • Antorcha

    I am sticking with my original pick, Oxana, to win this contest. Jennifer is a well-deserving, mesmerizing, captivating, and breath-taking beautiful Miss Universe; but when the subject of most beautiful Miss Universe comes up, Oxana comes to mind on account of her dominant performance in 2002 – no one then, including Justine Pasek, just like no one now comes close to Oxana. The only possibility to beat Oxana is to find a girl with Dayana’s stage presence, Lara’s poise & intelligence, Jennifer’s sleek curvy body, Natalie’s posture, Angela’s radiant smile, Cecilia’s elegance, and Brooke’s humor.

    The main question is how many perfect 10s will she get? I say at least 12.


    La verdad es que cada vez entiendo menos… Sera el colmo que sera que Oxana sea elegida como la mas bella… Cuando ni siquiera logro completar su reinado… Ademas… Dayana es con mucho… Mas bella que Oxana… Jennifer si es verdaderamente hermosa… entre ella y Dayana ha debido disputarse el primer lugar…

    • GEORGE

      Quisiera que explicaran que tiene que ver con que Oxana fue destituida con la belleza?? se está eligiendo a la MU más bella!!, no a la del mejor reinado entiéndalo de una buena vez !!! Oxana es impecablemente hermosa y eso es lo único que vale en este conteo.

  • KL

    I was not surprised that Miss Italy was in the semi-finals. She looked like a daker and sultrier version of late actress Lee Remick.

  • Alex

    Well, except for the fact that she’s got a beautiful set of eyes and impressive hair, she’s not that beautiful. Natalie Glebova is far more beautiful than Dayana and without the nose job! Dayana’s nose looks horrendous! Top 3?? She should have been around 10th!!

  • rafa

    es linda la chica pero tampoco la gran cosa gano por que esa noche lucio y eso esta claro como sea bien por ella y por su pais ;)..ahora quedan las 2 mas bellas y espectaculares mi gran favorita Jennifer Hawkins *_* a ver quien gana

  • Lub

    Oxana the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    This is a good placement for Dayana – without question, one of the most beautiful MUs ever. However, I just don’t understand GB’s love for Jennifer Hawkins – she’s really a plain jane (although there’s no doubt she’s remarkably sexy). I would’ve loved to have seen Angela Visser (now that would’ve been an exciting end) or Christiane Martel (a fight between a winner in the first decade and one in the most recent) competing with Oxana Fedorova for the top spot. In the end, however, Oxana deserves to win this contest hands down.

    • Ken

      It will be politically incorrect to put three Europeans in the top 3. There are far too many Europeans in the top 10 already, although that does not mean they don’t deserve to be there. I have repeatedly say that the judges need to space the European winners apart in the top 10. Not that it is easy to do, but somehow the results conveniently prove it. Good job, judges, even though you placed Margaret Gardiner way way way way too high. Congratulations to Dayana Mendoza for making to the top 3, when I was expecting her to only ranked within the top 10.

      • AlexRio

        I do not believe the judges voted it in a “political correct or incorrect” manner. There’s a lot of theory of conspiracy over here.

        They voted as they wanted based in their own views on the ladies. Period.

  • Ac

    i was so scared that this girl would win!!!! what a rellif!! she came way too far. but i have to say that in the end, when she gave away her crown she looked a looooot better

  • Ac

    i think that jennifer should be 2nd and oxana 1st because today, jennifer put botox and isn’t as beautifull as she was, and oxana still looks just as amazing

  • Iagrre

    Un sitio demasiado alto para Dayana. Como ha sido usual en este conteo, mujeres no muy guapas demasiado altas quitando el puesto a reales bellezas ubicadas demasiado abajo de lo que merecen. Afortunadamente éste es el último caso. Oxana Y Jennifer El top 2 real. I agree.

  • Anaxagoras

    Well deserved ranking, in my personal opinion it was kind of high(was expecting only at the top 10). I stand for more natural and classic beauties rather than non-natural non-classic ones(Amparo, Janelle, Kerry, Alicia, Dennis and Apasra are way too better than her).
    Talking about the pageant, Kosovo was a real breakthrough, I guess that her severe and matronly hair do ruined her chances to be in the top 5 instead of Domincan Republic or Russia. I liked Dominican Republic, but her gown was a kind of drag queen one, like a disco ball exploded on her. Russia was stunning, but she lacked of the It factor.
    Another one who ruined her chances was Elisa by choosing that gown at the pageant, the one she used at the presentation was better (I guess she decided to go with it after seeing Dayana using a similar color), though a year later, a similar design was used by Miss World winner. Taliana worked her gown just like anybody have done it. I guess that either Taliana or Elisa, would’ve been a great choice.
    Nice to see Italy and Spain back on the race. Wether Vietnam’s spot was on the contract or not, it was a refreshing contestant and fair one to be in the top 15 along with Hungary and Czech Republic.

