Miss India’s national costume stuck at Brazilian customs?

There are no photos of Miss India in her national costume, which might be explained on her tweeter (see above). If this is true, it’s really shameful for the Brazilian customs and responsible authorities. A first in Miss Universe history??

Yesterday, Miss India was unable to be recorded on the parade of nations wearing her national costume. We feel sorry for Miss India and hope this matter will be solved…

30 comments to Miss India’s national costume stuck at Brazilian customs?

  • liz

    Be strong and confident Miss India !! u rock !! we love ya !!

  • Shailendra

    This is so FOOLISH of MU athourity to not get the Dress Get CLEARING from CUSTOMS on time. This is like fooling the candidates. Latin Contestants come with a 8ft X 6ft Wardrobes for National Costume and a Simple Ghagra Choli which so SIMPLE man, Shame on BRAZIL & MUO. I feel Sorry for VASUKI, good Luck for the EVENT

  • emerson

    Well we should stop blaming her its Brazil organizer needs to see that to look after the queen as the hosting nation isn’t that part of the contract here can admin check that ?? I am sure its the hosting nation organizer should get out there and help this is not on we send our queen to compete and yet hosting nation should do something we don’t all speak their language shame on the hosting nation

  • Rahmad Hidayat

    Every year , INDIA always get on my should-see NC list. But now, what’s going on ? Beside that, Vansuki is also an angel. Though, she’s lack of facial beauty, but there’s something in herself that can make herself shine…

  • dilip indian

    sushmita’s i am she gaffes have followed vasuki even upto brazil.this lady is hell bent on destroying india’s mu credibilities

  • KL

    Well, couldn’t Miss India get a sari in Brazil and wear it as a national costume? It doesn’t need to be fancy.

  • koala takei

    There’s nobody to blame but Miss India (look-a-like of Susmita Sen) herself. I do not respect her decision to exclude herself from the pre-taping of the candidates in National Costume, just because of her national costume was stuck in the Sao Paolo airport. Sorry, but to me this is a violation of Miss Universe rule. If you don’t want to join the parade of nation, then Donald Trump… slogan… You are fired!

  • britannia

    Well maybe she couldnt have found national dress in Brazil but im sure she could have found some Indian clothing or arranged something. Its not like most of the contestants actually bother wearing ‘national’ dress, Im British and god knows what Miss Great Britains costume is supposed to be, or Sweden, Serbia etc etc!
    Fact is she could have worn something, in times of need you pull yourself together and get on with it, what if her evening gown was held in customs?? would she have just quit the contest?? hmmmm

  • Ien

    too bad…….pity her..be strong