WINNER – Miss Universe 2002 (dethroned) – Oxana Fedorova

WINNER -Oxana Fedorova, Russia


(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

“Can she possibly be more beautiful?”. That’s how CNN started reporting on the election of Oxana Fedorova, from Russia, as Miss Universe 2002. It was Russia’s first victory, and, unfortunately, the shortest reign for a Miss Universe.

1st Miss China Universe: 3rd place

Miss Universe 2002, the pageant’s 51st edition, happened in San Juan, Puerto Rico. One year earlier, the island had seen its own Denise Quiñones be crowned at home, then she would crown her successor before of her own people.

Seventy-five candidates participated in Miss Universe that year, including Albania and China, which took part in the event for the first time. The show was hosted by Phil Simms and Daisy Fuentes, with the help of former Miss Universe Brook Lee.

After a Miss USA pageant with 4 black finalists, including the winner, the District of Columbia’s Shauntay Hinton, pageant followers believed black stunners would dominate the Miss Universe 2002 scenario as well. Two of the main front-runners were Miss Colombia, Vanessa Mendoza, the first black Colombian in the pageant history, and Miss Dominican Republic, Ruth Ocumarez.

Colombia: favorite and best NC

Miss Curaçao, Ayanette Statia, Miss Sweden, Malou Hansson (her mother was from Ghana), and Miss USA, were also among the black favorites.

The representative of Panama, Justine Pasek, was another hot favorite, favored by to win the crown. Vanessa Carreira had competed in Miss Portugal and lost, but her luck changed when she was crowned Miss South Africa later on. In Puerto Rico, she was also a favorite. Then there was the elegant and congenial first Miss China Universe, Zhuo Ling. GB was the only website to spot Miss Cyprus, Demetra Eleftheriou, as the possible first ever semi-finalist from her country (and it was right!). Just like Miss South Africa, Natascha Börger, Miss Germany, had also competed in another country (Venezuela) and lost.

South Africa

In a very competitive year, the list of favorites went on, with France, Netherlands, India, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Nicaragua, Portugal, Porto Rico (hometown girl), Slovenia, Turkey…

Miss Venezuela, Cynthia Lander, had a body to die for, but facially, she wasn’t among the best, not even by far. Some believed she could make it, others thought the Venezuelan 19-year-long streak would end in 2002.

And how about Miss Russia, Oxana Fedorova? Of course she was often present in most ‘top 10′ lists, but very few saw her as a possible winner until the final night. It would change as soon as she was called among the ‘top 10’…

top 10

And the top 10 semi-finalists were:

Albania, Russia, South Africa, India, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, Panama, China, and Venezuela.

Overall, it was a good top 10, with a couple of surprises: Albania (pleasant one), and Venezuela (good body + preparation + tradition).

The negative surprise was the fact that the judges completely ignored the stunning black candidates competing that year, including mega favorites Colombia and Dominican Republic. The exclusion of the Dominican delegate was so shocking, that pageant fans created the Ruth Ocumarez (her name) Award for favorites who missed the cut from 2003 on…


Cyprus made the cut for the first time ever, as predicted by GB, and so did China and Albania, on their first participation. Germany had returned to the semi-finals after 13 years, and Portugal missed the opportunity to have its first ever semi-finalist, after all, Vanessa Carreira had competed and lost there. She made it for South Africa.

From that point on, it looked like it was a real piece of cake for Miss Russia! The Russian stunner suddenly became virtually unbeatable, topping both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions with a large margin to the other contenders. She scored an amazing 9.88 in swimsuit.

Miss Universe 2002 was one of the best produced editions of the pageant in history, showing a big improvement from a busy and confusing 2001 production. From an energetic and captivating opening number and parade of nations, to the stage, lighting, and music, everything was refreshing, elegant, very well elaborated.

Miss Puerto Rico, voted by fans in the internet, took the Miss Photogenic Award. Miss US Virgin Islands was Miss Congeniality, and Miss Colombia, the big favorite, won the Best National Costume Award.