  • Barbara

    Who cares if Oxana only held the title for a few months before she was dethroned? She was selected as Miss Universe and is therefore eligible for the title of most beautiful MU. I remember watching the pageant and thinking that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, so I hope she wins.

  • Felipe

    This is getting really exciting and funny due to the passionate comments above.
    Life will go on and nobody will die because of either final result.
    Calm down guys !

  • prinpoleon

    yo creo que la que debe ganar es jennifer por que hay mucha gente que no esta feliz con oxana asi que para que todos estemos felices jennifer debe ganar

  • joetakeno

    Agree with admin.
    Oxana was voted MU by a panel of judges. She won the finals in the primetime telecast which was witnessed by millions of people around the world. Nobody can take that legitimate win away from her. Her dethronement just meant she no longer was MU going forward, but it did not delete her reign from the night she was crowned MU to the day she was stripped of her title. The MUO could/did not void the result of the finals. Oxana for all intents and purposes was a legitimate MU in 2002 albeit only for several months.
    The same was true with Amparo Munoz- she was a legitimate MU throughout her short reign.

    Funny, this ‘contest’ has been going on for sometime now- why are some people “protesting” Oxana’s inclusion now?
    Well, actually it is pretty obvious who has just been “voted off ” has something to do with it.

    • Felipe

      I am sick, fed up and tired with people’s complaints about the rules stated previously by Global Beauties.

      • AlexRio

        In fact, these are not complaints because it changes nothing. They are only comments.

        Joetakeno, you’re absolutely right. She WAS a legitimate MU. Now, she ISN’T. The election is now. And the only entity capable to state who is a Miss Universe is the Miss Universe Organization.

        Please, the comparison with Muñoz is absurd and you know that.

        And I have a question to you: you think that Helen Morgan, Marjorie Wallace and Gabriela Brum should be included in a “Most Beautiful Miss World Ever” election?

        • admin

          Yes, and they were. It happened last year.

        • joetakeno

          Yup, the election is now” and it is an election among past winners. Oxana was a past winner by virtue of her win at the MU telecast.
          This ‘contest’ is about beauty, it is not about technicalities.

          Would you rather that your fav MU had won because Oxana was excluded or despite Oxana’s inclusion?
          I think any contestant would prefer to win it all. The stiffer the competition the sweeter the victory.

        • Ken

          Anybody who had won a contest and wear the crown, no matter for just a few hours or for the full reign, will be eligible for this contest. Your constant voice of discontent is allowed, and others reserve the right to judge you and respond to your comments. Thank you.

  • Daryl

    I was never impressed when Dayana, she is pretty but the other two Jennifer and Oxana have the real beauty, out of this world.The winner must be Oxana, even she was dethoned never the Miss Universe pageant have had such an amazing beauty.

  • Jesse

    You’re the best Dayana!. We couldn’t ask for someone better to represent us: gorgeous, spontaneous, humble, charismatic, and an impeccable reign. We love you!!!!

  • Nancy

    Sorry, but I was one of those people who never “Got” Dayana. For me, Taliana was the winner that night. I would have placed Lara, Angela and Denise before this one.

    • cindy

      I totally agree with you Nancy. This contestant is ovcr-rated and it is rumoured that her win was rigged since the Venevision contract was up for renewal and the miss universe organisation could not afford for them not to renew due to the financial implications. Her win was to applease Venezuelans to inspire a contractual renewal and to encourage Osmel Sousa not to resign.

      • Joe

        Really?. Is that what you got?. I completely understand people not liking or not ‘getting’ Dayana, but when you you start making crazy, ridiculous conspiracy theories like yours one can’t help but laugh. Dayana was an absolutely deserving winner, even if you don’t get her. She is phenomenally beautiful, even if you don’t latinas, or Venezuelans. Her placing in the top 3 in this ranking is a testament to that.

        I was rooting for Ireland last year; I was terribly dissapointed when Kurara lost in 2006( and you know I’m not alone in those two examples), and I can name many other examples but I don’t go around attacking the legitimacy of the results simply because I don’t like them. It’s simply stupid.

