Global Beauties Awards 2011

After much discussion and deliberation, our judges have picked the winners in each category for the Global Beauties Awards 2011. And the winners of the Oscars of beauty pageants are…

Stage Presence

WINNER – Adriana Vasini (Venezuela/World)
2nd place – Jimena Navarrete (Mexico/Universe)
3rd place – Yendi Phillips (Jamaica/Universe)

Best Catwalk (Evelina Award)

WINNER – Karina Pinillo (Panama/Supranational)
2nd place –  Angela Martini (Albania/Universe)
3rd place – Jennifer Pazmiño (Ecuador/Earth)

Radiance & Personality

WINNER – Jesinta Campbell (Australia/Universe)
2nd place – Jimena Navarrete (Mexico/Universe)
3rd place – Adriana Vasini (Venezuela/World)

Best in Evening Gown

WINNER – Venus Raj (Philippines/Universe)
2nd place – Anna Poslavskaya (Ukraine/Universe)
3rd place – Hana Verna (Czech Republic/Supranational)

Face of the Year

WINNER – Emma Wareus (Botswana/World)
2nd place – Jimena Navarrete (Mexico/Universe)
3rd place – Nicole Faria (India/Earth)

Most Photogenic

WINNER: Nicola Mimnagh (Scotland/World)
2nd place: Rozanna Purcell (Ireland/Universe)
3rd place:  Manasvi Mamgai (India/World)

Sexiest Woman Alive

WINNER – Sandra Marinovic (Slovenia/Supranational)
2nd place – Angela Martini (Albania/Universe)
3rd place –  Yuwaret Sirirat Rueangsri (Thailand/World)

Beauty With Substance

WINNER – Natasha Metto (Kenya/World)
2nd place – Jesinta Campbell (Australia/Universe)
3rd place – Nicole Faria (India/Earth)

Best in Swimsuit

WINNER – Angela Martini (Albania/Universe)
2nd place – Karina Pinilla (Panama/Supranational)
3rd place –  Nicola Mimnagh (Scotland/World)

Supermodel Look

WINNER – Rozanna Purcell (Ireland/Universe)
2nd place – Alexandria Mills (United States/World)
3rd place – Angela Martini (Albania/Universe)

Best Non-Finalist

WINNER – Marína Georgievová (Slovakia/World)
2nd place – Natalie den Dekker (Netherlands/Supranational)
3rd place –  Anastasiya Sienina (Crimea/Earth)

Best in Africa

WINNER – Emma Wareus (Botswana/World)
2nd place – Nicole Flint (South Africa/World/Universe)
3rd place –  Natasha Metto (Kenya/World)

Best in the Americas

WINNER – Jimena Navarrete (Mexico/Universe)
2nd place – Karina Pinilla (Panama/Supranational)
3rd place – Adriana Vasini (Venezuela/World)

Best in Asia

WINNER – Nicole Faria (India/Earth)
2nd place – Venus Raj (Philippines/Universe)
3rd place –  Lưu Thị Diễm Hương (Vietnam/Earth)

Best in the Caribbean

WINNER – Mariana Vicente (Puerto Rico/Universe)
2nd place –  Wendy Phillips (Jamaica/Universe)
3rd place –  Aiasha Gustave (St. Lucia/World)

Best in Europe

WINNER – Angela Martini (Albania/Universe)
2nd place –  Hana Verna (Czech Republic/Supranational)
3rd place – Rozanna Purcell (Ireland/Universe)

Best in Oceania

WINNER – Jesinta Campbell (Australia/Universe)
2nd place –  Mihilani Teixeira (French Polynesia/World)
3rd place –  Cody Yerkovich (New Zealand/World)


WINNER – Angela Martini (Albania/Universe)
2nd place – Nicole Faria (India/Earth)
3rd place – Jimena Navarrete (Mexico/Universe)

Best 2010 WINNER

WINNER – Nicole Faria (India/Earth)
2nd place – Jimena Navarrete (Mexico/Universe)
3rd place –  Karina Pinilla (Panama/Supranational)

Best National Director

WINNER – Lupita Jones (Mexico Universe/World/Int’l)
2nd place – Osmel Souza (Venezuela Universe/World/Int’l/Earth)
3rd place – Wendy Futcher (South Africa Universe/World)

Best 2010 Outgoing Queen

WINNER – Stefania Fernandez (Universe 2009)
2nd place – Kaiane Aldorino (World 2009)
3rd place – Larissa Ramos (Earth 2009)

Best Group of Candidates

WINNER – Miss World
2nd place – Miss Universe
3rd place – Miss Supranational

Best Pageant Presenter

WINNER – Angela Chow (Miss World)
2nd place –  Izabella Miko (Miss Supranational)
3rd place –  Oli Pettigrew (Miss Earth)

