2nd place – Miss Universe 2004 – Jennifer Hawkins

2nd place – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia

(Our judges are: Greg Borowski, Willian Prendiz de Jurado, Edwin Toledo (Times of Beauty), Ricardo Guiraldes (Chilean Charm), Julio Rodriguez (Belleza Venezolana), Alberto Dubal (Miss Memorabilia), Jimmy Harris (Beauty School), Pepe Medel, Jean-Marie Vandecasteele, Andre Sleigh, Rose Foulger, Luis Trujillo. From GB, Ed Dominguez, Henrique Fontes, and Chris Kuntz)

Miss Universe 2004 happened at Quito’s Convention Center, on June 1. Eighty candidates competed in the beautiful country of Ecuador, with Georgia, Ethiopia and Vietnam debuting. Taiwan would compete for the last time in Miss Universe, at least until 2011. The final event was hosted by Billy Bush and the always great Daisy Fuentes. The pageant was watched by some 600 million people in nearly 70 countries.


The candidates started arriving in Ecuador on May 12. Ecuador wanted to show to  the rest of the world its tourist potentialities, and delivered it well. Although it was a time of political instability in the country, the local organizers did a very good job and Ecuador was an excellent host country. It was only the second time a South American nation hosted the Miss Universe pageant (the first had been Peru, back in 1982).

The people of Quito, and Ecuador in general, were happy with Miss Universe being held “at home”. Those who could not attend the final event, cheered the 80 international beauties during Quito’s open car parade.

The girls visited Guayaquil, Cuenca, the Andean region, and a group of girls traveled with Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003, to the Galapagos Islands.

Paraguay: 4th place

Since the beginning, four candidates stood out as the major favorites for the crown: Miss Ecuador, María Susana Rivadeneira; Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey; Miss Venezuela, Ana Karina Áñez; and, Miss Ukraine, Okelsandra Nikolayenko. Miss USA was seen as ‘the one to beat’. Tall, blonde, congenial, Shandi had all the attributes to become America’s 8th Miss Universe.

Other favorites were Misses Norway, Kathrine Sørland, who had come from a 4th place in Miss World an year earlier, and Aruba, Zizi Lee, vice-Miss World 2001. Laëtitia Bleger, Miss France, was another possibility.

As the pageant progressed, other delegates started getting more and more press attention and the status of favorite: Australia, Greece, Canada (one of the big favorites among locals), Turkey, Japan, Egypt, Colombia, Serbia & Montenegro and Spain.

Some curiosities about the contestants:

The fav from Ukraine

* Miss Bolivia, Gabriela Oviedo, was heavily criticized after saying that she was “a tall, white woman, and not a short indigenous peasant”;

* Miss Venezuela, Ana Karina Añez, impressed everyone for her preparation. The fact that she used the sentence, “I am my only competition here”, several times, was also remarked by the Ecuadorian press;

* Miss Ukraine, Oleksandra Nikolayenko, had been a top 10 semi-finalist in Miss World 2001. Amazingly beautiful, she was a favorite to become Miss Universe. She always made an effort to speak English with journalists;

* Miss Australia, Jennifer Hawkins, traveled abroad for the first time in her life on that occasion. Her vivacity, natural beauty and spontaneity, stole the scene whenever she arrived at an official event. After the preliminaries, Global Beauties had her as one of the 5 favorites for the crown;

* Another favorite, Miss Norway, Kathrine Sørland, said that in her opinion, Miss Universe was just a great as Miss World. “I have the honor to have participated in the two biggest beauty pageants in the world, both are amazing”. She was pleasant, smart, always full of energy;

Girls in swimsuits!

* Miss Cayman Islands, Stacey-Ann Kelly, never missed on an opportunity to promote her island! She always carried with her souvenirs, booklets, and CDs with photos and info on the beautiful Cayman Islands.

After the Presentation Show, a few candidates stood out and were often mentioned as favorites, among which were Australia, Norway, Paraguay, Greece, Switzerland, Jamaica, Philippines (one of the most elegant in the batch). Misses USA, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Ecuador, remained among the top-contenders.

