Miss World 2017: Head to Head Challenge Groups

Miss World's new Head to Head Challenge round "live" draw took place during a closed door event at the Oasis O City Hotel in Shenzhen, China shortly after the contestants arrived in the country. The girls were divided into three groups, the Red Team, the Yellow Team and the Blue Team and the groups were drawn from these groups. The 5 or 6 girls in each group will go head to head to  battle it out for a spot in the Miss World 2017 top 40. Let's meet the 19 groups: 

* Global Beauties' Ones to Watch 


Group 1

Angola*, Guadeloupe, Georgia, Austria*, Italy, Bahamas

Group 2 

Argentina, Bolivia*, Israel, Cote d'Ivoire*, Mauritius, Albania 

Group 3 

Cameroon*, Madagascar, Guinea, Chile*, Nepal, Belgium* 

Group 4

Jamaica*, Armenia, Germany, France*, Egypt, Australia* 

Group 5

Paraguay*, Portugal*,  Curacao, Gibraltar, Colombia*, Cook Islands

Group 6 

Botswana, Brazil*South Africa*Canada*, Ethiopia, Bangladesh 


Group 7

Honduras, Macau, Dominican Republic*, Guam, Iceland*, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Group 8 

Cyprus, Russia*Mongolia*, Ireland, Singapore, Kenya* 

Group 9

Finland*, Ecuador, India*, Bulgaria, El Salvador*, Greece

Group 10

Laos*Hungary*, Aruba, Indonesia*, Netherlands, Ghana* 

Group 11

Equatorial Guinea, Moldova, China*, Denmark Ukraine, Hong Kong 

Group 12 

Romania, England, Croatia*Fiji*, Guatemala, Senegal 


Group 13

Malta, Nigeria*, Slovakia, Tunisia, Liberia*, New Zealand 

Group 14 

Rwanda, Poland*Sweden*, Seychelles, Venezuela*, Montenegro 

Group 15 

Uruguay, Slovenia, Peru*, Japan, Tanzania*Guyana* 

Group 16 

Norway*Nicaragua*Northern Ireland*, Sri Lanka, Scotland*Mexico* 

Group 17

Myanmar, Serbia, Lesotho, Thailand*Philippines*, Turkey 

Group 18 

Zimbabwe, Spain*Vietnam*, South Sudan*, Wales 

Group 19 

Lebanon*United States*, Trinidad and Tobago, Korea, Panama* 

Group 20

Cape Verde*Zambia*, British Virgin Islands, Kazakhstan*, Cayman Islands

Can you predict the winner of each group?