Presentation Show: Sweden and Montenegro win special awards

Two special awards were presented at the end of the Presentation Show, or Miss Universe’s Preliminary Competition, which happened in Sao Paulo on Thursday night. Miss Sweden, Ronnia Fornstedt, won the Miss Photogenic Award, while Miss Montenegro, Nikolina Lončar, was voted Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants.

Miss Sweden: Miss Photogenic

Miss Montenegro: Miss Congeniality

This Friday GB will bring you detailed review of all 89 candidates and their performance at the Presentation Show. Stay tuned!

85 comments to Presentation Show: Sweden and Montenegro win special awards

  • Paula Capra

    I think Portugal is beautiful and different. It’s time MU gives other countries a change.

  • Rafa

    Brother…you totally right!!! VENEZUEKA is too much!!! She is over qualify!!! She is Just the best!!!
    So, go and play the game looking for who else may qualify…

  • ElPropio

    Here is my top 16 in random order

    Costa Rica

    I really think the judges won’t go for some of what I am calling “ALTERED” ladies. Miss USA looked great when she won in the US but now looks like she is on an extreme diet. MUO doesn’t want to get into a zero size controversy right now. I am sure this is an issue as this girl currently works in that organisation.
    Miss Venezuela, too manufactured. I am sorry. This is just too much, for such beautiful girls to go an have surgery just to win a beauty pageant, makes you wonder what is actually real.

  • Pinoy ako

    PHILIPPINES; what??? please watch the prelims again and again;

  • marriot

    My final FOUR: USA, France, Philippines and Malaysia!!!

  • NENA

    Honduras should have won the miss congeniality award

  • KL

    Ha! The moment I heard that experts are to choose Miss Photogenic, I knew it is not going to be Miss Philippines or Miss Puerto Rico. Finally Paula Shugart did something she said she would. Too bad they get rid of the Best National Award as this year, there are some outstanding costumes.

  • My Truong

    Good luck to Miss Vietnam

  • mistunivers35

    Who voted Miss Photogenic?

  • mike

    MY TOP 16

    7.Puerto Rico
    8.Costa Rica



    philippines, usa, malaysia, brazil…. no made in china pls..i dont like her answer in the pre-interview..

  • LKM

    LEBANON is looking gorgeous !!! she was one of the best last night !!!! Look at her body in a swimsuit, she looked ravishing in her evening gown !!
    If the competition is fair, she must make it in the top 15 !!

  • marcus

    The world speaks via worldwide internet voting, not only from the Philippines but it’s the whole universe who express their voice, the majority choice is Ms Philippines, but not only because of worldwide votes that will put her on semis, its her merits, natural beauty (not fake or enhanced), her freshness and naturalness, her intellect and talent, her poise and grace under pressure are the plus factors and the most essential is the character and the good heart of becoming the ambassador to the whole Universe. Not only beauty but the attitude which is essential to the naked eye. May the best and deserving delegate wins the title.

  • Lheem

    i love miss PHILIPPINES!!!!

  • Saba

    1. Kosovo – great body & walk, fierce & charming, tall & professional > MU-2011
    2. Malaysia – beautiful face & elegance
    3. Sweden – natural beauty & elegance

    4. Aruba – amazing body proportions & perfect smile!!!
    5. Mexico – sweet sweet sweet
    6. France – charming, seductive & great presence
    7. Angola – I just love her
    8. Domenican Rep. – beautiful face & body
    9. Nicaragua – natural beauty & great body
    10.Portugal – charming & great body & wonderful green eyes

    11. Netherlands – Tall & sexy & beautiful
    12. USA – full package – in a very small box :(
    13. Panama – beautiful & sensual & professional
    14. Venezuela – beautiful body! Face so so – to me she is MU Stretch 2011!
    15. China – beautiful body & great presence
    16. Finland – beautiful face!!!
    17. Albania – unique beauty, elegance & great body
    18. Greece – beautiful body & classic face & great walk
    19. Australia – love her presence
    20. Puerto Rico – professional & cute

    21. Peru – plain regular beauty & great body
    22. Poland – beautiful blonde
    23. Serbia – beautiful blonde
    24. Vietnam – simple & beautiful
    25. Philipines – professional & average beauty

  • Joetakeno

    Malaysia gives off “been there, done that” vibes. She strikes me as overly poised and confident …almost mechanical.
    Venezuela is a standout; but she lacks spontaneity and warmth. She’s very organized….and distant.

    Their smile and carriage seemed very controlled – their presentation lacked effervescence.