Days before the final event, there were rumors that Miss Greece, Valia Kakouti, was going to be the winner because of the Olympic Games being held in Athens that year. The contestants themselves hated that idea: they considered the Greek stunner to be too stuck up and arrogant.

top 10

The candidates who made the first cut and advanced to the top 15, were: Puerto Rico, Norway, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador, India, Australia, Angola, Jamaica, Colombia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Chile, USA, Paraguay, and Mexico.

There were many unexpected surprises, like Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Angola, Costa Rica, Chile, and Mexico. Favorites from Aruba, France, Greece, and mostly, Ukraine, and Venezuela, were eliminated very early in the competition. It was the first time in 22 years that Venezuela missed the cut!

Costa Rica placed for the first time since 1954, which was celebrated like a victory in her country. For Ecuador, it was also a big fiesta: Miss Universe 2004’s host country had had a single Miss Universe semi-finalist in the past, back in 1981.

Battle of blondes: USA and Australia

After the evening gown round, another cut and more surprises: Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Paraguay, Ecuador, Australia, India, and Colombia. At that point, all Europeans had been diced from the competition, including the favorite from Norway.

Swimsuits were next, and only 5 beauties were to remain in the game: Paraguay, USA, Puerto Rico (a big shock!), Australia, and Trinidad & Tobago. The beautiful candidates from Jamaica and Ecuador stood behind, and no longer competed for the title.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago finished in 5th place, Miss Paraguay was 4th, Miss Puerto Rico was 3rd, Miss USA was 2nd, and Australia conquered its second Miss Universe title with Jennifer Hawkins, the thunder from Down Under!

Jen, the thunder from Down Under!

Hawkins broke many patterns upon being crowned: she was natural, unrehearsed, REAL. It looked like that could be the beginning of a new era for Miss Universe (which, unfortunately, was not necessarily true). The Australian stunner was one of the best titleholders in history, having traveled to countries like  Korea, Bahamas, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, India, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Thailand, where she crowned her successor. Jen truly enchanted the world!

Up to date, she has graced the covers of dozens of magazines around the globe, and is a talented and popular television presenter and celebrity in her native Australia.

(Special thanks to Alberto Dubal, who covered Miss Universe 2004 in Quito for GB)


2nd place

Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins

Trinidad & Tobago (5th), Australia (1st), Puerto Rico (3rd), USA (2nd), Paraguay (4th)

Miss U 2004

40 comments to 2nd place – Miss Universe 2004 – Jennifer Hawkins

  • cejotama

    por supuesto que la ganadora debe ser jennifer, la rusa gano y no cumplio y por lo tanto no deberia estar en esta posicion. misses mas bonitas de otros paises fueron motivos de orgullos para su patria. no me explico porque la rusa esta en esta posicion, debio estar fuera del top 5. ya que no solamente se esta EVALUANDO LA BELLEZA sino todo en conjunto. de ser asi alicia machado debio haber ocupado mejor posicion, ya que el miss universo se dividen en el antes y despues de alicia machado. por que ella fue toda una revolucion aunque despues echo todo a la borda.

    • GEORGE

      Te equivocas, se trata de elegir a la MU más bella, no a la que mejor cumplió sus obligaciones o la que hizo menos o más escándalos, aquí sólo cuenta la belleza y nada más.

      • AlexRio

        Perfect George, MU more beautiful, unfortunately she’s not a MU. Find her in the Miss Universe Organization past titleholders list and come back.

        • GEORGE

          Y tu traeme el video del MU que ganó Justine, cuando la coronaron y el mundo vio que ganó el certamen, porque la única coronación que yo ví y que el mundo vió fue el de Oxana, con un récord en su puntaje 9.88 y con ninguna competencia posible.


    Jennifer is so beautiful and fresh I think it would be so fair the 2nd place for her, I like her so much, a natural and stunning beauty!

  • dilip indian

    miss paraguay should have been second runner up.t and t and puerto rico in top five,so shocking.its great injustice to jamaica and ecuador

  • Luciano C.

    If it was not for a goddess named Oxana, she would be the most beautiful MU.

