Miss World 2017: Global Beauties 2nd Leaderboard

It has been more than a week since the 118 delegates competing for the Miss World 2017 title arrived in China. The first leg of the competition took place in Shenzhen before then girls moved on to Huangshan, one of China's most popular tourist attractions. Now that we have seen the girls together, our judges cast their votes for our second leaderboard and there has been some movement on our leaderboard. 

World .png

United States has taken the lead this time around, pushing Russia into second place. Mexico has managed to hold on to the third place spot. El Salvador seems to have really captured the attention of our judges as she jumped nearly forty places to take the 4th place spot in this leaderboard. France overtook Philippines to take her place in our current top 5 while Iceland fell 6 places to 10th place. Poland and Brazil are still strong, holding on to their spots in the top 10 and Spain is a new addition to our top 10. It's early days, though, and our leaderboard is bound to change as the contest heats up when the delegates move on to Sanya. 

Special thanks to our judges from the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Belgium, South Africa and Brazil!