Who will be Miss Grand International 2017? Here is GB´s final review and LB


We start by saying this: what a competitive group Miss Grand International has this year! Honestly speaking, at least 40 candidates have a real shot of at least being a quarter-finalist (Top 20) at tonight´s final show, and several could easily make their way through to the Top 5. After three weeks of competition, this is what we think might happen tonight:

The winner

Peru (crown alert!!!) is the complete package and a major stand out in MGI 2017. Even several of her competitors believe she will be the one! She is elegant, charming, and has an unbelievable stage presence. We must keep in mind that she will have to deliver a perfect speech and nail the final question to confirm her status of favoritism, so it´s not a done deal. But, without a doubt, she is the #1 favorite for the crown. Catch her, if you can!

The Top 5

Seriously: some 20 delegates have potential to be up there! But these are the ones we selected for the sake of prediction:

- Venezuela (crown alert!!!): Perhaps the best shot Venezuela has at a Grand Slam title this year. Stunning looks, great stage performance, eyes to die for. Her downfall: she does not speak a word of English. 

- Vietnam (crown alert!!!): Beautiful face and body, incredible posture on walk, pleasant personality. The host candidate is one of the strongest ever from Vietnam. It will be no surprise to see her in the Top 5 tonight!

- Czech Republic (crown alert!!!): what an adorable young woman! Sassy, gorgeous, fun to be around! If she finds the right hair style and make up production for the final night, Miss Grand Czechia will certainly fight for the crown! Amazing candidate!!

- India (crown alert!!!): When it comes to facial beauty and speech, India has it all! Her body may not be among the best ones in the competition, but a peace ambassador will not exactly visit refugee camps wearing a bikini, right?? India is totally in the game, we think!

The "Shoo-ins"...

In alphabetical order, these are the ones we believe are 95% sure bets at least for a Top 20 slot. Some of them could easily win it all! In alphabetical order, they are...

- Belgium (crown alert!): Great body and face, strong and spontaneous personality (she is not rehearsed at all, we love it!), lots of class. Belgium could take it all!

- Costa Rica: Falling on stage in the preliminary show might not have hurt her chances in the competition. She has much experience, beauty and brains. Expect Costa Rica to go really far tonight!

- Fiji: She´s been growing by the minute in Vietnam! If Fiji breaks into the Top 20 (at least!), she will make history for her island-nation by becoming the first ever Grand Slam placement for it!! We bet it will happen!

- Indonesia: Lovely, elegant, well-spoken. Indonesia has a lot of pressure on her shoulders and is handling it well. We expect her to do big things at the final show.

- Jamaica: For some reason she did not shine in the preliminary competition as expected, but still she is absolutely gorgeous and has a killer body. Jamaica should place for the second consecutive year.

- Laos: Very lovely on stage, Laos is debuting at the Grand Slam and is expected to do it with a right foot. She´s a bit reserved, not really outgoing, but gorgeous enough to place high tonight!

- Mexico (crown alert!): What can we say about Mexico? Stunning, tall, funny, ready to reign! If she wins the crown, MGI organizers will have an excellent queen. She should change her gown for the final, and we heard she will.

- Netherlands (crown alert!): Another front-runner from Europe is this amazing Dutch queen! She has the perfect body, a lovely face and an amazing personality. Yes, she definitely deserves a crown alert!!

- Paraguay (crown alert!): Don´t be surprised if Paraguay bags the Best in Bikini trophy and cash prize! Her figure is amazing!!! And so is her personality, brains, stage presence. Paraguay won the Miss Supranational crown two years ago and could win its second Grand Slam title tonight. Don´t lose sight of her!!

- South Sudan (crown alert!): Africa´s strongest shot tonight comes from South Sudan. Intelligent, beautiful and with the walk of a goddess, what better ambassador for peace could MGI organization have? She comes from a country at war, she knows how it feels and would certainly fight hard for the cause. We believe she will surprise a lot of people tonight!!

In the Running...

The next 15 candidates we trust will fight to place, and some of them could even advance to the Top 10 or Top 20. We say it again: what a group!!

- Argentina: Stunning face and upper body! Lovely personality. If she´s able to pass the swimsuit scoring, Argentina can go really far in the compeition! 

- Australia: She´s done everything right and looks amazing. From this group, she is the one with the best odds to place.

- Bolivia: Amazing body and she really loves the spotlight! Sometimes she overdoes some movements on stage, but Bolivia could place for the first time in MGI!

- Brazil: Elegant, beautiful, with a lovely personality! Well-liked by the staff and other contestants, she just needs to add a bit more of sparkle to her stage performance.

- China: Two days ago she carried THE GOWN of the competition! Tall, elegant, classy! Eye on her.

- Hungary: What a preliminary competition performance! She entered the game and could be a surprise tonight, a good one!

- Lithuania: Her gown preliminary performance wowed the audience two nights ago! Was it too late for her to grab at least a QF spot?? We shall find out tonight!

- Malaysia: Another great preliminary performer with a sensational personality and sense of duty! (We would hate to be a judge here, MGI should have a Top 30 in 2017...)

- Philippines: Elegant, pleasant, always correct. Another strong possibility.

- Puerto Rico: They usually do well at MGI, and her preliminary presentation might have been good enough to keep the streak going. Let´s see...

- Russia: Beautiful she is, but her gown choice was one of the worst at the preliminary show. A fatal mistake, or it was overlooked by the judges?

- Sri Lanka: THE FACE of the competition, but someone who needs some serious coaching to do well at Grand Slam level. Will her amazing beauty be enough?

- Tanzania: Lovely, smart, another strong African candidate who could pull a surprise tonight.

- Thailand: She failed to deliver her best presentation two nights ago, looking a bit lost on stage. But she has a beautiful body and much presence, so we could see her up there tonight!

- Ukraine: Beautiful? Certainly! Good on stage? Yes! What is she lacking then? We see her too much into her own game and not interacting with most other candidates. But don´t be surprised if she goes far in the competition.

Also keep an eye on the following candidates, they all look great and are fighting to break the odds:

Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Estonia, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Uganda, United States and Wales!

It is TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH! Even those who were not mentioned, have amazing qualities and deserve to do well!! We wish all the girls the BEST OF LUCK and much success tonight and after the pageant! You are all true stars!!