  • Plato

    Ler o texto sobre Jen me fez chorar de felicidade ( Sim, fãs choram de felicidade ).
    Parece-me incrível que meu primeiro MU pela TV tenha sido o de Jenn e, lembro-me como se fosse hoje de eu ama-la desde o momento que eu a vi e torcer por ela do início ao fim da competição.
    Obrigado GB pelo trabalho maravilhoso que vocês fizeram. Espero vocês denovo daqui a dez anos para refazer esta estrada novamente.
    Ah! Jennifer para a coroa. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

  • carla

    Yo sigo pensando que las dos reinas que han quedado en el top2 son algo incompletas: Oxana bellísima cuando fue coronada, pero no es una miss unvierso como tal, solo estuvo tres meses en el reinado… ademas ella era puro rostro, de cuerpo no es de las mejores (a pesar de la puntuación) y tampoco su catwalk fue wow…. en cuanto a jens, es el caso contrario a oxana, ella fue muy natural durante toda la concentración, pero para nada era la más bella cuando ganó (usa,paraguay,ucrania,jamaica era muchos mas bellas).. despues tuvo un reinado impecable.

    por eso pienso que la mejor miss universo de la historia sería una combinación entre ambas: una miss que estuvo arrasadora en la noche final y se llevó la corona siendo la mejor (como oxana) y que luego tuvo un reinado impecable y se vio bellísima en todo momento (como jennifer). Estoy hablando, claro está, de DAYANA MENDOZA

  • Brett Mann

    prior to 2004, the last time costa rica placed at miss universe was 1954, not 1955.

  • el millonario

    aun me duele la no clasificacion de ecuador en el top5 era nuestra unica oportunidad de clasificar , jenifer es bella pero OXANA por siempre sera la mas bella de las miss universos , si es que la campanela no gana , claro esta.

  • davidk

    la mujer mas bella del universo!!! esta si es una reina universal dentro de la belleza universal!!! dificilmente una mujer tan natural, espontanea, fresca, fashion y tonificada como esta… además todas sus companeras aplaudieron su elección. es la mejor, oxana fedorova nunca cumplió sus compromisos como miss universo, no puede ser mas que jennifer!!

  • Jamie

    I am enormously pleased with the top 4; at this point I don’t care which one wins. Everyone of the top 4 winners is legendarily beautiful.

  • Felipe

    She is extremely beautiful ,indeed, and If her nose were not a tiny bit pointed , I would say she’s nearly perfect. Being second , below Oxana, is fair for Jennifer.

  • Gil

    I would definitely vote Jennifer Hawkins as the Most Beautiful Miss Universe, she is a classic that will never be forgotten for her attractive looks and charismatic personality.

  • Respect

    I was kind of excited by the buzz that Jennifer generated on websites prior to the finals of Miss Universe; it was nice to see an Aussie being declared one of the favourites.
    But, having said that, I wasn’t really sold; I didn’t think she was as beautiful as other contestants that year and wasnt sure how well she’d do. Imagine my shock when she won.
    I think she has emerged far more beautiful after MU, and I thought she was one of the more refreshing MU winners in years.

    The 2004 finals though had a lot of beautiful women. I cannot go past Paraguay. To me she is one of the most stunning candidates ever!!!Jamaica, Trinidad, Switzerland, Aruba… all very beautiful.

  • solocarles

    Nunca me gustó Oxana, ni al ganar ni después
    de dejar el título.
    Jennifer es mi clara favorita.

  • Ken

    The problem with Jennifer Hawkins is that she defeated quite a lot of hot favourites on the final night, not very convincingly. The goddess Yanina Gonzalez to me is more striking, but she stumbles on her final question. Trinidad and Tobago or Puerto Rico does not belong in the top 5. Since Shandi Finnessey was so fun in her final question, I have no idea why the judges pick Jennifer over Shandi. Jennifer Hawkins is still a stunner, especially during and after her reign, and she deserves her top 10 ranking. As a Miss Universe title holder, she probably makes the most out of her reign, and she is still such a celebrity world-wide. Will this panel of judges reward her for that?

    • Ava Gardner

      Jennifer Hawkins a worldwide celebrity? That’s news to me. She is a popular former MU and current model (who does some minor acting) but she is not a global celebrity.

      In my opinion, Hawkins is beautiful (in my book, her beauty is a little too conventional and not spectacular). Contrary to what people claim, she is not dynamic or spontaneous. People say Paraguay stumbled in her final answer while Hawkins barely uttered a sentence.

      Also, when people say she is natural, are they claiming she has had no plastic surgery? If so, I disagree.