Panama: Miss U02 after 3 months

Russia advanced to the Top 5 with a comfortable lead (9.76), followed by Venezuela (9.06), and China (9.01). Four countries had a fierce battle for the remaining two spots, with Panama (8.85) and South Africa (8.84) advancing, and Germany (8.825) and Cyprus (8.82) staying behind. Miss Cyprus, Demetra Eleftheriou, would be named the Sexist Woman Alive later that year by Global Beauties.

At that point, it possibly did not matter what Miss Russia’s answer would be for the final question. Her beauty was such, and her performance had been so extraordinary all night long, that only a disgrace could take the crown away from her. The fight was for 2nd place, and as destiny would tell, a 2nd position that later would be worth gold…

Miss Venezuela was announced as 4th runner-up, followed by Miss South Africa, the third runner-up; Miss China was the 2nd runner-up, and Misses Russia and Panama were left, hand in had, one of which seconds away from walking away with the new Mikimoto Miss Universe official crown.

Winning moment: unanimous!

The 1st runner-up was Miss Panama, and Oxana Fedorova, the beauty prodigy from Russia, was Miss Universe 2002!

Maybe there wasn’t a single soul on the planed who disagreed with the judges’ choice that night, one of those rare moments in pageantry: unanimity!

The daughter of a father who was a nuclear physicist, who she last saw when she was 3, and a mother who worked as a nurse, this Pskov native was not only beautiful, but also very bright. After graduating from the police academy with  honours, Fedorova worked as an inspector in the Pskov militia for six months. Following her time with the force, she moved to St. Petersburg to study at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) University, where she worked as an investigator at the Pulkovo Transport Police, while studying.

Miss DR inspired the Ruth Ocumarez Award

Oxana on the cover of a magazine

It’s interesting to note that Oxana was supposed to represent Russia in Miss Universe 2001, and did not do so because of her studies.

After three months as Miss Universe, Oxana lost her title. Fedorova stated that she voluntarily gave up her crown for personal reasons, mainly because she wanted to finish her law degree. Officially, she was dethroned for failing to perform the numerous duties expected of a Miss Universe titleholder. At the time she said in an interview that she had declined to perform her duties because she was insulted on The Howard Stern Show. She blamed the pageant organizers for not warning her of the frequently profane Stern commentary, of which she, as a foreigner, had no prior knowledge.

Justine Pasek of Panama succeeded her (READ HERE).

Oxana’s career as a model and television personality in Russia, has been very successful ever since she returned home. She is currently working on her first solo album, which shall be released until the end of the year.

For many, in terms of beauty Oxana is “on a league of her own”, just like Ashwarya Rai, the Indian twice elected the Most Beautiful Miss World ever.



Miss Universe 2002 receives the new Miss Universe crown

Top 5: Panama (2nd), China (3rd), South Africa (4th), Venezuela (5th), Russia (1st)

Oxana: queen for 3 months

We want to thank our judges, contributors (especially Alberto Dubal and Greg Borowski), and visitors, some of which have been following this election for over 6 months. It’s been a pleasure having you on board during this magical journey through 59 years of history of Miss Universe!! Congratulations to Oxana and to all other 59 Miss Universe winners. In reality, in this game all were, are, and will always be winners.

Happy Miss Universe’s 60th edition, everyone!!

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    Wowwwwww I really Think Oxana is amazing !!! She is beautiful and so smart! Definity she is One in a million ! My vote is for Oxana for the MBMU EVER !!

  • Flick

    Oxana should win this easily. Jennifer is fun and bubbly, but I am really surprised she made it into the top ten much less the top two. Im surprised she won her own pageant with stunners like Paraguay, Jamaica, and USA.

    • Ava Gardner

      I agree Oxana is gorgeous, contemporary, radiant and intelligent. A complete beauty. Jennifer Hawkins is cute but no vibrance and personality. Her final answer was one of the worse mutterings ever. Paraguay was criticized for her final answer and if you listen closely it was the best.

      I firmly believe Donald Trump did something malicious and unethical to have Oxana dethroned.

  • Luciano C.