        The funny thing is some fans actually complains about Venezuelans attacking other winners. I’ve never heard any fan saying ‘well Ximena simply won because Jones and Televisa …bla bla bla. Trump …to appease Mexicans’. That would be unbelievably stupid, not to mention unfair to Ximena.

        You don’t have to get her, but please at least show some respect.

    • Jay

      I kind of agree too. Dayana is a pretty girl, but seems a bit overrated to me. I actually thought that Columbia, USA, Kosovo and Mexico (who I thought should’ve won) were all prettier than her. Even when it comes to the final answer I’m still not quite sure how she won. Yes she was charming and charismatic in her answer, but her answer made absolutely no sense in regard to the question. The question was, “Who has it easier, men or women?” Her answer spoke about the differences between how men and women get to a point. Nowhere in her did she say whether men had it easier, women had it easier, or both, or neither.

      I always wonder what would have happened had USA not fallen. Crystle was know for being flawless in interviews and I’m curious to know how she could have shaken things up had she made it to the top 5.

  • Betito

    Oxana for the win!! She is the best!!

  • pop

    Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, ranks 4th in my ranking with the score 9.726 .

  • Sego

    I will never ever forget the evening gown presentation on the final night! The music (Magic by Robin Thick) and how the top10 that evening worked that stage, sheer perfection I tell you, with my favourites being Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Dominican Republic…MissUni08 was just a great production.

    I find Dayana’s win so deserving, let’s be honest guys, all this controversy over her placement just shows her prominence. I honestly think she did an amazing job as MissU and brought the competition back into pop culture (she had that Maxim shoot and was even invited to P.Diddy’s All White Party). I DONT CARE WHAT YOU HATERS THINK, DAYANA IS ONE, IF NOT THE MOST PROMINENT MU’s IN THE PAGEANTS HISTORY; she even gain a lot of media attention over the course of her reign. I won’t lie, I was gunning for Dayana to be first in this competition, but all is fair I guess, 3rd is still deserving of this Latina goddess. Dayana is the classic definition of what MU is all about, sexy, spontaneous, charming, witty – and oh my those eyes!

    As for Oxana…did I miss a conference where we where all hypnotised to love her. I mean sorry to say this but, WHAT ON EARTH IS THE FUSS OVER?? Oxana is amazingly beautiful, but I think GB would be taking chances and generally insulting the MUO if it her to place Oxana as first in this comp. I don’t care what you all say, Oxana is not an official MU, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! So the way I see it, Jennifer is the winner of this competition PERIOD – CASE CLOSED!!! I somewhat sense that even before this competition had its judges, GB’s admin had selected Oxana as the winner, which just lacks credibility, but we’ve yet to see…

    MU08 was and awesome production which produced a deserving winner, Dayana is the stuff supreme goddesses are made of, she really made a mark in the history of this pageant.

  • Joe

    MU 2008, Russia is 4th, Mexico is 5th

  • Anaxagoras

    As many I’m rooting for Oxana, wether she deserves it or not. I can’t imagine this ranking without her. Even if the MU organization doesn’t mention or recognize her (Gosh please, like if it was a Royal-religious-politic tittle that would affect the history of the world), for us (Oxana followers), she will be adknowleged as the “fairest of them all” (a little joke HAHAHA).
    I guess and I agree with Joetakeno, all the angry-bad-against-protest comments are the Dayana supporters that can’t stand her ranking(suck it up, she’s in the Top Five). If Jennifer wins, it will be because she can matches or tops Oxana’s beauty( and I would dare to say that the same kind of comments would be posted!!!).
    Even, I would’ve loved to see other winners ranked higher than Oxana or at least in the top 5 along with her.
    So once again if Oxana is ranked #1…Is because she deserves it !!!

    • Divalicious

      Well I like both Oxana and Jennifer, but I just wish Natalie Glebova would join these two in the top 5, along with Angela and …. (fill in yourself, doesn’t matter to me anyway because all the MU top-4 “angels” are already up there).

      Now THAT would be divine for me.

    • Felipe

      Yes , yes , and yes !

    • Jesse

      Anaxagoras, I agree both Oxana and Jennifer are pretty and either anyone of them or Dayana would be a deserving winner. But don’t blame the attacks on Oxana on Dayana’s fans(that is extremely predictable coming from you, though). On the other hand, we don’t need to suck it up, Dayana is the most beautiful in ALL of the America’s. And also, can we say you’re constant attacks on Dayana come from the fact she placed better than Ximena?, I mean you drew a similar conclusion from the comments on Oxana.

