Miss World Bangladesh Dethroned

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After 5 days of controversies and allegations, the Miss World Bangladesh Organization has announced that Jannatul Nayeem has lost her title as Miss World Bangladesh 2017. The crowning of the winner was a controversy in itself as the presenter announced the second runner-up as the winner before an organizer ensured that Nayeem was crowned. Sheena Chohan, who hosted the event, still maintains she had just read the results that were given to her. Shortly after being crowned, the rumours started flying about Nayeem. Some of the judges came forward and said that they had not voted for the "winner", who was not even in their top 3, but that the actual first runner-up was their pick for the crown. The organizers stuck by Nayeem until it was found out that she had been married for 2 and a half months in 2013. Women who are or have been married are not permitted to compete for the Miss World title and for this reason and the fact that she withheld information from them, the oranizers of Miss World Bangladesh stripped Nayeem of her title. 


The new Miss World Bangladesh is Jessia Islam, who was named the first runner-up last weekend. The 20 year old beauty will now start preparing to represent her country at Miss World 2017 in China. 

GB Opinion: If it's true that Jannatul Nayeem was forced against her will to get married, then we do feel very sorry for her. No woman should ever have to go through that and it should definitely not be a reason for her not to participate in a beauty pageant or lose a title. We do feel that the other rumours surrounding the contest are probably a case of "where there is smoke, there is a fire" but it should have been handled better by the organizers. We like the new Miss World Bangladesh and wish her all the best for Miss World.