    Oxana forever and ever!

  • prinpoleon

    this was a great miss universe pageant and oxana is amazing for me oxana looks like the venezuelan actrees candy montesinos
    and cyntia lander looks like miss miranda 2011 isabel Zamora
    and zhuo ling looks like akiko kojima

  • joetakeno

    The word “goddess” has been thrown around loosely and may I say blasphemously in pageant forums lately.
    There is only one MU whose beauty is divine and thus is worthy of the term and that is Oxana.

    Jennifer is a mere beauty queen compared with the Goddess of Beauty that is Oxana.

  • joetakeno

    Btw, is that an omen- a bad omen- that Oxana is featured second to the last…that Jennifer’s is the final picture?

    Well, one could view it that way – that GB is prematurely and anti-climactically giving away the result. Or one could take this as this is so obvious a giveaway that the opposite is true.

  • joetakeno

    I got the order wrong – when you scroll down Oxana is first, then Jennifer and 3rd is Dayana.

    But the same two views apply.

  • Betito

    Oxana is the most beautiful of them all!!

  • carla

    Nunca entenderé el “Ruth Ocumarez Award”, para nada esta mujer era top 10 material… yo lo hubiera llamado el “Vanessa Mendoza Award”, eso si que fue una injusticia, en mi opinión la mayor injusticia de la década de los 2000s en el miss universo, esa mujer era una diosa en la tierra…. lo de la Ocumarez, pues mira, por mucho que mil fanáticos de su país dijeran que ella era la reina no iba a ocurrir, esa mujer no era bella y punto, ya se veia venir que se iba a quedar pegada…

    Oxana bellísima, un rostro perfecto, pero de cuerpo no era de las mejores. Miss Panama muy bella y natural, y el mejor cuerpo que he visto en un miss universo, simplemente perfecto.

    • Ava Gardner

      Estoy muy de acuerdo con tu comentario acerca de Ruth Ocamerez. Definitivamente, Vanessa Mendoza fue la que mereció un puesto en el Top 5. Bella, guapa y muy desenvuelta. Espectacular la Colombiana.

      En cuanto a Justine Pasek, no estoy de acuerdo. No merecía puesto mas allá de semifinalista. El cuerpazo no compensaba por su insipidez, pasarela y la respuesta final tan poco original. Alemania, Chipre, Sudáfrica, China y Colombia merecían más el virreinato.

  • macky

    Oxana from the beginning till the end!

  • macky

    for me, her gown that night was a very simple one! however, the way she gave life to her gown is really amazing! not all MU winner can give justice or life to it!

  • Wizard

    Since the beggining I believed that Oxana would be the one to beat in this election. She’s amazing: beautiful, intelligent, full of life, sparkling, her performance in the final night was flawless and she really didn’t give a chance to the other delegates.
    At the end of the day it’s a little bitter sweet that the most beautiful miss universe ever is the one that didn’t finished her reign. Thererfore I thought she might not make it so far. But here she is (my congrats to the judges on this election who were able to stay true to the target here: to elect the MOST BEAUTIFUL, free of political and or popular decisions).
    I guess it’s a battle of beauties and no matter who wins this it will be fair.

  • Luis Alberto

    Definitivamente, el rostro mas bello es el de Oxana, sin embargo espero que gane Jennifer porque es una miss universo que concluyó su reinado. Oxana, para la organización Miss Universo, no es oficialmente Miss Universo 2002. Por lo tanto la mas bella de las “reconocidas oficiales” es Jennifer Hawkins, según esta contienda… Aunque a mí me gustaría verla como ganadora definitiva.

  • Winward Dale

    Miss Russia all the way!!!!! I was very surprise why Jenifer won Miss Universe 2004!!!!!! Miss Russia all the way!

  • VictorG

    IMO, Oxana is not nearly as beautiful as Margareta Arvidsson, Miss Universe 1966, who should have won this contest! There is real beauty in completion, and since Oxana did not serve out her full year, she should not be #1.