      I pick Oxana over Jennifer because she is gorgeous, sensuous and confident. My top 10 would not even include Hawkins. Also, I think Trump did something despicable and underhanded to dethrone Oxana.

    • Anaxagoras

      Totally agree with you about Paraguay, but that have happened to many contestants along the pageants(ieg. Philippines 2010). Maybe there were better than Puerto Rico or Trinidad & Tobago, but I guess they were fair choices. USA was one of a kind, inclusively there haven’t been someone that have topped her so far ( not even the current one), but I guess she was way too pretty-barby doll-mellow like contestant.So without a question Jenniffer was the one.


    Oxana Fedorova TENIA un rostro maravilloso y fue una de las razones por las que el Jurado la eligio aquella noche del 29 de mayo como la Miss Universo 2002.
    Pero siendo honestos, su cuerpo dejaba mucho que desear y el vestido que lucia es uno de los mas inapropiados que se han visto en el certamen. Pero independientemente de esto, Oxana era la mas hermosa, la mas esbelta y su pasarela en la competencia en Traje de Bano fue ESPECTACULAR!!
    Sinceramente esta muy dificil elegir entre Jennifer y Oxana, en todo caso BIENVENIDA SEA LA DECISION FINAL!!

  • Jonathan

    Jennifer should win this concept (although i think Oxana is more beautiful) because Jennifer is official Miss Universe while Oxana is not. After being dethroned, Miss Universe Organization never considered Oxana as their official Miss Universe. So, if Oxana wins, it’s just meaningless.

  • Angie

    From the very start, Jennifer has already been my favorite as the most beautiful miss universe. I thought her biggest rival would be Natalie Globenova who is equally stunning. For the period 2002-09, they were neck and neck for GB’s beautiful beauty queen (including winners of Ms. World and Ms. International and other international beauty contests). Jennifer won over Natalie by slim margin. The two are indeed incredible.

    • Ken

      Yes Natalie Glebova is facially striking, but of the only two beauties of Russian descent, it is very clear that this panel of judges would pick Oxana. As they can’t possibly rank two Russians in the top 10, Natalie is sacrificed, but she is still ranked among the top 15, which is still commendable. Jennifer Hawkins and Angela Visser represents two blonde girls in the top 5, but it is clear Angela should be ranked higher. Still, we should celebrate more than criticize. Peace.

  • pop

    Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004, ranks 9th in my ranking with the score 9.518 .

  • Ist

    The most beautiful of all Miss Universe!

  • Alyssa

    She is the most beautiful of all!

  • Eduardo (BRASIL)

    Jennifer deveria ter ganho ela é a mais linda Miss Univero entre todas!!!!

    ela deveria está em 1° lugar!

  • Manny

    I feel a little bad for Jen. Although flattering, the bad thing about being ranked number 2 is in a way you kind of don’t have your own moment in the ranking; all the previous winners had plenty of time for people to read and discuss their stories. At this point people are too focused with the #1 pick to say much about Jen :(. If it’s worth anything, to me you’re number one.

  • Jason

    Congratulations to Jennifer for being declared the most beautiful legitimate Miss Universe of all times!!!.

  • Anaxagoras

    Fair ranking. A real Top 10 contender.

  • AlexRio

    Congratulations to Jennifer Hawkins for being elected “The Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever” as a truly one acording to who deceives the title officialy.

    Although she’s not my favourite one – my favourite is waaayyyyy below – I think this honor is fair to her especially by the fascination she causes in the youngster generation.

    Congrats, Jenn, would like see you in Sao Paulo, Brazil at MU Pageant!

  • AlexRio

    Fixing: “according to whom designates the title officialy.”

  • AlexRio

    I’m very glad to read that ALL three Brazilians in the panel of jury gave a TEN to Jennifer Hawkins, the truly winner, the truly Miss Universe of them both, and not all of them gave a TEN to Oxana, because Henrique Fontes gave a 9,80.

    Well done guys, to Brazil the real “Most Beautiful Miss Universe Ever” is Jennifer Hawkins, the truly one!! :-) :-)

    Brazilians rock! hahaha

  • KL

    Well, to all of you who think that Oxana shouldn’t be on this poll, Jennifer is the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time (non-dethroned, that is).

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