      • Anaxagoras

        I feel bad for you, because the only one that can suck Ximenas’s ranking up, is you!!!
        I have never said that Ximena was robbed or that she deserved to be above Dayana, Jennifer, Oxana, Janelle, Aspara, Margaret, Angela, Christiane…You name it!!!
        You insist on that I want Ximena to be on the top. I feel sorry for you, because I think that you can’t get the substance of what I commented (read thoroughly).
        Yes, Dayana it’s not my favorite,and I have stated the reason on my comments during the ranking. I don’t want to push Ximena over her, I even didn’t comment about her here. So please, get a life. Dayana is ranked in the 3rd position…Good for her. Leave Ximena alone, she had already been ranked and she’s enjoying her last days as Miss Universe. And if you agree that Oxana or Jennifer deserve to be ranked # 1 ( sorry to correct you, but this is not a contest, so no one wins, it’s just a ranking), so just stand for it( I can tell that you even can’t stand her ranking). So don’t biase your comments against me. Cheers

  • Daisy

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi…. Go Jen!

  • elio

    dayana is the prettiest miss universe of all time,not only prettiest miss universe ever but prettiest and most complete contestant of all all beauty pageants in the world,i am not venezueluan and not from latin america but i am fair and objective ,some people tend to hate venezuelan queens but they are absolutely the best and the prettiest.dayana although her unbelievly rare beauty she is very humble ,funny and sweet and love people very much i don ;t believe oxana fedorova or jennifer hawkins is prettier or more humble than her but the hate and jalousy could change results.god bless the wonderful dayana mendoza prettiest beauty queen ever

  • Antorcha

    Does anyone know the name of the 2nd of the 2 introductory songs that were played during Miss Universe 2008 as the girls were introducing themselves and wearing their national costumes?

  • KL

    To all those who is still grousing about the inclusion of Oxana, in case she do win, you can simply ignore that result and thus Jennifer Hawkins is now automatically the most beautiful Miss Universe ever with Dayana Mendoza in second place.

    • AlexRio

      Yes, you’re right. And in case she doesn’t win, Dayana is the second one best. No problems.

      The fact to desagree with the “Oxana Fedorova issue” doesn’t mean the poll is not valid. It’s well conceived and clear. Thumbs up and applause.

      Simply exclude Oxana and it’s ok. The best one. Globalbeauties elected Jennifer Hawkins as ‘The Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever” and it is fair to me.

      • Ken

        I wish Angela Visser to be in the top 3, even #2, but that is not to happen. Yet I still admire Dayana Mendoza despite her seemingly ‘robbing’ Angela Visser’s top 3 position (Dayana’s 8.0 score from judge Prendiz was discarded), and I am happy that at least Venezuala and a latino to be represented in the top 3. If Jennifer Hawkins prevail over Oxana Federova, it is ok. All of the above mentioned ladies deserve a spot in the top 10 anyway. The only lady I have been highly questioning is Margaret Gardiner, but all is good now. Need to celebrate the other deserving ladies who make it this far.

  • carina

    oxana fedorova..the most controversial..the most talked about and definitely the most beautiful miss universe ever!
    hail to the goddess of beauty! OXANA definitely number 1

    • Divalicious

      Agree. I have a feeling that Jennifer is going to be at #1 but I don’t care, to me Oxana is still the fairest of them all (along with Angela and Natalie).

  • carla

    wow… one judge gave dayana a simple 8… REALLY? i mean… really??? it’s the most absurd thing I’ve seen in many time…

  • cindy

    A very overated contestant. A bizarre answer to the question and her comments during her reign made her seem uneducated. Can’t see what others see in her

  • Queen Rania

    Oxana though she served only for a few months deserved to win this contest. She had the highest scores ever in the entire history of Miss Universe. Her beauty is incomparable and timeless and her performance in the MU 2002 was superb and no one can dispute when she wore that crown not even her fellow candidates who were all happy for her that they all attended her coronation. I can’t wait to see her in the first place.

  • Ian

    Are people illiterate or something ? The title of this article is “Most Beautiful Miss Universe” and not “Best Reigning Miss Universe”. It doesn’t matter how long she reigned for, Oxana won in 2002 because she was, and is gorgeous, and if she wins this competition it’s because no – one can rival her in the looks department. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Riyo Mori place higher, but she hasn’t so now Im’m rooting for Jennifer Hawkins and if Oxana wins she will have been a deserving winner for “Most Beautiful Miss Universe”. I wish people would stop being so biased before posting.