  • Felipe

    For me , Oxana is The Face of Miss Universe.
    No matter what happened in the past ,and being dethroned does not mean anything.
    She will be The best MU forever and ever !

  • AussieTed

    I really don’t see it. She is beautiful, but I’ve always thought she seems much older than her age, and a bit matronly. Her body seems a bit too….large as is her forehead. Sorry, but although beautiful she can’t even be compared to Jennifer Hawkins; she is truly sublime: a supermodel body; a truly angelical face; perfect hair, marvelous personality.

    I won’t even go to the whole controversy surrounding Oxana’s firing. It’s not necessary: Jennifer will always be in my eyes the obvious winner.

  • AussieTed

    Sadly, I believe the fact that GB chose to place Jenny’s entry between Oxana’s and Dayana’s (who by the way, IMO should have placed second, behind Jennifer) is an indication that Oxana will be declared the winner.

  • carina

    oxana will be and always be timeless and the goddess of them all..
    hail to the queen!

  • Ac

    There’s no doubt that Jennifer is beautifull, but Oxana… as you guys said it so brillantly, she’s in a league of her on… By far the most beautifull Miss Universe in History! (and this year there isn’t a delegate there’s capable of beating her)

  • Lub

    the best!!!!!! she was amazing!! and today she is a legend!!

  • Ken

    With a glowing commentary, it is hard to imagine that Oxana Federova will not win this competition over Jennifer Hawkins. It will indeed be anti-climatic if Jennifer Hawkins overtake Oxana.

  • gonzrule

    I believe both are amazingly beautiful. Both made a lasting impression on me when I saw them on TV. I thought Jen was a doll (and so was Shandi). I thought Oxana too was just too beautiful! Whoever wins, I am happy they both made it on top 2. Dayana too is beautiful!

  • Angie

    I’ll go for Jennifer and I have a feeling that she will win this competition.

  • karen sy

    When Oxana win the MU, our national news here in the Philippines reported that the most beautiful girl on earth was crowned MU 2002… I wondered at that time why they have that phrase coz I never watch the show… When I saw it on youtube, it was indeed very beautiful girl and by I think even her fellow candidates cannot beat her in all rounds… Her answer also to the final question was short and straight to the point…. I think she will be elected as the most beautiful girl in MU by far…. One thing I notice is that she has a feature more of an asian beauty than european one….Really, in Miss World, the Indian beauty was also the most beautiful girl…wowwww…. What happen to the latinas..Hmmmmm. I really think that asian features exudes beauty and exotic in which I am proud coz I am asian. But, there is no superiority of beauty in this world… All are beautiful irregardless of skin color, hair texture and background….

  • Betito

    Congratulations, beautiful Oxana!! I knew you would win. You are the most beautiful and the very best.
    Much Love Always
    Your eternal fan

  • Donna

    What a year full of controversy! The most unbelievably beautiful MU ever, in the most inexplicable top 5!

  • dilip indian

    this competition is unfair,becoz this a competition for the most beautiful woman,and oxana is not a woman,boys she is a goddess!!!!!! .the moment she enters through the door on the stage for her swimsuit routine,everything else stopped for a while.there was one goddess not walking but wafting and gliding through the stage.her perfect hip sway and rythmic body movement,was a magic wand that captivated the world once and foreever.her body was very natural and not the pageant prepared.she wore a very simple gown and when she walked in that gown that very simple gown came to life.for the question and answer round she gave presice accurate and articulate answer to a tricky and simple question in her mysterious and a bit husky voice with an angelic smile.
    Oxana u r sheer superlative of beauty
    a warm thanks to all the judges for giving well deserved first ranking to the goddess of beauty irrespective of their region,biases and different tastes.last but not the least thanks gb for this pleasant journey which has culminated in even more pleasant note.good luck and bye

  • pop

    Oxana, you deserve it!!!!!

    Miss Universe 2002, Oxana Fedorova, ranks 1st in my ranking with the score 9.871 !!!!!

    Congratulations Oxana!!! You are also my most beautiful Miss Universe. You deserve it !!!!!