Best Independ Pageant Magazine/Blog

WINNER: La Esquina Del Soplon
2nd place: Beauty School
3rd place:  Times of Beauty

Best Pageant-Related Voy

WINNER – USB – United States of Beauty
2nd place – MBonB – Miss Brazil on Board
3rd place – Chilean Charm

Best Host City/Country

WINNER – Sanya/China (World)
2nd place – Nha Trang/Vietnam (Earth)
3rd place – Chengdu/China (International)

Best Official Website

WINNER – (Miss Universe)
2nd place – (Miss World)
3rd place – (Miss Earth)

Best Pre-Final Activities

WINNER – Miss World
2nd place – Miss Universe
3rd place – Miss Earth

Best Stage

WINNER – Miss Supranational
2nd place – Miss World
3rd place – Miss Universe

Best Pageant Production

WINNER – Miss Universe
2nd place – Miss World
3rd place – Miss Supranational


WINNER – Miss World
2nd place – Miss Universe
3rd place – Miss Earth

Men’s Best  Overall Contestant

WINNER – Peter Menky (Slovakia/Manhunt)
2nd place –  Abdel Rahman Balaa (Lebanon/World)
3rd place – Jonas Sulzbach (Brazil/World)

Men’s Best Pageant Production

WINNER: Mister International
2nd place: Mister World
3rd place: Manhunt International

Men’s Pageant of the Year

WINNER: Mister World
2nd place: Mister International
3rd place: Manhunt International

Other Men’s Pageant Awards:

Stage Pregence: Caio Ribeiro (Brazil/International)
Best Catwalk: Ryan Terry (Great Britain/International)
Radiance & Personality: Kamal Ibrahim (Ireland/World)
Most Elegant: Josef Karas (Czech Republic/World)
Face of the Year:  Abdel Rahman Balaa (Lebanon/World)
Most Photogenic:  Juan Pablo Mejia (Colombia/International)
Sexiest Man Alive: Peter Menky (Slovakia/Manhunt)
Best in Swimsuit: Ryan Terry (Great Britain/International)
Beauty With Substance: Willem Vermuyten (Belgium/World)
Best Non-Finalist:  Jorge Martins (Angola/World)
Best in Africa: Jorge Martins (Angola/World)
Best in the Americas: Jonas Sulzbach (Brazil/World)
Best in Asia:  Abdel Rahman Balaa (Lebanon/World)
Best in the Caribbean:  Emmanuel Binga (Guadeloupe/World)
Best in Europe: Peter Menky (Slovalia/Manhunt)
Best in Oceania:  Stephen Musca (Australia/Manhunt)
Best 2010 Winner: Peter Menky (Slovakia/Manhunt)
Best Website: (Mister World)
Best Stage: Mister International
Best Host Country: Indonesia (Mister International)

Congratulations to all winners!!!

Miss Grand Slam 2010 is…

ANGELA MARTINI, Miss Albania Universe 2010!! The 24-year-old model from Tirana surprised everyone with breathtaking performances in Miss Universe, in Las Vegas, and now, was chosen as the most stunning beauty contestant of the year.

Albania Universe wins Miss Grand Slam 2010

It was a tough dispute between Miss Albania and Miss India (Nicole Faria, India), but in the end, it was the Miss Universe semi-finalist who ended as the winner. The final results are:

1st) Angela Martini, Albania Universe

2nd) Nicole Faria, India Earth

3rd) Jimena Navarrete, Mexico Universe

4th) Karina Pinilla, Panama Supranational

5th) Adriana Vasini, Venezuela World

- – - -

Miss Grand Slam Africa – Botswana World

Miss Grand Slam Americas – Mexico Universe

Miss Grand Slam Asia – India Earth

Miss Grand Slam Caribbean – Puerto Rico Universe

Miss Grand Slam Europe – Albania Universe

Miss Grand Slam Oceania – Australia Universe

Congratulations to Angela Martini from Albania, the #1 stunner in the Grand Slam in 2010!!

Come back soon for the GB Awards and the 1st Mister Grand Slam!!

All Miss Grand Slam winners:

2010 – Angela Martini, Albania Universe
2009 – Perla Beltran, Mexico World
2008 – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela Universe
2007 – Honey Lee, Korea Universe
2006 – Sabrina Houssami, Australia World
2005 – Natalie Glebova, Canada Universe
2004 – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Universe
2003 – Rosanna Davison, Ireland World
2002 – Christina Sawaya, Lebanon International
2001 – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico Universe
2000 – Lara Dutta, India Universe
1999 – Diana Nogueira, Spain Universe
1998 – Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad & Tobago Universe

Miss Grand Slam 2010 – The 5 ultimate beauties of the year

The scores were close, opinions more divided than ever, but only 5 were destined to survive, five out of more than 400 amazing beauties… Meet the Top 5 finalists of Miss Grand Slam 2010:

Top 10′s Final Ranking:

6- Czech Republic/ Supranational

7- Ireland/ Universe

8- Botswana/ World

9- Puerto Rico/ Universe

10- Ecuador/ Earth

Congratulations to the 5 finalists, and Merry Christmas everyone!!

