Miss Grand International 2017: Who Wowed at the Welcome Dinner in Quang Binh?

The 75 delegates competing for the Miss Grand International 2017 title were the stars of the show during Tuesday night's Welcome Dinner at the Sun Resort in Quang Binh. The pageant was welcomed to the province with a 5 star gala dinner event. During the event, the girls were dressed in their evening wear and the guests at the event got the opportunity to see them up close and personal.

All of the girls looked lovely but a few of them deserve a special mention: 

Argentina: Yoanna Don


Yoanna is continuing to impress. Her styling on Tuesday night was absolutely on point. She chose a hairstyle that highlights her facial beauty and her gown complimented her figure beautifully. The cut, style and neckline of the dress really worked for her and she looked red carpet ready. 

Australia: Kassandra Kashian


The soft colour of the gown combined with the embellishments to add drama and the flowing chiffon made Kassandra look like a Disney princess. We loved her look - she is starting to shine more and more. 

Belgium: Rachel Nimegeers  


Va-va-voom! Can we take a moment to celebrate how fierce Rachel looks in this photo?! You can feel her presence by just looking at her in this shot. She was great at Miss Supranational and she is even better now. The gown could have been a little bit longer, but we are still loving her look. 

England: Noky Simbani


What a doll! Noky's look on Tuesday night was just absolutely stunning. We adored her gown, hairstyle and accessories. She continues to be a wonderful surprise. Keep an eye on England! 

Indonesia: Dea Rizkita


Indonesia has been competing strongly at all the Grand Slams in recent years and Dea is showing us that she is here to compete. Her gown was sexy yet classy and she is doing her country proud. 

Mexico: Yoana Gutierrez

We saw a huge improvement in Yoana's styling during this event. The dress was complimented by the high bun updo. She looked elegant and regal. Well done, Yoana. 

Netherlands: Kelly van den Dungen


This colour really worked for Kelly. She looked fantastic at the welcome event in Ho Chi MInh City and looked spectacular at this event. What a face. We are starting to take notice of her more and more. 

Peru: Maria Jose Lora


Like a lot of the other Latin girls, Maria Jose is getting a lot of buzz and this picture explains why. She looked sensational in this dramatic dark red gown. 

Sweden: Maja Westlin


Maja went for a look that was all about simplicity and elegance. It really paid off for her. She looked gorgeous. 

United States: Taylor Kessler


Taylor chose a bold colour but the style of the gown was simple and classic An element of drama was added by the earrings she paired the dress with. We included her on this list because we feel this has been her best look of the competition so far. 

Who did you like? Leave a comment below to tell us who you were wowed by! 

*** This opinions in this article are those of our correspondent who is not currently in Vietnam and following from abroad. *** 

Photos: Miss Grand International