  • Brianna

    Oxana is a very beautiful Miss Universe, I am very very proud. I am rooting for Jennifer but seeing how this ranking started and finished I am very happy with the results. Thank you so much Global Beauties for always being at every major moment of the Pageant world, and hopefully I can be part of global beauties someday. Thank you and more power!!

  • Zachary

    Congratulations Oxana, you deserve it 100% indeed!!!

  • Paulo

    No for me, bad body. I never find this beauty that thay say.

  • joetakeno

    Poetic Justice.

    Congratulations Oxana!

  • Divalicious

    Happy that Oxana wins. So sad that Angela miss the top-3. Even sadder that Natalie barely even touch the top-10. But all around, a very pleasant and deserving victory. Congrats Oxana!

  • planetchuckie

    I knew from the beginning that this would be a controversial choice, but it’s undeniable. She remains to be one of the most beautiful women to have ever worn the crown – shortness of her reign notwithstanding. Hail Oxana!

  • Eric

    This is about the most Beautiful Miss Universe… and I truly believe, Oxana deserves the 1st spot. Like you said, she is in her own league. The photo of her being crowned is gorgeous, and Denise (crowning her) looks sublime as well. I like Jennifer a lot, but in my opinion, she wasnt really that beautiful when she was crowned in Ecuador. Jennifer to me is one of those Misses that became incredible beautiful after being crowned and had an amazing reign.

  • cejotama

    durante mas de 2 meses hemos hecho el seguimiento a la seleción de la mujer mas bellas. el jurado con aciertos y desaciertos hizo un buen trabajo. pero pienzo que es muy ironico que una competencia donde se evaluaron diversos parametros como belleza, intelegencia y desempeñp lo gane un miss destronada. NO ES JUSTO. este puesto deberia ser para jenifer o dayana, pero oxana ni siquiera debiera estar en esta competencia y tener una mencion especial como la miss universo mas bella destronada. que creo que ha sido la unica en los 60 años.

    • Jason

      Por favor, deja de hablar idioteces. Yo soy venezolano y me hubiese encantado ver ganar a Dayana pero este resultado es incuestionable. Oxana es increíblemente hermosa y, cómo te han dicho en varios idiomas e incontables veces, este conteo se trata de BELLEZA, no de buen trabajo como Miss Universo. Si GB llega a hacer un ranking similar(cómo de hecho lo hizo en 1999) te aseguro que Oxana estaría entre las peores(sino la peor). Pero se trata de belleza, y la de Oxana es incuestionable. No digo que para todos sea la más bella(para mí hay al menos 3 que son más bellas que ella) pero de que es hermosa no hay la menor duda. Te repito, como venezolano me hubiese encantado ver ganar a Dayana, pero objetivamente cualquiera en el top 4 se merecía ganar(ya la número 5 es otro cuento, ella sí llegó muy lejos).

      Yo disfruté mucho el ranking, leer la historia del certamen y aunque Daya no ganó nos dejó super bien parados: la más bella latina, la más bella del continente y la más bella mujer no caucásica. Además le mostró al mundo el impresionante y legendario historial de nuestras mujeres en este certamen: en un sinfin de los perfiles las venezolanas recibían mención, bien sea porque ganaban o estaban el cuadro final. Te recomiendo que te sientas orgulloso de eso en lugar mostrarte como un perdedor frustrado y resentido. Viva Dayana, viva Oxana, viva Venezuela y viva el Miss Universo. Peace :)

  • andrew

    isn’t that ironic?
    the only one dethroned in the miss universe history is the moss beautiful of all?

    that show that life is full of surprises.

    i just wish she can read and see this!

