Miss Supranational 2011 – A review by Chris Kuntz

The Spectacular Stage: Everything Ready for Friday's Final

by Chris Kuntz

The 70 candidates

One thing I’ve learned about beauty pageants is: don’t be mislead by photos! Being photogenic is good, but when we meet some of these women in person, it’s a whole other reality. I am pleasantly surprised with this year’s group of contestants in Miss Supranational, and here are my comments about them the day before the big final:

Albania – my camera naturally follows her, she’s the kind of woman able to stand out even when surrounded by several other stunners.

Bahamas – with plenty of charisma, she raised a lot of money in the other day’s fundraising event. Miss Bahamas deserved to win the Talent Contest.


Belarus – very beautiful and outgoing, she’s Miss Russia’s best friend. She could be a surprise at the final night.

Belgium – pretty and youthful, and at the same time serious and focused.

Bolivia – elegant and friendly. She spends hours surfing the internet.

Bonaire – She participated in Miss World 2008 and will certainly use such experience to her advantage.

Brazil – elegant, classic, focused. After she recovered from a severe cold, Miss Brazil started shinning and is taking the competition very seriously.

Bulgaria – great catwalk.

Canada – the kind of girl you want to be friends with: charming, friendly, cool.

Colombia – amazingly beautiful! Even with a cold, she does not loose her sense of humor. Watch her!

Croatia – very serious and on ‘her own world’.

Curaçao – she loves to chat and doesn’t mind wearing her glasses in non official occasions. Being comfortable comes first, and I agree with her!


Czech Republic – very beautiful, best friends with Slovakia. My camera also loves her!

Denmark – you get what you see: pretty, charming, friendly!

Dominican Republic – the always elegant and tall Dominican  beauty is competing strongly. We might see her in the ‘top 5′.

Ecuador – enjoying every moment in Poland, Miss Ecuador is a great handball player: she scored a goal against Poland’s national champions!

Egypt – Miss Egypt has missed a few activities for having difficulties to wake up early. Other than that, she’s always nice to the other girls and stood out in the Talent contest. Some compare her to pop singer Rihanna!


El Salvador – friendly and always ready to be clicked by a photo camera.

England – Funny and nice, Miss England seems to be in more than one place at the same time! We laughed a lot with her during the handball match, when she showed lots of attitude and faced the big guys on the opponent team without fear!

Equatorial Guinea – the first ever candidate from her country in a Grand Slam pageant, Miss Equatorial Guinea is always hungry, even right after the meals!

Estonia – this girl knows everything about Ferraris, her real passion. She got in Poland later than all other delegates, but managed to get along with most girls.

Ethiopia – tall, beautiful, poised, shall not pass unnoticed. Her best friend is her blue Louis Vuitton purse, always with her!

Hong Kong

Finland – very beautiful and it looks like she is a great girl.

France – her beauty is unquestionable, but we barely see her smiling or having a good time. However, she get transformed on stage, and should reach the ‘top 5′.

French Polynesia – one of the big favorites to win the crown, perhaps the one to beat. Naturally stunning, she needs no make up to stand out. In addition, she is kind, friendly, and is always smiling to everyone.

Georgia – I love this girl, she is the ‘complete package’: plays the piano, the flute, and on the top of that, she is a great photographer!

Greece – super cute, Miss Denmark’s best friend. She is always smiling and charming everyone.

Honduras – she was late, but arrived catching everyone’s attention. Miss Honduras placed 2nd in the national costume contest.

Hong Kong – Confident, mature, and funny at times. A cool girl.

Hungary – beautiful and nice to everyone. I believe she deserves to do well in the competition.

Iceland – I saw her in South Africa, when she competed in Miss World 2009, and she has improved tremendously ever since. What a nice and cool girl!

India – Miss India touched us all when reading a poem she wrote about her father in the talent competition. She loves to work out.

Israel – Miss Israel is cheerful and nice to everyone around her.

Kosovo – when I first saw her, she was sitting and working on her computer. I was so captivated by her beauty, that I had to take my camera and click her!

Latvia – I started noticing how beautiful she is in the National Costume competition. The judges will have a rough time!


Lebanon – beautiful body and face, I love her voice too.  Pictures don’t do her beauty any justice. It’s a pity she’s been suffering with a stomachache for the last 3 days.

Lithuania – absolutely beautiful, another of my camera’s favorites! She also has a great sense of humor, and should go far in the competition.

Macedonia – she has very expressive eyes.

Moldova – I see this young woman really succeeding as a model, her beauty is captivating.

Namibia – Owner of the most beautiful eyes in the competition, she was in the picture I believe was my best shot during our coverage!

Netherlands – even in rough times, she is able to keep on smiling and taking things easy. A girl not to be forgotten!

New Zealand – it was funny seeing her fighting with her suitcase, so that everything she carries could fit in it!

Nigeria – nice stage projection, but I believe she would look more natural and beautiful without the blue contact lenses.

Northern Ireland – I noticed her beauty when I arrived and first saw her.

Panama – always happy, dancing, enjoying herself, she is truly beautiful. A great representative of the Latin women!

Peru – Miss Peru is beautiful and knows how to catch your attention.

Philippines – a regal beauty queen, who knows how to behave on and off stage.


Poland – the hometown girl has enough beauty to win any major international beauty title. She looks great even without any make up on.

Portugal – good looking, smart, great to chat with.

Puerto Rico – at first I did not think she was among the most competitive girls here. However, with time I noticed her perfect figure and contagious personality. Eye on her!

Romania – low profile, shy, but very pretty delegate.

Russia – One of the most beautiful women here, unfortunately she hasn’t shown much enthusiasm; or, she is overconfident.

Rwanda – short, but smiles with her eyes and has a beautiful face.

Serbia – either she doesn’t like me, or she is not congenial: whenever I approach her for a photo, she shuts her face angry. It’s a pity, I find her to be very beautiful.

Singapore – I love this girl, she is always elegant and polite.

Slovakia – For some reason, she seems to be always on a bad mood.

Slovenia – if she doesn’t become Miss Supranational, Miss Slovenia could have a great career as a supermodel. She is fresh and naturally shines.


South Africa – After having to kill spiders found in her bedroom in the hotel in Plock, with the help of some hair spray and Miss Namibia, everything else seems to be a piece of cake for Miss South Africa! I truly love her, and think she will fight for a spot in the top 5.

Suriname – intelligent, nice, with a strong character, Miss Suriname is very likable.

Sweden – with a beautiful face, she only needs to be less shy and more outgoing.

Thailand – with beauty and poise, she does magic to talk on two cell phones, practically at the same time!

Togo – she spends a lot of time playing Smurfs on her iPad. In addition, she has one of the prettiest faces in the competition.

Turkey – Beautiful, nice, and crazy for a cell phone!


Ukraine – Based on pre-pageant photos, she was my favorite. Although very photogenic, she looks nice in person too, and could do well.

USA – the American candidates has striking looks and a great personality. I’d bet money she will be in the top 5.

Venezuela – Miss Venezuela lives in Miami and enjoys webdesign. Her smile and her face are beautiful!

Vietnam – beautiful girl!

US Virgin Islands – nice, has a great body and a beautiful face. She helped the other girls with their suitcases, showing her kindness. I like her a lot.

Wales – well-liked by most other candidates, the Welsh beauty is also a great amazon.

Zimbabwe – Miss Zimbabwe knows how to work the stage and the crowd. Points for her for that!

I wish the best of luck to all of them!!

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