Miss Grand Slam 2010 – the top 10

From 20, down to 10! Scores were very close, and anyone could’ve made it, but here are Global Beauties’ choices….

Top 20 candidates’ final ranking:

11- Slovenia/Supranational

12- Venezuela/International

13- Jamaica/Universe

14- United States/World

15- Australia/Universe

16- Philippines/Universe

17- Vietnam/Earth

18- Norway/World

19- French Polynesia/World

20- Paraguay/World

Congratulations to the Top 10! Soon, only 5 will remain in the game…

Miss Grand Slam 2010 – The top 20

It’s time to reveal the names of the 20 stunners of the universe, twenty breathtaking Grand Slam beauties who will continue in the fight for “best among the best” in 2010.

Meet them now:

See the final ranking of the remaining 30 beauties who were included in The Most Beautiful Women in the World 2010:

21- Ireland/World

22- Philippines/International

23- Guatemala/Universe

24- Scotland/World

25- St. Lucia/World

26- Lithuania/Supranational

27- Japan/International

28- South Africa/World/Universe

29- Thailand/International

30- Italy/Earth

31- Japan/Earth

32- Russia/World

33- Thailand/Supranational

34- Venezuela/Earth

35- Thailand/World

36- Peru/Supranational

37- Russia/Universe

38- Brazil/Supranational

39- Germany/World

40- France/Universe

41- Portugal/Supranational

42- Mongolia/World

43- Turkey/International

44- Ukraine/Universe

45- Bahamas/World

46- Thailand/Earth

47- Venezuela/Supranational

48- South Africa/Earth

49- Netherlands/World/Earth

50- Serbia/International

Next stop: the top 10! (to be announced on December 21)

Miss Grand Slam 2010: The 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World

The 13th Global Beauties Awards starts with the announcement of the 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World.

It was not an easy task, but Global Beauties has managed to select the 50 most stunning women who competed in Grand Slam pageants in 2010. In the beginning they were over 400 hopefuls, official judges picked 89 semi-finalists (two of them placed in two different pageants), and now they are only 50!

Meet the 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World in 2010:

Albania/Universe, Australia/Universe, Bahamas/World, Botswana/World, Brazil/Supranational, Czech Republic/Supranational, Ecuador/Earth, France/Universe, French Polynesia/World, Germany/World

Guatemala/Universe, India/Earth, Ireland/Universe, Ireland/World, Italy/Earth, Jamaica/Universe, Japan/Earth, Japan/International, Lithuania/Supranational, Mexico/Universe

Mongolia/World, Netherlands/World/Earth, Norway/World, Panama/Supranational, Paraguay/World, Peru/Supranational, Philippines/International, Philippines/Universe, Portugal/Supranational, Puerto Rico/Universe

Russia/Universe, Russia/World, Saint Lucia/World, Scotland/World, Serbia/International, Slovenia/Supranational, South Africa/Earth, South Africa/World/Universe, Thailand/Earth, Thailand/International

Thailand/Supranational, Thailand/World, Turkey/International, Ukraine/Universe, United States/World, Venezuela/Earth, Venezuela/International, Venezuela/Supranational, Venezuela/World, Vietnam/Earth

Other finalists’ final ranking:

51- Finland/Supranational

52- Kenya/World

53- Romania/Supranational

54- Puerto Rico/Earth

55- Belgium/Universe

56- Costa Rica/International

57- Italy/World

58- China/World

59- Colombia/Universe

60- Poland/Supranational

61- Colombia/Supranational

62- Puerto Rico/World

63- India/International

64- Peru/International

65- Albania/Supranational

66- Puerto Rico/International

67- Gambia/Supranational

68- France/World

69- Colombia/World

70- Germany/International

71- Korea/International

72- Namibia/World

73- Honduras/Supranational

74- Russia/Earth

75- Northern Ireland/World

76- Spain/International

77- France/International

78- Czech Republic/Universe

79- Russia/Supranational

80- China/International

81- Greece/Supranational

82- Korea/Supranational

83- Canada/World

84- Czech Republic/Earth

85- United States/Earth

86- Belgium/Supranational

87- Ukraine/Earth

Congratulations to the 50 Most Beautiful Women in the World, one of whom will soon win the title of Miss Grand Slam 2010!

Meet the 20 Stunners of the Universe on December 19!

See all 87 contestants HERE.