  • prinpoleon

    bien ya termino despues de 6 meses que vi a miriam stevensson de 60 todo fue muy emocionante oxana es verdaderamente hermosa pero ojala dayana hubiera sido 2da pero son miss 3 misses favoritas wow espero ver pronto una nueva edicion de themost beautiful miss universe runners up y the most beautiful miss world runner up y que nos deparara estos proximos años? por que mañana habra una nueva

    • prinpoleon

      wow ksenia sukhinova logro el segundo puesto en the most beautiful miss world y oxana el primero en este rusia cuando manda bellezas las manda enserio

  • Anaxagoras

    This was a no brainer !!!
    Admin, just a question. Wouldn’t she be the most beautiful winner fromm the 2000s instead of the 2010??? Even 2000s is like for the entire century and it’s kind of uncommon to use it that way. I’ve heard this new expression to refeer to the past decade (2000-2009)as ” The Aughties”, but not 2000s or 2010s
    I’m no mathematician, but isnt’ the 0 a starting figure instead of a closing one??? If I’m not wrong when you are talking about a decade, it starts from the 0 to 9 (ieg. 1990-1999). I know that you ranked the 60 winners all together, but not by decades. So the 2010 winner wouldn’t suitable to be ranked among the past winners until the decade that just have started finishes. Right??? Well, just a comment.
    So thanks for this roller coaster ranking. It was amazing.

    Bravo Oxana !!!

  • solocarles

    Oxana es bella, sin duda, pero vulgar en sus
    actitudes y estilo. Para mi gusto cualquier otra del
    Top10 la supera.

  • Felipe

    Justice has been made !
    No matter the manipulations of MU Organization , Oxana has been crowned again.
    Long life Oxana, and may God bless your path in life !

    • Jason

      Uh…what?. Manipulations of MUO?. She refused to do her job and was fired for it, period. It would have been much easier to manipulate the results and not having to deal with crowning the runner up. Let it go man, she is hot, she won, that’s it. Don’t create absurd stories to make her look like some kind of victim. Oh and she may have been elected by this panel of judges, but she WAS NOT, NOR WILL SHE EVER BE CROWNED AGAIN. Peace:)

      • Felipe

        Quoting Ac below : ” Once a Miss Universe always a Miss Universe”.
        Beauty like Oxana’s is never dethroned. Justice has been made by the judges here.
        See U in ten years.
        For the time being , that’s all folks !

      • KL

        How right you are. All 60 fromer Miss Universe winners, including Oxana, were crowned only once. None of them will ever be crowned again.

  • Ken

    Oxana never have a bad angle. All her pictures here are stunning. A richly deserved position. Now we need to see 10 years from now if she can still hold on to the title of most beautiful Miss Universe. See you all then.

  • Ac

    Deserved! 1000% Its a little ironic that the most beautifull one is also the one that was dethroned… But once a Miss Universe always a Miss Universe (sorry Justine), but that night was meant to be hers. The first MU that was dethroned and the one that no other girl could reach (so far)

  • stupendous

    Is she a demigod? ’cause she’s more than beautiful…

  • Miss Panocha International

    Hola chiquitas lindas hermosas.

    Pues ya terminó esta competencia y ganó la que debía ganar OXANA SIIIIIIIIIIII, esto es un un concurso de belleza no de quien tuvo mejor reinado ¡Ni que estas niñas trabajaran para Ustedes!.

    Envidiosas como cejotama y muchas mas, siganse revolcando de ardorrrr. Oxana es la mejor y aqui en Global Beauties SI se le hizo justicia.

    Las quiero a todas SON DIVINAS

    Su amiga

    Miss Panocha International

  • JC

    The most beautiful woman to compete in the grandslam pageant! She is all about natural beauty!

    • Jason

      Whoa, whoa, hold it there pal; as beautiful and deserving of this title as she is she is still nothing compared to the Indian goddess Aishwarya Rai. GB should have a similar, inter-pageant ranking of Grandslam winners. Even with Oxana there, it would be a competition for the second place. No one stands a chance next to Aish.

      • GEORGE

        Aish was the 2nd place in Miss India, she was beated by Sushmita Sen, Oxana was always the Winner, Miss St. Petersburg, Miss Russia, Miss Universe !

        Oxana is the number 1 of all the queens!

      • Divalicious

        Actually, I kinda think Aishwarya Rai is very overrated. As beautiful as she is, I never get all the “most beautiful woman in the world” hype about her. She’s beautiful alright, but definitely not the most beautiful in my book.

