Miss World 2012 to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

It was officially announced that the 62nd Miss World competition will be held in the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia Province, in the People’s Republic of China.¬† Over 120 beauties from all over the planet will gather here to compete for the Miss World title in 2012.

Ordos was one of the Chinese cities which hosted the 2010 competition. For about a week, over 100 beauties were able to visit this magnificent place and learn about its culture. The Miss World 2012 pageant will take place in July.


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  1. Phoenix777:

    Miss World 2012 will be on July? Which means the incoming queen will only reign from 7 to 8 months only?

  2. Kama:

    Lets hope it will not be another ukraine or vietnam,announcement

  3. ryan:

    back to china????????? agaaaiiin????????? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. arnel a. flores:

    Hope Miss World will be held in the Philippines soon..Can’t wait for that spectacular moment..I believe the Philippines can host a glamorous beauty pageant such as Miss World..take for example, the 1974 and 1994 Miss Universe pageant and the Miss Earth pageants which was held in the Philippines…=)

  5. priyank:

    nice lets see what the new culture from asia has and can present to the world next july

    i think mongolia and china will this year make it to top 30 and will be declared judges of preliminary competitions and fast track events of miss world 2012 next year

    miss world
    welcome to asia once again (i am from india)

  6. Luis Arias:

    Mongolia Inner, China? o Mongolia (Country)

  7. ann ward:

    I wish it was another country . China has been holding MW for so long !

  8. Javy:

    Yay!!!. Venezuel√°s sixth Miss World Crown!!!!. Go Venezuela!!!!!!!!!

  9. Javy:

    Yay!!!. Venezuela’s sixth Miss World Crown!!!!. Go Venezuela!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gary:

    I suggest you hold it then and such an ignorant comment to make. China is an economic powerhouse now and can afford to hold it. I suggest Latin countries hold it since they always seem to be favored, often undeservingly.


    So Ivian Sarcos will be the shortest reign Miss World???

  12. john:

    i was a bit confuse….i thought it will be held in Mongolia..but it was Mongolia Province in China…

  13. wilson:

    to john who is confused about ordos,
    ordos is in inner mongolia which is an autonomous region of china
    it is different from the country mongolia, it was named inner mongolia because it was only south of the country of mongolia. and from the perspective of chinese, that autonomous region which is near to them as inner and the country mongolia is outer.

  14. babatrie:

    See how beautiful She is In The Perfect Moment of Miss world 2011 contest

  15. Tweegy:

    Welcome to China in 2012, this time i hope Nigeria will be lucky and make it to the top 30. Why is it that more countries prefer to attend Miss World than Miss Universe