MGI 2017: The Best in Swimsuit competition

A tradition in Miss Grand International since its inception, back in 2013, the Best in Swimsuit competition is a "warm up" for the upcoming preliminary competition, when the delegates parade in evening gowns and again in swimsuits. The winner of today´s competition will take home a beautiful MGI trophy and a cash prize. The event, nonetheless, is a thermometer for what lies right ahead...


It happened in high style, at the swimming pool area of one of Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort´s luxurious buildings. With some local VIP guests and a hand from the weather (no rain for the first time in days!), the Best in Swimsuit competition was broacast live by Vietnam´s most popular television station to the whole country as well as to Cambodia and Laos. It was also seen by millions thanks to a live webcast in MGI´s official Facebook page.


Miss Grand International 2014 Lees Garcia, who had arrived in Phu Quoc the day before, hosted the event. The 77 candidates (Nigeria also arrived yesterday closing this year´s group) paraded for the judges wearing the same yellow bikinis to put them on an equal footing.

In the end, they grouped for photos and surprised the audience by actually entering the swim pool!

The standouts

The standouts (for good reasons) were many in today´s competition, which shows that it is indeed a tough game!

Australia was very charming as usual, making herself noted from the moment she stepped on the stage. Belgium has one of the best bodies and looked stunning. Bolivia had her best moment in the competition so far, which beautiful hair style and much confidence.

Brazil looked absolutely adorable, charming the audience with her amazing smile and natural beauty. China has a strong magnetism, and once again did not pass unnoticed. Costa Rica looked very sexy and showed that experience does pay off. Her waist line is out of this world!

Czech Republic looked beautiful and sweet as usual, she is quite charming. Fiji proved to be very fit and has lots of stage presence. India´s radiant smile and poise, plus great runway skills, showed why she is a major front-runner in Vietnam.

Indonesia wowed the audience with her curves and fantastic moves. Jamaica has one of the best figures in the competition and proved to be a strong contender. Japan was as cute as one can be!

Another regal presentation was given by Laos, who looked absolutely stunning and did everything right. Malaysia has been growing in the competition, and earlier today she definitely showed why. Korea is very fit and shows a lot of grace on the runway.

Mexico was another bomb on today´s competition, probably having scored high with the judges. Netherlands not only had ones of the best bodies, but her face is also flawless. Eye on her! When Paraguay is on stage, it is impossible not to pay attention to her: height, attitude and an amazing body put her among the very best performers today! Northern Ireland has a very good figure.

Peru is a complete knock-out! She did it again, deserving a perfect 10 for her perfect shape, charm and runway skills. Philippines also mesmerized the audience with her stunning looks and super elegant walk. She´s in the game! Portugal looked confident and just adorable on stage.

Russia walked the runway like a supermodel. She finally started showing her game in Vietnam! Puerto Rico did a good job, she has a beautiful body. If Sri Lanka´s figure was not one the best, her gorgeous face and lively personality certainly made up for it. Slovakia was a good surprise, she looked stunning and confident.

South Sudan walks like a goddess and really shines on stage! Spain is another beauty who has been gaining ground in the competition, she´s very tall and confident. Ukraine knows how to work her moves on the runway and looked just beautiful.

Tanzania also had her very best day today! We could say that she nailed it and is competing strongly. Sweden has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition and is very charming. What can we say about Thailand? Va-va-voom!! What a tremendous shape, runway move and sex appeal!! Miss Grand International certainly has a strong African group this year with Uganda also impressing many with her swimsuit presentation.

Both USA and US Virging Islands showed very fit figures and plenty of confidence on stage. Wales was a complete Hawaiian Tropic beauty! Venezuela looked striking today, showing that she came to Vietnam to fight for the crown. Finally, Vietnam, the hometown girl who looks just incredible and has been doing an amazing job. Can she be the first ever Grand Slam winner from Vietnam?

The list could go on, but we must draw the line somewhere. Tough game for the delegates, the judges and for us! Some strong candidates not mentioned above were not in a good day today, which does not mean that they couldn´t make a strong comeback at the preliminary competition night and interviews with the judges.

What is your opinion? Who was your number 1 standout? We will soon announce GB´s Top 20 picks!