        Besides, Aish got that “most beautiful woman” title from a poll in the UK alone. How could you say that UK = the whole world??? Does UK really represent the whole world? If the poll was conducted to a broader region encompassing all 5 continents, I’m sure the results would be very much different.

        • Jason

          Divalicious: I have no idea which UK poll you’re referring to; I never mentioned any poll in my post. Aish is phenomenally, unquestionably beautiful and anyone, anywhere in the world can see that.
          George: I never got how Aish could have possibly lost to Sushmita, had that not happened, we would be seeing a different result in this ranking as well as the one in 2001. But that doesn’t matter : she has been elected Most Beautiful Miss World of ALL times TWICE!!!.
          If you guys can’t see Aish’s out-of-this-world beauty, I feel sorry for you, I can see phenomenal beauty in both her and Oxana(I have a broad taste, I’m not fixated in the European type), but Aish is my girl!.

          • Divalicious

            Who says that I only like European beauty??? I never said that I can only see beauty in Caucasian people. As a matter of fact, you might want to consider that statement considering that Aish herself has quite prominent European features herself. Many people in the western world think that Aish is beautiful because truth be told, she DOES have these Caucasian features that make her look attractive according to European standard. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I too think that Aish is extremely beautiful. But if she was looking like, say Alek Wek for instance, with very ethnic (African) features, I doubt if the majority of people in the western world would still consider her beautiful.

            And btw yes I am very much aware that you didn’t mention ANY poll in your comment. I was just simply referring to the poll that first made people recognize her which was conducted in UK about the most beautiful woman in the world. And Aish topped that poll (which is not surprising considering there were MANY Indian people in UK; I bet that even the majority of British people didn’t even know her prior to that poll). The poll instantly brought fame to Aish. All of sudden, many people start to believe and agree that yes Aish is the most beautiful woman in the world, and since then, she becomes SUPREMELY overrated in my opinion. She always appears on EVERY celebrity lists (usually about the most beautiful/attractive) and everywhere I go, people always praise her as if she’s the most perfect human being in the world. Well I just don’t share that opinion. Is Aish beautiful? Yes. But not so out of this world that make me think she’s absolutely flawless or perfect. For me, she’s NOT that perfect. Besides, it’s funny how her names always appear but NOT other Indian celebs names. Like I said, thanks to the poll it brought her to many people’s attention. If the winner of the poll was, say Sushmita or Priyanka or Bipasha or Juhi Chwala etc, then I sure Aish now still lives in obscurity. The media would probably never hype about her and she wouldn’t become a global star like she is now. Face it, the only reason Aish becomes extremely famous worldwide was only because of her beauty. That’s all. Many people outside of India (esp in Europe/Americas) who have never watched (or liked) her movies. They only know her just because the media named her the most beautiful woman in the world.

            So it’s not that I don’t think Aish is beautiful. I do think she’s gorgeous. But I don’t necessarily think she’s THAT gorgeous or beautiful it takes my breath away. Just because some silly poll or the media named her the most beautiful woman in the world, doesn’t mean that I must agree with them.

  • Antorcha

    Definitely no surprise that unforgettable, beautiful, elegant, hot, sexy, intelligent, gorgeous, and captivating Oxana is the Most Beautiful Miss Universe. Each Miss Universe is distinct and beautiful but Oxana is a shoo-in for this contest. Naturally, there are others who disagree but the vast majority of us including GB panel and other beauty experts believe and know Oxana is the winner.

    So when this contest began, the main question should have been “How many perfect 10s will Oxana get?” I predicted 12 though she still got an unsurprising 9 perfect 10s, a feat that she alone can beat the next time this contest happens again. Felicidades Oxana! La titula de Miss Universo mas bella es tuya!

  • Lisa Zonghetti

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Oxana siempre fue una de mis favoritas… recuerdo que en aquel 2002 ella tuvo impacto extraordinario en el concurso realizado aqui en el Coliseo Roberto Clemente.
    Junto con las reinas de SUDAFRICA Vanessa Carreira y VENEZUELA Cynthia Lander encabezaban la lista de favoritas, pero al final fue la hermosa Oxana, la que se impuso sobre las demas, coronandose como la primera Miss Universo rusa.