    • Anaxagoras

      Wooow, at least someone has an objective opinion. Good point…Bravo !!!

    • AlexRio

      Exactly because people is not illiterate that this discussion is on.

      Exactly because people is not illiterate, they understand that ‘The Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever” must be someone who is a Miss Universe. Illiterates maybe can read the title as “The Most Beautiful Contestant in Miss Universe Pageant Ever”.

      Non-illiterate people can’t read that.

      If Miss Universe Organization says she is not, what is wrong here? Who is the illiterate after all?

      • Ken

        Thank you for acting like a teacher for people whose first language may not be english, and for seemingly insulting everybody else who does not find including Oxana in the contest to be a problem just because she is no longer a Miss Universe titleholder. Your passion for ‘justice’ is admirable. I hope you can use it for a good cause. Peace.

  • Antorcha

    Thank you Seph, you’re very considerate!! So do you think Oxana or Jennifer will e GB’s 2011 MBMU? I pick Oxana with great respect to Jennifer. Truthfully, any of the top 4 will be fine with me.

    When Miss Russia was called as the 2nd semifinalist during MU2002, I felt the contest was already over. And when Oxana did her introductory walk to tell more about herself, I was completely blown away. Jennifer had competition from Miss Paraguay and Miss USA while Dayana had close competition from Colombia and Mexico; Angela swept ss & eg but no Miss Universe has ever dominated the competition like Oxana; Oxana eg wasn’t all that great and she still finished far ahead of 2nd place, China I think.

  • paco

    En algunos medios ya estaban celebrando la victoria de esta chica, como la mas bellas de las miss universos.pero otra vez se confirma que las reinas de venezuela son bellas si,
    pero sus seguidores siempre las estan coronando antes de tiempo y discutiendo la victoria de aquellas que ocupan lugares por encima de ellos.

    esta chica es bella, pero la mejor es oxana y muchas otras mas, dayana debio haber ocupado otro lugar, creo que llego demasiado lejos.

    • Jesse

      ¿En cuáles medios?. Los fans de Venezuela apoyan apasionadamente a sus candidatas, pero es falso que constantemente ataquen a las de otros países, y cuando lo hacen, por lo general es para defenderlas de las ofensas de personas de otros países. Rara vez ves a un fan venezolano hablando tonterías de las mexicanas, por ejemplo, mientras que muchos fans mexicanos entran a los foros exclusivamente a atacar a las venezolanas. En cualquier caso yo estoy satisfecho y orgulloso del resultado obtenido por Dayana y mis compatriotas. Tuvimos 3 de nuestras ganadoras en el top 20, más que cualquier otro país; y Dayana fue proclamada como la más bella de las Américas y sólo por detrás de Oxana y Jennifer, quienes son innegablemente bellas. El apoyar a nuestras chicas no es coronarlas antes de tiempo; muchos proclamaron como grandes favoritas a Natalie Glebova y a Angela Visser(y yo hubiese estado contento con esos resultados) pero se quedaron atrás; ¿acaso eso quiere decir que sus fanáticos las coronaron antes de tiempo?. No, quiere decir que tienen fanáticos apasionados, al igual que los venezolanos. Te recomiendo que no inviertas tus energías en hablar mal de personas que nunca te han hecho daño y lo inviertas en apoyar tu candidata. Hablar mal por hablar mal no deja nada. Peace :)

    • Anaxagoras

      Bien dicho !!!

  • Dante

    WOW. After all the waiting we are about to discover who will be GB’s most beautiful MU. Can’t wait to see the results.

    2008 was a year full of surprises and dissapointments. First of all, I will begin with Dayana’s election as MV. I have been following the Miss Venezuela pageant not for so long (2002 was the first time). I must say Miss Venezuela 2007, the one Dayana won, had the best group of delegates I’ve seen so far. My favorite for the crown was Miss Sucre, Andrea Mattis. WOW WOW WOW!!! what a woman! beautiful from head to toes, and I don’t care how big her nose was or whatever, she was still gorgeous. I could look at her eyes forever. Dayana of course was among my favorites along with Miranda (another stunning blonde), Trujillo and Barinas (she was never considered among the favorites…I was happy she made it all the way through). I was dissapointed Sucre didn’t win, but Dayana was a good choice as well.