  • Luciano C.

    Congratulations to the judges for selecting the best! Oxana forever and ever!

  • owi

    She is not Miss universe. Miss universe 2002 is Justine

  • Lamarquise

    Right on! Oxana deserves this honour. Not sure if she cares much though.

    The final 5 should have been: Russia 2002, France 1953, Holland 1989, Puerto Rico 2001 and Canada 2005. However, I totally support the placement of Australia 2004. It is hard to put all the favourites in the top 5.

    Congratulations to Miss Russia 2002 and Miss Universe 2002.

  • Dante

    Congratulations to Oxana even though her victory doesn’t take me by surprise. She is indeed a beautiful woman. I agree, 2002 was a fantastic production. Very classy and elegant! The group of semifinalists was good. Only Panama wasn’t a good choice I think. Her place should’ve been taken by France or Israel. My favorites for the crown were South Africa (since the very begining) and later on Germany. I was happy they both made the cut. Maybe China wasn’t a stunner, but her personality was amazing. She was so fun the whole time. “Look at me” haha. Wouldn’t mind if she would’ve won. The final 5 all gave good answers to their interviews and final question. They all looked fresh, relaxed and not rehearsed at all. I really liked that. Oxana was the last to arrive in Puerto Rico. She arrived a week late, or so I read, and thats one of the reasons she called some attention. It is sad she didn’t end her reign, but I really admire her for pursuing her studies. Theres nothing more atractive than a smart woman with priorities. I wonder why she decided to compete in the first place?. I always thought she declined the tittle for the reasons she mentioned and because the organization didn’t treat her with respect. The Howard Stern show is no place for a MU. I think the MUO decided to hide the whole thing behind the story she was dethroned for not fullfiling her duties just because they didn’t want to look bad. But thats something only Oxana and MUO would know. Another thing, Denise Quinones looked soo beautiful the knight she crowned Oxana. She is definately one of the most beautiful to my eyes. I didn’t like the Mikimoto crown at the begining. It looked kind of small…but it all changed as time passed by. Congratulations to GB for this great idea. Now it’s time to pick the Most Beautiful Miss International. hehe

  • Anaxagoras

    I just want to make a final comment.
    It is so funny that the ranking was topped by an European winner and the second spot was given to an Oceanian one, since the MU pageant has been dominated mostly by American(most Latins)contestants and have been 13 winners in the last 20 years. I do like American contestants, but would love to see a new variety in the winners to come. And I guess this year will be one of those !!!

    Once again…Congratulations to Oxana !!!

  • samzozo

    Humans bow down to the Russian goddess. The most formidable challenger to Aishwayra Rai of India. IMO, I wanted SA to be 1st runner up. I never liked Panama and China.Long live queen oxana

  • sherry

    I love Oxana ;) congratulations!!!

  • Paulo

    Like the other women, truly Miss Universe, to feel they see that one girl that is not Miss Universe That Is Placed above everybody of Them, That have worked Their bodies, made ​​diets and are more beautiful than facially Oxana? Speaking only in beauty, I think Oxana is the least beautiful of the past decade, independent of having been dethroned. For me, physical beauty is a balance between body, smile and face.

  • KL

    This is such a foregone conclusion. STILL, I couldn’t help but to think….if Carolina Iszak have won in 1992, there would be more suspense to who would win!

  • samzozo

    Everybody has a right to be Hot, pretty and sexy but oxana abuses the right. Long live, Russia’s queen of beauty, long live. The Soviet Union never collapsed, it just reinvented itself to a beauty superpower.

  • Fokkerairbuss

    well done Oxana, you deserved it 1000%, congratulations

  • Wiki

    I think if she cannot fulfill the duties and obligations as a Miss Universe, then she has no business calling herself Miss Universe. And she should not be included here. Plus, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, she’s not ugly, but I don’t find her too attractive either. Maybe just a bit above the norm if that.

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