    In MU everything went a little diffrent. I don’t know why, Dayana didn’t look as ‘amazing’ as I would’ve expected. Don’t hate me, I don’t have anything against surgeries, but honestly I liked her more with her natural looks. Another thing I fully disagreed was changing her hair color. why turn her into a blonde? I mean look how gorgeous she looks in her picture as Miss Venezuela! that’s the Dayana I wanted to see!!! The group of semifinalists was full of dissapointments indeed, although Spain was a big pleasant surprise for me. I wonder why I never noticed her? Kosovo debuted with her best delegate so far. Beautyful and sexy. Other good choices were Dominican republic and Italy, they both deserved it. Not a fan of Miss Mexico, but if I’m honest with you, she should have won that night after such a good answer. Colombia was a favorite once she landed in Vietnam. Prior to that their countrymen ‘hated’ her after winning the tittle over stunning Miss Bogota, Maria Cristina Diaz. But she proved everyone wrong, and did a terrific job in MU. The rest were just dissapointments for me. never understood Australia’s and USA’s favoritism. Panama and Puerto Rico both were top 5 material. Carolina Dementiev and Ingrid Rivera would’ve made the competition so much harder for Dayana and Taliana. Although I do think Puerto Rico’s exclusion was understandable. Her pepper spray scandals and her poor personal appearence during her days in Vietnam may have cost her a spot. whatever happened to the Ingrid we saw at Miss World 2005??? What a shame, she is truly a beautiful woman. About Lady Gaga…a fan of her ever since. hehe. That said I think Dayana did a great job as MU. congrats to her for her placement in the ranking.

  • Dante

    Its getting really annoying to see all these conspiracy theories and bias accusations. why can’t people just accept we all have different perspectives of beauty? 95% of the world population may think ‘X’ contestant is the most bautiful MU of all times, but if I’m part of the other 5% who thinks she’s not, I will give her an 8 no matter what the rest may think. My opinion is my opinion and theres no reason why I should change it just because almost everyone disagree. Guess what people…not always the majority is right! ;) Another thing is getting old is the Oxana issue. Either she is or she’s not recognized as MU thats a topic we could go on forever. Personally I would have left her out, but I can live with the fact GB decided to include her. There is no harm in letting her in the list. Just enjoy the final moments of the ranking and expect for your favorite to win in the ranking 10 years from now.

  • Nicolas

    Oxana y Jennifer ambas supremas. Pero por pasarela y personalidad Jenifer no habido alguien que camine así en los años posteriores.

  • Edward

    Interesante es que Dayana recibe un 9.83 aqui, lo mismo que recibio Alicia Machado Miss Universo de 1996 de Venezuela durante la noche final de su ano. Y mas, que diferencia hace una decada puesto que la ultima ganadora de MBMU en 2001 Angela Visser quien fue Miss Universo de 1989 ya fue superada por Hawkins, Mendoza y Fedorova (todas ganadoras de los 2000s) en el MBMU de este ano, pero estaba ya esperando que le superara Oxana.

    Interesting Dayana gets a 9.83 here, the same average score seen of Miss Venezuela 1996 Alicia Machado when competing in Miss Universe 1996 on finals night! Interesting what difference a decade makes since Angela Visser (MBMU in 2001) was surpassed all by girls who won in the 2000s this time around but I was expecting Oxana to surpass Angela this time around.

  • Lamarquise

    Dayana has gone way too far and has been over-rated. Finishing in the top 3 is a great honour for her and her country.

    My top 5 Most Beautiful Miss Universe winners would include Denise and Natalie. Of all the winners, I think Oxana is clearly the one to beat. From the moment she was called as a semifinalist to her winning, her performance was flawless.

    But if Jennifer wins, it is just fine. Judging from the top 10 pictures, I don’t think Oxana’s was as beautiful as Jennifer’s. However, to me:

    Oxana just happens to be be the queen of beauty queens in many minds.

  • aeccygel tubat

    thanks dayana for visiting our country Philippines last year. i think the winner in this contest is australia jennifer hawkins because if oxana will win, it is not appropriate that a winner in most beautiful miss universe was dethroned.

  • Manuel

    I am proud and grateful to have such a wonderful representative in you Dayana; you’re the best.

  • gori

    creo q los jueces no fueron muy imparciales en toda la votacion, ademas aqui se refleja todo eso, como 3 jueces le dan puntuacion perfecta y 3 casi se la dan y uno le da 8.00 en serio??? si ya se que esa puntuacion no contó pero igual ahi se nota la falta de equidad, de donde sera ese juez???

  • Yul

    How sarcastic that out the 52 MU the winner is the one that in the history of the pageant was dethroned… go figure… in my opinion Jennifer Hawkins is the most beautiful MU ever.

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